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Friday, April 20, 2018

2018 SEC] Day 3 UF def. LSU

Thought of another 'song' that the fans can 'serenade' the opponent team's player who's heading to the bathroom haha;

"Pal~pitating Heart
With a So~ng in ma Heart"

I didn't see anybody applauding the opponent's fine play so far :)

Doubles #3

Boy Peggy was on FIAH~  Did everything well? Served well, passed well..showed the class of G18 EB doubles winner. Luba poached at times. Methinks pretty much everybody served well here, all 4 players.

Doubles #1

Sean Karl court. RIP.

Jess was making too many UEs, unlike her?
So it was like a duel between Eden and Anna.
The Tigers overall were quite powerful, including serve. They're definitely not lacking in variety either.

Eden really does seem to struggle against deep balls, which paint the baseline. But many do, so..

2 Shots of the Day in one point;

Eden returned a deep ball, making a terrific lob;
Anna sprinted back and managed to make a perfect lob, as well, with a flick of her wrist.

Doubles #2

KJ volleyed well, once making a terrific behind the back high volley(induced error?). Why did you transfer to LSU..haha. Was already good at Oregon. Made some errors.
Lendl shots were again effective.

Singles #5

Peggy too good. Almost clinical? Forehand in and out was good. Won the Battle of the Texans!  Luba once attacked serve.

Singles #3

The cam resolution was terrible at first. Takes time to focus or what.
Kessler is now starting at #3, switched with Emma.
Too bad couldn't watch much. Did Jess take a bathroom break after the 1st.

Singles #1

Methinks Eden can win NCAA singles. Definitely a contender. Heck, anybody beating Anna in 2 has a chance.
Just too powerful. Puts enough spin to clear the net, as well. That angled bh service return winner at the end of 2nd set was one of the Shots of the Day.  Again drop shotted well. Approached the net(Anna is a good passer so it was a good duel).

You could say Eden overpowered to the win here. Anna is compared to Mad Harrison, a bit passive, certainly likes to construct points. But Eden didn't give that much chance to construct points in the first place. So Anna committed many errors, many of them probably FEs.

But of course UF #1 shouldn't go without a fight. After numerous tantrums haha(she is a Russian after all!), did manage to play better, hitting deep returns, etc. So won some long points.

Still, against this kind of bigger attacker, if you can't attack, hopeless. Mad H could do it. Anna could do it at times, but as I said, committed too many errors.

After mp Anna spectacularly threw the racquet(Action This Day)!

Maybe Eden could enter the Garden of Eden(winning NCAA!)! Yeah it's a lame one, but I tried.

What happened to Kingsley? Couldn't she overcome that trauma of Kenin's bathroom break in the National semi..haha.
Just imagine this fearsome lineup, in no particular order;
Kingsley/Richardson/Arconada/Li/Golovin...yikes, that's a Championship squad!

Somebody do something about the cam on indoor court 5

It was ok at first but when I switched to Peggy vs Luba later 2nd, the screen was SKEWERED!!!

I thought I was seeing a surrealistic Salvador Dali painting lol.

Somebody please do something about it?

Thursday, April 19, 2018

2018 SEC] Day 2 some match impressions

Did I 'spie' Dracula/White Demon? Ugh.

SEC really is the best. ARCHIVED matches, just like NFC and Dow!

But can't they secure the cam..why is it moving violently at times lol(wind?).

Viewing height is good. Can't really make out the players' faces, but a rather ideal view of the full court.

Electronic scoreboards(small and big) can be seen, so you can keep track of the score, as well.

Separate small barriers at baseline so coaches can comfortably watch from there.

And. Do they really have to coach between points? I thought only coach Scrivano(BU) does it that way. I thought they were 'college' students; let them think for themselves :p  Can coach during changeovers anyway?   For example UF coaches Thornqvist and Balogh usually just watch matches, don't overly, nay, rarely, interfere. Well, at least during WAATC anyway.

So, 'reviewed' some matches!

1. #40 Ana Oparenovic/Tatum Rice (AR) def. Alizee Michaud/Taylor Russo (AUBURN) 6-1

All I could see was Taylor flopping left and right...hahaha!  Netting tons including overheads, still 'taking good care of' her hair, readjusting shoelaces...definitely stood out! :p

M volleyed well, but DFed some.

Hogs served well, and O also passed quite sharply. Were generally quite aggressive. Tatum, as usual quite comfortable at yet.

23 minutes. Taylor's doubles match only 23 minutes, probably even shorter. Something is seriously wrong here! Of course, let's admit it; it's just too freaking short

2. Jaeda Daniel/Madeline Meredith (AUBURN) vs. Giulia Pairone/Mia Jurasic (AR) 5-2, unfinished

Did coach Spencer 'jump' to high five with Mad..oh Mad, that's so cruel of you..haha.

'Hoodie' Mad. Let's hope that 'Hoodie 'Melo' will rebound at Salt Lake City..!

Tigers, both quite powerful. D, good both offensively and defensively. 'Trusted' Mad at the back court.


1. #72 Madison Harrison/Khrystyna Vozniak (MS-W) def. #37 Eden Richardson/Jessica Golovin (LSU) 6-2

Mad's in and out drives; just beautiful! Making a perfect passing shot winner. Doesn't even hit that hard; it's all about technique!
V volleyed really well. Bh was also very good, once making a sharp angled bh passing shot winner. Later even made a difficult fh passing shot winner returning R's power drive at 3-0! Can't MSU visit So. Cal NCAA regionals..haha.

1. #80 Eden Richardson (LSU) def. Madison Harrison (MS-W) 3-6, 6-2, 6-2

Just watching the 3rd set and Mad wasn't overpowered at all. Such a terrific hitter, effortlessly moving R around with pin-point precision. Hitting with depth(induced weak returns) and width. Attacked serve to good effect.
But R herself was quite powerful, duly noted. Bh could paint the lines. Served well, also has good variety(drop shot winner, good slice)..


You know, I think UCLA beating Pepperdine is all for the good. Doesn't Pepperdine have enough points to host NCAA Regional anyway. Look at Stanford's numerous so-called 'upsets' haha.
So UCLA might 'also' host?

I want SEC teams to visit So. Cal.  Wouldn't mind ACC teams either. Michigan, great(they did visit USC before. Vandy, too). But we'll see.
Checked previous Pepperdine Regionals and is there a regional limit or something. UCLA, USC, UCSB, UNLV..boring!

2018 SEC] OM def. TENN

From Tournament Central

#6 Ole Miss 4, #35 Tennessee 2

I was quite impressed with the Lady Vols.  And you know, this is a young team. No seniors, and only 2 are juniors; Hammond and Profit.

Doubles competition
1. #5 Arianne Hartono/Alexa Bortles (OM) def. #57 Ariadna Riley/Kaitlin Staines (UT) 6-3

UT approached the net, and S immediately stood out. Tall, and unleashed Lendl shots attacking serve, driving at the Rebel at net, mercilessly. Effective, too. But the mp was B returning it, resulting in a winner haha. One of the Shots of the Day, and H hurrahed in triumph!
Then a rare sight; the losers' teammates immediately came to high five with R/S, so the winners had to wait to shake hands...haha.

In fact R was also aggressive. AND. Two Georgians playing #1, Bortles and Riley! Really, what's the secret with Georgia producing elite doubles players.

I'd say the Rebels handled Lady Vol's aggression well, but some points were UEs by Staines for example; could've made some stretch volley winners, but missed by just a bit.

2. Sadie Hammond/Gabby Schuck (UT) def. Sabina Machalova/Tea Jandric (OM) 6-3

Only could watch the last few games or so. Lady Vols were probably more active at net, and M wasn't playing very well, making errors.

3. Natalie Suk/Anna Vrbenska (OM) def. Elizabeth Profit/Chelsea Sawyer (UT) 6-4

Profit playing #3 doubles...UT doubles is good..

Singles competition
1. #13 Arianne Hartono (OM) vs. Sadie Hammond (UT) 7-6 (7-3), 4-6, 3-0, unfinished

Mostly watched the 1st set. Sadie was quite aggressive. Also served well. So was looking forward to the 3rd set, but the cam wasn't working, ugh.

2. #77 Sabina Machalova (OM) def. Elizabeth Profit (UT) 6-0, 6-2

Only a glimpse. As I said M has both power and variety.
P once made a perfect lob winner.

3. Tea Jandric (OM) def. Ariadna Riley (UT) 6-0, 6-4

I was strongly reminded of that famous match, Embree vs Burdette in 2011 NCAA Team final.
Was quite impressed with R's firepower. Could attack the corners at will?!  Even made a stretch stop volley winner lol, one of the Shots of the Day.

J still maintained her composure, and moved R around, almost painting the sidelines. I actually felt that she was more aggressive than Embree, who was Pusher Extraordinaire haha.

In the end, R made errors, including some routine ones. But quite an electric match. Only could watch the later 2nd.

Oh R had a bathroom break after losing the 1st methinks. Maybe raucous fans could chant to the opponent who does it;

"Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Who's Fairest of them All?
'Name of their player who won the 1st set, not the opponent who's taking the break'!"

4. Kaitlin Staines (UT) def. Anna Vrbenska (OM) 6-2, 3-6, 6-3

Wow. S was attacking V's serves at will? Dtl, no problema. Could hit real sharply. And she's playing #4...!
You know V is a real solid player. So quite a performance by the freshman.
But of course, V wouldn't go without a fight, herself was aggressive.
But S had another weapon; serve. A girl who can actually serve!  Not 'wasting' her height, I see :)

Interesting hometown name :p

And, from her profile page;

"Is superstitious about the number of bounces the ball takes before every serve"

Tennis players are superstitious! Probably most sports players are.

5. Gabby Schuck (UT) def. Alexa Bortles (OM) 6-2, 6-1


6. Tereza Janatova (OM) def. Johanna Silva (UT) 7-6 (8-6), 6-4

Ditto. UT really is a quality team..

Again, SEC is HELL!

Match Notes:
Order of finish: Doubles (2,3,1); Singles (2,5,3,4,6)

Dual doubles team should play NCAA doubles

Mentioned this before, but again.

You can't/shouldn't have it both ways.

What's the biggest stage in college tennis; of course NCAA TEAM tournament.

I would argue that fans are entitled to watch the best vs the best, at the #1 position.

Why should the team which only played Fall tournaments, play NCAA doubles? What about the Dual combo which did all the work? Why 'deprive' them of the honor and glory? :p

Is it fair? To fans and the Dual combo. I think not!

Hart/Shibahara's result this season; 2017-2018

From NTI, Ena played #3 doubles. Usually played with Miller, but also played with Altick and Andrews. But played #3.

Actually she also played #3 doubles with Wiley last season, from March.

As usual, scores from ITA;

1/27/2018 Dual Match Pos. #1 #19 Jada Hart
Ena Shibahara
#4 Erin Larner
Maddie Lipp
#12 Northwestern University Loss 7-5
1/26/2018 Dual Match Pos. #1 #19 Jada Hart
Ena Shibahara
#25 Claudia Wiktorin
Anna Rogers
#33 North Carolina State Loss 6-2
1/14/2018 Freeman Memorial Semifinals #19 Jada Hart
Ena Shibahara
Aiwen Zhu
En-Pei Huang
UNLV Win 6-2
1/14/2018 Freeman Memorial Final #19 Jada Hart
Ena Shibahara
#12 Vladica Babic
Sofia Blanco
#11 Oklahoma State University Win 6-4
1/13/2018 Freeman Memorial Quarterfinals #19 Jada Hart
Ena Shibahara
Katarina Stresnakova
Marina Guinart
#11 Oklahoma State University Win 7-5
1/12/2018 Freeman Memorial Round of 16 #19 Jada Hart
Ena Shibahara
Marta Perez-Mur
Petra Granic
#5 University of Texas at Austin Win 6-2
10/8/2017 Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships Consolation #19 Jada Hart
Ena Shibahara
#10 Eleni Christofi
Morgan Coppoc
#8 University of Georgia Win 8-4
10/7/2017 Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships Semifinals #19 Jada Hart
Ena Shibahara
#70 Lee Or
Erin Larner
#12 Northwestern University Win 8-2
10/6/2017 Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships Consolation #19 Jada Hart
Ena Shibahara
#86 LĂ©olia Jeanjean
Giulia Pairone
University of Arkansas Win 8-2
10/5/2017 Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships Round of 16 #19 Jada Hart
Ena Shibahara
#25 Claudia Wiktorin
Anna Rogers
#33 North Carolina State Loss 8-6

They won USO Jr. Doubles, and are also NIIC finalists last season, losing to UK team Adachi/Sutjiadi.

UF at SMC score

'Studying' for WCC!

Scores from SMC, again rearranged Doubles and Singles order. Really, what are they thinking..

No. 45 Saint Mary’s 3, Florida 4

SMC could have been one of the VERY few teams which defeated Two Towers, Stanford and UF..haha.
You know Gibbs 'gifted' the win by playing ITF RSF instead haha. Selfish!
Still, SMC won at Taube, give them credit.
Was Hardebeck match the decider? Lost to ace Julien probably?

Man I miss McCord. #2 last season Pelletier transferred to Alabama.

Timothy Korth Tennis Complex
 Feb. 23, 2018

1. No. 51 Danilina/Emma (UF) d. No. 35 Kozyreva/Abdelouahid (SMC) 6-0 

Well..haha. Still, looking forward to watch this new Freshmen combo play.
2. Manji/Critser (SMC) d. Kessler/Kuhlman (UF) 7-5 
3. Aubane Ville/Clement (SMC) d. Kubicz/Porter (UF) 6-1 

1. Mariia Kozyreva (SMC) d. No. 9 Anna Danilina (UF) 6-4, 6-4 

K is surely one of my 'target species' come WCC tournament.
2. No. 46 Josie Kuhlman (UF) d. Hind Abdelouahid (SMC) 6-3, 7-5

What team has Freshmen start top 2 singles. Not bad either, scorewise..

3. No. 100 Victoria Emma (UF) d. Clementine Clement (SMC) 6-4, 2-6, 6-4
4. McCartney Kessler (UF) d. Kareena Manji (SMC) 6-3, 6-3

5. Peggy Porter (UF) d. Emma Critser (SMC) 6-4, 5-7, 6-2 

Peggy defeated Emma?! Huh.
6. Vanessa Nommensen (SMC) d. Katie Kubicz (UF) 2-6, 6-1, 6-3 

Order of Finish: Singles (4, 1, 6, 2, 3, 5) Doubles (1, 3, 2)

2018 SEC] TAMU def. UK

Score from Tournament Central;

Texas A&M 4, Kentucky 3

Really too bad Parazinskaite isn't playing. What happened to her. Out from injury?

I really dunno why they record singles first. Singles play LATER, ya know? Is ITA preparing to implement Singles First format? After all some matches did implement it. The next stage to kill doubles? Sure hope not!   Well, nobody seems to care anyway..

You know I'm not going to bother with Dual matches once they implement Singles first, or Simultaneous format.  Won't be able to endure the 'humiliation' further!  That will mean that ITA really, desperately wants to KILL doubles.  I mean they already gutted it, for sure. But going even further? You know what that means.

Doubles competition
1. Emily Fanning/Lesedi Jacobs (UK) def. #59 Eva Paalma/Domenica Gonzalez (A&M) 7-5

J seemed to defend rather well.

2. Mami Adachi/Justina Mikulskyte (UK) def. Tatiana Makarova/Macarena Olivares (A&M) 6-4

UK team led but allowed the Aggies to catch up later. Slam winner Adachi playing #2....hmm~

3. Riley McQuaid/Iulia Ivascu (A&M) def. Diana Tkachenko/Brianna Tulloch (UK) 6-1

Singles competition
1. Domenica Gonzalez (A&M) def. Emily Fanning (UK) 6-4, 6-4

F plays a bit like Contreras. But probably likes to approach the net more.  I'd say G handled those reasonably well.  Was also probably a bit more solid.
F once gestured sorry after benefiting from the net cord.

2. #76 Macarena Olivares (A&M) def. #118 Justina Mikulskyte (UK) 6-3, 6-4

Always sad when the bigger hitter self-implodes. Oh Justina...spewed errors. O moved well, and her variety certainly troubled M.

3. Mami Adachi (UK) def. Eva Paalma (A&M) 6-4, 6-4

4. Riley McQuaid (A&M) def. Diana Tkachenko (UK) 6-3, 6-3

Only could watch a bit of the 2nd set.
Haven't seen M play in a while, and she seems to be in good form. Quite aggressive but she always has been.

5. Lesedi Jacobs (UK) def. Tatiana Makarova (A&M) 2-6, 6-2, 6-3
6. Iulia Ivascu (A&M) def. Brianna Tulloch (UK) 7-5, 6-7 (11-13), 7-5

Last match standing but UT vs OM doubles already started, and the view wasn't quite ideal. Dunno either so can't comment.

Match Notes:
Order of finish: Doubles (3,2,1); Singles (4,3,2,1,5,6)

Interesting twitter hastags;
#BTHOkentucky #farmersfight
What is BTHO? 

LMU at PEPP score

Score from LMU?

#2 Pepperdine vs. Loyola Marymount

1: #28 Veronika Miroshnichenko/Eva Marie Voracek (LMU) def. #30 Luisa Stefani/Mayar Sherif (PEPP) – 6-4 
2: Siobhan Anderson/Anna Romeka (LMU) def. #70 Evgeniya Levashova/Dzina Milovanovic (PEPP) – 6-3 
3: Ashley Lahey/Adrijana Lekaj (PEPP) def. Elvira Juravliova/Camila Tumosa (LMU) – 6-0

The ONE point Pepperdine allowed from WCC foes all season. Bad portent for the UCLA match?

Should Pepperdine revise that 'indiscriminate' net rush strategy?  Was Maddox better than Stefani? Maybe because Maddox was taller and hence had bigger reach? But Lahey/Ahmed lost to Aney/Graham too, 5-7.
Or maybe, execution could be better. Could serve better, return serve better, and could not miss routine volleys..

You can't really 'blame' Lahey/Lekaj losing to Miller/Shibahara. After all Ena is the #1 doubles player in the team, and one of the best in the nation. One could definitely argue that UCLA is stacking, haha. Coupled with Miller who boasts terrific firepower..tough, verra tough.  Lekaj must've played well to make that match competitive(Lahey is a good doubles player, very aggressive. Another proud member of the elite HS Class of 2017). Really too bad the cam wasn't working..

1: #25 Luisa Stefani (PEPP) def. #35 Veronika Miroshnichenko (LMU) – 6-2, 6-0
2: #12 Mayar Sherif (PEPP) vs. Eva Marie Voracek (LMU) – 6-1, 5-1, unfinished
3: #61 Evgeniya Levashova (PEPP) vs. Siobhan Anderson (LMU) – 6-3, 2-1, unifinished
4: #95 Laura Gulbe (PEPP) vs. Yesica De Lucas (LMU) – 6-2, 6-1
5: Dzina Milovanovic (PEPP) def. Elvira Juravliova (LMU) – 6-2, 6-1
6: Adrijana Lekaj (PEPP) def. Camila Tumosa (LMU) – 6-1, 6-0

Order of Finish: 1, 5, 3, 4*

 Order of Finish: 3, 1, 2*

2018 WCC championship central

Only 6 teams are playing? Crap. I wanted to watch Maxfield play again(USF). She's playing #1 now? But of course... :)

Are BYU and SCU going to make it? It's Mayci Jones's last year..

I can't find the standings?

Pepperdine, Gonzaga, SMC, LMU should be a lock.

That leaves USD, SCU, BYU...christ.

P.S. Just checked all schedules and it seems SCU and BYU will make it.