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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Biggest issue in upcoming Oracle

As usual:

MRC lower 3 courts: will they be unwatchable as usual? Do fellow players have to struggle to peek through the gap lol.
You gotta remove the tarpaulins, is it that hard.

Another, actually bigger issue is of course no doubles, instead playing mixed doubles. Last year's implementation of it was a shocker. Yet another example of their deliberate and systematic dismantling of doubles.

2017 ITA Summer National

Lauren Proctor(Winthrop) won singles.
Look at whom she had to beat. Remarkable.

Defeated Maltby, McCarthy and Bashota during the latter stage, only losing a set.


Hamlin/McCarthy winning doubles is no surprise of course.

Vide Reami/Rebol defeating Mercer/Kelley and Dvorak/Maltby.


Alyssa Mayo/Celia Ruiz defeated Aney/Rosca and Moldovan/Rogers.
Ruiz is a veteran at ECU but Mayo is class of 2018(HS senior)!

2017 National] Some more notes 8/11

7:33 Tern. Some Terns flew by, calling. Probably Caspian, but there were Elegant and Royal(not sure about this though. Juvenile for sure) as well at the SD river mudflat(at Robb Field, quite near Barnes). Not really competent enough to recognize vocalization, yet(the ultimate skill in birding).

Blake/Redelijk approached the net at times, and it was effective; won most of the points, the opponents(whether Goldsmith/Wagner or Collins/Yaloz) having trouble coping it.

Bolton/Joyce vs Hewitt/Stearns
Collins/Yaloz vs Brown/Miller

B serve good. Net approach(B/J did at times). J service return.
4 10 dunno what does this mean
te cal
Oh I think I spotted a Tern flyover at 4:10pm. Cal means Cal. coaches watched this match?
MP of the G16 match; Collins lob winner, B/M didn't follow, miscommunication(either thought the other would follow)

Duke, UF, PEPP, TAMU, UVA watched this G18 doubles match?
Stearns leg-thru
All 4 serve good.
4 32 caki ; means Cassin's Kingbird spotted on the tree behind this court 1. It was rather far, even with my bino, but I think it's the bird(beware confusing with Western Kingbird)
3-3 2nd set, J serve hold(that crucial hold I mentioned) st dr j bh

St cannon(drive I guess. Stearns vs Goldsmith?). Go rt bh clip line sorry(some players doesn't gesture sorry)
Z nt approach(Zein vs Subhash?) w ps z bh
Ra sv j t bad(Rabinowitz vs Jones)
j sp ds pass(Jones passed on R's drop shot?
 bh s rt w
Co apr ds try Z cel phon ring(Zein's cell phone rang during the match so she gave it to Graver lol. Umpire said something, dunno about the rule here. Point penalty?)
j high volley good. Looks rather difficult, high volley. Many make errors trying to execute it.
R serve good. Z footwork.

Liu no step back bellis; Forgot to mention this. Liu is of course a very aggressive player, usually standing on the baseline. I saw her mishit a deep ball which landed at the baseline. She didn't step back. What I noticed during Bellis play at the now defunct Carlsbad WTA 100k or something, she steps back, so can retrieve deep fast paced balls well. Which means Bellis can read the depth of the ball better than Liu? Always thought Bellis was the more solid player, more balanced(very good in defense as well). Probably more talented, better hand-eye coordination. Maybe because Liu is more aggressive; but she tends to make vastly more drive errors.

Not sure about these entries, will just write it down;

y(who?) s rt w j r toss st df brkn st mto j ds r ds nt y ds ps handsk gd

Probably Gordon vs Kratzer and McNally vs Mateas? Could watch both matches simultaneously methinks.
kr v(Kratzer has good variety, not only huge firepower) mc s mv arnd pin pt(Mc moved the opponent around with pin point precision targetting the corners and lines?)  Gor v hi v fin bad(what I said, Gordon's high volley error)
Tran ds duel sl(Tran vs Cubitt or Collins)
Mc whatareudoing; yup that's what she yelled after making an error lol.
La ps
Socal Kr liu chen lah; yup SoCal players were prominent on that day. Kratzer turned pro, Chen goes to Duke, Lahey is a Wave, Liu, UCLA/Stanford on TRN(could turn pro of course, but we'll see). Is this why USC coaches were let go? Not recruiting well, even now behind Pepperdine?

kr ue later 2nd
Osuigwe lob w(singles or doubles, not sure. But she does lob well)

Tx kung senil gold won. I've mentioned Texans all losing lol, but Goldsmith won. Didn't Kung also advance.
Ch bh dtl hold(against Li?)

You know Kelly actually played Lakewood(the precious guests there being the Hand sisters).
I see that she actually played lots of local tournaments heading into Fed Cup and the National. Paid off I guess? Anyway her Lakewood result;

USTA National Level 3 Tournament - Lakewood CA Start Date: 4/22/2017 End Date: 4/24/2017
Girls' 18 Singles (Draw Line - 14)
F Kelly Chen d. (2) Rena Lin 6-4; 4-6; 6-2
SF Kelly Chen d. (1) Jennifer Kerr 6-4; 7-5
Q Kelly Chen d. Danielle Willson 6-2; 6-1
16 Kelly Chen d. Dominique Stone 6-4; 6-0
32 Kelly Chen d. (5) Christina Hand 6-3; 6-1

Vo apr more Gad bh w(Volynets vs Gadalov?) V certainly seems to approach the net more, from what I've glimpsed now and then.
Do bh sv rt (Douglas vs Subhash)
From 1-4 Bolton won 4 games in a row(Bolton vs Goldsmith); this was the 1st set I guess.  G won 4,3(wait so it might've been 0-4 actually?)
bo j bh nt
y(epifanova vs Corley?) gd ds nt
go bh fi cornr w
go hi v ue fh w gp
do df(I think Douglas's serve was unstable at times, probably contributed to the loss)
bo oh smile(after mishitting!)
go run bh ps
su ds do sl ps su bh
go sv lefty(Her serve was really good this tournament)
do df at mp hug

bl defence gd
ka(lieva) ds lob
vi(shwase) sl gd sv gd ds
j v gd(Kalieva vs Jones) ka ps gd
cr mp r thrw(Crawley vs Vishwase)
Red not lng(probably Black vs Redelijk). Fink and Lumpkin watched this. no besty
j atk k s brk(good tactic against Kalieva) j hi v

Cr nt d(Allen/Corley vs McNally/Osuigwe) ps schnol? nt apr midwest domin(doubles) late
j b dbl o hit mc(Osuigwe hit McNally, obviously a mishit) a p j root o lob

mc apr pressure(against Lahey?)
every badshiu cray?
gor fh draw fe dor df mc ds

That's it I guess.

2017 National] Some more notes 8/9

Have to clear the cell phone entries;


Cal. watched Haynes sp st d bh sl

3:37 pm possible Western Tanager flyby. Ric(typo?) s rt w. handshake gd


tarpaulin at baseline obscures the view of the court.
Probably Stevens vs Malik match;
Stevens hit low. poach. good at net.
Malik ue
Oregon, Colorado

Probably Crawley/Stein vs Despain/Guevara
Gu ps Gu atk cr sv ps

By the way Red-masked Parakeets rather frequently flew over the venue, all day, calling.

Goldsmith drop shot? (doubles I guess, with Wagner. Against the Russians). Go(ldsmith? Liz) attack line. S(orokko?) lob.  Goldsmith moonball to Sorokko's bh, smart(since So is not tall); I think S reasonably handled those well though? Sorokko drop shot.

Purdue, Utah watched.

Alle hug.
Ma(not sure if this is Ma or Madurawe or Markham lol) ace ps Mul oh
hr(astar?) yell bend knee returning low drive. dtl bh good (I think this was against Cubitt)
Scot(Katrina?) net ue, Cr(awley?) serve good, Kourkina drop shot de(sianitkov?) sl nt stil nt apr
Ta(art?) ace

Wil(lson?) serve good. Sharp angle. serve return. Li broken(Wilson/Stone vs Li/Subhash methinks). Stone drop volley. Subhash aggressive poach.

SJ & Liu's serve game long; against Cusano/Goldsmith. C/S were that good.
Goldsmith poach. Can't leave(meaning this match was SO good, I didn't want to leave although my initial marquee match was WF combo vs Merrill/O'Dell lol. I frankly thought SJ/Liu would blitz the Texans; Imagine my surprise! If only those 2 matches were played side by side..!).
Cusano's serve attacked. Seeing it; C/G were reading SJ/Liu's plays, also meaning their court awareness I guess; like passing. Excite why ax; You know what this means; ITA's systematic dismantling of doubles, especially axing 2 games in Dual match.

Monday, August 14, 2017

2017 National] Maryann Rompf in singles

64 (17) Rachel Eason d. Maryann Rompf 3-6; 6-3; 6-4
128 Maryann Rompf d. Maria Santilli 6-0; 6-4
256 Maryann Rompf d. (33) Isabella Lambert 6-0; 6-0

R3 (14) Hailey Baptiste d. Maryann Rompf 3-6; 6-4; 10-8

300 species spotted in California this year!

Not much, but still.
Nationwide, 353, thanks to Eastern birding.

LifeYear Total County Ticks

Another lesson of Baptiste/Gregg incident

USTA and other tennis academies have a responsibility to EDUCATE the parents. Baptiste should be a good example of how NOT to behave.

One commentator on my blog said that tournaments have been allowing this kind of outrageous behaviors from those lunatic parents for years. Unforgivable. It's their responsibility to protect innocent fans from that kind of barbarism. Need to enforce the rules more harshly.  Again, Martha Gregg should be a prime example, how NOT to do. Pandering to that lunatic and bullying an innocent fan..umpiring for what, like 20 years and that's all it amounts to? Hilarious. What a joke.

2017 National] G16 8/12

Losers still there, BFs Crawley and Hrastar haha. ;) Methinks Duncan as well?

Gallagher was chatting with Cheong at the clubhouse. Did I mention that both and ABC are from Colorado? If I did, again a senile comment lol because both are from Nevada.

CS (12) Reilly Tran d. (33) Nikita Vishwase 6-2; 6-2

Fed Cup Mid-Atlantic teammates played side by side at court 11 and 12, Subhash and Tran.
Tran also executed a drop shot in this match. Footsteps seemed good. She's a 2-hander, and necessarily quite an aggressive hitter.
That was not an easy win, despite the scoreline, because V was moving well and returning all those T's sharp drives, despite relentlessly getting herded left and right lol. V herself could go on the attack, so the points were long, and the match seemed quite even when I watched.

CS (3) Emma Navarro d. (17) Alexandra Yepifanova 3-6; 6-2; 1-0(8)
Court 1, so could watch alongside with G18 Volynets vs Forbes at court 2. Two spectators came and perfectly blocked the view of this one.. So finally had to gently remind them to move a bit into the middle lol.  I'm always conscious not to block the view of spectators who're already there, when I come to watch a match. Small thing, but it's good manners, no.
Casals was probably watching this match.
Had to watch Wolfberg vs Subhash for a while, so may have missed the majority of the 2nd set. Also probably left during mid-match TB to watch W vs S again(by then have seen both enough, and I had to watch W more).

Y drop shot winner. As I said, her drop shot is exquisite. She even attempted one at match tiebreak, so fearless lol, and which means she has absolute confidence in it.
Not only that, her flat drives were very potent; even such a good retriever like N couldn't reach many of those. Volleys, overhead, all good. Once made a stretch bh defensive volley winner, despite her size. She's already quite tall. Class of 2021, same as Kalieva(who actually played G18 lol).
N's 2nd serve was rather weak so got pounced.

Still probably N's defense prevailed; she is such an excellent mover and retriever.  And Y seemed to have trouble handling high balls, made UEs trying to return it.

F (9) Angelica Blake d. (14) Nikki Redelijk 3-6; 6-2; 6-4

Missed this match, was only able to watch the last game. I was watching at the baseline corner when Steve Pratt barged in to record the MP..haha. I didn't even notice it was MP lol. R saved that one. R mishit a crucial overhead methinks.

Forgot to add this but R was unusually aggressive, much more than her wont. Good choice since B can attack very efficiently, hitting early, etc.

CF (12) Reilly Tran d. (3) Emma Navarro 6-3; 6-2

 When did this happen, too bad I missed this.

PL Connie Ma d. (4) Sedona Gallagher 6-3; 6-3

Can't remember G wearing a yellow(or neon) dress before lol. This tournament, Pepperdine coaches watched G a lot.
G was quite aggressive, could certainly pressure M a lot.
M methinks serves quite well, just like Volynets. 

PL Brown/Miller d. (15) Goldsmith/Wagner 6-1; 6-1

W always seem to be pouting haha. And seems to be perpetually tired! Anyhow quite expressive lol.
Winners too good. How did they lose to C/Y so easily I have no idea. Really too bad I couldn't watch that semifinal match sufficiently. G/W made plenty of fine plays, W as usual excellent at net, even making some passing shot winners, and G driving competently. But M again was very good at net, and B's power drives gave all sorts of trouble to G/W.

F (17) Blake/Redelijk d. (5) Collins/Yaloz 6-2; 7-5

This match got shunted to court 10(originally was schedule to play at the stadium court), maybe because McNally vs Chen match took ages to finish. Good for me, comfortably watched behind the baseline in the shade, shivering(yes it was quite cold later in the afternoon!).

Blake seemed to dominate the match, poaching etc. R was also quite solid, ably backing B up(made an overhead this time).  Their net approaches were quite effective, in the last 2 matches(semi and final).

Y's service return was exquisite; could whack the ball, sometimes even hitting early, dtl, sometimes making outright winners. Didn't know she was this good lol. Also lobbed well.
But she's class of 2018 actually according to TRN, so no surprise maybe. Verballed to Boston Univ.

Actually Collins too, attacked serve aggressively; maybe one of the reasons they dominated the opponents thus far. C once made a perfect stop volley winner against a fast-paced ball sailing against her at net. Her drives faltered a bit later in the 2nd methinks.
Y had an MTO later(got hit by R's ball earlier, maybe because of it?).
Blake once returned serve(2nd?) way inside the baseline.

2017 National] G18 8/12

Lol that face of Hailey Baptiste full of hatred when she looked at me as she passed me by, when I was resting at the shaded area behind court 1 & 10 later in the day. How DARE she? Like father, like daughter. He/she should be thankful that I was too lazy to press charges at EB(unlike HIM, I might add. He was more 'diligent' in hounding me out of the tournament. He was jeering when I argued with Gregg and left. JEERING. I'll never forget it).
I might have to pursue 'Operation Pariah' more diligently starting from Malibu next month, blackballing her to every college coaches present. Maybe she'll just turn

Fashionista of the day; Iron Maiden, who was dressed like a teenage idol than a college coach..! Very fashionable. Wore the cap backwards; I was instantly reminded of SJ doing that in her younger days!

A tall boy was wearing an Iverson jersey, a good choice :)
A spectator was wearing a Cardinals(MLB) jersey; Payne.

Very few coaches left; UF, Pepperdine, UCLA, UVA, TAMU, Duke..Oregon?

Umpires were wearing gray polo t-shirts so asked Lauren about it, she said it was because of TV.

Naomi Cheong intends to turn pro, from what I heard.

Spotted Douglas's mom and McNally's dad chatting. Maybe I should've asked Douglas's mom directly about Ellie's college choice..! I guess we'll know sooner or later.

I think drop shot was the order of the day, across the board. Starting from Yepifanova, practically everybody made effective use of it at times, with good effect. 

Mr. Law gave me a sandwich from the cafeteria while I was watching doubles(G16?), and later brought me there. Thank ye! I thought it was only reserved for VIPs but later Mr. Kuhle was distributing coupons for it after the final match!

QQ (17) Katie Volynets d. (15) Abigail Forbes 7-5; 6-3

Forbes is really good. Damn good. Put V on the defensive tons of times, with her very sharp drives. Also showed good variety, drop shotting, volleying..V reasonably handled well, those net approaches of Forbes's. This match was popular; pretty much every coaches watched this.

We shared our high opinion of Volynets, coach Balogh and I(he was watching Wolfberg vs Subhash match), and when I mentioned that she lives in NorCal(Walnut Creek), we both agreed that it's Stanford territory..!

QQ Jayci Goldsmith d. (17) Alyvia Jones 6-3; 6-4

Pretty much watched the whole match, of this marquee match.
Alyvia's 'luster' was somewhat dimmed after her doubles loss earlier in the day lol(her and Elysia should be grounded for a week for that 'crime'! :p).
A good match, overall. Both as usual served well, and hit very aggressively. Never seen Alyvia being challenged this much on her serve; Jayci even scored an outright bh return winner once! Maybe Alyvia was pressured, even committed a rare DF.
Jayci even approached the net, and again, moved excellently to counter Alyvia's aggression. Her footwork seemed really good.
Alyvia's bh was very potent, attacking the sidelines, once even literally crushing down a high ball.

One curious incident; a spectator once approached the court, literally stood at the edge of the fence and recorded both players' serve. He was like an arm's length from both players lol. So close! And nobody was stopping him.
Now compare this to my being warned of taking pics and filming during the National(first time in 2010, when I didn't even bring a camera) and ISC lol. Unlike this spectator, I was recording rather far away from the Hibi match at ISC.
If that spectator did that to Shvedova, who behaved unprofessionally to me when I was trying to take pic of her during practice at IW, when I was not even near her; she would've thrown a racquet to him..haha.
I do think I have been being unfairly discriminated. When I see MVP literally clinging to the fence and recording with impunity all those
So now I don't even bother taking camera into the venue(still got attacked by Baptiste, him accusing me that I was taking his daughter's pics..what a lunatic. How can I not be angered??!).
Strictly reserved for more stunning birds. :)

Anyway, both Alyvia and Jayci should get used to the 'attention'; because they are going to be stars for their respective college teams. :)

QQ Naomi Cheong d. (33) Niluka Madurawe 1-6; 6-4; 1-0(1)

Too bad I couldn't watch much, but again, what a scoreline by M.
Cheong is such an aggressive flat hitter, was literally herding M left and right when I watched a bit of the 1st set.

QQ (17) Alana Wolfberg d. (33) Natasha Subhash 6-3; 5-7; 1-0(4)

Glad I stopped by to watch this match as much as possible. As I said most coaches were at court 2, on the opposite site of the venue from this court 11, watching Volynets vs Forbes, but I had to have a peek of Wolfberg so stopped by during mid-match. And W won the 1st I was like HUH?

W in best condition. Like 'Tart', looked like she improved daily! Doesn't hit that flat but was relentlessly herding S left and right attacking the corners at will. I mean S had to slice at times to cope with her aggression. Not joking, it really happened! Was flabbergasted to witness her masterful performance. Very aggressive, and I dare say it paid off. As a base her defense was quite outstanding. She even made a lob winner reaching S's drop shot! Passed, lobbed..just exquisitely.
Later expressed my surprise to coach Anundsen who stopped by later, and she told me W is quite athletic. Definitely one of my new finds this tournament(I wasn't too impressed with her play during Fed Cup).

 CQ (17) Katie Volynets d. (10) Ann Li 6-4; 7-6(4))

Only could watch a bit from time to time; this was played simultaneously with the match between the Hottest girls(in more than one way? lol) in the tournament, so had to choose.
V is just so fast. Managed to retrieve tons of Li's cannon balls and herself could force FEs from Li with aggression. I think she also has grown a bit; not so tiny as when I first saw her at Irvine! :)

The pace was so tremendous that the points were rather short. Li might've not been in best condition, did commit some errors but her net approaches weren't without effect(naturally since she's one heck of a doubles player). Her drop shot was excellent too.
Volynets is already top level now. I think she's even more consistent than McNally. And probably unlike McNally, despite the vast difference of height between themselves lol, V is quite a competent server. Against Li as well, made quite a few easy points off her serve. Barely falters.

CQ (5) Ashley Lahey d. Jayci Goldsmith 6-4; 6-3

Size matters? L is very tall of course, and her power eventually prevailed methinks(like Subhash also charged the net to good effect). Could watch some and G was again impressive in this match, was able to match L's firepower. That was definitely not an easy win by L. G once applauded L's fine play, she also has golden manners!

CQ Naomi Cheong d. (6) Michaela Gordon Wo (inj)

CQ (2) Claire Liu d. (17) Alana Wolfberg 6-0; 6-1

Could only watch a bit, W made errors trying to hit hard, but overall L was too good I guess.

SF (6) Baptiste/Douglas d. (7) Bolton/Jones 6-4; 7-5

SF (5) Johnson/Liu d. (8) Allen/Corley 4-6; 6-2; 6-3

Only could watch the 1st set methinks, thereafter had to watch the battle of the 'Hotties' at court 2.
All 4 doubles matches were played at court 10.
Similar pattern of the 1st set as in A/C's match against M/O. Liu made errors, C defended the net successfully, A/C were just flawless at net. And you know that A is a master at punishing weak dtl passing shot attempts haha.  Allen could actually vary pace on her passing; once just hit softly dtl, eliciting L's error. C was later literally flying across the net lol.
Allen does tend to commit some basic errors, while driving. Maybe hitting too late? Many players commit errors that way methinks, swinging too late to counter a fast-paced drive. Maybe SJ/Liu were just too powerful.

SJ did her Ninja thing(once made a very difficult underhand half volley), but I think she mishit overheads like 3 times when I watched..haha. Aggressive of course, trying to hit even from the back court, but unstable. Kyle McPhillips could maybe teach her a thing or two!
Liu once tried to reprise the play of the day before against Osuigwe(2nd set point), attempted a high bh volley, but failed this time!

SF (33) Kelly Chen d. (12) caty mcnally 6-2; 3-6; 6-3

San Diego Union Tribune. A seat was reserved for the reporter but he/she doesn't seem to have shown up lol, at least when I came by to have a peek.
Somebody was reading a book! Unbelievable haha. Was he a coach of other players.

Watched from time to time, but not too much, once watching from the 2nd row of the baseline tent area with Mr. Law. Nobody was sitting on the 3rd row(you can't even see the court from there lol), and actually the near side of the court was obscured from our 2nd row seats(1st row was reserved for VIPs or something). Some actually preferred standing behind the 2nd row seats, the view was that bad.

Should be the task of the tournament for next year. More staggered seating like the bleacher seats at IW. Should've suggested to Mr. Kuhle when he distributed free coupons for the final day at the end of the last match Kratzer vs Osuigwe lol. Had to decline since I was heading back home straightaway.

Surprisingly McNally's trademark consistency was somewhat AWOL yesterday. Once netted an overhead, a crucial point methinks. Her net approaches were very good as usual though, was quite effective, blocking C's passing shot attempts, or making approach volley winners. Serve, again unstable. Once violently threw the racquet after DFing. Chen is a terrific server, so that might've been a decisive factor.

SF (3) Ashley Kratzer d. (8) Whitney Osuigwe 7-6(6); 6-0

Could watch from the 2nd set after the G16 doubles final was completed(by now you know that I'm passionate about doubles. 4 beats 2, easily :p )

K was astounding. Best condition. Have never seen her play so well. Hardly made errors, despite being super aggressive from the get-go. Get-go meaning, even attacking O's serve. Her aggressive service return was probably decisive, that was my impression; attacked effectively even though O could produce quite a pace serving. Maybe O's 2 DFs later in the match was due to getting pressured by K's aggressive return, dunno.
Maybe K had to be aggressive, since O is probably a better mover, and is also super aggressive. You just can't give O free looks; hence had to take control from the get-go.

And it worked, controlling the points, and making numerous fantastic drive winners. I was wondering why O was allowing so many winners unlike her match against Liu.
Maybe likewise as in Lahey vs Goldsmith match, sized mattered; also served well methinks(maybe being lefty helped?), and she's like 3 years older anyway lol(she's class of 2017, O, 2020).
Later in the match wasted 3 bps, but finally broke in the 4th try. Didn't let go of her aggression, continually pressing, and even showed nice variety, volleying and drop shotting(but I've mentioned her variety before).

I remember watching K for the 1st time, at a local tournament(that was when she was quite young). Seemed ratter bratty haha, making tantrums, but she was quite good methinks. What a long way she has come. Fully deserves the title after a masterful performance against Osuigwe.

And Duke must be thrilled :)  Kelly is such a nice girl, and now has made a successful comeback from injury. When I was chatting with coach Manasse watching Li vs Volynets, I realized Duke is chock full of talents...he didn't know who'll play #1 singles; there are just so many talented players!
Duke surely could be a major contender for the NCAA next season.