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Monday, June 30, 2014

Team National at Claremont


Hawaii was first to post the roster and now more Sections.
(You can check by scrolling the Reults Search on player)

SW is not bad at all,

Sanford, Slaysman, Pothoff, McKenzie, Clarke..

Douglas is a welcome additions for Texas(didn't play Spring Cal. tournaments).

Oh Middle States, Missouri Valley..I can only recognize Rosca & Tsokilauri lol.

I'll edit as more info becomes available.


Pacific Northwest roster is revealed; Hampton, Glozman, Waldram, Wang the same.

So. Cal is the opposite; Only Shibahara and Andrews are the same, and the newbies are;

Failla, Higuchi, Hart, Day, Van Alphen

No. Cal, only Maltby is the same; noticeable additions are Miller, Possokhova, Cline, Chong..

Weird schedules

WTT starts quite late, maybe that's why Stanford starts so late too. Azarenka and Hantuchova are playing.
And So. Cal teams are progressively playing further from LA lol, now at SD.

And can you explain this; why is Lakewood also so late this year? And even at the same time with Team? weird..

USTA National Warm Up Tournament- Girls 18 July 26-29, 2014

USTA Girls' 18 National Team Championships July 26-29, 2014

 Last year's Lakewood was held on Jul 3-5.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sectional] Day on a rampage

Girls' 18 Singles MAIN DRAW
SF(7) Kayla Day d. (5) Emma Higuchi7-6; 7-6
SF(1) Ena Shibahara d. (4) Claire Liu6-4; 6-0
Q(7) Kayla Day d. (2) Kelly Chen6-2; 6-4
Q(5) Emma Higuchi d. (10) Jada Hart6-4; 6-1
Q(4) Claire Liu d. (8) Ryan Peus3-6; 6-2; 6-3
Q(1) Ena Shibahara d. (6) Jessica Failla6-2; 6-1
16(2) Kelly Chen d. (11) Constance Branstine6-3; 6-1
16(7) Kayla Day d. Kenadi Hance6-4; 6-4
16(10) Jada Hart d. (3) Sydney Van Alphen6-4; 6-3
16(5) Emma Higuchi d. Stephanie Hazell6-0; 6-2
16(8) Ryan Peus d. (12) Gabrielle Andrews6-1; 6-3
16(4) Claire Liu d. (15) Dominique Schaefer6-2; 7-6
16(6) Jessica Failla d. (13) Amber Park6-2; 7-6
16(1) Ena Shibahara d. (9) Andrea Kevakian6-2; 6-2
32(2) Kelly Chen d. Rebekah Anderson6-0; 6-1
32(11) Constance Branstine d. Natalie Da Silveira7-5; 6-2
32(7) Kayla Day d. Kareena Manji6-3; 6-4
32Kenadi Hance d. (14) Katie Ta6-0; 6-4
32(3) Sydney Van Alphen d. Jwany Sherif6-3; 3-0Ret (inj)
32(10) Jada Hart d. Estelle Wong6-3; 6-1
32(5) Emma Higuchi d. Skyler Schaar6-0; 6-1
32Stephanie Hazell d. Emily Maxfield3-6; 7-5; 6-4
32(12) Gabrielle Andrews d. Jensyn Warren6-1; 6-1
32(8) Ryan Peus d. Gianna Insogna6-0; 6-0
32(15) Dominique Schaefer d. Elizabeth Profit6-4; 6-4
32(4) Claire Liu d. Ally McKenzie6-4; 6-4
32(13) Amber Park d. Jasmine Hosseini6-3; 6-0
32(6) Jessica Failla d. Emily Kuo6-3; 6-3
32(9) Andrea Kevakian d. Alexis Pereira6-3; 6-1
32(1) Ena Shibahara d. Rachel Kim6-1; 6-1
64(2) Kelly Chen d. Alyssa Rudin6-1; 6-2
64Rebekah Anderson d. Kelsey Chen6-1; 6-0
64(11) Constance Branstine d. Kyla Klier6-3; 6-1
64Natalie Da Silveira d. Ann SelimDef (dq)
64(7) Kayla Day d. Nika Vahdat6-0; 6-0
64Kareena Manji d. Julia Goldberg6-3; 6-1
64(14) Katie Ta d. Savanah Goode6-0; 6-2
64Kenadi Hance d. Danielle Garrido6-1; 6-2
64(3) Sydney Van Alphen d. Lena Tavitian6-1; 6-1
64Jwany Sherif d. Jennifer Lu6-1; 6-4
64(10) Jada Hart d. Sharona Levinson6-1; 6-0
64Estelle Wong d. Tammy Van6-0; 6-1
64(5) Emma Higuchi d. REGINA PITTS6-0; 6-1
64Skyler Schaar d. Margo PletcherWo (pc)
64Stephanie Hazell d. (16) Yuki Asami6-3; 2-6; 6-3
64Emily Maxfield d. Ilana Oleynik6-2; 6-2
64Jensyn Warren d. Samantha Hodges6-3; 6-4
64(12) Gabrielle Andrews d. Ashley Chao6-3; 6-4
64Gianna Insogna d. Risa NakagawaWd (ill)
64(8) Ryan Peus d. CAROLEEN FARARJI6-1; 6-0
64Elizabeth Profit d. Kelsie Bryant6-0; 6-0
64(15) Dominique Schaefer d. Brittanie Eraso6-0; 6-3
64Ally McKenzie d. Lilit Vardanyan6-2; 6-1
64(4) Claire Liu d. Kyla ScottWo (pc)
64Jasmine Hosseini d. Celine Gruaz6-0; 6-1
64(13) Amber Park d. Angela Kulikov7-6; 6-1
64Emily Kuo d. Emma Arenas6-1; 6-2
64(6) Jessica Failla d. Chloe Pham6-0; 6-2
64Alexis Pereira d. Mattea Kilstofte6-0; 6-2
64(9) Andrea Kevakian d. Joy Kim6-3; 6-1
64Rachel Kim d. Justine Huang6-1; 6-2
64(1) Ena Shibahara d. Rebecca Woolf6-0; 6-0

Peus has been pretty good too, from Claremont..

And Shibahara bageling Liu? Impressive.

Girls' 18 Doubles
F(1) Andrews/Profit d. (3) Failla/Higuchi6-4; 6-4
SF(3) Failla/Higuchi d. (7) Hance/Hart7-6; 4-6; 11-9
SF(1) Andrews/Profit d. (9) Ferrari/Soli6-0; 6-2
Q(7) Hance/Hart d. Kevakian/Park6-4; 6-1
Q(3) Failla/Higuchi d. (5) Nakagawa/TaWo (inj)
Q(9) Ferrari/Soli d. (9) Branstine/Branstine6-4; 6-4
Q(1) Andrews/Profit d. (6) Hazell/McKenzie6-1; 6-1
16Kevakian/Park d. (9) Chen/Lu6-2; 6-3
16(7) Hance/Hart d. (9) Da Silveira/Schaefer7-6; 2-6; 1-0(6)
16(3) Failla/Higuchi d. (9) Bryant/Whittle6-2; 6-3
16(5) Nakagawa/Ta d. Kaffen/Kaffen6-0; 6-4
16(9) Branstine/Branstine d. (8) Asami/Oleynik6-3; 6-2
16(9) Ferrari/Soli d. (4) Day/Peus2-6; 6-1; 1-0(9)
16(6) Hazell/McKenzie d. (9) Chang/Goulak0-6; 6-1; 1-0(7)
16(1) Andrews/Profit d. Gruaz/Scott6-0; 6-0
32Kevakian/Park d. (2) Anderson/Pereira6-4; 6-7; 1-0(8)

Failla had better result against the Champions with Higuchi than with Xepoleas last year lol.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Alex Valenstein at Florida

Surprise, she's playing Florida ITF events after advancing to a San Diego tournament final(lost to Monica Robinson);

10,000 Charlotte, NC
    • Charlotte, NC, USA
    • 24 Jun - 29 Jun 2014
    • Qualifying Draw
    • Singles
    • Main Draw
    • $10,000 Tournament
    • Entry: Q
    • Surface: Clay
    • (O)
    64 W H2H vs WHITE, Katherine (GBR) 6-2 6-2
    32 W H2H vs SHAFFER, Kelly (USA) 6-0 6-1
    16 W H2H vs LEE-WATERS, Lindsay (USA) 6-4 6-4
    • Main Draw
    • Singles
    • Main Draw
    • $10,000 Tournament
    • Entry: Q
    • Surface: Clay
    • (O)
    32 W H2H vs ALVES, Maria-Fernanda (BRA) 6-4 6-2
    16 H2H vs DEWAR, Tristen Z. (USA)
  • $10,000 Bethany Beach, DE

    • Bethany Beach, DE, USA
    • 17 Jun - 22 Jun 2014
    • Qualifying Draw
    • Singles
    • Main Draw
    • $10,000 Tournament
    • Entry: Q
    • Surface: Clay
    • (O)
    64 W H2H vs TALCOTT, Shelby (USA) 6-4 6-0
    32 W H2H vs EVANS, Hana (USA) 6-1 6-0
    16 W H2H vs MILLER-KRASILNIKOV, Alexandra (USA) 6-2 6-3
    • Main Draw
    • Singles
    • Main Draw
    • $10,000 Tournament
    • Entry: Q
    • Surface: Clay
    • (O)
    32 W H2H vs RODRIGUEZ, Ariana (PUR) 6-0 6-2
    16 L H2H vs WHORISKEY, Caitlin (USA) 4-6 1-6

  • Of course the Super Gator Trio of Austin, Porter and Kuhlman are doing VERY well this year...

    Recruiting] Winner of class of 2015

    2013, Stanford
    2014, Florida
    2015, Duke

    Lol I see that Duke's rebuilding is already finished.

    For example if Capra stays in her senior year;

    per class

    Scholl Smith
    McCarthy Hamlin Ho
    So no prominent domestic players for Stanford 2 years in a row? Surprising?

    So. Cal top Asians

    Sectional Q lineup


    Half are Asians lol and all are top level players.

    2016 Shibahara, Higuchi
    2017 Chen
    2018 Liu

    Stanford might get them, since they haven't recruited players from 2014 & 2015 so far. Amber Liu, Stacey Tan, Kristie Ahn, Ellen Tsay, Carol get the gist.

    P.S. Another East Asian Kim Yee of Nevada may as well attend Stanford..

    And what about Carolyn Xie, after a long absense she has applied for the National..

    Tuesday, June 24, 2014

    Can No. Cal team go far at Claremont this July

    Last year;


    Possible lineup this year;

    Gordon(just beat USC's Olmos at the final of USONP)

    We'll see?  Will Austin and Porter again participate for their respective sections; Midwest and Texas.

    Intermountain region could be quite competitive, there are lots of good players : Yee, Smith, Weissmann, Turley, Kalhorn, Dvorak, Schuck, Gevargiz...

    2013 G12 Clay result

    Girls' 12 Singles   
      F   Carson Branstine d. Caty Mcnally  7-6(4); 6-4
      SF   Carson Branstine d. Jennifer Gadalov  6-4; 6-4
      SF   Caty Mcnally d. Whitney Osuigwe  6-1; 6-3
      QF   Jennifer Gadalov d. Zoe Hitt  6-2; 6-2
      QF   Carson Branstine d. Nicole Stephens  6-1; 6-4
      QF   Whitney Osuigwe d. Alexa Noel  6-7(5); 6-0; 7-6(7)
      QF   Caty Mcnally d. Hurricane Tyra Black  2-6; 6-3; 10-5
      16   Zoe Hitt d. Josie Frazier  6-4; 6-1
      16   Jennifer Gadalov d. Natasha Subhash  6-4; 6-3

    Subhash was pretty good at EB..two So. Cal players advanced to the final 4.

    Monday, June 23, 2014

    Chloe Gullickson is interested in

    Neglected TRN for some time(well, it IS World Cup season).

    Chloe is interested in


    Not Goergia, like her sister? Haha.

    One of the biggest hitters out there, the player who impressed me most in singles(dbls is of course Turley) at Winter Nat, almost beating Shibahara.

    And she applied for Lakewood next month, I see.

    Wednesday, June 18, 2014

    2014 So. Cal sectional

    Kulikov & Sherif playing Q? Weird(thought they were good enough for MD).

    Gadalov is playing G16, Lahey is playing too(she didn't play Spring tournaments).

    But Soli could win easily, because(frankly she should play G18 lol);

    USTA National Selection Tourn.

     F   (1) Francesca Dilorenzo d. Kalani Soli  6-2; 6-1
      PL   (7) Sara Daavettila d. (6) Lauren Goodman  6-2; 6-0
      SF   Kalani Soli d. (7) Sara Daavettila  6-3; 6-3
      SF   (1) Francesca Dilorenzo d. (6) Lauren Goodman  6-4; 4-6; 7-5
      QF   (7) Sara Daavettila d. Camila Wesbrooks  6-0; 6-3
      QF   Kalani Soli d. (5) Allison Miller  6-3; 2-6; 6-2
      QF   (6) Lauren Goodman d. Tiffany Chen  2-6; 6-3; 6-0
      QF   (1) Francesca Dilorenzo d. (8) Alexandra Valenstein  6-1; 6-2
      16   Camila Wesbrooks d. Grace Tapak  6-1; 6-3
      16   (7) Sara Daavettila d. Caroline Ryba  6-2; 6-1
      16   Kalani Soli d. Elizabeth Zordani  4-6; 6-2; 7-5
      16   (5) Allison Miller d. Danielle Wolf  6-2; 6-1
      16   (6) Lauren Goodman d. Caitlyn Merzbacher  6-2; 6-1
      16   Tiffany Chen d. (4) Karina Traxler  6-2; 6-1
      16   (8) Alexandra Valenstein d. Christina Zordani  6-0; 6-1
      16   (1) Francesca Dilorenzo d. Adorabol Huckleby  6-1; 6-0
      32   Camila Wesbrooks d. (2) Brienne Minor  6-4; 6-2
      32   Grace Tapak d. Elena Muller  6-3; 6-2
      32   (7) Sara Daavettila d. Natalie Whalen  6-3; 6-2
      32   Caroline Ryba d. Marlys Bridgham  6-2; 6-1
      32   Kalani Soli d. (3) Brooke Broda  6-3; 6-2
      32   Elizabeth Zordani d. Madison Tedford  6-2; 6-3
      32   (5) Allison Miller d. Annemarie Emme  6-0; 6-2
      32   Danielle Wolf d. Lauren Fishbein  Wd (pc)
      32   Caitlyn Merzbacher d. Meredith Laskey  6-2; 6-1
      32   (6) Lauren Goodman d. Deepa Dhore  6-0; 6-1
      32   Tiffany Chen d. Sydney Harlow  6-2; 6-1
      32   (4) Karina Traxler d. Amina Ismail  Wo (pc)
      32   Christina Zordani d. Mehvish Safdar  6-2; 3-6; 6-1
      32   (8) Alexandra Valenstein d. Emily Struble  6-3; 6-0
      32   Adorabol Huckleby d. Gabrielle Schuck  6-2; 7-5
      32   (1) Francesca Dilorenzo d. Risa Nakagawa  6-0; 6-3

      F   (3) Brooke Broda d. Caroline Ryba  Wo (inj)
      SF   (3) Brooke Broda d. Adorabol Huckleby  6-1; 6-1
      SF   Caroline Ryba d. Elizabeth Zordani  6-2; 4-6; 10-4
      QF   Adorabol Huckleby d. Christina Zordani  6-1; 6-4
      QF   (3) Brooke Broda d. Annemarie Emme  6-4; 6-2
      QF   Elizabeth Zordani d. Danielle Wolf  6-0; 6-3
      QF   Caroline Ryba d. Gabrielle Schuck  6-1; 6-2
      R2   Adorabol Huckleby d. Elena Muller  6-3; 6-2
      R2   Christina Zordani d. Natalie Whalen  3-6; 6-2; 10-8
      R2   (3) Brooke Broda d. (4) Karina Traxler  6-3; 7-6
      R2   Annemarie Emme d. Caitlyn Merzbacher  6-3; 6-4
      R2   Danielle Wolf d. Deepa Dhore  1-6; 6-2; 10-7
      R2   Elizabeth Zordani d. Sydney Harlow  3-6; 6-3; 10-7
      R2   Caroline Ryba d. Emily Struble  6-4; 6-0
      R2   Gabrielle Schuck d. Grace Tapak  6-2; 6-4
      R1   Elena Muller d. (2) Brienne Minor  6-2; 6-2
      R1   Natalie Whalen d. Marlys Bridgham  6-0; 6-2
      R1   (3) Brooke Broda d. Madison Tedford  6-3; 6-2
      R1   Deepa Dhore d. Meredith Laskey  6-3; 6-3
      R1   Sydney Harlow d. Amina Ismail  Wo (pc)
      R1   Emily Struble d. Mehvish Safdar  5-0Ret (ill)
      R1   Gabrielle Schuck d. Risa Nakagawa  6-0; 6-3

    DiLorenzo defeating Valenstein and Soli easily stat-wise..OSU is really lucky to have her(and intersting those two So. Cal players traveling all the way there lol)

    Tuesday, June 10, 2014

    USONP So. Cal 2013 result

    S Open National Playoffs/ Women's Sectional Qualifying

    F (1) Mayo Hibi d. (2) Elizabeth Lumpkin 6-3; 6-1
    SF (2) Elizabeth Lumpkin d. Kelly Chen 6-3; 6-4
    SF (1) Mayo Hibi d. Ena Shibahara 6-0; 6-2
    Q (2) Elizabeth Lumpkin d. linda guerzize 6-0; 6-1
    Q Kelly Chen d. Meredith Xepoleas 6-4; 6-1
    Q Ena Shibahara d. Kaitlyn Christian 7-6(0); 6-3
    Q (1) Mayo Hibi d. Hanna Chang 6-1; 6-1
    16 (2) Elizabeth Lumpkin d. Raquel Pedraza 6-3; 6-2
    16 linda guerzize d. Rochelle Perkins 6-0; 6-0
    16 Kelly Chen d. Lauren Marker 6-4; 6-1
    16 Ena Shibahara d. Kenadi Hance Wd (emerg)
    16 Kaitlyn Christian d. Tara Simpson 6-1; 6-2
    16 Hanna Chang d. Alyza Benotto 6-3; 6-3
    16 (1) Mayo Hibi d. Alexandra Valenstein 7-6(0); 6-1
    32 linda guerzize d. Amira Massi 6-3; 6-4
    32 Kelly Chen d. Maia Magill Wd (inj)
    32 Ena Shibahara d. Sarah Toti 6-3; 6-0
    32 Kaitlyn Christian d. Ka-Leah Mucthison 6-1; 6-0
    32 Hanna Chang d. Kelly Shaffer 6-2; 6-3
    32 Alexandra Valenstein d. Danielle Ouwendijk 6-0; 6-0

    Skylar Morton is back

    I see that she won the Mid Atlantic USONP singles.

    Cako won Arizona, too bad Slaysman withdrew in the final.

    Another Cal. Gold mine? Class of 2016

    I've said Class of 2017 is California Gold Mine, but look at the most recent TRN ranking;

    1(1)Raveena KingsleyMD18
    2(2)Chloe Ouellet-PizerNC20
    3(3)Ena ShibaharaCA16
    4(4)Emma HiguchiCA16
    5(5)Alexis NelsonMN12
    6(6)Ingrid NeelMN14
    7(7)Sara DaavetdilaMI9
    8(8)Madison BourguignonFL16
    9(9)Alaina MillerCA15
    10(10)Hanna ChangCA15

    Of the top 10, 4 are California girls lol.

    Wednesday, June 4, 2014

    Return of a King

    King, HannahDunwoody, GA78'Court/Yellow Ball - G18s

    Yaas, Hannah King is back! Another reason I should stay in So. Cal and not venture to the Hope I can make it..

    Monday, June 2, 2014

    EB champions

    Honoring Kyle McPhillips clinching the win at the Team Final lol;

    2014 Bellis, Stewart, Lim

    YearGenderDivisionPlayer Name
    2013Girls14sJaeda Daniel
    2013Girls16sCatherine Bellis
    2013Girls18sMayo Hibi
    2012Girls14sEmma Higuchi
    2012Girls16sBrooke Broda                ND
    2012Girls18sTaylor Townsend
    2011Girls14sMaria Shiskina
    2011Girls16sCaroline Doyle               STAN
    2011Girls18sKyle McPhillips             UCLA
    2010Girls14sGabriel Andrews            UCLA
    2010Girls16sKyle McPhillips
    2010Girls18sKrista Hardebeck           STAN
    2009Girls14sBrooke Austin                UF
    2009Girls16sCaroline Price                UNC
    2009Girls18sChristina McHale
    2008Girls14sSachia Vickery
    2008Girls16sEllen Tsay                      STAN
    2008Girls18sMelanie Oudin
    2007Girls14sLauren Herring               UGA
    2007Girls16sNicole Gibbs                   STAN
    2007Girls18sGail Brodsky
    2006Girls14sBeatrice Capra                DUKE
    2006Girls16sKeri Wong                      CU
    2006Girls18sKimberly Couts
    2005Girls14sLauren Embree               UF
    2005Girls16sNelly Radeva                  CAL
    2005Girls18sAlexa Glatch
    2004Girls14sDenise Dy                       UW
    2004Girls16sLogan Hansen                 STAN
    2004Girls18sAshley Joelson                UCLA
    2003Girls14sAlexa Glatch
    2003Girls16sLindsay Burdette             STAN
    2003Girls18sAnne Yelsey                    STAN

    And you wonder why those teams are strong..Kyle is a two time winner, by the way.

    TRN's top women classes for 2014-5

    RankSchoolRating NameStatePoints Prev
    1Florida (17)Brooke AustinIN5651
    Peggy PorterTX
    Josie KuhlmanFL
    2USC (5)Meredith XepoleasCA5507
    Gabrielle SmithNV
    Madison WestbyOK
    3UCLAKristin WileyFL4992
    Maia MagillCA
    4Georgia (1)Mariana GouldID4843
    Laura PattersonGA
    Hannah KingGA
    Ansley BridgesGA
    5North CarolinaCassandra VazquezTX4584
    Marika AkkermanCAN
    Maggie KaneNC
    6Notre DameBrooke BrodaOH4415
    Allison MillerGA
    7HarvardNikki KallenbergFL4216
    Annika RingblomCA
    Ellen Jang MilstenGA
    8Georgia TechJohnnise RenaudFL405RV
    Alexis ProkopuikCAN
    Vooha VellankiGA
    9DukeChristina MakarovaCA38110
    Rebecca SmallerGBR
    Samantha HarrisAUS
    10MichiganAlexandria NajarianMI37617
    Mira Ruder-HookCO
    Mollie FoxMI
    Kathryn HallCO
    11Ohio StateAnna SanfordOH30415
    Olivia SneedKS
    12RiceLindsey HodgeGA2989
    Savannah DurkinFL
    13NorthwesternAlexandria ChattIL2868
    Rheeya DoshiSIN
    Erin LarnerOR
    14Texas TechSarah DvorakHI23812
    Katelyn JacksonAR
    Hortense BoscherFRA
    15AlabamaBennett DunnFL23511
    Aryn GreeneGA
    16BrownAlyza BenottoCA226NR
    Maddie StearnsNJ
    17Florida IntlMonika StanikovaSVK184NR
    Andrea Lazaro GarciaESP
    Nerma CalukBIH
    18PrincetonKatrine SteffensenNY16620
    Sara GoodwinKS
    19ColumbiaAlexandra SolovyevIL16013
    Rima AsatrianNJ
    Adi MilsteinFL
    Laura MacmullinCAN
    20LouisvilleAriana RodriguezNY10716
    Aleksandra MallyNY
    Jessie-Lynn PaulNC
    Gabrielle GerlachKY
    Caroline WalterKY
    21Virginia TechElena Cerezo CodinaESP10014
    Katherine ButlerNC
    Lena PacholskiFRA
    22Wake ForestCourtney MeredithAL9119
    Sara SwiftFL
    23TulaneNaz KaragozTUR86NR
    Vanessa NommensenCA
    Zoe GaberLA
    24OklahomaChristiana BriganteFL75RV
    Yuriko MiyazakiJPN
    Brooke WithrowKS
    Malene StrippDEN
    25Florida StateGabriella CastanedaFL6323

    There's no doubt UF is the winner; and the point difference against USC is underrated imo; because especially Austin and Porter are proven champions.  You could argue that Xepoleas was the Easter Bowl G16 finalist but Peggy actually won both Clay and Hard Nat G16.  Austin has been #1 for a long time until recently.

    I'm not sure UCLA is necessarily higher than Georgia. Are Wiley and Magill better players than Gould(Gould has beaten Xepoleas comfortably a few years back at the Hard National)? Patterson is a pretty big hitter, and let's not forget King, who was Hard National G16 Consolation Finalist(lost to Loeb in 3 I believe).

    GT higher than Duke and Michigan? I would argue that Michigan is right up there with ND, possibly even higher with more recruits.

    You can see that Midwest schools did pretty well; ND, MICH, OSU(Great recruit in Sanford and Sneed, & DiLorenzo comes next year), NU..
    Ivy league strengthened their lineups as well; Harvard, Brown(Benotto), Princeton(Steffensen), Columbia(Asatrian)..

    Rice & Tech has also done well, and Tech already recruited Maltby for next year.