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Friday, May 30, 2014


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Sunday, May 25, 2014

NCAA]After Clark, Brewer, Shoemaker, Devlin, Elkins...

Above are all seniors and did well at the NCAA.

Not only Clark, Brewer/Devlin had an impressive resume as well, as shown from their website;

"Winning the individual doubles titles as first-years in 2010-11, Brewer and Devlin also captured the crown during the 2012-13 campaign. In 2011-12, Devlin won the national title with former Jeff Laura Danzig ’12 as an Amherst duo has captured the women’s doubles crown in each of the last four years. Together, Brewer and Devlin posted a 36-2 mark during their senior season. "

Ward already has 2 dbls final appearances, last year with Lim and this year with Kuosman. I'm sure they're eager to finally win it all next season.  Ward is only a Sophomore, and K a Freshman. Both hail from the Mountain Area, interesting; W from Minnesota, K from Colorado.  Wonder who'll challenge them next season..won't be easy to stop them lol, they were the most dynamic doubles team in this tournament.

Raulston graduates, but Shelby Harris is simply too talented; wonder who will have the honor of teaming up with her lol.

And of course, Sewanee combo Goodhue/Liles, they can certainly harass any team lol.

On singles,

Meighan will be Senior next season, and it's difficult to find anybody challenging her..if she can fix her serve, that is lol.  Such a talented hitter.  Maybe Kohrs or Gerger, who are both tall and serve well. 

Satterfield is only a Freshman, so will be a fixture in the future NCAAs for sure; wondered why she wasn't playing singles, her fh drives is pretty good.

2014 NCAA final day

Championship Match

Gabrielle Clark (Emory) (1)  6  6 Sat 10:00 am
Jordan Brewer (Amherst) (3)  2  1 Court 2

B's shorts balls seemed effective. Not that different from their meeting earlier, B showcasing her variety and trying to move C around. Yet, I thought she could've done better, like attacking C's serve since C's serve wasn't too good yesterday. Also, her fh seemed to be her weaker side, her primarily aiming for accuracy on that wing.
Dunno if C figured it out, but I think C kept exploiting that wing to great effect, B was sometimes slow to react.
C was also an excellent defender; moonballed when in pinch, crouched to return deep drive by B, etc.
Emory fans..were pretty raucous, applauding B's errors as well lol.

Semifinal Round

Samantha Chao and Lea Lynn Yen (Pomona-Pitzer)  3  5 Sat 11:30 am
Katie Kuosman and Caroline Ward (CMS) (3)  6  7 Court 1

I thought it was a high quality match, especially at the later 2nd. PP just wouldn't go away, were aggressive and also defended well, so the games were neverending lol. CMS team was real impressive, almost seemed to overpower their opponents with constant net sally and ensuing overheads. First their defensive volleys were real good, so could induce weak return; then, repeated overheads lol. Kinda felt like UCLA women's style.  Again, how did they 'improve' so much lol.
And Ward could pass at will, using her merit as a lefty.

Once a PP player executed an acute angled bh volley winner; Ward applauded with the spectators, so I joined in too lol.

Gabrielle Clark and Michelle Satterfield (Emory) (4)  6  4  4 Sat 11:30 am
Jordan Brewer and Gabby Devlin (Amherst) (2)  2  6  6 Court 2

C's serve wasn't too good yesterday(Got broken a lot). Still, B returned those real well(But in turn, her serve games got broken a lot too lol. 

Watching the match I thought Clark vs Devlin was crucial; who's more aggressive?

At first C was handily leading, poaching at will lol, but later D began to match those with her poaching, I thought that was crucial.  Before that B poached well so I guess the Jeffs began to win the net battle; still it was a tenuous lead. There were some courageous passing attempts by the Jeffs, at least inducing FEs. B at last managing to hold, that was crucial methinks lol. Overall, a  great match.

Championship Match

Katie Kuosman and Caroline Ward (CMS) (3)  6  3  1 Sat 2:00 pm
Jordan Brewer and Gabby Devlin (Amherst) (2)  2  6  6 Court 

As I said, CMS team was real good, almost spectacular. Not only Ward, Kuosman showed excellent touch as well, her defensive volleys and slices were real good, once even returned serve by slicing, creating an acute angle and resulting in a winner lol.  Ward was also passing at will, even returning serve that way.

But as in the semifinal match, the Jeffs, managed to adapt; began to defend real well, and in turn passed well too, against CMS's constant sally to the net. Maybe CMS's attacks weren't sharp enough, but I guess Jeffs' excellent defense bore fruit.   Led to CMS's errors.

Anyway damn worthy of a Final match, really enjoyed this, too bad the camera battery went out later in the match lol.   Could be my last NCAA match, so a fitting finale.

2014 Div. I NCAA doubles championship

No emphasis on this one?

As I wrote, SEC IS strong in doubles this year. Yes, Santamaria got injured, Anderson had to retire due to nosebleed, but still, 3 of 4 Semifinalists are from SEC;


No Pac 12 teams reached even the Quarterfinal, which should be a record or something lol.

We have a new champion! Delighted. Only the Duke team have reached the Final before, at WAATC. And as I said, UA team has been quite formidable this season.
I can't believe the GT team got bageled by the UF team lol, but I guess that's Oyen for you.

We'll see how it goes.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

USTA National Open Hard Court Championship

Never heard of this before. But quality players are competing, so...

2014 NCAA Final day pics 2 (last)

 The Ephs! Shoemaker, Curran? and HC
 Didn't know who they were but luckily they were wearing Middlebury T shirt. So the blond must be Fields

2014 NCAA Final day pics 1

 Envied the owner, my bony ass was hurting lol


 Ephs vs Eagles rivalry is...fierce lol

 Sofia Vega again! The dour girl walking by is...Kara Shoemaker haha

 They ate Chipotles for lunch, I see
 Jordan was hit by Gaby, thankfully wasn't too serious, resumed play after a break

 Right next to me was Jordan' Dunno lol, she was interested in my scribbling haha

That's surely Sonja Meighan's coach on the right but Sonja wasn't there? They ate Chinese food

Friday, May 23, 2014

2014 NCAA 5/23 sgls

Some good manners applauding others' fine play.

Quarterfinal Round

Gabrielle Clark (Emory) (1)  6  6 Fri 10:30 am
Elysa Kohrs (MIT)  1  2 Court 1

Kohrs really is a talented hitter. But as with others, couldn't really return C's massive serves.

Kara Shoemaker (Williams) (4)  6  6 Fri 10:30 am
Gabby Devlin (Amherst) (5)  4  0 Court 4

Ended surprisingly fast, so couldn't watch much.  S was aggressive as usual, and coupled with D's errors...thought D was pretty talented, but S's relentless aggression again paid dividends, methinks.

Ria Gerger (Middlebury)  4  4 Fri 10:30 am
Jordan Brewer (Amherst) (3)  6  6 Court 5

Crt 5 so couldn't really watch much. Gerger is a good hitter, so Brewer returned those well and was overall more solid as well, methink. Brewer chatted with Gerger and hugged after the match lol, nice to see. :)

Kathleen Elkins (Williams)  6  7 Fri 10:30 am 
Sonja Meighan (Washington & Lee) (2)  1  5 Court 3

Meighan is quite a talented hitter, can use angles, punish weak returns, volleys and overheads are solid as well..the problem is, Elkins just doesn't give weak balls lol.  And such an excellent anticipation and movement; so could neutralize M's attacks. Moreover, her 'pushing' in fact has plenty of pace, so could pin M way back behind the baseline, even her serve painted the service line and went deep to trouble M.  So this match was a veritable display of excellent offense and defense, M coming up to the net vs E's deep returns.
And THIS Elkins plays #3 for the Ephs? No wonder Ephs are strong..I guess her weak serve let down Meighan in the end. She watched later matches.

Semifinal Round

Gabrielle Clark (Emory) (1)  6  7 Fri 2:00 pm
Kara Shoemaker (Williams) (4)  2  5 Court 3

Shoemaker had a right gameplan against Clark, imo.  Tactic against a massive hitter Clark? Offense. Relentless offense, and Shoemaker had the goods to implement it perfectly. She's an excellent slicer as well, so could neutralize Clark's offensive drives to some extent, too. So led like 4-1 in the 2nd, yet in the end, Clark was just too good. Still a great fight as usual, by Shoemaker.

Jordan Brewer (Amherst) (3)  6  6 Fri 2:00
Kathleen Elkins (Williams)  2  3 Court 4
Brewer really seems to have gotten better at Amherst. Didn't know she was THIS good lol. Such an excellent variety; sliced and diced, and targeted all over the court with pin point precision; so could pierce Elkins' ironclad defense, a massive feat in itself. It helped that unlike Meighan, Brewer could actually serve lol.

2014 NCAA 5/23 dbls

Div. III is tough. Unlike Div. I, can play 3 matches in a day lol.

From Claremont website;

Quarterfinal Round

Shelby Harris and Lindsay Raulston (Mary Wash) (1)  7  3  2 Fri 4:00 pm
Samantha Chao and Lea Lynn Yen (Pomona-Pitzer)  6  6  6 Tiebreak 7-3

Is the smaller girl Harris? Was really impressed at first, could do everything well, very nice instinct at net, and could hit flat too. Taller Raulston also could move very well, so reacting to lobs was no problem for them. But R made some volley errors, PP passed on H's side, lobbed well..they were pretty aggressive and I guess it paid off, coupled with MW's errors. Frankly wanted to watch Harris more lol, too bad. Her serve seemed good, yet later on became a bit unstable.

Katie Kuosman and Caroline Ward (CMS) (3)  6  6   Fri 4:00 pm
Rebecca Curran and Kara Shoemaker (Williams)  3  3   Court 1

 What happened to this CMS team, didn't they lose to JHU just a few days ago, how can they play SO better haha. Defended extremely well at net, especially Ward(was very patient), then attacked very well too.  Considering the opponents' doubles prowess, surprisingly easy win. Best condition.

Madeline Benn and Lee Ford (Skidmore)  2  2   Fri 4:00 pm
Gabrielle Clark and Michelle Satterfield (Emory) (4)  6  6   Court 2

 Skidmore girls really had nice touch, handled Emory's strong drives very well at times, with stop volley, one hand bh slice lob, etc..were aggressive when the opportunity presented as well. But overall, Emory's firepower was just too good, and Clark volleyed well too at net.

Rachel Fox and Andrea Hammer (Chapman)  1  1   Fri 4:00 pm
Jordan Brewer and Gabby Devlin (Amherst) (2)  6  6   Court 6

Couldn't really watch much, too bad, Jeffs were just too good.

A girl was reading

2014 NCAA 5/23 pics 2(last)

 Clearly Emory vs Williams rivaly is ongoing lol

 Meighan with her coach
 Kuosman with

Sofia Vega

2014 NCAA 5/23 pics 1