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Monday, March 31, 2014

Berenson was

"Beseeched on both sides, faced with a picture of uncertain attribution, from the seller and the clients."
                                  Rachen Cohen, p.116.

p. 150

Berenson met James Loeb, a retired banker who became the founder of the Loeb Classical Library.

Use of angles to open up the court

Tennis is the same with basketball: the easiest way to score is to  create open shot chance, opening up the court: angled shots are very effective tools.

You don't have to aim for extreme angles all the time. Just tweaking a bit aiming at the sideline, could creat satisfactory result: lots of pro players do that, and at Claremont, Higuchi was pretty good at it: one of the reasons she wins, despite her not being the biggest hitter.

Some observations

Some players play dbls more aggressively than usual. For example Scandalis is a pretty conservative player, yet is very aggressive, hitting with abandon and even flattening it out: maybe more hitting space emboldens her to do that, dunno.

Some also attacks the opponent at net, driving towards them with good effect, seen at Claremont.

Xepoleas' bh was pretty effective against Nakagawa and Schaefer, scoring some winners. I'm not sute she played too smartly against S though, was she in a ball bashing mode: didn't see much of point construction..

Valenstein attacked Abi well yet Abi returned all those: she's also very consistent. So V got impatient and came up to the net, to mixed effect.

I envy the Weissmanns: read an article at USA Today? that Loveland is considered one of the best cities to live lol.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 ITF ISC 3/30 G18

Scores from the Tennislink site;

Girls' 18 Singles Qualifying

16 Rebecca Weissmann d. Kenadi Hance 2-6; 6-3; 6-4

Crt 7, when I left Kenadi was leading and in fact was playing very well and aggressively, a shocker?

16 (15) Dominique Schaefer d. (7) Meredith Xepoleas 6-3; 6-3

My hype ends? Is Meredith's drives overrated? Domi had no problem returning those flat drives. Moreover Meredith had problem reacting to Domi's drop shots, Darya responded better..netted lots of bh slice attempts. M's flat drives frequently got out of hand, and she let a ball fall in, to trail 0-3 in the 2nd.  She rallied a bit at the next game, left then.

16 Elvena Gevargiz d. Elena Van Linge 4-6; 6-1; 6-3

Elvena was quite a hitter, was blowing Elena away so left, just watched the final moment, so Elena did rally, too bad couldn't watch much.

16 Jessica Failla d. Abigail Desiatnikov 4-6; 6-2; 6-1

WTF...I honestly thought Jess would lose, my bad.  That's in fact a HUGE win by Jess. Couldn't watch this, since this match was to be played after the above match at court6.

16 (5) Ines Vias d. Sarah Hu 6-1; 6-2
16 Jessica Livianu d. (2) Stephanie Hazell 6-4; 6-1
16 Andrea Kevakian d. (12) Kareena Manji 6-2; 6-3

16 Savannah Slaysman d. Annika Ringblom 6-3; 1-6; 6-4

That's quite a win by Savannah.

16 (1) Ndindi Ndunda d. (14) Rebekah Anderson 6-3; 6-2

32 Kenadi Hance d. (10) Katelyn Jackson 7-6(4); 6-3

Katelyn was a lefty, lots of spin, it was pretty even, watched a couple of games at the start, then later a tiny bit.

32 Rebecca Weissmann d. (8) Chun Fang Chang 6-0; 6-4

Chang wasn't playing that bad when I glimpsed.

32 (15) Dominique Schaefer d. Hannah Lairmore 3-6; 6-4; 6-1

Watched a bit of the first until they argued a call lol, then left, since I must watch SOME matches haha. Returned later, Hannah won the 1st, yet had trouble reigning her errors and Domi's drop shots shined again. Didn't really watch much then, left again.  Crt 9? match.

32 (7) Meredith Xepoleas d. Risa Nakagawa 6-1; 6-3

Crt 2 match. Risa was in fact returning Meredith's drive pretty well, was impressed, couldn't watch much though.

32 Jessica Failla d. (16) Bianca Moldovan 6-3; 6-1

Crt 4. Bianca was aggressive yet made a tad too many errors. Jess' racket manipulation seems pretty good, some deft touches here and there including lobs, as usual passed well.

32 Abigail Desiatnikov d. (6) Alexandra Valenstein 4-6; 6-4; 6-2

Crt 7 match. Thought Alex would win. When she got complacent Abi punished with sharp drives, herding Alex left and right. So thought Alex had to fight very hard to win, and she did play better in the 2nd, serving and driving well. Yet, in the 3rd, just couldn't attack Abi's serve effectively; even DFed a lot, so she actually LOST the serve battle against Abi.  The pattern was like Alex's winner and error; repeat sequence lol. 
Texas Tech coach 'summoned' me lol so had a bit of a chat, he moved from Nebraska, had that 2013 Big Ten ring. Meeting new people every day. :)

32 Sarah Hu d. (13) Elena Muller 6-2; 6-0
32 (5) Ines Vias d. Megan Scholvinck 7-5; 6-2
32 Jessica Livianu d. (9) Viktoria Bardarova 6-4; 3-0Ret (inj)

Too bad I missed this crt 1? match, was entirely engrossed in Abi vs Alex match

32 (2) Stephanie Hazell d. Grace Hruska 6-3; 6-0

Grace was not a bad player, served well, etc. Yet Stephanie was in best condition, drove sharply so won some winners and moved well, variety was good as well, etc.

32 (12) Kareena Manji d. Jane Wasserson 6-2; 6-1
32 Andrea Kevakian d. (3) Summer Garrison 6-2; 6-1

32 Savannah Slaysman d. (11) Mimi Levine 6-1; 6-2

Same here, too bad couldn't watch this court 2 match

32 Annika Ringblom d. (2) Vera Aleshcheva 6-3; 6-4

Vera could nail effortless drives, so it was a good contest, couldn't watch much though.

32 (14) Rebekah Anderson d. Jennifer Lu 6-1; 3-6; 7-6(0)

I couldn't believe it lol, Jennifer's bh seemed pretty good when I glimpsed the final moments. Becca's serve was good, netted some volleys, etc. Crt 8.

32 (1) Ndindi Ndunda d. Allie Sanford 6-3; 6-3

Crt 3, Actually thought Allie was the better player; she was the better hitter, and also came up to the net to good effect; yet made some crucial errors. She hurrahed after winning one point lol, her father did the same haha.

2014 ITF ISC 3/29 G18

Missed lots of actions due to BYU at PEPP, still could watch some matches.
Score from ITF;

Round 1

Ndindi Inziani MWARUKA (USA) [1] BYE
Allie SANFORD (USA) 6-3 6-2 Erin FREEMAN (USA)
Jennifer LU (USA) 6-3 6-4 Nina ERDEVICKI (CAN)
Rebekah ANDERSON (USA) [14] 6-0 6-2 Isabella SULLIVAN (USA)

Annika RINGBLOM (USA) 6-3 6-2 Amber A. PARK (USA)

Both had to wait for a long time lol, Annika's father commented that that's tennis and it IS so. Only could watch the last few games, both played well; Amber in fact was very sharp, served and drove well, yet Annika really moved well, put back strong with few errors.

Savannah SLAYSMAN (USA) 6-0 7-5 Emily MAXFIELD (USA)

Watched a bit, both played well.

Mimi LEVINE (USA) [11] 6-1 6-3 Danna FUNARO (USA)

Andrea KEVAKIAN (USA) 7-6(5) 6-3 Katharine FAHEY (USA)

They were practicing when I returned but missed most of the action, just watched the last couple of games. Kat was aggressive, especially her fh dtl, but made some errors as well.

Jane WASSERSON (USA) 6-4 6-2 Christie WAN (USA)
Kareena MANJI (USA) [12] 6-1 6-0 Arabella VALERA (USA)

Stephanie HAZELL (USA) [4] 6-7(4) 7-6(7) 6-4 Danielle GARRIDO (USA)

Quite a fight from Stephanie.  She played well today, playing better every time from Claremont.

Grace HRUSKA (USA) 6-0 2-6 6-3 Yvonne PETERS (USA)
Jessica LIVIANU (USA) 7-5 6-2 McKenzie MAJERLE (USA)

Viktoria BARDAROVA (BUL) [9] 7-5 6-4 Jaclyn O'Brien SWITKES (USA)

When I returned this court 18? was empty so thought the match was already finished, but it was not so; when I returned later, it was already at the last game with many spectators crammed in that narrow space, Domi and Lairmore? included. So can't really say, too bad, wanted to watch this.

Ines Karmen VIAS (USA) [5] 6-0 7-5 Ashley KRATZER (USA)

Was actually looking forward to this match, too bad I missed it.

Megan SCHOLVINCK (USA) 6-4 6-1 Caroline WILLIAMS (USA)
Sarah HU (CAN) 6-1 6-0 Christina ZORDANI (USA)

Court 5, it was in progress but couldn't watch.

Elena MULLER (USA) [13] 7-6(4) 7-6(4) Paris Corley CORLEY (USA)

Good that I came back, just for this match. One of my goals is to differentiate among those Texas quartets, Muller, Wesbrooks, Turner and Zogg.  Elena isn't particularly a flat hitter, Paris was the stronger one; however, Elean's shots generally went deeper; excellent concentration, was pretty impressed with that.  And she in fact could flatten out in pinch, albeit making some errors too in doing that. This was a great contest between those two.  I think serve was maybe crucial, Elena's biggest weapon may be her serve; very good, with quite a pace. Paris' was unstable but it got better at the latter stages.

Alexandra VALENSTEIN (USA) [6] 6-0 6-1 Felicity MALTBY (USA)

Too bad, didn't really bother to check when I returned, it must've been finished already by the time I got back.

Abigail DESIATNIKOV (USA) 6-0 6-1 Elizaveta SOKOLOVA (RUS)

The latter stage was in progress. Elizaveta was quite a sharp driver, but her movement was a bit suspect. Windy condition.

Jessica FAILLA (USA) 2-0 Retired Zoe Rose SPENCE (USA)
Bianca MOLDOVAN (USA) [16] 7-5 6-3 Sarah NUNO (USA)
Meredith XEPOLEAS (USA) [7] 6-1 6-1 Madison TEDFORD (USA)
Risa NAKAGAWA (USA) 6-3 3-6 6-3 Ivana ERDEVICKI (CAN)

Hannah LAIRMORE (USA) 6-1 6-1 Vanessa NOMMENSEN (USA)

Crt 2 match. Hannah really can do anything, everything. That when she has strong drives as a base. Vanessa wasn't bad, just that Hannah was too good. Drives, slices, volleys, drop shots..

Dominique SCHAEFER (USA) [15] 6-4 4-6 6-4 Darya POSSOKHOVA (USA)

Crt 3. Great match, glad I watched this, played simultaneously with the above match. Darya's drive vs Domi's variety. Both in fact drop shotted and both reacted rather well. But Domi despite getting hit passing shot winner persisted in this attempt and it might have paid off, great execution.  Darya came up to the net a lot, what with her drives opening up the court a bit, but the execution was hit and miss; she was probably the better hitter yet committed some errors; that, and the fact that Domi returned VERY well.

Chun Fang CHANG (TPE) [8] 6-3 6-0 Micheline AUBUCHON (USA)
Rebecca WEISSMANN (USA) 6-0 6-2 qianxin KONG (CHN)
Kenadi HANCE (USA) 6-1 6-2 Anna USTINOVA (RUS)

Just glimpsed a bit, can't really say, crt 1 match.

Katelyn JACKSON (USA) [10] 6-0 6-1 Proyfon LOHAPHAISAN (USA)

ISC]Can't write yesterday's recap now

A complication has arisen, Starbucks glass window is shattered so it's closed.

Wifi at the Center wasn't strong last year..should I try. Might as well just write it along with today's recap..

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Possokhova vs Schaefer got so interesting I stayed till the end, but still got in time for the doubles start at 11am.

Scores from BYU website;

#40 Pepperdine 5, #51 BYU 2

Doubles competition

Pretty much everybody was pumped up, yelling at winning each points lol.

1. Lorraine Guillermo/A.Runglerdkriangkrai (PEP) def. Mayci Jones/Toby Miclat (BYU) 8-5

I was actually looking forward to S-D and Jones reunited(Didn't they play at OC county tournament? That was when they both got my attention; or was it McCall not Mayci, lol); because being Freshmen, it'll be difficult to beat veteran Lorriane lol.  But I guess they wanted to secure #3 first.
Dunno, can't really form a coherent impression here lol.

Like USC, Maddox is out so they had to reshuffle the lineup; I see A is doing well.

2. Ale Granillo/Michaela Capannolo (PEP) def. Nicolette Tran/Savannah Ware (BYU) 8-6

Didn't know Savannah's technique was this good lol, so it was Krista's fault they lost to Dai/Shimizu at the Sectional when I watched Krista for the 1st time? Lol.  Very nice touch, so could neutralize Michaela, what a sight. And both Cougars crouched like KK to return strong drives by the Waves, very impressive as well.  Yet Ale made huge plays at decisive moments, last 2 game points were just that, Ale's passing shot winners.  Ale was busily distracting Savannah while receiving serve lol(moved around, haha). Nicolette's drive condition didn't seem too good, made some drive errors.

3. Meghan Sheehan-Dizon/Morgan Anderson-Littlewood (BYU) def. Matea Cutura/Yuki Chiang (PEP) 8-5

One word; Meghan. Pretty much dominated the match with pitch perfect plays.
Singles competition

1. #25 Lorraine Guillermo (PEP) def. Mayci Jones (BYU) 6-3, 6-1

I firmly believe Mayci is better than McCall..yes, THAT McCall who has won a set against Gibbs at Ojai and defeated Lao a month later at the NCAA semi.

Because Mayci is a VASTLY better server haha.

Took some time to serve, though lol.  And her drives were a bit off. But didn't really expect her to beat veteran Lorraine, good experience. Lorraine also served well.

2. Meghan Sheehan-Dizon (BYU) def. Matea Cutura (PEP) 6-7, 3-2, retired

Matea was real pumped up lol, was very aggressive, and it paid of I guess, won the 1st, Meghan was too busy retrieving lol, although her bh drive was pretty good.

3. #96 Ale Granillo (PEP) def. Nicolette Tran (BYU) 6-2, 6-4

Ale was just too good, although Nicolete wasn't bad at all, plenty of fierce rallies there.

4. Michaela Capannolo (PEP) def. Toby Miclat (BYU) 6-1, 6-3

Hmm, expected a tighter score haha.

5. Savannah Ware (BYU) def. Yuki Chiang (PEP) 6-4, 1-6, 2-1, retired

Yuki served underhand very well, in fact haha. So Savannah perched WAY inside the baseline to attack those short balls lol, to good effect.  Someone climbed up the tree and was comfortably watching from there, dangling her iphone as well lol.  Yuki when winning big points literally hurrahs, haha, but doesn't that motion, moving her arm upwards, rather hurt her shoulder as well lol.

 6. A.Runglerdkriangkrai (PEP) def. Morgan Anderson-Littlewood (BYU) 6-2, 6-1

Couldn't watch but surprising, I thought Morgan was pretty good when I saw her last time; a huge win for Pepperdine.

Match Notes:
BYU 8-7, 4-1 WCC; National ranking #51
Pepperdine 10-4, 4-0 WCC; National ranking #40

Order of finish: Doubles (3,1,2); Singles (6,4,3,1)

Asked Christine why she wasn't playing, she said she hurt her back. Later her father asked me if I was scouting so told him I'm writing a blog; he furnished some useful information, thank you!  Wondered why Yuki was serving underhand and he told he she got her shoulder injured. So Pepperdine isn't even 100% and is still   Anyway he told me that Savannah really harassed Lindsey Nelson 3 years ago at Santa Monica Open with HER underhand serve lol.  Savannah was doing overhead well so commented on that and he said her shoulder is now fully healed, thank goodness :)

So, the match being finished relatively early, decided to go back to

Friday, March 28, 2014

2014 ISC OOP 3/29

Damn, two first matches are must see, Lairmore vs Nommensen and Possokhova vs Schaefer.

Then, Stadium 5th match Alex vs Felicity -_-  I wasn't admitted before so I don't really have high hope for this...even in case I make it after BYU at Pepperdine match is concluded, that is..I urge Colette Lewis to watch this lol.
Desiatnikov, Failla, Hruska, Jackson, Moldovan also plays 5th.
Vias vs Kratzer & Switkes vs Bardarova are another possible exciting match playing 5th.

And then, 6th;
Park vs Ringblom, Slaysman vs Maxfield, Funaro vs Levine, and Fahey vs Kevakian.
Muller also plays.

Last 7th match, Linge.

Valentstein and Xepoleas group are packed, should be fun lol.

UCLA might recruit thus;

Junior  Minor
Sophomore Shibahara Slaysman
Freshman Dolehide

You have 3 massive singles players in Minor, Ena and Dolehide.
And 2 massive doubles teams in D/M & S/S, both VERY strong teams practically winning every national matches they're entering.

Recipe for winning NCAA lol, easy. :) 

Oh Andrews also goes to UCLA, right? My my, UCLA doubles could be

CMS vs Chapman pics

They started the match at 10am, so recorded some #1 dbls and sgls action.

Later CMS coach came up while Higuchi vs Hamlin match was in progress (CMS won) and was pretty attentive to me, asking me if I wanted a chair and hoping I won't fall down, thank you :)  Naturally said that Caroline Ward was good, etc. Well I today also rooted for CMS by clapping weakly compared to Chapman supporters, lol. 

Smaller player from Chapman dbls #2 was pretty skilled, stop volley, one hand bh high volley, etc. CMS #1 dbls forehand sliced on service return, I think it was pretty good.

Caroline was too good at #1, Chapman #1 wasn't bad though.

The last match was singles #3, Chapman girl had multiple matchpoints in the 3rd set tiebreaker methink, but the tall CMS girl caught up and finally won, there were some excruciatingly long rallies.



2014 ITF Claremont 3/28 pics

Yes I dared, not much though; battery was low, etc.

2014 ITF Claremont 3/28

Last day for me since I must see Savannah and Mayci play at Pepperdine tomorrow lol.

Claire watched a bit of CMS vs Chapman dbls #1. So I naturally filmed her head(from my position only could glimpse her head lol), since I was filming that match.
Later S/S followed me from the deck to the viewing block of court7 Hamlin vs Higuchi match lol(jk. I was up at the deck but moved down to eat lunch).

Liu def. Chang

The 1st set was pretty tight, Chang took Liu head on, as usual returned serve aggressively, etc. But still, Liu was the better stronger driver. Her serve definitely has improved, along with her volley skills. She'll be a serious contender for the ISC championship.

Higuchi def. Hamlin in 2

E.H vs E.H so had to decide what to write them on my notebook lol, decided on Hi and Ha.
Ellyse was the bigger hitter, but you have to hand it to Emma; returned extremely well, excellent footwork. Not only that, whenever she spotted an opening instantly switched to attack, and her angled drives were again, very effective, managed to unbalance Ellyse countless times, resulting in Emma's volley winners; today her volleys were pitch perfect, vast improvement over yesterday lol.

Still Ellyse bossed her around with huge plays including blatantly targeting serve; what with Ellyse's multiple DFs lol, it was a veritable breakfest.  I guess Emma was just a bit more solid.

The clapping battle was fierce as well. :)
The Goulaks came up and watched this a bit.

Shibahara/Slaysman def. Goulak/Liu in 2

S/S wore a UCLA color, Blue and White lol.
It was pretty tight, thought it was a HQ match. And the MVP is Savannah; wow. While both Ena and Annette's service games were broken all the way lol, Savannah held her serve game easily, and returned served very well too, attacked very sharply. And defended very well, either on the backcourt or at net.  Poached as usual.
Annette also made countless dtl passing shot winners and poaches, Claire served well, drove well and volleyed well, so it was a tight match all the way.

The last game, Annette's service game, was all Ena's though;  poached all the way to the win against Claire lol.  Didn't Claire always lose to Ena, UCLA should be very pleased and must get her since Claire, if she doesn't immediately turn pro, like Bellis, will be a Card(and you wonder why Stanford is so dominant lol).

Christina Makarova; master of subtle variation

She's one of the very few top Seniors participating ISC and EB, a boon for me for sure.

I've written so much about her so won't have to repeat much.

Just that she's the master of subtle variation, can change tempo and direction at will, can confuse the opponents into submission.

She's not a huge hitter, nor will she attempt to rush. Does it matter? 

She can practically return everything, and will lure you into the net with her choice slices and drop shots.  And, will pass; superbly.
Will suddenly up the drive pace from way behind the baseline.
Will suddenly come up to the net and volley.

She's going to Duke so it'll be hard to watch her matches from now on; going to enjoy every minute of her matches :)

Duke is VERY lucky to have her.

2014 ISC Q] Comments on some notable players

List from ITF site;

QUALIFYING - last modified on 26 Mar 2014

Pos Player Ranking National ranking Priority Info

3 Vera ALESHCHEVA (RUS) 495 1
4 Ndindi Inziani MWARUKA (USA) 505 1

7 Summer GARRISON (USA) 599 1

8 Alexandra VALENSTEIN (USA) 693 1

Everything about her is gorgeous; her looks, her game, lol.

10 Ines Karmen VIAS (USA) 721 1
11 Chun Fang CHANG (TPE) 741 17 2

13 Stephanie HAZELL (USA) 848 1

14 Meredith XEPOLEAS (USA) 856= 1

From Summer last year she has beaten Arconada, Shibahara, Liu, and Makarova. Made life hell for Hradecka at IW PQ.  One of the most anticipated G18 debuts.  The 'Next Lindsey Nelson' of former Trojan, she'll blow the opponents away with her effortless huge drives. Is evolving as a complete playeR even, improving her bh, slice and net approaches.

15 Viktoria BARDAROVA (BUL) 890= 43 1

Was pretty impressed with her game against Berg.

16 Katelyn JACKSON (USA) 913= 1

Goes to Texas Tech, should check her out, just got featured at TRN.

17 Karina Kristina VYRLAN (USA) 944= 1
19 Mimi LEVINE (USA) 990= 1
20 Kareena MANJI (USA) 1026= 1

Very savvy doubles player, her reflex at net is astounding.

21 Elena MULLER (USA) 1058= 1

Won a set  against COP at Winter Nat.

22 Rebekah ANDERSON (USA) 1094= 1

For her size, has great touch.

23 Dominique SCHAEFER (USA) 1094= 1

Maybe the best technician in her age group.

25 Bianca MOLDOVAN (USA) 1133= 1

A very solid player.

26 Grace HRUSKA (USA) 1160= 1

Did I watch her before? Should check her out.

28 Vanessa NOMMENSEN (USA) 1178= 1
29 Kenadi HANCE (USA) 1316= 1
30 Nina ERDEVICKI (CAN) 1362= 1
31 Jaclyn O'Brien SWITKES (USA) 1441= 1
32 Jessica LIVIANU (USA) 1441= 1
33 Megan SCHOLVINCK (USA) 1441= 1

35 Annika RINGBLOM (USA) 1606= 1

Harvard won't lose to SDSU or LBSU again when she goes to Harvard lol. Similar to Xepoleas, uses her size to great effect, huge serves and groundies.

36 Ivana ERDEVICKI (CAN) 1689= 1
37 Paris Corley CORLEY (USA) 1689= 1
38 Danna FUNARO (USA) 1868= 1
39 qianxin KONG (CHN) 1868= 1

41 Jane WASSERSON (USA) 1868= 1
42 Rebecca WEISSMANN (USA) 6 1

One of the best doubles players in her class, also proficient in singles play.

43 Katharine FAHEY (USA) 7 1

She is one helluva fighter, and a great defender, too. 

44 Jessica FAILLA (USA) 13 1

Her matches are always long since she basically returns everything.  Expert passer as well.  Had a very tight 1st set against Kenin at the National 

45 Savannah SLAYSMAN (USA) 41 1

She's basically winning every doubles tournament she's entering.

47 Abigail DESIATNIKOV (USA) 51

Just had a very successful week at Claremont.  Befitting her perennial #1 ranking in her class, is an excellent attacker.

1 48 Sarah HU (CAN) 62 1

49 Felicity MALTBY (USA) 73 1

Gorgeous forehand.

50 Allie SANFORD (USA) 81 1

Along with Kelly Chen, MIP from last summer.

51 Andrea KEVAKIAN (USA) 90 1

Very solid player.

52 Darya POSSOKHOVA (USA) 93 1

A big girl who can produce effortless pace and also has excellent touch.

53 Amber A. PARK (USA) 98 1

She's quite a decent player, also has improved a lot recently. 

54 Zoe Rose SPENCE (USA) 100 1
55 Risa NAKAGAWA (USA) 104 1
56 Madison TEDFORD (USA) 125 1

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Who'll win ISC

Samir trains in Irvine, is she going to attend college? She's sophomore according to TRN..remember wondering with Hadley about her last year lol. But I only saw her last year, she wasn't a top prospect then..wonder about her current level.

Of course Xepoleas who recently has beaten Makarova in 2 at IW can win it all. I do hope she meets either Belllis or Gordon to gauge their respective levels.

Bellis harassed Boserup at ITF RSF but Xepoleas harassed Hradecka at IW PQ, so.. :) She won't have much problem handling the girls' pace at Carson :P

McCarthy should be another favorite.  Dolehide, Shibahara, Higuchi, Chang, Chen, McKenzie?..possible contenders.

Wonder how good is Bains, think I saw her some while ago, she was a good hitter..

Forgot to add Vazquez, Norris, Frenkel, Kingsley, COP. Chloe has beaten Abaza at the  last Natl.

Two players have beaten Chirico, Vazquez at the last National and Ena at IW PQ. And Kingsley almost beat Ena at the Natl, so..I do want to see Ena vs Cici matchup.

Oh Liu too of course, just beaten Chen decisively. Hamlin? That 1st set against Desiatnikov was embarrassing haha, although she played well today.

Makarova vs Bellis could be interesting. Will Cici become impatient against Christina's slow slow quick quick tennis? Makarova won a set against Hibi at ITF RSF, so..

That's about it I guess.

Pac 12 big 4's allotments for the Class of 2016

Let's do this;


2 for Hardebeck and Kostas


2 for McPhillips, Harrison


1 for Capra?


2 for Chi, Fabikova


1 for Yates?

Stiffer competition for USC for sure.

TRN, as usual;

1 (1) Ena Shibahara CA 16
2 (2) Chloe Ouellet-Pizer NC 24
3 (3) Emma Higuchi CA 17
4 (4) Sara Daavetdila MI 9
5 (5) Jessie Aney MN 15
6 (6) Alexis Nelson MN 14
7 (7) Raveena Kingsley MD 20
8 (8) Ingrid Neel MN 15
9 (9) Alexa Graham NY 12
10 (18) Madison Bourguignon FL 14
11 (10) Hanna Chang CA 15
12 (11) Alaina Miller CA 14
13 (12) Rebecca Weissmann CO 9
14 (15) Olivia Hauger OK 19
15 (14) Gaby Pollner FL 28
16 (16) Jada Hart CA 20
17 (13) Angela Kulikov CA 8
18 (17) Meghan Kelley ME 25
19 (22) Jenna Friedel CA 21
27 (26) Kalani Soli CA 23
29 (27) Karina Traxler TX 24
30 (30) Elene Tsokilauri PA 19
31 (31) Stephanie Nemtsova MA 20
32 (32) Chloe Gullickson FL 17
34 (46) Karina Vyrlan CA 6
35 (34) Jessica Livianu NY 23
45 (45) Bess Waldram OR 23
46 (47) Darya Possokhova CA 20
48 (48) Constance Branstine CA 20
56 (54) Savannah Slaysman AZ 19
60 (58) Caisey Lee Emery CA 20
62 (59) Emily Zheng CA 13
63 (63) Emily Maxfield CA 19

Let's say UCLA gets #1 Ena. Stanford probably will vie for her too since she's the #1.

So who's the 8th best California player..if they prefer USC to Cal., 6th best player.

6th best Californian is Friedel(whom I don't know) and 8th, Vyrlan.

UCLA might get Slaysman to pair with Ena and plan to conquer the nation a la Anderson/Brady last Fall at WAATC.

To think of it, I'm not sure USC will get USTA girls, since USTA snubbed KK/Sabs at USO (I know it's a weird logic but who knew THAT would happen in the 21st century, NCAA dbls champion not even able to play Main Draw match at USO)

USTA girls at Carson are;

Kulikov, Hart, Higuchi
Lahey, Day, McKenzie, Peus

That leaves Chang, Miller, Friedel, Soli, Vrylan, Possokhova, etc.

Coach Nott watched Miller and then Higuchi yesterday.

Again, have absolutely know idea lol.  USC recruited 3 for current juniors so far, yet 4 are on the roster; Sabs, Gabi, Zoe, and Gugu. Will USC recruit one more for that class or reserve that one spot for the class of 2016, making 2 spots available. 

Pac 12 big 4 teams' allotments for the Class of 2017

So I got down to biz;


3, perfect for them, replacing Doyle, Davidson, Zhao


1, replacing Brady


2, replacing Starr & Manasse


1, replacing Katz. Or is it two? Not sure.

TRN top rankers especially Californians;

1(1)Catherine BellisCA13
2(2)Sofia KeninFL17
3(4)Caroline DolehideIL18
4(6)Usue ArconadaPR18
5(5)Kelly ChenCA27
6(3)Michaela GordonCA14
7(7)Helen AltickLA20
8(8)Katie SwanKS16
9(9)Kayla DayCA22
10(10)Raquel PedrazaCA22
11(11)Kylie McKenzieAZ13
12(12)Dominique SchaeferCA15
13(13)Sydney Van AlphenCA23
14(14)Samantha MartinelliCO16
15(15)Ryan PeusCA25
16(16)Riley McQuaidCA22
17(21)Alexa BortlesGA22
18(17)Alexandra SanfordOH17
19(18)Jaeda DanielFL11
20(19)Ashley LaheyCA20
21(20)Sofia SewingFL26
22(24)Jade LewisSC17
23(23)Marybeth HurleyMI20
24(22)Rosie JohansonBC12
25(25)Annette GoulakCA25

So, Stanford could get Bellis, Chen and Gordon, California top 3 and kill the opponents lol. Even if Bellis goes pro, dunno, they could just cherry pick; since Ryan is eager to go there, she might head there, she was suitably impressive against Higuchi today.

Dolehide is going to UCLA, so done? Lol.  Great pick for UCLA for sure.

That leaves 2 for Cal and 1 for USC. Have absolutely know idea which players prefer Cal. or USC at this stage, they're still too young now.

And there's so many talented Californians, some might head to ASU, UA, Utah, Washington, and to other Conference teams like Pepperdine, USD, etc..

Oh Duke, that's 2; Smith and Scholl. Now there's high chance that they get the NEXT high ranked Californians after Stanford, ahead of Cal. and USC, since they did in fact sneak those players thus far lol.

So top 5 Californians could head to Stanford and Duke, that's without counting Bellis;
Gordon, Chen, Day, Pedraza, Schaefer.

Maybe McKenzie could stay in-state at ASU and become a savior to them, finally leading the team to the top16, dunno lol.

That leaves, Van Alphen, Peus, McQuaid, Lahey, Goulak. All good players, every one of'em.

USC even could cherry pick among those, SUCH luxury hahaha. Maybe I should ask coach Nott about's still too early to tell though, who knows what'll happen.

I was pretty impressed with Sanford at Winter Nat. and also expressed my admiration with Coppoc, 5 star ranked 37th, both huge effortless hitters.

Of those elite players, the following are playing at various stages in Carson for ISC;

G18 MD

Altick, Arconada, Bellis, Bortles, Chen, Dolehide, Gordon, McKenzie, Swan

G18 Q

Kratzer, Schaefer

G16 MD

Day, Coppoc, Goulak, Martinelli, McQuaid, Peus, Van Alphen

Players who play all 3 G18 tournaments; Claremont, ISC, EB

Per class, could be wrong, but made the list a few days ago;





A South African Claremont Club member praises Ena Shibahara

At Starbucks as usual and a white elderly Claremont club member(he's from South Africa) just praised Ena Shibahara to the sky lol, he watched the So. Cal High School(CIF SS) final there, saw her double bagel her opponent.

It started by him noticing my atrocious handwriting on my small notebook, asked if I was a reporter and what sports I'm 'covering' lol.
When I said junior national tournament, he instantly mentioned Ena.

Told him she lost to another Japanese player at Biszantz and he was surprised haha.

Our talk moved to 2014 Brazil World Cup, discussing various participants(I didn't really keep tab on it, just told him South Korea's chance of advancing to the next round is very slim, because we have a stupid Korean as a Head Coach lol). He scheduled his vacation just to coincide with that event haha, to watch it all day and night!

2014 ITF Claremont 3/27

Oh forgot to add that Livianu practiced yesterday, dunno who her partner was though.

The door to the upper deck was locked so no choice but to watch crt 6 first lol. It was later opened so went up after Chang led Fahey 3-0 in the 1st.

Abigail as usual roamed the courts lol, joined Switkes and Bortles a bit, etc.

Chang, Chun Fang there too? I'm not sure about her

Singles Quarterfinals

Ellyse HAMLIN (USA) [1]  def. Claudia WIKTORIN (USA) in 2

Crt 1. When I came up to the upper deck Ellyse was already leading Claudia 1-0 in the 2nd. Claudia did play better so the 2nd set was more tight, yet Ellyse seemed to be in best condition. Claudia was aggressive but her shots frequently went awry, and I don't think she served that well compared to yesterday.

Emma Christine HIGUCHI (USA) def. Ryan PEUS (USA) in 3rd set TB

Crt 4. Ryan was very good, sent the balls deep and was aggressive so controlled lots of points, even returned Emma's sharp angled drives very well, Emma again netted tons of volleys. Both tried to come up to the net a lot.
So Ryan led 5-2 in the 3rd(Emma couldn't react to Ryan's deep shots well at times), yet her form went down and tried to volley or drop shot too much maybe, Emma passed well. Was exasperated by Ryan's sloppy plays(spewed errors) and the dbls just started so practically ignored the TB lol, watched them enough.

Oh one thing. At MP(for Ryan)?, she painted the baseline(it was close, not sure) and Emma said it was out. The problem is, whether it was in or out, there was no referee at that court at the time. Some came later, but for a long amount of time in those crucial moments, this match was without referees. Maybe there was and I couldn't see from my angle on the viewing deck, but I checked and checked. Dunno..

Hanna CHANG (USA) def. Katharine FAHEY (USA) in 3, 3rd set bagel maybe

Couldn't really watch much after 3-0 but Kat surprisingly? fought back and won the 1st 75 or something. But Hanna was the better flatter hitter.  There were lots of comic moments such as Kat mishitting(swinging the air) and Hanna letting the ball in thinking it was going out, etc. It was a veritable yelling contest between those two lol.

Riley MCQUAID (USA) defeated by Claire LIU (USA) [16]

Claire was too strong, Riley did rally a bit, defending very well, but Claire generally overpowered Riley.
Claire's serve is more stable now, even scoring an ace now and then lol. That means it's now even harder to beat her..

Doubles Semifinals


Crt 2. Ena revenges her CM final loss. Erin sank lots of volley attacks and they were probably a bit too careless returning drives, got poached a lot by S/S.
So S/S defeated two HS seniors' teams(Fahey is Junior but Mira is, so); are they playing G18 dbls in ISC and EB, they should, they're a legitimate contender to win it all(since few Seniors are playing both events)

Kayla DAY (USA) / Taylor JOHNSON (USA) defeated by  Annette GOULAK (USA) / Claire LIU (USA)

Kayla was solid as usual but felt Taylor was a bit off today. Annette as usual poached well and Claire was sharp too.

WSJ article by Jason Gay, 'March Madness and the Quick Goodbye'

Mar. 24, B8

He argues on the subject of 'One and Done' trend(of college basketball players heading to NBA after enrolling one year at college, due to the rule), that the freedom and choice of the athletes themselves should be taken into account.

Can we apply this logic to this recent attempt of ITA tennis rule change; let's hear what the college players actually say on this topic, eh?

Allie Sanford goes to Ole Miss

Just found out at TRN, nice recruit by Ole Miss. She could do well, who knows, like Veronica Corning of NU someday might even play No. 1  :)

It's good that I bought a Rebel cap on line lol, should sport it at Carson!

Bernard Berenson and me

Enjoying Rachel Cohen's bio of him, before only knew him via bios of art dealer Joseph Duveen and scholar Hugh Trevor-Roper.

His total immersion and relentless pilgrimage is kinda like me lol, difference of course is that

unlike him I do eat lunch while watching lol(Mary Berenson says she had to "pry him away and persuade him to rest and eat", p. 86),

unlike him romping across Europe my stage is confined to So. Cal area, and also

unlike him I don't have rich benefactors like Isabella Gardner lol.

Oh we are similarly rather on the petite side haha.

Me with Miller and Broda

At Winter Nat, again, upon their request during the lull in G16 dbls final

Project] Split Slaysman with Shibahara

The lesson of KK/Sabs winning 4 slams; junior team can make an impact in college doubles.
They were local doubles partners who won everything.

Same for McPhillips and Van Nguyen/Harrison, they teamed up in junior Slams.

Savannah and Ena are practically winning every tournament they're entering, including Nationl G16 last year.

So, other teams should beware lol, and should try to separate them if possible haha.

For example if Ena becomes a Bruin;

Incidentally according to TRN Savannah also has high interest in UCLA lol, among other colleges;

Arizona State

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Me with Ringblom and Larner at CM

Posed per their request :)  (it was real hilarious, we were bursting into laughter lol)

God they're too tall lol(okay I'm too short !_! ), also they're quite 'sassy'(very stylish, according to Merriam-Webster) in their nice College Hood Ts and jeans whereas I'm know lol.

2014 ITF Claremont Singles 3.26 3rd round

CMS wifi is not free; Stanford wins this contest against all colleges; its data transfer speed is fantastic lol.

Again thx to juki of TF


(1)Ellyse Hamlin (USA) d. (Q)Abigail Desiatnikov (USA) 16 61 60
(5)Claudia Wiktorin (USA) d. (wc)Alaina Miller (USA) 64 63
(3)Emma Christina Higuchi (USA) d. Ena Shibahara (USA) 63 16 62
Ryan Peus (USA) d. (7)Gabrielle Faith Andrews (USA) 62 10 Ret.

(wc)Hanna Chang (USA) d. Jada Myii Hart (USA) 61 75
Katharine Fahey (USA) d. (wc)Kalani Soli (USA) 62 61
(wc)Riley McQuaid (USA) d. (6)Stephanie Nemtsova (USA) 64 61
(16)Claire Liu (USA) d. (2)Kelly Chen (USA) 61 63

Ellyse HAMLIN (USA) [1] def. Abigail DESIATNIKOV (USA) in 3

Ellyse was atrocious in the 1st, Abigail was just better. Later tried to defend but netted tons of bh slices, and generally her shots on the run(meaning Abigail was aggressive and controlled points) were reall bad.
But she really shouldn't lose to much younger Abigail lol; regrouped and played better from the 2nd, naturally attacked Abigail's serve to good effect, so later began to win points; still a nice tournament by Abigail.

 Alaina MILLER (USA) defeated by Claudia WIKTORIN (USA) [5]

Coach Nott came and concentrated on this match, later coach Escudero came too(Coach Nott later watched Higuchi vs Shibahara, then left methink. Coach Escudero stayed longer, watched lots of matches, of course said hello to both).

I think Claudia is one of the best servers in this tournament; especially her T serve is real good, scored lots of aces & easy pts off it. Still Alaina returned some(she's not a bad mover), and whenever in pinch upped her drive pace just like Gibbs; saved some mps methink, and was generally the bigger hitter, scoring lots of sharp winners.  Still Claudia won the serve contest and was a tad more solid as well, Alaina's drives were sometimes off, first long then wide. And crucially, Claudia took her SWEET time recollecting herself after getting hit winners even on Alaina's serve lol, hugging towels and etc., Alainia was naturally exasperated haha.  Nice contest by Alaina.

Emma Christine HIGUCHI (USA) def.  Ena SHIBAHARA (USA) in 3

Emma decisively won the 1st but I didn't really watch much, later could watch a bit; Ena used her size to good effect, her serve out wide was effective as usual and was her usual aggressive self, coming up to the net a lot and volleyed; FH c/c were very good too.   I think both received serve inside the baseline a lot lol.  Still Emma was a tad more solid. Both drop shotted and passed well methink. So is Emma the #1 Californian now in her class lol. And, did the USTA kids win the encounter, Liu and Higuchi.

Ryan PEUS (USA) def. Gabrielle Faith ANDREWS (USA) [7]

Said hi to Gabby in the early morning, the courts were wet so started about an hour later. Gabby retired in the 2nd after receiving MTO twice. I think Ryan's drives have a bit more heft now, was aggressive so could score some winners against Gabby.  Dunno, maybe Gabby's drives were a bit usual came up to the net a lot.

Hanna CHANG (USA)  def. Jada Myii HART?

I think it was pretty even, but Hanna really attacked Jada's serve well so could gain initiative lots of times. Still Jada's drives were also good enough to score quite a bit of winners herself. Tight match.

 Katharine FAHEY (USA) def.  Kalani SOLI (USA)

You just can't trust USTA lol, I said I thought Kat won.  First to finish at court 12, dunno, I think Kat returned really well, and generally won the fierce drive contest.

Stephanie NEMTSOVA (USA) [6] defeated by Riley MCQUAID (USA)

Riley was almost overwhelming Stephanie with her aggressive plays yet the score was in fact quite tight, Stephnanie later upped her game so it got more interesting; yet her drives frequently went awry when she upped the pace. Riley also made a lot of long balls trying to hit hard lol.

Claire LIU (USA) [16] def.  Kelly CHEN (USA) [2]

I think the 1st set was 6-1 or something, crt 4 1st match. You could say Claire overpowered Kelly; Kelly's control became AWOL so Claire could control lots of points, even mixed it up such as drop shotting to good effect. Kelly in the 2nd began to play better(her bh is quite penetrating socould herd Liu) and Claire' drives got a bit out of hand, but Claire still managed to tie 1-1 after her long service game. I then left to watch, as professed, Alaina match at court 10.

Bortles was wearing a Gator cap? Wants to be a Gator I guess lol.


As professed, chatted with both Erin and Annika a bit during the sgls match. Annika says even Lampl is considering Harvard(among UVA and UNC?)  Imagine if both Kim Yee and Lampl goes there..they should follow BC and move to ACC lol.  Erin's father was wearing the same green Irish cap Allie Miller wore..except it was Northwestern's lol.

2nd Round

Katharine FAHEY (USA) / Mira RUDER-HOOK (USA) defeated by Ena SHIBAHARA (USA) / Savannah SLAYSMAN (USA)

Took the fastest to finish, Kat was atrocious that's why lol. Not only that, S/S in fact defended very well, resulting in Mira's numerous volley errors after some rallies. Mira did later begin to poach at will, also attacked Savannah's srv effectively, but it wasn't enough.

Rebekah ANDERSON (USA) / Rachel CHONG (USA) defeated by Erin LARNER (USA) / Annika RINGBLOM (USA)

Erin in best condition, practically flew across the court making some stretch volley winners lol.  Rebekah's condition wasn't too good methink, made some errors.

 Kayla DAY (USA) / Taylor JOHNSON (USA) def. Anna DOLLAR (USA) / Ines Karmen VIAS (USA) [3] in tiebreaker?

D/V are VERY good defenders..Vias even slides while returning lol, Anna bends knee to good effect, etc..Anna is also a very good poacher, say like KK, so it was a bit difficult for D/J to drive. Yet Taylor drove very well, and Kayla again was very patient, made many crucial plays such as lobs, passing shots, etc. This a quite a HQ match methink.

Annette GOULAK (USA) / Claire LIU (USA) def. Madison TEDFORD (USA) / Ellie Rogers ZOGG (USA)

Texans are a very interesting pair; not that hard hitting, but first lobs then always come to the net; since they are good defenders, could be very effective. But Annette again flew across the net, and Claire's bh c/c passing shots were lethal as well.

My Sunscreen ad using Kyle McPhillip's

Kyle surreptitiously took a pic of me applying her sunscreen at Fertitta this January so demanded her take also a pic of me 'advertising' the product lol.

Product info;

Neutrogena Age Shield Face Lotion Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 110, 3.0 FL OZ


Selfie with Joey of TF and Cat Isip

Selfie time!

With Joey of TF, who was on a visit to So. Cal from OSU and Cat Isip, former player of SMC at BU vs USC match at Marks.

My viewing schedule today for singles 1st matches

Some elitists might prefer crt 4 Liu vs Chen & crt 7 Higuchi vs Shibahara matches.

Not me!  Actually watched those So. Cal players TONS lol, so I'll rather watch one of my favorite attackers Alaina Miller battle North Carolina guest and a fellow Davidsonian of Woodrow Wilson Claudia Wiktorin lol. That's tragically played at crt 10, so no choice :(

I'll gracefully lol watch the above two matches in the 1st set though, then will head to crt 10 (I usually do that to watch anticipated Marquee matches, for example watched Hardebeck vs Gibbs and Kiick vs Townsend National matches that way, not watching the 1st sets lol. The REAL part actually starts from the 2nd, no?)

And is Pengxuan JIANG (CHN) [9] the same guy last year I raved? about? Lol. Maybe I'll have a peek of him, too, at crt 9, from the upper viewing deck.

Just now Kat Fahey in a Michigan hood t came in, ordered coffee & passed me by at Starbucks lol.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

CMS vs Middlebury sgls #1 Caroline Ward vs Ria Gerger, & Alexandra Fields

Nice to see Caroline again :)  Stepped up in the 2nd when I began to tape the match lol. Ria was also very good, returned really well and counterattacked well so the 1st set was very tight, just that Caroline upped her level in the 2nd. Nice match.

My youtube link

Dbls, CMS won the #2 and MB #3, their white girl was pretty good, and the black haired girl finished the last 2 pts methink.

MB #2, did I see her last season? both 2 handers but she was the better player, quite penetrating drives. Is it Alexandra Fields? Should check out my posts a year before lol.

And Lim playing #5 now, she was #3 last season(Ward was #2); watched her finish the match, the opponent was in fact pretty good, didn't really feel like a #5 match lol.  #4 match was also pretty tight, CMS girl won the 1st and I left after a couple of games in the 2nd. #3, the tall girl(is she a Freshman? Haven't seen her last year?) was more solid, made some deep drives + overhead combos.

Oh I tried to take a pic of a mug cup 'Keep Calm and Carry On' but when I returned with my camera it was already gone, whose mug cup was it, CMS coach? Lol. the later stage couldn't help it, clapped for my 'home team' CMS haha, coach should've been pleased, I think I detected a :)

Who is Elena Van Linge

Another Dutch player? Why not :)

She's ascending rapidly in the rankings, she must be good.

According to TRN;

8th grader Blue Chip #26, and;

2014 Recruiting: 21 (2/5)
TennisRPI:24 (1/31)
2013 Recruiting: 24 (12/25)
TennisRPI: 22 (11/8)
2012 Recruiting: 79 (11/28)
TennisRPI: 83 (10/19)
2011 Recruiting: 102 (10/5)
TennisRPI: 104 (9/23)

Maybe grinding team is the better match up against Stanford

Baylor, Florida, USC, teams that have beaten Stanford in the recent NCAAs.

They're pretty much grinders, quite different than the hard hitting Stanford.

Maybe that's the reason why they could actually beat Stanford; when the Cards' drive condition is off, upset IS possible, at this level.  Drive for drive, hard to beat Stanford who HAS the best hitters in the nation.

Just a thought.

2014 ITF Claremont 3/25 singles

Lairmore was today sporting a California(state, not school) cap, she really seems to love the Golden State lol.  Mira and Soli were wandering below(me as usual at the viewing deck above), they played each other later.

Thx again to juki;


(1)Ellyse Hamlin (USA) d. Hadley Berg (USA) 62 60

Crt 1 1st match, Had's match is always fast, points always short, because she's aggressiveness personified lol. Ellyse accepted the challenge and bested the contest.

(Q)Abigail Desiatnikov (USA) d. (15)Anna Dollar (USA) 62 62

Crt 6 1st match. So this is Anna, not bad, sharp plays. But my my, Abi was ON today, did she up her level lol, no wonder she beat Kayla if she played liked this. Was blazing winners all over the court, angled shots included, so Anna's shots on the run went frequently awry. I did mention at last years' National that Abi seems to generate power from her waist; her drives were monstrous, real penetrating.

(wc)Alaina Miller (USA) d. Jane Wasserson (USA) 61 62

Crt 4 2nd match. Jane was not bad at all, just that..Alaina's drive condition seemed pretty good lol, blazed winners all over the court, even her serve was good.

(5)Claudia Wiktorin (USA) d. Jessica Livianu (USA) 64 62

Crt 8 1st match, couldn't really watch the 1st. Jess fought hard but Claudia was just the better player.

(3)Emma Christina Higuchi (USA) d. (Q)Andrea Kevakian (USA) 63 62

Crt 3 1st match, couldn't watch the 1st much. Plenty of rallies, Andrea was pretty aggressive. But I guess Emma was just a bit better, her drop shots were especially effective; her volleys are still a bit unstable though.

Ena Shibahara (USA) d. (Q)Morgan Coppoc (USA) 62 61

Crt 2 1st match. The score doesn't do Morgan justice; my my she even defended really well against Ena's monster plays lol. What can't she do, haha.  But Ena's 2nd or 3rd attacks finally prevailed.  Morgan as usual made some sharp plays, she's really a helluva driver.  

Now, EVEN if USC fails to get top So. Cal players of those Freshmen class, ALL of those top Blue chip girls(that's till what? Lahey at #19 now at TRN?), if they get Goulak and Coppoc I'll be real satisfied haha. But I guess everybody's first choice is Stanford, Ryan's especially so lol.

Ryan Peus (USA) d. (Q)Nicole Conard (USA) 62 61

Crt 2 2nd match, a bit of a letdown, Nicole made a tad too many errors for her standard maybe, but Ryan played well. Anyway pretty impressed with Nicole this tournament, she even came up to the net and made quite a lot of volley winners against that master volleyer Ryan, no less lol.

And she's only #14(TRN) good are Mateas and Glozman then, impress me at future tournaments. :)

(7)Gabrielle Faith Andrews (USA) d. Mimi Levine (USA) 62 60

Crt 1 1st match, Mimi wasn't bad, couldn't really watch much, Gabby as usual came up to the net a lot.

(wc)Hanna Chang (USA) d. (8)Claudia Williams (NZL) 61 63 

Crt 11 1st match, couldn't really watch much but Hanna was too good I guess, there were some rallies though.  Just watched a bit of the 1st.

Jada Myii Hart (USA) d. Jaclyn O'Brien Switkes (USA) 61 57 62

Crt 12 1st match. This match was LONG lol, So long, I could watch the 3rd set after spending a lot of time at the upper viewing deck lol.  Jada was the better hitter maybe, and her drop shot was effective as well, but Jaclyn was defending rather well in the 1st, she HAS a B plan it seems lol. 3rd set was similarly tight methink, what with Jada having some lapses; still she was the bigger hitter and it showed.

Chun Fang Chang (TPE) d. Katharine Fahey (USA) 63 61

Crt 5 2nd match. I thought Kat was winning lol. This was a HQ match, replete with very fierce rallies. No wonder Chun defeated Hazell so easily; she was even more impressive today, painting the sidelines at will. Kat really fought hard. She wasn't wearing the visor today and later practically 'shove' her face upon me at the viewing area of court 9 lol(Soli vs Mira), I 'think' I can recognize her face now hahaha, she looks a bit like Dasha Ivanova? :)

(wc)Kalani Soli (USA) d. (4)Mira Ruder-Hook (USA) 64 67(5) 63

Court 9. Wow, Kalani was real impressive, first time I saw her play singles methink, and she hit so well, kinda reminded me of Claire Liu. As I said Wiktorin or Hamlin's coach even asked me where she was from. Was just the better hitter, and that's saying something against the Blue Chip Mira. 
Sophomore 5 star #26? Could ascend to Blue Chip methink.  There were some lapses so Mira capitalized on it to win the 2nd.
Mira's dbls partner Kat, and Rebekah came to watch this.

(6)Stephanie Nemtsova (USA) d. (Q)Darya Possokhova (USA) 63 63

Crt 10 1st match, too bad this match was played there. Watched a bit of the 1st then the last moment. Darya really can produce impressive pace quite effortlessly, but her drives today were a bit off; and Stephanie was real solid, served well, etc. 

(wc)Riley McQuaid (USA) d. Dominique Schaefer (USA) 64 64

Crt 4 1st match. Is this a 'Lucero effect'? Riley's drives seems a bit more penetrating now; so could harass Domi a LOT, and Domi as usual used drop shot & lob combo to good effect; Riley's slice wasn't bad at all, but Domi's lobs were perfect lol.  Quite an entertaining match. Beating Domi is really huge for Riley..since Domi in fact has beaten Pedraza last Summer & just had a very nice match against Gordon at ITF RSF...

(16)Claire Liu (USA) d. Annika Ringblom (USA) 64 63

Crt 5 1st match, respectable score by Annika, her drives were a good match for Claire.  Claire stepping up into the court is kinda like Juricova; coupled with her razor like drives, its effect is lethal. She'll do that whenever the opponent hits weak balls, so you have to pin Claire back as much as possible; not easy though. 

(2)Kelly Chen (USA) d. (Q)Allie Sanford (USA) 63 61

Crt 6 2nd match, Kelly's drive condition seems pretty good; could produce sharp drives effortlessly. Beating Bess and Allie so condition.

2014 ITF Claremont 3/25 dbls

Pretty much all matches are of HQ at this stage of the tournament.

2nd Round

Ellyse HAMLIN (USA) / Claudia WIKTORIN (USA) [1] defeated by Katharine FAHEY (USA) / Mira RUDER-HOOK (USA)

Moved to CTC, wonder why. Caught the 2nd set, it was tight all the way. Domi was already there, the coach who asked me about Soli was there too, he was rooting for..Claudia? Maybe her or Ellyse's coach.
I think H/W targeted Mira coming up to the net after serving, and it was pretty effective; Mira failed to volley lots of times, thus getting broken a lot. But Ellyse DFed some(Claudia served well as usual), and Kat's serve game was easily held due to Mira's easy poaching. So it went to tiebreak, and dunno, Kat covered the back court pretty well, and Mira pretty much dominated the net to ensure the win.

Ena SHIBAHARA (USA) / Savannah SLAYSMAN (USA) def. Viktoria BARDAROVA (BUL) / Dominique SCHAEFER (USA) [7]

Crt 9 2nd match. Viktoria is really good...great court vision, defends really well, and can attack sharply. Domi is like that too so no wonder they won the 1st. S/S did start poorly at first, maybe that effected their 5-7 loss in the 1st. But S/S began to play better in the 2nd, both poaching well. At TB, I think S/S rather overpowered to the win, surged ahead at the final moment; Viktoria's returns were rather weak so got pounced a lot. Great match.

Rebekah ANDERSON (USA) / Rachel CHONG (USA) def.  Morgan COPPOC (USA) / Riley MCQUAID (USA)

Too bad, C/M were pretty impressive yesterday, the withdrew due to injury, dunno who.

Jessica ANZO (USA) / Risa NAKAGAWA (USA) defeated by Erin LARNER (USA) / Annika RINGBLOM (USA)

Crt 11 1st match. Couldn't really watch much lol, but L/R were just better, generally won the net game.  A/N made some sharp plays though.
Of course saluted both parents of Erina and Annika on the way lol. I really should have a chat with those 2 girls about their schools and Erin's atrocious showing against Allie haha.

Abigail DESIATNIKOV (USA) / Ryan PEUS (USA) defeated by [8] Kayla DAY (USA) / Taylor JOHNSON (USA)

Crt 12.  Ryan's overhead is one of the best out there, and with Abi firing at will, hard to beat this team. Couldn't watch much of the 1st, but later Kayla pretty much dominated the net. Taylor's overhead was easy to defend maybe because she's too young(so lacks power) lol, but she did make an overhead winner later on. She's a pretty good volleyer too(Won Irvine easily with Carson Branstine).
Later both Abi and Ryan netted some overheads.

Hadley BERG (USA) / Vanessa NOMMENSEN (USA) defeated by Anna DOLLAR (USA) / Ines Karmen VIAS (USA) [3]

Crt 10 match, didn't know that match started early so missed the 1st. Dunno, the score was unlike the match itself, which was rather tight methink. Hadley attempts volley(very aggressive half volley included) a lot, but the percentage is rather low methink, nets a lot. No doubt she's comfortable at net, could even play no.1 dbs at USC methink, but still could concentrate better; anyway she's sometimes way too aggressive lol(but I like that).  Anna was pretty impressive, was my impression. Ines made some choice passing shots too.

Alexa BORTLES (USA) / Jaclyn O'Brien SWITKES (USA) [5] defeated by Annette GOULAK (USA) / Claire LIU (USA)

Crt 11 match, Annette as usual dominated the net, and Claire despite making some WTF errors lol(lack of concentration; why Cici Bellis is the best, her lapses are RARE), also contributed some nice net points. I think they generally won the net battle.

Madison TEDFORD (USA) / Ellie Rogers ZOGG (USA)  def. Micheline AUBUCHON (USA) / Regina PITTS (USA)

Crt 9 1st match, a bit of a letdown after that epic match today lol, A/P committed too many errors.

2014 ITF Claremont 3/24 doubles(updated)

Damn it's already 9, should head to BTC, sorry, will write later.

1st Round

Ellyse HAMLIN (USA) / Claudia WIKTORIN (USA) [1] 5-7 6-1 [10-6] Jada Myii HART (USA) / Kalani SOLI (USA)

Couldn't watch much but that's quite a score by the losers.

Katharine FAHEY (USA) / Mira RUDER-HOOK (USA) 6-1 6-4 Meible CHI (USA) / Stephanie NEMTSOVA (USA)

Where was this can't remember much, the winners were just too good.

 Ena SHIBAHARA (USA) / Savannah SLAYSMAN (USA) 6-3 2-6 [10-3] Paige CLINE (USA) / Darya POSSOKHOVA (USA)

I was very impressed with the losers. Both were excellent at net. Paige definitely is one of  my new finds in this tounament, and Darya impresses me yet again.

 Viktoria BARDAROVA (BUL) / Dominique SCHAEFER (USA) [7] 6-4 6-0 Summer GARRISON (USA) / Megan SCHOLVINCK (USA)

Eh, where was this

Rebekah ANDERSON (USA) / Rachel CHONG (USA) [4] 6-3 6-2 qianxin KONG (CHN) / Kennedy WICKER (USA)

Same here. A/C could be quite a nice combo, what with Rachel taking care of the backcourt and Rebekah, the net area.

 Morgan COPPOC (USA) / Riley MCQUAID (USA) 2-6 6-3 [10-5] Emma Christine HIGUCHI (USA) / Amber A. PARK (USA)

Very impressed with the winners, thought the seniors might win it. It's not that the losers played that bad, I think the winners played exceptionally well.

Jessica ANZO (USA) / Risa NAKAGAWA (USA) 6-1 6-1 Maja DRAGOVIC (CAN) / Rayne SINCLAIR (CAN)

Erin LARNER (USA) / Annika RINGBLOM (USA) Walkover Mimi LEVINE (USA) / Karina Kristina VYRLAN (USA) [6]

Too bad.

Abigail DESIATNIKOV (USA) / Ryan PEUS (USA) 3-6 7-5 [10-6] Kenadi HANCE (USA) / Stephanie HAZELL (USA)

Youngsters were fairly overwhelming the seniors lol. Stephanie did play well, I think she's a better doubles player than singles lol.

[8] Kayla DAY (USA) / Taylor JOHNSON (USA) 6-3 6-3 Allie SANFORD (USA) / Jane WASSERSON (USA)

Too bad couldn't watch this much. The last match to finish.

Hadley BERG (USA) / Vanessa NOMMENSEN (USA) 6-2 6-1 Julia GOLDBERG (USA) / Jessica LIVIANU (USA)

Nor. Cal. combo were just too good.

Anna DOLLAR (USA) / Ines Karmen VIAS (USA) [3] 6-3 6-2 Nicole CONARD (USA) / Sofia WICKER (MEX)

Ummm..can't remember now lol.

Alexa BORTLES (USA) / Jaclyn O'Brien SWITKES (USA) [5] 6-4 6-4 Andrea KEVAKIAN (USA) / Hannah LAIRMORE (USA)

Hannah didn't touch the ball much lol, dunno if it was intentional but the winners kept sending the ball to Andrea's direction haha. But Hannah was pretty good at net.

Annette GOULAK (USA) / Claire LIU (USA) 6-1 6-2 Ivana ERDEVICKI (CAN) / Nina ERDEVICKI (CAN)

Despite the size difference lol, the winners were just better. Erdevicki sisters reminds me of another tall Canadian sisters..what's the of'em plays NCAA now.

Madison TEDFORD (USA) / Ellie Rogers ZOGG (USA) 7-6(11) 6-3 Devon JACK (USA) / Emily MAXFIELD (USA)

Interesting match. Losers actually fought pretty well, especially Emily. But I guess the Texans were more experienced.

Micheline AUBUCHON (USA) / Regina PITTS (USA) 4-6 6-4 [10-4] Valentina KULIKOVA (RUS) / Claudia WILLIAMS (NZL) [2]

This match was LONG lol, crt 9 match. The winners were very aggressive, and I guess it paid off in the end. Nice attacking the net, etc.

2014 ITF Claremont 3/24 singles

Why were ALL the food stores and restaurants closed at my hometown, why? !_!  After taking some care of biz went to the local Pho store to satisfy my hunger..from then on, went to practically every haunt and ALL were closed, In and Out included.  I practically burst into tears after reaching Carl's Jr. lol.  Even missed a second Pho store(closing time) precisely because it took such a long town trying to find other restaurants :facepalm:  This is  around 9:30pm, I was practically dying of hunger then(can't stand hunger lol); the sacrifices I make for watching these matches, should've just eaten at Claremont. :sigh:

juki of TF again thankfully is compiling scores, I think his posts are faster than ITF lol(ITF typically post the scores the next day); so will copy his, here. Hope he/she posts dbls score too lol.


Who knew scheduling boys' matches first would be such a boon; could visit downtown LA and conduct some private biz; arrived a bit after the start of the 1st Girls' matches.

That lame posting about staring was clearly a mistake; yesterday had to endure even more blatant 'smouldering' gazes from practically everybody throughout the match lol.

Since I watch as far from the court as possible(mountain position), I can't really make out the faces of 'newcomers' and such. For example I'm not sure I'll recognize Alaina Miller, Ellyse Hamlin, Ellie Zogg and Kat Fahey's face, etc, although I've seen them quite a bit thus far. Not to mention my new 'finds' in this tournament.  So you can introduce yourselves like Melissa, sorry lol, Meredith Roberts at Winter Nat. if you want me to remember your faces haha.

Thankfully the viewing deck was open so was the first to climb there. Later coach McQueen and also McInerney came aboard, I realized coach McInerney and I were watching the same matches, Valenstein and Sanford ones; since those two matches were being played at the opposite far corners, crt 1 & 2, my sight crossed with hers so had to watch only my side of the match, that is Valenstein vs Higuchi lol. She wore a rather severe facial expression so I could only manage a weak smile, wilting under her hard stare(again, a lame joke). I do have like 3 or 4 ASU I love the SunDevils design, yes I'm wicked that way).

Wrote too much, will just write match expressions, not much time left(already past 8am). I'll maybe peruse the notes and will add some later today.

(1)Ellyse Hamlin (USA) d. (LL)Madison Tedford (USA) 64 62

Crt 2 1st match. I think Mad played rather well, driving aggressively; the score reflects it, I see.

Hadley Berg (USA) d. Viktoria Bardarova (BUL) 62 64

Crt 9 1st match. Had was super aggressive as usual, she reminds me a bit of Hilary Barte; such a huge scale tennis haha. Viktoria was really good, returned those attacks and counterattacked pretty sharply, thought this was a HQ match.

(Q)Abigail Desiatnikov (USA) d. Kayla Day (USA) 75 67(8) 64

As I said, MARQUEE MATCH. Ah well, was just stuck at BTC, maybe should've had a peek..they arrived late for the dbls, Day practically in tears and Abi quite happy lol.

(15)Anna Dollar (USA) d. Nina Erdevicki (CAN) 61 60

Also played at CTC.

(wc)Alaina Miller (USA) d. (11)Valentina Kulikova (RUS) 46 60 75 

Crt8 1st match. The boys' matches finished early in this court I see, didn't know it went to 3rd. Alaina wore a VISOR lol, ditching her black glitter cap.  Such a contrast of style, Alaina bashing at will as usual and Valentina blatantly moonballing haha. V did those very well too, nice footwork(backpedaling), and she was always moving so could return those sharp attacks in the 1st place. What with Alaina making errors as well(not much margin for errors for her razor-like flat drives), this match was tight all the way.  The mp was I dunno, Alain's ball could've been out but not sure(she sent it deep), the umpire ruled in Alaina's favor and she promptly held her hand for the handshake haha.

Jane Wasserson (USA) d. Kennedy Wicker (USA) 46 60 75 

Crt 11 1st match, I'm not sure I watched this, did I miss it.

Jessica Livianu (USA) d. Ines Karmen Vias (USA) 63 64

Crt 5 1st match. Tight match, Ines was aggressive but made a tad too many errors, and Jess moved Ines around with extreme flickering of her wrists. Both were very evenly matched. Jess' father? as usual recorded her matches.

(5)Claudia Wiktorin (USA) d. Karina Kristina Vyrlan (USA) 60 63

Crt4 match 1st match. I thought Vyrlan was the darker haired one lol.  Claudia was just the better player; Karina was pretty aggressive, not bad at all,  but Claudia managed to return those sharp attacks and attacked effectively as well.

(3)Emma Christina Higuchi (USA) d. Alexandra Valenstein (USA) 62 61

Crt 1 1st match. This match started LATE, because the boys' match(or matches) were neverending lol. Both wore the same color(yellow/blue), albeit in an opposite matchd lol.  The score doesn't do Alex justice since her drive condition wasn't that bad; made drive winners from time to time, almost overwhelming Emma, yet Emma could handle those sharp attacks, so after some fierce rallies it was Alex who made errors, many from her fh side(her bh really holds well now, like Xepoleas, can withstand AND attack from that wing). She actually volleyed really well, still improving I see. :)

(Q)Andrea Kevakian (USA) d. (Q)Paige Cline (USA) 36 62 63 

Crt 10 1st match, watched a bit eating lunch. Paige really is a good player, just look at the score. Fierce driver(and as I said, her jumping bh is a veritable weapon) and also possess variety, harassed Andrea to no end. 

Ena Shibahara (USA) d. Maja Dragovic (CAN) 60 60

Crt 3 1st match, finished too fast for me.

(Q)Morgan Coppoc (USA) d. (13)Summer Garrison (USA) 63 60

I only could watch the back courts, 10-12 a bit. Crt 12 1st match, Morgan was fairly overwhelming Summer.

Ryan Peus (USA) d. (9)Sofia Wicker (MEX) 61 61 

Crt 7 1st match, this match also started late. Sofia seems like an all court player, but Ryan was just too good, couldn't watch much though.

(Q)Nicole Conard (USA) d. Vanessa Nommensen (USA) 64 75 

Crt6 1st match, could glimpse afar from time to time, again impressed with Nicole's solid form; she's even an excellent lobber lol, and attacked pretty well, too. Vanessa was aggressive but made a tad more errors methink.

Mimi Levine (USA) d. Kenadi Hance (USA) 16 75 64 

CTC match, but should check out Mimi.

(7)Gabrielle Faith Andrews (USA) d. (Q)Samantha Hampton (USA) 63 61

Same, CTC match, a pity.

(8)Claudia Williams (NZL) d. Ellie Rogers Zogg (USA) 46 62 62

Crt 9 2nd match. Ellie is quite a retriever lol, doesn't even seem like moving that much but could return a lot, even standing a lot of times while drop shotting, etc. But Claudia's aggression eventually prevailed methink.

(wc)Hanna Chang (USA) d. (wc)Amber Park (USA) 36 62 61 

Crt 5 2nd match, watch both a lot so didn't really watch. Oh I dangle upon the railing but that's not a showoff rather a necessity, since I have flat feet; I just can't stand that long enough, that's why I was SO impressed with Gabriela Dabrowski standing and talking with her coach? throughout the matches at RSF lol.

Jada Myii Hart (USA) d. Hannah Lairmore (USA) 46 62 75

Hannah AGAIN wore that white USC cap, after CM last year lol. Does she want to be a Trojan that much lol, if she does, USC should be VERY grateful and welcome her in open arms, since she's the REAL DEAL. 8th grader #3 after Liu and Douglas; when will USC ever snag a top 3 player(Xepoleas is an exception rather than the rule for USC). I suggest she send an e-mail like Santamaria lol.  Thought she could lose though because Jada is a very good player(beat Schaefer last Summer and Chong & Kevakian at Palm Springs last month) as well. 

Not only Hannah drives exceptionally well, she also has a very deft touch; bh slice, drop shot, she can practically hit ANY kind of ball; is an accomplished volleyer too.  So this was a tight match all the way, albeit Hannah spewing errors from the 2nd; she later had a MTO and had her left thigh taped later in the 2nd, by the 3rd set both were spewing errors lol, had to leave to watch doubles. Later Hannah came by(I was at Crt 2 by then) and slammed her bag down below me so knew she lost haha. 

So. Cal Trio, Goulak, Peus and Liu watched this together.

Jaclyn O'Brien Switkes (USA) d. (10)Alexa Bortles (USA) 63 63

Crt 8 2nd match. So this is Bortles, not bad, does everything well. But Jaclyn was pretty wild, very aggressive, almost flying while hitting her fh lol.  Her fh slice was quite effective as well. Didn't know they were doubles partners lol, later waiting for their doubles match at court 2 were having quite a fun haha, posing for pics and etc.

Chun Fang Chang (TPE) d. (14)Stephanie Hazell (USA) 62 64 

Hazell's attitude was not good, was almost whining after committing errors and getting hit winners. She definitely has potential but don't have that much impressive singles results thus far, she's already a Junior I see. Chang was pretty solid, Crt4 2nd match.

Katharine Fahey (USA) d. (wc)Jessica Failla (USA) 64 60

Crt 12 3rd? match, was moved, originally was scheduled to play at 6.  I thought Jess was winning lol, earlier was the first player to pass me by so said hi.  Kat relentlessly moved Jess around well, using angles too, yet, eventually Jess reached all those and made cross court passing shot winner lol; as I said, Jess' shot on the run is probably one of the best out there.

(wc)Kalani Soli (USA) d. Rayne Sinclair (CAN) 62 64 


(4)Mira Ruder-Hook (USA) d. (LL)Annette Goulak (USA) 62 64

Same. But I see Annette fought really well, winning 6 games against Mira. Wonder if Mira has decided on her college choice by now lol, she's playing all 3 tournaments.

(6)Stephanie Nemtsova (USA) d. Rebekah Anderson (USA) 76(5) 63

Crt 2 2nd match.  Very tight match, both were evenly matched. N was pretty good, could do everything well, so it was a fun match against an accomplished technician like Rebekah. This match actually took quite long to finish.  Handshake was..a fail haha.

(Q)Darya Possokhova (USA) d. (LL)Emily Maxfield (USA) 61 61

WTF..I was looking forward to this crt 12 2nd match, did it finish too fast :sobbing:

Dominique Schaefer (USA) d. Qianxin Kong (CHN) 60 61

Crt 11 2nd match, just could watch a bit, Kong wasn't bad at all. A photographer mistook me for Kong's relative and gave me his card haha. 'Your Game Face' Lloyd & Melissa Clayton

(wc)Riley McQuaid (USA) d. (12)Rachel Chong (USA) 63 61

Crt 7 but moved to Crt 3, 3rd match since the girls' matches there finished quickly. Shocking result, couldn't see much but Riley's drive condition seemed pretty good, Rachel's not so. Riley had control of lots of points.

(16)Claire Liu (USA) d. Ivana Erdevicki (CAN) 61 60


Annika Ringblom (USA) d. Megan Scholvinck (USA) 61 60

CTC. Annika and her dad arrived later to watch Allie embarrass herself haha.

(Q)Allie Sanford (USA) d. Erin Larner (USA) 64 63

Erin's condition didn't seem too good, too many errors even volleying, but Allie is probably the MIP from the 2nd half of last year, vying with Kelly Chen. I'm sure coach McInerney noticed her.

(2)Kelly Chen (USA) d. (wc)Bess Waldram (USA) 61 60

Worst matchup for Bess, since Kelly is one of the best returners out there.  And when her serve condition isn't too good, pretty hard to win points; after all Kelly has even beaten that relentlessly hard hitting Dolehide so handling Bess' pace shouldn't be that much of a problem.  Still Bess has her upside, producing pace effortlessly and aiming at the lines; serve was not as explosive as at Palm Springs but also could paint lines too. But Kelly returned those superbly and even served and drove well, making many winners.  Later Kelly smugly came up to the viewing deck in triumph lol.