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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chiara Lommer's recent results

She grabbed my attention against Miller at ISC, whom she almost defeated.

July 10-19, 2014
Virginia Beach Tennis & Country Club, Virginia Beach, VA
Girls' 16 Singles
Complete Results 
128Susanne Boyden (87)6-1;6-1
64Lilian Burchell (59)6-2;6-2
32Sydney Riley (20)6-0;6-4
16Nami Otsuka (46)6-1;6-3
QClaire Liu (1)6-4;6-3
CQVictoria Flores (20)6-2;6-3
CSKylie McKenzie (13)1-6;6-4;10-4
CFAlexandra Sanford(14)6-3;5-7;10-4

July 5-9, 2014
Pierremont Oaks Tennis Club, Shreveport, LA
Girls' 16 Singles
Complete Results 
RRSeriana Saltzen (107)6-1;6-1
RRValeria Cotto (664)6-1;6-0
RRChandler Carter (59)6-4;7-6
RRRyan Peus (11)6-2;6-2
RRJacqueline Cochrane(129)6-2;6-3
Winning 7 games agaisnt Liu..also defeated Sanford(twice), Bortles, Tsokilauri, Douglas earlier.
Nothaft meets a tough opponent...

Weight transfer

Pliskovas doesn't necessarily hit hard.

But the balls fly by like a rocket lol.

Could it be because of a perfect weight transfer on the racket?

How about Sachie Ishizu, who is like half the height of the Pliskovas lol.

She can produce monstrous pace on her drives.

No wonder they met at the juior Wimby Final(Ishizu beating Robson on the way)..

It's all about technique, I guess?

Technique is overrated?

Dave at Zootennis wrote an interesting post so will copy it here;

Dave said...
Technique is way overrated in today's game.

With the string/racquet changes of the last ten years producing more spin, pros can return serve and defend in rallies way more consistently, and the extreme angles produced from that spin make the court much wider. As a result, champions now have to be ridiculously athletic but not necessarily have classic

Give me an elite athlete with a warrior's heart first. If a kid is talented, they are going to overcome many (but not all) technical flaws with superior timing (see Nadal).

So, technique of the RACKET lessens the importance of the technique of the PLAYER?
Along with the homogenization of the courts(became much slower), it seems to have produced the so-called 'those pushing mugathions of men's tennis' (lamented by Corswandt of TF) , lasting more than 4 hours in a best of 5 sets in Slams.

2014 National] Interesting 1st rd matches

I see that Makarova, King and Doulgas are out, too bad..

I really pitied Peggy yesterday, seeing that she had to play Miller in the 1st rd lol, not only her possible matchup against Chirico in the next round.
That 1st quarter is so insanely packed by the way, what with Dolehide, Chen, Gordon, Shibahara, Lampl, Ho as well..

Thankfully it was rectified by the revised draw; Peggy out of the section, along with Chen & Shibahara. DiLorenzo and Nelson came in instead.



Parking could be a problem there..I really just wanted to 'loaf' at BTC lol.
Lots of interesting matches played there, so no choice :(






YEE vs NEEL   Haven't seen Neel AT ALL so I HAVE to watch this(well she does play dbls).
GULLICKSON vs SHIBAHARA  This plays at the same time with Val vs Kelley, 9:45 not good(G almost defeated Ena at Winter Nat.)..


VALENSTEIN vs KELLEY    Probably my marquee match of the day, both being my favorites.

For G16,


MEREDITH vs BRANSTINE  Too bad I won't be able to watch this, will miss Carson's tantrums too lol. Didn't she beat Soli recently?  Still think Meredith will advance?

DAY vs ROSS  Tough 1st rd opponent for Day, Ross has beaten Coppoc at Clay..

Too bad Pothoff withdrew from sgls.

2014 National] Thank you organizers

I was flabbergasted yesterday at the draw:

9 B Porter Miller
9 S Yee Neel

but they just put Peggy at #6, so I can watch Neel :)

Poor Hampster though, avoided Kuhlman but got Kenin instead lol.
Gullickson the same, Daniell instead of Nelson.

Chen got worse, now have to play Dvorak.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

2014 Team National All Star


#1 King/McCarthy & Andrews/Shibahara

#2 Hard to say?
How about Traxler/Riley, won all 4 matches.

#3 Of course Najarian/Sanford lol, unfair! :p
Turner/Zogg won all matches too methinks.


#1 McCarthy of course; most high-profiled player and was up to the task.
Honorable mention for Kim Yee.
Kat Fahey did beat McCarthy but lost to Vazquez.

#2 Alaina Miller, should've played #1 lol.
And of course Sara Daavettila, who didn't lose a set.
Melissa Lord also, but opponent-wise Sara's accomplishment is more remarkable.

#3 Jada Hart?  Defeated Tobita, Weissmann, Minor, Switkes..
Bess Waldram won all her matches too, defeated Weissmann, Ishimura, Shrivastava, Barnickel..
Still I guess Hart's wins are more impressive.

#4 Kayla Day? Defeated Ishimura, Kalhorn, Pollner, Moldovan..
How about Amy Yang, defeated Asatrian, Slaysman, Rohrabacher, Moldovan.
Sam Martinelli; def. Bryant, Van Alphen, Vias, Chong

#5 Sabrina Xiong won all matches; Raley, Yang, Wesbrooks, Bernard.
But you have to give nod to Alex Najarian; def. Tsokilauri, Hanley, Van Alphen, Raley.
Really Alex playing #5 was not fair lol.

#6 Makenna Jones? def. Sullivan, Bridges, Woodson, Sanford(inj)..
Sydney Riley won all her matches too.
Anna Sanford def. Memije, Dhingra, Hance.

2014 July Warm up tournament(Lakewood) results

Today is a veritable posting day! Will be at Barnes a bit late.

As expected, Gullickson won. And Goulak did quite well. And, Maxfield REALLY harassed Gullickson, impressive.

Girls' 18 Singles
F(6) Chloe Gullickson d. (3) Jessica Livianu6-4; 6-7; 7-6(6); 6-1
SF(3) Jessica Livianu d. (2) Hanna Chang6-4; 6-4
SF(6) Chloe Gullickson d. (1) Andrea Kevakian6-2; 5-2Ret (inj)
Q(2) Hanna Chang d. Annette Goulak4-6; 6-2; 6-3
Q(3) Jessica Livianu d. Grace Lin6-1; 6-0
Q(6) Chloe Gullickson d. Jacqueline Carr6-4; 6-0
Q(1) Andrea Kevakian d. (9) Gabrielle Schuck6-3; 6-1
16(2) Hanna Chang d. (9) Kathryn Hall6-2; 6-0
16Annette Goulak d. Salma Ewing6-3; 6-1
16(3) Jessica Livianu d. Ashley Zhu6-1; 6-1
16Grace Lin d. (8) Jacquelyn Fitz-Randolph6-4; 6-2
16(6) Chloe Gullickson d. (9) Tiffany Huber6-2; 6-1
16Jacqueline Carr d. Daniela Nasser6-1; 6-1
16(9) Gabrielle Schuck d. Jwany Sherif6-0; 6-0
16(1) Andrea Kevakian d. Meible Chi3-6; 6-1; 6-2
32(2) Hanna Chang d. Emily Kuo6-1; 6-1
32(9) Kathryn Hall d. Alyssa Rudin6-1; 7-5
32Salma Ewing d. Ally McKenzie6-3; 6-3
32Annette Goulak d. Risa Nakagawa7-5; 6-3
32(3) Jessica Livianu d. Courtney Hebard6-1; 6-1
32Ashley Zhu d. (9) Hannah Templeton7-5; 6-4
32(8) Jacquelyn Fitz-Randolph d. Jennifer Richards6-2; 6-0
32Grace Lin d. Julia Goldberg7-6; 6-2
32(9) Tiffany Huber d. Jenna Kane6-0; 6-1
32(6) Chloe Gullickson d. Paris Corley6-2; 7-6
32Daniela Nasser d. Joy Kim6-4; 6-0
32Jacqueline Carr d. Katie Ta6-3; 7-6
32(9) Gabrielle Schuck d. Jessica Anzo6-2; 6-2
32Jwany Sherif d. (7) Kristen Thoms3-6; 6-3; 7-5
32Meible Chi d. Yuki Asami6-2; 6-0
32(1) Andrea Kevakian d. Camille Kiss6-0; 6-1
64(2) Hanna Chang d. Vanina Iordanova6-2; 6-2
64Emily Kuo d. Jessica Cramer6-1; 6-2
64(9) Kathryn Hall d. Jordan Harris6-3; 6-4
64Alyssa Rudin d. Sophia Abelson1-6; 6-2; 6-1
64Ally McKenzie d. (5) Mariko Iinuma4-6; 6-3; 6-3
64Salma Ewing d. Mekeila Erspamer6-0; 6-1
64Annette Goulak d. (9) Madison Tedford6-4; 6-0
64Risa Nakagawa d. Arianna Spirtos6-3; 6-1
64(3) Jessica Livianu d. Taylor Calton6-1; 6-1
64Courtney Hebard d. Elizabeth Yao7-5; 6-3
64(9) Hannah Templeton d. Tammy Van6-1; 6-2
64Ashley Zhu d. Libby Jubas6-3; 6-2
64(8) Jacquelyn Fitz-Randolph d. Jennifer Lu6-2; 6-3
64Jennifer Richards d. Shannon Mukerji6-2; 6-3
64Grace Lin d. (9) Nevada Apollo7-5; 6-4
64Julia Goldberg d. Abby Brady6-0; 6-2
64Jenna Kane d. Angelica Zhou6-3; 6-1
64(9) Tiffany Huber d. Isabella vonEbbe6-1; 6-1
64Paris Corley d. Ashley Chao6-3; 6-3
64(6) Chloe Gullickson d. Emily Maxfield6-0; 4-6; 7-5
64Joy Kim d. Carolyn Brooner6-0; 6-3
64Daniela Nasser d. (9) Allison Wolters6-0; 6-0
64Katie Ta d. Ines de BracamonteWd (pc)
64Jacqueline Carr d. (4) Constance Branstine7-6; 6-1
64Jessica Anzo d. Aiswarya Sankar6-3; 6-4
64(9) Gabrielle Schuck d. Isabella Lopez6-0; 6-0
64Jwany Sherif d. Emily Rees6-0; 6-0
64(7) Kristen Thoms d. Naomie Rosenberg6-2; 6-3
64Meible Chi d. Whitney Weisberg6-0; 6-0
64Yuki Asami d. (9) Caroline Williams7-6; 6-2
64Camille Kiss d. Zoe Lindbloom6-2; 6-3
64(1) Andrea Kevakian d. Emily ZhengWd (inj)
PL-SAnnette Goulak d. Grace Lin7-5; 6-4
PL-S(9) Gabrielle Schuck d. Jacqueline Carr6-4; 3-6; 10-7
PL-FAnnette Goulak d. (9) Gabrielle Schuck6-3; 1-6; 10-6
PL(2) Hanna Chang d. (1) Andrea KevakianWo (inj)
CFKatie Ta d. Meible Chi6-2; 6-0
CSKatie Ta d. Ashley Zhu6-2; 6-3
CSMeible Chi d. Daniela Nasser6-2; 7-6
CQAshley Zhu d. Sophia Abelson6-4; 6-1
CQKatie Ta d. (9) Nevada Apollo3-6; 6-4; 10-6
CQMeible Chi d. (9) Hannah Templeton3-6; 7-5; 10-5
CQDaniela Nasser d. (9) Tiffany Huber6-2; 6-2
R3Sophia Abelson d. (8) Jacquelyn Fitz-Randolph2-6; 6-2; 10-8
R3Ashley Zhu d. (7) Kristen Thoms6-2; 6-3
R3Katie Ta d. Salma Ewing6-0; 6-2
R3(9) Nevada Apollo d. (9) Kathryn Hall6-4; 3-6; 10-7
R3Meible Chi d. Emily Maxfield6-0; 6-2
R3(9) Hannah Templeton d. Jwany SherifDef (ns)
R3Daniela Nasser d. Risa Nakagawa6-1; 6-3
R3(9) Tiffany Huber d. (9) Caroline Williams6-2; 6-3

2014 Team National ] G18 seeds and some players

1. Chirico, Louisa
2. Bellis, Catherine
3. Stewart, Katerina
4. Austin, Brooke
5. Black, Tornado Ali
6. Aney, Jessie
7. Dilorenzo, Francesca
8. Lampl, Caroline
9. Chen, Kelly
10. Fahey, Katharine
11. Daniell, Andie
12. Nelson, Alexis
13. Shibahara, Ena
14. Kenin, Sofia
15. Kuhlman, Josie
16. Halbauer, Ellie
17. Andrews, Gabrielle
17. Arconada, Usue
17. Dolehide, Caroline
17. Franco, Alexis
17. Gordon, Michaela
17. Higuchi, Emma
17. Ho, Jessica
17. Kelley, Meghan
17. McCarthy, Kaitlyn
17. Minor, Brienne
17. Moldovan, Bianca
17. Najarian, Alexandria
17. Neel, Ingrid
17. Rosca, Christina
17. Smith, Gabrielle
17. Sneed, Olivia

Surprised Peggy isn't seeded when she could be top 5.
Chen and Black won recent tournament methinks? Should be confident.

Black's Evansville 10k result;

$10,000 Evansville, IN

    • Evansville, IN, USA
    • 15 Jul - 20 Jul 2014
    • Qualifying Draw
    • Doubles
    • Main Draw
    • $10,000 Tournament
    • Entry: Q
    • Surface: Hard
    • (O)
    SF BYE
    • Main Draw
    • Singles
    • Main Draw
    • $10,000 Tournament
    • Entry: DA
    • Surface: Hard
    • (O)
    32 W H2H vs DAAVETTILA, Sara (USA) 6-1 6-2
    16 W H2H vs WEATHERHOLT, Mary (USA) 6-0 6-4
    QF W H2H vs AUSTIN, Brooke (USA) 6-2 6-2
    SF W H2H vs KUHLMAN, Josie (USA) 6-7(5) 6-2 6-2
    FR W H2H vs WHORISKEY, Caitlin (USA) 6-4 4-6 6-2

  • Not only this, some of her junior results are intimidating;

    At Plantation
    Def. Bellis 2,0
    Def. Stewart 61, 36, 60

    At Delray Beach
    Def. McKenzie 0,1
    Def. Bellis 1,0
    Def. Stewart 0,3

    At Pan American
    Def. McCarthy 0,0

    Just demolished elite contenders, dispensing bagels at will lol!  Could be a heavy favorite.

    Black Magic?! Lol.

    Curious about Halbauer's form, haven't seen her recently and heard she has posted some good results. I see that she has defeated Kenin, Kingsley, Mueller to win 10k Hilton Head last year. This year defeated Austin in 2, lost to Crawford in 3, lost to Porter twice by the same score? 46, 57, defeated Shishkina 0,2.

    Among the unseeded players,
    Gullickson, King, Miller, McKenzie(but which one, G16/18 lol), COP, Sanford, Valenstein could do some serious damage.
    And Yee could well be a title contender.

    2014 National] The Tragedy of Qualifying


    Girls' 18 Singles Qualifyingback to top
    1. Letzt, Alexandra
    2. Maltby, Felicity
    3. Hance, Kenadi
    4. Pedraza, Raquel
    5. Thoms, Kristen
    6. Dvorak, Summer
    7. Muller, Elena
    8. Shrivastava, Sonal
    9. Brills, Summer
    10. Amos, Caroline
    11. Funaro, Danna
    12. Rachavelpula, Sai Keerthi
    13. Zordani, Christina
    14. Turley, Brianna
    15. Dhore, Deepa
    16. Chen, Tiffany

    G18, some good players are playing qualifying. I feel like 1-4, 6 & 7 should be in MD(dunno Thoms).

    For example, 1st rd Letzt vs Smith should be a main draw match lol. A pity.

    Letzt vs Smith winner
    Dunno the next group, lucky
    Mok maybe? although she is unseeded

    Will advance methinks.

    G16, Gevargiz and Jack should play MD imo.

    2014 Team National ] G16; WWW?


    Girls' 16 Singlesback to top
    1. Peus, Ryan
    2. Day, Kayla
    3. Jones, Makenna
    4. Sanford, Alexandra
    5. Soli, Kalani
    6. Lommer, Chiara
    7. Lorenzini, Isabella
    8. Mateas, Maria
    9. McKenzie, Kylie
    10. Pothoff, Maddie
    11. Meredith, Madeline
    12. Coppoc, Morgan
    13. Martinelli, Samantha
    14. Joyce, Grace
    15. Gizdova, Nadia
    16. Waldram, Bess
    17. Altick, Helen
    17. Battaglia, Madison
    17. Carter, Chandler
    17. Chiu, Abigail
    17. Corse, Cameron
    17. Flores, Victoria
    17. Goulak, Annette
    17. McQuaid, Riley
    17. Milunovich, Lexi
    17. Otsuka, Nami
    17. Pollner, Gabriella
    17. Reami, Adriana
    17. Riley, Sydney
    17. Robinson, Jada
    17. Weissmann, Rebecca
    17. Xiong, Sabrina

    All good players, but if Kylie McKenzie decides to play G16(she has entry in two age groups? Mind you her drive IS top G18 material lol), she'll probably win, unless she self-destructs. She defeated Winter Nat. winner Nelson & won a set from McCarthy and Lampl(she was overwhelming those LOTS of times), so I dunno if any G16 players can handle her drives.

    Well, maybe Schaefer can, since she did beat Xepoleas at EB. Or, if anybody could attack(offense is the best defence) Kylie's bh side effectively, maybe they can win.
    Possible contenders might be Day, Soli, Pothoff..

    But lets hope at least that Kylie is in best condition, so that we can appreciate her brilliant shotmaking lol.

    Coach Stephenson & Silverio's 'mission'

    Of course to 'give advice' would be extremely presumptuous on my part, this is just a joke post.

    'So-called mission' would be,

    secure the local talents.

    That means, Hampster, Waldram, & Glozman.

    Wang who played #2 hit pretty well too.

    Problem is, those Northwesterners tend to 'migrate South', to head to sunny areas lol; McKenna & Cako to ASU, & also the current NCAA doubles champion Jansen, to Alabama.

    Can coaches Stephenson & Silverio 'arrest' this 'worrisome' trend?
    The problem is, coach McInerney was eyeing Hampton yesterday lol. Well, there are plenty of good Southwestern players as well, so...we'll see?

    Tuesday, July 29, 2014

    2014 Team National last day pics

    I dropped my camera from the viewing deck at Biszantz, hence couldn't record the final..

    Two elite 2 handers, Dvorak(walking) & Miller

     Found the Florida car, that's Audra Cohen, former NCAA star!

     This year, the graffiti are pretty 'artsy' ! :)

    Missouri Valley!

     Should I try this number...?!
     Good advice..haha!

     McKenna and Slaysman

     Lilley & Hampster
    'Master' and 'Apprentice'!  coach McInerney and 'coach' McKenna!

    After this dropped my camera -_-

    2014 Team National last day

    Again, figs; I'm spoiled lol.

    Today, spotted Cal Poly cap at Biszantz, also coach Stephens of USD, exchanged greetings(she had a dramatic hug with coach McInerney at Claremont lol). Most of the coaches remained today.

    CTC 10am

    Northern vs Intermountain

    Just planned to watch doubles then to visit Biszantz to record a bit of Kylie vs Caro(2 games in the middle of the 1st).

    Inter def. No. Cal 4-3, expected score.

    #1 Becca & Vanessa passed pretty well, and Allison is quite tall..volleyed well methinks. Very tight, but Intermountain finally pulled it off. Gabby so? Haha.

    #2 Saw Alaina drive much but not Kim, dunno if No. Cal avoided Kim intentionally or not. Anyway Alaina as usual drove well, and Paige really played well, both offensively and defensively. Kim's overall condition didn't seem too good; hence 8-3 easy win for No. Cal.

    #3 didn't watch but Sam/Brianna winning was to be expected I guess..?

    Becca forced a third against Alaina!!  Her drive condition today seemed pretty good during dbls match.

    Paige routing Dvorak is surprising.

    So, headed to Biszantz after Intermountain won the dbls point;

    Pacific Northwest def. Missouri Valley 4-3

    Watched 1-3 singles and MV players weren't bad.

    Sammi's drive condition wasn't particularly good when I watched lol, but still won.

    So Fries defeated Wang in 3, thought W was the better hitter but F did return well.

    Barnickel really harassed Bess, drove pretty well actually. Still Bess' aggression paid off I guess.

    Mid Atlantic vs Southwest

    Lol Allie and Maddie didn't play so SW forfeited 3 points to start with haha, dbls included.

    Lampl def. McKenzie 67, 63, 62

    Kylie was the better hitter...surprise?  Even bh sliced well against Caro's repeated attack to her bh, drove well, too. Caro made errors trying to counter Kylie's aggression after tense rallies.

    Then from the 2nd Kylie's form went down, and Caro just relentlessly targetted Kylie's bh, dunno if it was intentional but it worked I guess. And Kylie's defense still is a bit suspect.

    But when on, it's really hard to beat Kylie..anyway had to leave on 5-2 in the 3rd to watch the Final.

    Gizdova def. Clarke 2,1

    When ballbashing gets, Mad commited tons of errors, Nadia did play well though.

    Slaysman def. Lynham 64, 16, 76

    Neglected Savannah this tournament lol so tried to watch this a lot. Left during the 3rd.  Savannah's form wasn't too good, was maybe a tad better hitter but her drives didn't have enough pace, so Cecilia returned well. Both showcased their variety as well.  Nice all court tennis, both tried to move the other around. Cecilia really has it all, surely one of my new finds.

    Vias vs Bridges

    Ines retired after the 2nd set, thought it was pretty even.
    Coach Patrik watched this match.

    Oh Jessie Aney was colorful all round..haha.

    Southern def. Midwest 4-3

    Southern won the dbls, 1 & 3, crucial.

    Andie played well, Makenna poached well too so won surprisingly quickly.
    Midwest won #3 as expected.

    Hannah really played well, despite having some serve problem.   Not only drives, net plays were good as well. And when Kaitlyn is poaching at will(SO good)..tough to beat.

    Even Minor looked like doing a 'leg through' that a Midwest tradition? Lauren Davis is 'notorious' for it..haha.  And Kaitlyn had exceptional ball control...on her feet! Nice soccer skill.

    McCarthy def. Dolehide

    A bit of a letdown, Caro's form wasn't too good, committed tons of errors. So Kaitlyn despite committing DFs lol, won lots of points moving Caro around.

    Daavettila def. Daniell

    Sara reminds me of form especially bh seems quite similar; and VERY good as well..serves much better than MLDB though, I don't think I've seen her DF lol.  She was just NOT committing errors..and hit flat on both wings, and even sliced very well too. So Andie just couldn't win points after long rallies.
    Andie did touch her back early on, and later received a MTO.
    Shocking? Beating Andrews and out for Sara at the National..

    Minor def. King in 3

    Hannah mixed well, flat drives and moon balls, so won the fierce rallies. Then from the 2nd, her form seemed to go down, began to commit errors, didn't watch from the 2nd though(left to watch Eastern vs NE matches).

    Yang def. Moldovan in 3

    The decider, watched the latter part of 3rd set.
    At first Bianca moonballed, but didn't work, so tried aggression...Amy returned those all, maybe she was just a bit better.

    Najarian def. Raley? in 2

    Just could watch the last couple of points, Alex roared in triumph, haha.

    Jones def. Sanford (ret)

    Dunno what happened, Anna did have a heavy taping on her arm during doubles. Tough luck for Midwest, if she was healthy MW might have won..

    Eastern vs New England

    Fahey def. Kelley in 3

    Just could watch the latter 3rd, Kat won the grinding contest.

    #3 Ulyashchenko def. Davis

    Last match, saw Anna for he 1st time and am impressed. Can do everything; flat hitting, moonballing, slice.. Even tantrums lol. Served pretty well too.
    A woman later came and blocked my view -_-^^

    #4 Mateas def. Asatrian in 2

    I thought Rima playing #4 was a luxury, but her form wasn't too good(Haven't seen her in a while). Shots didn't have enough pace and depth so it was Maria who was controlling points. Rima's defense wasn't bad.

    2014 Team National ] Final preview

    As I guessed, the repeat of the last year's final.

    MW is employing a typical lower position winning strategy:

    Moldovan/Najarian at 3,
    Moldovan/Najarian/Sanford at 4-6

    So I guess it'll be critical for Southern to win the upper positions: dbls 1&2 should be good, as well as sgls 2-4.

    Daavettila vs Daniell
    Minor vs King
    Moldovan vs Yang

    I think 2 could be key: Sara just defeated Andrews in 2, so..

    If Brinson played, I might have predicted a Southern win, but now..

    We'll see.

    P.S. Coaches Thibodeau and McInerney just visited Starbucks.

    McCarthy against the class of 2017

    Lost to Bellis(EB this year) 0, 3
    Lost to Gordon(EB last year) 5, 5
    Lost to Chen(ISC this year)  67(5), 36
    Defeated McKenzie 62, 36, 63
    vs. Dolehide today?

    2014 Team National 3rd day other matches(Biszantz)

    Rosca def. Hampster 76, 57, 76

    Lol!  Too bad I missed this epic match. I thought Christina was a skilled player before but she definitely raised her value this tournament!

    Dvorak def. Kelley 4,2

    Meghan lost all 3 sgls matches :tears: No shame though, all tough opponents.

    Vazquez def. Fahey 2,2

    Surprisingly routine score, I guess Cass regrouped..haha.

    Monday, July 28, 2014

    2014 Team National 3rd day CTC 2pm matches

    My toes were burning..those brutal Sun rays..

    No. Cal def. Southwest 5-2

    Dbls #1, surprisingly easy score, thought SW were a bit better at net. And Alaina sank a lot.
    #2, thought Kylie again had some trouble returning serve lol.  Still losing to Cline/Possokhova 8-9, not bad, so that's Taylor Bridges?


    #1 I think Vanessa played pretty well when I glimpsed.

    #2 Miller def. Clarke 4,3
    #3 Maltby def. Pothoff 2,2

    I actually was pretty impressed with the losers. Didn't watch Fel's gorgeous fhs much..there was just not many chances to pounce a sit-up ball. That means Mad's movement and balls were very good..lots of movement in this match, and Fel was just a tad better in concentration.
    Surprised that Maddie was so emotional? She wasn't like that at IW.

    Same for Madison. There were actually tons of rallies..against Alaina lol. Madison hit just so well..! Wonder where she's heading..

    Cline vs Amos was pretty crowded, lots of coaches watched it, Tech? TENN, Dart...
    Darya was having trouble against Taylor, that means Taylor was that good..Darya won in 3.

    Intermountain def. Mid Atlantic 6-1

    Surprising shutout, but Intermountain IS good..I've said it repeatedly.

    Head coach was pretty hip...

    "Regina George RULEZ" was written on his t shirt...oh my..!

    Dbls #1, Kim sank tons lol and Becca's drives went wide.
    #3, Brianna finished it.

    Sgls #1  Guys, Kim is definitely back..high level match, she just moved Caro relentlessly around...after intense exchanges Caro's shots frequently went long.  2,0

    #2 Surprisingly easy win by Becca, def. Gizdova 2,1

    Couldn't really watch 3 and 4, but likewise, terrific results.  Sam hits somewhat unorthodoxly but her touch is great, as shown in dbls too.

    Naturally concentrated on #5 Dvorak def. Corse 36, 64, 75

    Watched first set then came back way later, it took forever to finish lol, finished last.
    Very impressed with those 2. Summer just in best condition, moving and hitting so well, flat drives, slices..Alaina is not the only terrific 2 hander. :)

    And against this quality opponent, Cameron played VERY well...very nice hitting, great movement and defence(both defended SO well), terrific variety...a total package.  So, it was tight all the way. I think C targetted D's bh side with high balls, natural tactic against not so tall D lol, but I think D handled those well.

    Watched a bit of 6, Brianna's drives didn't seem too good but I see that she took it to 3rd.

    2014 Team National 3rd day CTC 10 am matches

    Today just stayed at CTC.

    More coaches: UCI, Purdue(forgot to mention, he came earlier), AF, Tech, SMC, W&M, LMU, Illinois head coach(coach Dasso just seems to ooze charisma lol), Indiana, Tri-TX(welcome back!)..

    Was Jordaan Sanford there? Was chatting with Cat Isip..said hello to Cat, too.

    Welcomed those 2 comeback kids back. :)
    And Gabby Smith came along so had a bit of a chat, she's teaming with...Ena..!! at Barnes. Surprise.  Definitely will be a contender for the championship.  Hope her arm injury heals soon enough.

    Midwest def. So. Cal 4-3

    So. Cal 'combined' eyeshadow and ribbon lol.


    Didn't really watch #1 since I've seen both team members enough lol, instead tried to concentrate on lower positions;  but surprise? So Cal lead early, so got to 7-2. Eventually won 8-5

    #2 My impression was that Midwest hit very well..Anna and Sara. 8-3

    #3 Size difference? Bianca was making endless errors lol, but sill won 8-5.

    Midwest is generally very tall..unlike So. Cal. And this Cal. team is pretty young, too.


    #1 Watched from later on, points were pretty short, both being terrific hitters and Ena especially is a typical first strike player.  I think both served well, so it went to 3rd.  Ena blatantly attacked Caro's serve to great effect, generating many winners.  But it didn't work later in the 3rd, and Caro's shots are just it was just tight all the way, maybe Caro committed a tad more errors, that's all. Great contest.
    And did Caro do a 'leg through' before serving? Lol.
    Kaitlyn watched this, wonder she'll try to attack Caro's serves as well.

    #2 Sara Daavettila..I've said she's a good hitter on both wings..and she just doesn't make errors..moves very could return everything Gaby sent, and so won the points..Midwest is the only team that their youngest members are playing 1 & 2 lol.

    #3 Couldn't watch but Hart beating Minor 4,4 is tremendous.

    #4 Day def. Moldovan 60, 16, 63

    Just could watch the later 3rd, I actually thought Bianca was playing very well, with almost pin-point precision..Kayla's drives seems pretty sharp?

    #5 Najarian def. Van Alphen 4,4

    #6 Sanford def. Hance 46, 61, 62

    I thought Cal. youngsters played very well, watched a bit of the 1st.  VA moonballed a lot, did pretty well.  Alex patiently tried to move VA around to good effect, but made some errors too.
    She once climbed over the net during changeover, she's a fun character haha. She'll use variety a lot, if possible.

    Anna is just a straightforward hitter, unlike Alex..hits VERY well..and actually there were lots of rallies, Kenadi was just that good...very impressed with her.

    Southern def. Florida 5-2

    Wow Florida WON the dbls? won 2 & 3 and even 1 was tight, 8-6 Southern win.

    Didn't really watch, just a bit of 2 and 3 sgls, and Hannah actually seemed fine? Was practically flying hitting forehands? So much so that Gaby had to hit hard and flat too. Does this mean that Maddie Pothoff is REALLY good..haha.
    Andie was winning the fierce drive battle against Jaclyn.

    Oh and #4, Yang def. Rohrabacher 06, 4,1  but was pretty impressed with Rachel, she was actually generating quite a bit of winners, wow.

    And yeah, got sick of figs, gorged on it lol.

    Sunday, July 27, 2014

    Turner Yates

    She just at Texas 10k;

    Turner YATES USA d. Ronit YUROVSKY USA 63 64

    Best technician; Petra Kvitova?

    Some will define technique differently. 

    Some will say, Aga Radwanska is like a magician.

    And some will say, Petra is the best.

    Because she can hit SO WELL.

    Hitting with monstrous pace, AND keeping it IN, not that easy of course.

    And when it all clicks, just like in the Wimby final, that is just a helluva GLORIOUS sight to behold; fantastic first-strike tennis!

    There's just nothing like it.

    2014 Team National 2nd day 2pm Biszants matches

    When I came So. Cal vs Intermountain match was still on, last one, naturally, Jess' #6 lol(Jess match is always long). Dvorak won, impressive, played aggressively methinks.  Guillermo and her dad was there, later had a chat with him. He was sporting..2014 NCAA t shirt! Jealous.

    I see that Kim IS back,  defeating Gaby 1,3.
    Nicole forcing Kayla to 3..impressive.

    Wait a minute..score was 4-3? Wow.  Ena/Jada won #1 9-7 beating Kim/Becca, impressive!
    Sam/Nicole defeated the Clay winner 8-6!!! at 2.
    Kayla/Jess def. Brianna/Summer 8-1, expected more of Brianna lol.

    Wait...Gaby Smith didn't play doubles????!!! Why....? :p
    Kim, Sam, Summer won  3 points for Intermountain.

    New UO coach Alison Silveiro, same alma mater as Caroline Lilley; GT?!!  Was surprised that Caro was coaching Pacific Northwest!

    Hawaii def. Pacific Northwest 5-2

    Didn't watch the doubles at first(focused on NE vs Middle State), but later on Sam was on lol, didn't know she was defensively so good; and volleyed, drove really well to tie the match. Lost the tiebreaker.
    #3 dbls was finished first, Bess too good.

    Like doubles, didn't watch sgls at first, but later in the 1st..that was just a slugfest, a very good one, both Sam and Sarah slugging at will at #1.

     And boy, Sammi Hampster!  Was ON.  Hit with abandon, never seen her condition to be so good lol(she's a flat hitter), so won lots of fast paced intense rallies. Just glorious! Sarah came up to the net, in vain.
    Coach McInerney was quite interested in this match.

    #3 Bess vs Ashley iSHIMURA 16, 75, 75

    Didn't watch the 1st set much, but Ashley actually played well, making winners moving Bess around.

    Began to concentrate in the 2nd, and Bess looks quite fit, a bit thinner? Looks a bit like my favorite Pliskova sisters haha.  Thought her drive pace wasn't too good in the 1st, but was good enough; employed some spin methinks? Still sank tons lol.  But returned serve well, and her repeated poundings were a bit too much for Ashley.  Even manipulated the racket well,  reacted well to those flat drives by Ashely.
    It could be said that the match was generally on Bess' racket, but Ashley played well too, so it was tight all the way.

    Bess began to drive wide in the 3rd lol, and generally made many errors, so it was tight all the way. Her serve was pretty good methinks.  Lots of coaches watched this, Oregon, ASU, WF? UVA? Dartmouth, ND? etc...

    NEW ENGLAND def. Middle State 4-3

    So the tall girl was Lexi? played #2 with Melissa and won. NE won all 3, significant.

    #1 Rosca def. Kelley 61, 36, 64

    Rosca's weight of shots seemed a bit too much for Meghan, was my impression at first.

    Then from the 2nd began to hit really well, hit deep, and targeted the lines, employed angles to good effect; generally bossed R around, effectively. Even attacked R's serves very well. Variety was good as well.

    But in the 3rd, R still held her serve, like McKenzie Meghan couldn't quite break R, made some serve return errors. And Christina was like a consummate claycourter, some passing shots were positively Nadal-eqsue lol. Her variety worked well, too.  Her jumping bh, good as well. Made a crucial serve return winner to break Meghan finally to lead 5-4.

    Overall, nice match.  Lots of coaches watched this too, Missouri, UVA, ND, ASU, etc..

    #3 Shrivastava def. Davis 64, 36, 63

    Impressed by S, had no problem hanging with Emma and her drives were razor sharp...sliced well against Emma's slices too. In the 2nd Emma drove well so won it. Generally lots of rallies.

    Now who did tape a dance video at the sideline walkway of court 7...danced pretty well too, I'd say!

    2014 Team National 2nd day CTC 10am matches

    ASU, UT(Texas), PEPP coaches were already there. Dartmouth too. Oh forgot to mention SCU, he came yesterday actually, methinks. Illinois also spotted. And which match did coach Bernstein watch..? She was there as well.
    And Cat Isip, former SMC star, is she working there.
    I was promised figs again, in both varieties, tomorrow! Yoo-hoo.

    That Lobos shirt; 'coach' McKenna! Here's her pic with her former coach :)


    Hannah seemed to be back, struck well, the opponents struggled with it, even lobbed well too. Was delighted, of course, welcome back Hannah! Even served quite well, scoring some aces.
    Savannah as usual played well at net, Allie drove pretty well methinks. 8-5 Southern win.

    #2, Kylie's drive bombs and Mad's variety meshed rather well methinks, but Raley/Jones were probably a bit better at net, 8-5.

    Coach McInerney was right behind me watching this match..! 

    #3, what..Clarke/Amos def. Daniell/Yang 8-6 @.@


    #1 McCarthy def. McKenzie 62, 36, 63

    Recorded the first 3 games and will upload later(done)
    Kylie once drop shotted and passed a return.

    Kylie did serve well, but in the first, couldn't react much against Kait's strong returns. Kait is probably one of the best returners(serve included) in the game, absorbing and redirecting pace; Kylie couldn't repond at all. 
    So thought she was still primarily offense oriented(for example Cici is defensively very good, too). Her drives were potent enough to score many winners(so gorgeous! Hit well on both wings), but defensively, had my doubts.

    Then, from the 2nd, she began to move better. So there were more rallies now(but overall the points were rather short methinks), and Kylie's drive bombs were..SO GOOD...! :drool:  Especially Kait's fh side kinda broke down against Kylie's repeated poundings(I think Kait's bh is her stronger side; one of the best).

    Still Kait served well into the 3rd, and Kylie couldn't return those a lot; a lot of em', returned aggressively but didn't work.  And she attempted variety at times such as drop shots, MP was that too; not bad, but I would think that she should rather practice more on serve return haha.

    Nice handshake at net.

    #2 Clarke def. Daniell 3,3

    Andie was loud as usual :p  Hmm, couldn't watch much, but there were lots or rallies and Andie weren't winning those. Made errors methinks. Impressed with Mad, had no problem hanging with Andie and was aggressive, too(Andie kinda reminds me of Vika, aggressive grinder).

    #3 Pothoff def. King 5,1

    Hmm, my impression was, not there yet(her former level); because Hannah rarely tried drop shots(and once failed). That means her drives weren't good enough in the first place. Did attack though, making some winners, including service return. Mad did well to hold, so there were plenty of rallies methinks. And Mad's variety weren't bad at all, some nice drop shot attempts. And her moonballs were quite deep, effective.

    Did Hannah always trot to her chair like that before? Pumping herself up after fine plays? Can't remember..haha.
    I think ASU is interested in Mad.

    I see that SW lower positions battled well too, impressive scorelines.

    Florida def. No. Cal 4-3

    Huh No. Cal won the dbls, I see that the score were pretty tight, 1 & 2.
    #1 sgls was the decider, finished last, Franco won 4,4, Gaby was the first to run into the court haha.
    Darya played, good decision, at 6, won. Alaina won, so that's 3 for No. Cal. 
    Felicity what is that score, losing 1 & 1 to Gaby haha.
    Rohrabacher def. Cline in 2, wow. (1st set was tiebreaker) 

    Floridans today wore yellow(neon) t shirts.

    TENN, UT coaches watched sgls #1 match.

    And surprise, what did I find while I was heading to 2pm Biszantz matches;

    Not bad at all, artistically on par with Middle States lol. Interesting, why fish though haha.

    Pollner, Black, Stewart

    Gaby first grabbed my attention at the National when I witnessed her beautiful fh drive: now she seems more like a clay courter, laready felt that at EB. She is training at Florida methinks..?

    Black routined Chirico, so I hear. If that is not a fluke..last year Louisa was the better player at EB, where I felt Black moved and returned well...didn't watch her play at IW, so am very curious how she plays now.  After all, a player who bagels Bellis is a legitimate contender..I hope they meet each other again at Barnes lol.

    The best claycourter is of course Stewart..having an impressive winning streak right now.  Defeated Liu in 3 at the EB final, no mean feat.  What makes Stewart so formidable is her serve..probably one of the best out there. Can anybody attack those? We'll see soon enough..

    I'm glad that NCAA is like WTA

    Loeb, Anderson, Collins, Chi, Brady..all massive hitters.

    Like WTA, in which attackers rule the scene: even Masha won 'RG'(well, Monica Seles did dominate Clay).
    Naysayers said brainless bashing Na can't win slams, but she already has 2.

    No wonder some prefer women than men, denigrating men's tennis as endless mug pushing..haha(because men are faster so can defend SO well: Rafa, who stays way behind the baseline..).

    And of course, the dominance of Stanford..

    2014 Team National] no. 1 singles

    So there were lots of upsets in #1 sgls the first day;

    McKenzie def. Nelson 46, 75, 62

    I believed..! Lol. Kylie defeating Winter Nat. winner, but when Kylie is on, she's pretty much unstoppable..looking forward to her match against McCarthy today(didn't watch yesterday)

    Dvorak def. Shibahara 64. 36, 76(5)

    Sarah IS a good hitter, so when Ena is off, definitely can cause an upset..haven't seen the match so can't really comment.

    Fahey def. McCarthy 64, 36, 75

    Already mentioned.

    Nommensen def. Vazquez 16, 76, 64

    Same here. I don't think Casandra is playing the National..

    Saturday, July 26, 2014

    2014 TEAM 1st day 2pm Biszantz matches

    Stayed a bit to watch Intermountain vs Northwest dbls, thought Waldram played pretty well.
    Dvorak/Turley were too good at #3.
    I see that Hampton/Lui won the most games, 5, surprising. When I watched Lui served well, Gabby and Becca couldn't return those.
    And Wang won a set from Yee at #2...!


    Oh MW wore a uniform, red/white. Florida had one too, orange(u know, the Gator color).

    Franco? Surprised, never heard of her, and she's playing #1, interesting. Anyway mainly concentrated on #2 and 3, the players I do know lol.
    I thought MV players played pretty well actually, both hit pretty flat, I think they hit flatter than the Floridans?  Fries and Barnickel, duly noted.

    Gopher? coach watched the match along with TENN, etc..

    SURPRISINGLY, Eastern vs Southern was in the last stage, tied 3-3!!! OMG...and #1 was the last one, 3rd set.  So watched this at first.

    Fahey def. McCarthy

    I thought KM's balls were a bit more dangerous, her aiming at corners with quite a pace, but Kat returned those well and M made some crucial errors including volley methinks.

    I actually thought to write yesterday that Eastern saw better days(when the team was spearheaded by Loeb, advancing to the final), what a shocker. I see that Southern actually won lol, but the scoreboard said 3-3..not my fault!  I see that the usual suspects all won, but still quite a fight by Eastern, winning the doubles(#2 and 3)  Kaitlyn and Hannah teamed up..interesting, Hanna is playing #3 and won easily, by the score.
    Wait..Brinson didn't even play lol.

    NO. CAL def. TEXAS 5-2

    The battle of eyeshade vs ribbon!(No.Cal players tied a ribbon on their hair, Texans had a 'war paint' on)

    Left mid-match, but as I feared.
    Texas surprisingly won the doubles easily(I really thought No. Cal had chance), but No. Cal's firepower was just too much...
    wait a minute, Vanessa WON????!!!  I thought Cass was

    Anyway, first doubles. You have to just LOVE Alaina's razor sharp drives!! That itself could pierce the defense, say like Bellis. But dunno, N made some errors, and the Texans were pretty solid.
    Others too, No. Cal were generally more aggressive, yet the Texans won the match(say not unlike USC winning against UCLA)
    No. Cal kindly printed their names on the back of their tshirts(including..Poorta lol, shoulda wore Holland soccer cap! Maybe tomorrow), but again, failed to distinguish those Texan trios...Turner, Wesbrooks, Zogg lol.


    Cass was just better but was making errors as well. Dunno what happened later.

    2. Who cares if Alaina DFs lol, one can always break back, eh? Lol.
    She was seen attacking Cassandra's serves and punishing Cass' passing shot attempts in doubles, and maintained her good condition in doubles.

    At first her serves were unstable as usual lol, but managed to steady it later.  I was trying to see how Caro Turner play...couldn't, since Alaina was not giving Turner chance to Kvitova in the Wimby final, attacked from the get go, and the pace was just monstrous...comparable to Caro Dolehide's(Caro can actually come to the net too, was that mp against Rosca?).  Caro could do nothing about it. It was even more one sided than Caro' s EB match against Bellis..

    3. Maltby def. Traxler 0,2

    Surprisingly easy score, but Felicity was in good condition as well. Was the attacker and attacked very well. Her forehand drive form is just.... :drool:  Luv it.

    5. Cline def. Wesbrooks 3,4

    Surprising? Paige was the aggressor and attacked pretty well, too.
    Was that Ellie Zogg next to me(coach Iandolo and Patrik watched this match)?  She seemed quite thirsty..haha.