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Thursday, November 16, 2017

2017 Abierto Juvenil Mexicano two results

You know I've 'hyped' both players for some time, Noel and Stearns.

3rd Round
Alexa NOEL (USA) 6-2 6-0 Ellie DOUGLAS (USA) [3]

According to the website D was ill(something wrong with food), but still a surprisingly easy score.

Whitney OSUIGWE (USA) [1] 4-6 6-2 6-4 Peyton STEARNS (USA)

Could watch the 3rd set live.
Battle of the equals, and S was probably more impressive, scoring more winners. Her deep drives troubled O(painted the baseline), and could produce impressive width and pace. Nice drop shot as well.
But also more erratic, including serve.
O could produce impressive pace on her serve.
ITF score has it wrong, S won 4 games in 3rd. Tight till the very end.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

2017 Nov. 15 Div. I Singles rankings - top 50

As usual from ITA

keyword: defence, foreigners.
Bolded freshmen

Oracle/ITA Division I Women's National Singles Rankings Administered by the ITA Nov. 15, 2017
 Rank Avg Player School
1 67.92 Anastasia Rychagova University of Kansas
2 61.76 Aliona Bolsova Zadoinov Florida Atlantic University
3 60.66 Andrea Lazaro Florida International University (FIU)
4 52.59 Fernanda Contreras Vanderbilt University
5 49.42 Gabriela Talaba Texas Tech University
6 45.37 Stacey Fung University of Washington
7 43.95 Samantha Harris Duke University
8 43.18 Anna Danilina University of Florida
9 40.15 Alle Sanford North Carolina
10 38.27 Bianca Turati University of Texas at Austin
11 37.04 Makenna Jones North Carolina
12 36.94 Katarina Jokic University of Georgia
13 34.31 Michaela Gordon Stanford
14 34.26 Lily Miyazaki University of Oklahoma
15 33.64 Lauren Proctor Winthrop University
16 33.33 Ena Shibahara UCLA
17 33.11 Gabriela Knutson Syracuse University
18 29.85 Jessie Aney North Carolina
19 25.73 Christina Rosca Vanderbilt University
20 25.45 Marie Leduc Clemson University
21 23.22 Vladica Babic Oklahoma State University
22 23.15 Emily Arbuthnott Stanford
23 22.65 Felicity Maltby Texas Tech University
24 21.48 Jessica Livianu St. John's University
25 20.78 Natalie Novotna Virginia Tech
26 20.00 Akvilė Paražinskaitė University of Kentucky
27 19.74 Anna Bright California
28 19.62 Ashley Lahey Pepperdine
29 19.31 Veronica Miroshnichenko Loyola Marymount University
30 19.14 Josie Kuhlman University of Florida
31 18.70 Mayar Sherif Ahmed Pepperdine
32 18.48 Petra Granic University of Texas at Austin
33 18.17 Kate Fahey University of Michigan
34 17.38 Melissa Lord Stanford
35 16.91 Gabby Smith University of Southern California
36 16.53 Estela Perez-Somarriba University of Miami (Florida)
37 16.00 Brooke Austin University of Florida
38 15.86 Sara Daavettila North Carolina
39 15.71 Marianna Petrei University of Idaho
40 15.25 Olivia Hauger California
41 15.17 Sinead Lohan University of Miami (Florida)
42 13.45 Maria Kononova University of North Texas
43 13.07 Hadley Berg University of South Carolina
44 12.62 Dzina Milovanovic Pepperdine
45 12.50 Karla Popovic California
46 12.36 Abi Altick UCLA
47 12.05 Elyse Lavender LSU
48 11.71 Rosie Johanson University of Virginia
49 11.30 Paige Hourigan Georgia Tech
50 11.23 Arianne Hartono University of Mississippi

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

So. Cal Defender Troika

I think I posted about them, but again:

This Fall, defenders were rather prominent. So those kind of players might be in high demand.

Coincidentally 3 So. Cal players from the Class of 2019 fit right into this recent? trend.

Mossmer, Haynes, Gadalov.

M and H are G16 National singles finalists last year.
All 3 are efficient moonballers. M is the fastest and the most versatile. G, probably the most physical.

LSU recruiting

#1 Class of 2016 yet lost all 3, Kingsley, Lewis, Weissmann.

Still recruiting well though.
Lavender and Richardson seem good enough,
and Li signed NLI. She's one of the best hitters in juniors right now. Expect immediate impact on the college scene.
Plus Vasilyuk(who's joining in January), and Cubitt from the class of 2019 committed as well. As I said methinks C might be a sleeper hit.
So I think LSU might be a contender come 2020, but we'll see?

Monday, November 13, 2017

Madurawe chooses Stanford

So Liu is either turning pro or going to be a Bruin.

National] An Era has passed(Class of 2017)

Following elites of Class of 2016 turned pro;

Black, Frenkel, Kingsley, Neel

Of course more elite Class of 2017 players turned pro.

Class of 2017 players won National singles 4 years in a row;

Bellis, Kenin, Day, Kratzer(3 of them from California).

As I said, the Golden Class; so many of them turned pro.

Finalists were Black(twice), Frenkel, Chen.

Finalists the years before, Duval, Vickery, Kiick(finalist in consecutive years) were all from the Class of 2013, all Floridans.


So, which Class will produce National winner next year.  Class of 2017 pretty much dominated the scene. Class of 2014, 2015, 2016 failed to produce National winner.

If Liu is eligible(age) for sure she's the front runner.

How far she went during her last 3 tries;

USTA Girls' 18 and Girls' 16 National Championships Start Date: 8/5/2017 End Date: 8/13/2017 Girls' 18 Singles (Draw Line - 256)
Q (8) Whitney Osuigwe d. (2) Claire Liu 7-5; 6-7(8); 6-4

USTA National Championships - Girls 18's & 16's Start Date: 8/6/2016 End Date: 8/14/2016
Girls' 18 Singles (Draw Line - 192)
128 Kylie Moulin d. (4) Claire Liu 7-5; 2-6; 6-3

USTA National Championships - Girls 16's & 18's (Level 1) Start Date: 8/1/2015 End Date: 8/9/2015 Girls' 18 Singles (Draw Line - 160)
Q (3) Sofia Kenin d. (8) Claire Liu 7-5; 4-6; 6-4

Moulin is from the Class of 2017. Osuigwe, Class of 2019.


Following are the current TRN top 10 per Class;

1. C. Liu
2. A. Li
3. E. Douglas
4. E. Bolton
5. S. Ewing
6. M. Zein
7. A. Jones
8. C. Jankowski
9. S. Choy
10. J. Goldsmith

1. T. Johnson
2. C. Branstine
3. A. Forbes
4. M. Bilokin
5. H. Black
6. H. Baptiste
7. N. Subhash
8. C. Kung
9. N. Mossmer
10. A. Blake

1. K. Volynets
2. C. McNally
3. E. Navarro
4. A. Noel
5. V. Ong
6. C. Beck
7. S. Gallagher
8. A. Ryngler
9. N. Redelijk
10. V. Hu

1. G. Price
2. C. Ma
3. A. Yepifanova
4. E. Kalieva
5. C. Owensby
6. G. Pielet
7. S. Broadus
8. S. Grishuk
9. E. Jackson
10. H. Inoue

Branstine is not eligible as Canadian? Osuigwe and Anisimova turned pro but should be two of the front runners if they decide to compete. Gauff is from the Class of 2022, but should also be a contender.

2016 National] Upset galore

That National was memorable for its numerous upsets;

32 (9) Alexa Graham d. (17) Kylie McKenzie 6-2; 6-2
32 (17) Sara Daavettila d. (9) Ingrid Neel 6-4; 6-3
64 McCartney Kessler d. (3) Caroline Dolehide 1-6; 6-4; 7-5 
128 Kylie Moulin d. (4) Claire Liu 7-5; 2-6; 6-3 
128 Cori Gauff d. (17) Janice Shin 7-5; 6-4
128 Madeline Meredith d. (9) Maria Mateas 7-5; 6-1
128 Sophia Hatton d. (17) Natasha Subhash 1-6; 6-4; 6-4

5 of Quarterfinalists were from the Class of 2016;

Q (7) Nicole Frenkel d. (17) Ena Shibahara 6-4; 6-4
Q (5) Amanda Anisimova d. (17) Meible Chi 6-2; 6-3
Q (17) Carson Branstine d. (17) Sara Daavettila 6-4; 6-4
Q (1) Kayla Day d. Emma Higuchi 6-1; 7-5

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Domi Schaefer has high interest in USC?

I thought she was going to NCSU. Was curious so checked her TRN page and voilá, new 'updated' info.

Weird? She's class of 2017.

2017 Hawaii WTA 125k pics

Dunno why I've been receiving emails about it but maybe they're using the email list from WTA SD.

Not that I'm going there lol, but instead, did experience Hawaii vicariously through...

Pacific Golden-Plover!

 The sole resting Sanderling(many were 'battling' the waves at the beach)
 Cutie cute Snowy Plover! Many were resting at the enclosure

 More 'Golden' than American, longer bill, also shorter wings compared to its tail

 'Horde' of Surf Scoters! Never seen so many, so near the shore

At Dockweiler SB.

I was content to do armchair birding for the rest of the year,

but after seeing LA county alert by Chris Dean today morning(found the day before? by Kevin Lapp), just could not resist it.

I HAD to maintain what tiny lead I have from

I wasn't able to find it at Tijuana beach at San Diego in August, so glad I was able to find it here in LA county. My first.

It's more of a beach specialist than American Golden-Plover, and it's numerous at Hawaii. Not so on the Pacific coast, so whenever it's spotted birders 'flock' to the location to watch this rare species.

Glad I went.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

National HS All Americans

Notable past recent recipients are Sanchez, Anderson, KK, Hibi, Ahn, Hardebeck, Loeb, Austin, Minor, Shibahara, Contreras..

Who is this though

Embry, Lauren Lely HS Naples, Florida