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Monday, September 29, 2014

2014 WAATC] Too bad Bektas is not playing dbls

KK' s nemesis..(another one, Herring is not playing either. Kay too. So of 1-3 teams at 2010 National, only Tsay is playing dbls lol).

In memoriam:

No.1 dbls USC vs MICH match this year

(Did I make this public though)

2014 WAATC] MD players final list

Yurovsky got in: did someone withdraw? Collins maybe. Too bad.

Draw - Wednesday, September 24th 

Last update: Monday, Sept. 29 at 9:00pm 


Main Draw Singles  

Natalia MaynettoAlabama 

Pleun BurgmansAuburn University 

Lynn ChiCalifornia 

Zsofi SusanyiCalifornia 

Ester GoldfeldDuke University 

Jamie LoebNorth Carolina 

Hayley CarterNorth Carolina 

Viktoriya LushkovaOklahoma State 

Lorraine GuillermoPepperdine 

Lindsay GraffPrinceton University 

Carol ZhaoStanford 

Robin AndersonUCLA 

Chanelle Van NguyenUCLA 

Brianna MorganUniversity of Florida 

Lauren HerringUniversity of Georgia 

Silvia GarciaUniversity of Georgia 

Stephanie WagnerUniversity of Miami (Florida) 

Ronit YurovskyUniversity of Michigan 

Emina BektasUniversity of Michigan 

Zoë ScandalisUniversity of Southern California 

Breaunna AddisonUniversity of Texas at Austin 

Tereza BekerovaUniversity of Utah 

Julia ElbabaUniversity of Virginia 

Frances AltickVanderbilt University 


Main Draw Doubles  

Emily FlickingerPleun BurgmansAuburn University

Maegan ManasseDenise StarrCalifornia

Beatrice GumulyaJessy RompiesClemson University

Crystal LeungTina JiangColumbia University

Patricia FargasAna VladutuDePaul University

Daneika BorthwickKerrie CartwrightFlorida State University

Jamie LoebHayley CarterNorth Carolina

Viktoriya LushkovaKelsey LaurenteOklahoma State University

Natalie BeazantLiat ZimmermannRice University

Carol ZhaoTaylor DavidsonStanford

Catherine HarrisonKyle McPhillipsUCLA

Erin RoutliffeMaya JansenUniversity of Alabama

Kourtney KeeganBelinda WoolcockUniversity of Florida

Nadia RavitaAldila SutjiadiUniversity of Kentucky

Welma LuusNataliya BredikhinaUniversity of Maryland

Monique AlbuquerqueClementina RiobuenoUniversity of Miami (Florida)

Ronit YurovskySarah LeeUniversity of Michigan

Zoë ScandalisGiuliana OlmosUniversity of Southern California

Madison WestbyZoe KatzUniversity of Southern California

McKenzie DavisKallie SperryUtah State University

Pac 12 dominance

Yeah it's mostly Stanford, but even when they couldn't make it to the final, UCLA and CAL. made it. I don't even know when was the last time PAC 12 teams failed to make NCAA final. 1995? Other teams really should try harder lol. Even though PAC 12 teams gets screwed in ranking and hence seeding...true dominance, that.

Bellis] Stanford vs Cal., who will win?

We all know that the class of 2017 is the dream class.

And that whoever gets perennial no.1 of that class, Cici Bellis, will be the winner.

Yes she defeated Cibulkova, but she's still young, and not likely to grow taller. Didn't do well at junior slams, either(taller Dolehide has done better at USO).
Swept ISC and EB, but Hardebeck did it too, and she's a Card.
Capra, who actually made it to 3rd rd of USO, plays for Duke.

So certainly, her playing college is a possible scenario.

She'll most likely choose between Stanford and Cal., to be sure. They have 'loaned' their star players as practice partners, so time to pay back the favor lol.

I really hope she chooses Cal.  Cal. really has been unfortunate, being 0-2 in the NCAA finals(in 2009 their #4 player Ilcinkas got injured during the dbls match and couldn't play sgls either -_- ).
This year, they were huge favorite as Pac12 winner yet lost to Stanford in a heartbreaker, just like last year's USC. I heard that a violation cost them a mp for the last deciding sgls match. Talk about misfortune.

And I do think Cal.'s snappy uniform suits Cici's slender flame!
But it's her life, and her decision. So we'll see.

Anyhow, let the recruiting battle begin. :devil:

P.S. Well even if Cal. loses Cici to Stanford, plenty of choices including red-hot McKenzie(whoever bagels Desiatnikov?)

P.P.S. TF savant Corswandt complains about the nickname Cici on his twitter:

"Why would someone replace awesome, patrician-sounding names like "Catherine Cartan" by a lapdog name like "CiCi"? "

I guess it's a matter of it old fashioned, typical European? Lol.

Lampl to Stanford??!

What happened to Vandy, eh? lol.

Great add for sure, since Caro is a big hitter. Suits Stanford's hard hitting style as well, I guess.

Does this mean Yee will go to an Ivy school..???!!!!

Edit: Stanford is still trying to get Yee. When that happens...oops!

2014 WAATC] How many Sassenachs are left

Horn , Barnett & Beazant lost in PQ.

Borthwick advanced and will play sgls in Q, dbls in MD.

Watts sisters are playing Q dbls.

Beazant is in MD dbls.

Elite school's lineup next season

Recruits per class


Scholl Smith
McCarthy, Ho, Hamlin

Christ this is a championship lineup.


Kay Dai Vialle
Loeb Carter
Vazquez Akkerman
COP Aney

Could harass the cross town rival lol, boasts plenty of depth. Of course it would be more helpful if Loeb stays. They will miss Price, for sure.


Elbaba Collins Nauta Epstein Morton

Not a dark horse anymore, a perfectly legitimate title contender.


2014-15 Roster

NameHt.Yr.Hometown (Prev School)
Clousing, Keisha5-10Fr.Wheaton, Ill. (Wheaton Warrenville South)
Dewar, Tristen5-3Jr.Bradenton, FL (IMG Academy)
Eidukonyte, Joana5-8Jr.Vilnius, Lithuania (Vilnius Jeruzale Secondary School)
Gumulya, Beatrice5-6Sr.Jakarta, Indonesia
Koelzer, Romy5-8Sr.Betzdorf, Germany
Pederzani, Carola5-6Jr.Brescia, Italy (Liceo Scientifico Calini)
Rompies, Jessy5-5Jr.Jakarta, Indonesia
Ruiz, Daniela5-8Fr.Beni, Bolivia
Will miss Yana, but certainly has depth. Didn't Joana do well last season. CU dbls is good too, no? ACC certainly boasts strong depth. Watch out for BC too, for that matter. But Romy and Beatrice graduates...wonder who they're looking for? Should ask coach...


Lots of tall players, could be quite competitive, especially in dbls with Kurey as well. Let's see who they recruit next yr.


Wagner is senior, and they recruited well methinks. But will lose 3 players?


Liang Keegan Woolcock Stojic
Austin Kuhlman Porter

Yes we all are afraid of the Gators lol.


Garcia King
Gould King Patterson

Plenty of hard hitters, this team could be real exciting.


Jansen Maynetto
Routliffe Spielmann
Dunn Grenne

Pretty competitive, to be sure. Because Daniell is very good.


Altick Colton Sellyn Yates

Casares & Antal will be missed. But still have decent depth, and like Daniell for Bama, Lampl will be a huge add.
EDIT; Lampl goes to Stanford, too bad.


Ucros Remynse
Ruder-Hook Najarian
Fahey Minor

Looks pretty formidable to me. Plenty of good dbls players to start with.


Gleason Vrabel
Robinson Closs Fennelly
Broda Miller

Can they recruit some decent player for next season? Still, I think they can challenge Michigan for the Midwest supremacy.


Similar to GT? Young and good dbls players. Can Rooney step up? She has beaten Porter at the National..


Mamalat Deheza Hristov Boczova
Pierson Gavrilovska Bhosale

Great add in getting Pierson, and Paalma already shocked the USC team at BU.
Trust coach Joffe to produce results. Really wanted them to win the title last year..haha.
It'll be hard to duplicate that dramatic run, with all those great players graduating.  They could be better next season actually, since they have no seniors this season.


Generette James-Baker
Anderson Profit

Looks pretty good, but they will certainly miss Burgic.


Addison Groenvynck
Batra Horn Koprcina
Foster Wagland

Well, two freshmen were good enough to qualify in doubles at UCLA, that's a great result. Addison is senior'll be interesting against Texan rivals.


McPhillips Harrison
Brady Shaffer
Magill Wiley Fleming

Can the Bruins achieve 3 peat? If Brady stays, why not. Also boasts strong depth.


Smith Westby Xepoleas
Failla Letzt Valdes

Potential is there. Depth-wise, comparable to any team. Believe? Can they win the dbls point?


Chi Fabikova
Starr Manasse

With Susanyi, methinks Cal. can aim again for the championship this season. But next season? We'll see who they'll recruit.


Hardebeck Kostas
Zhao Davidson Doyle

Perennial contender. If Yee comes, will she be the savior like Hardebeck. And let's hope Krista gets her act together from this season haha.
Edit: Snagged Lampl from Vandy lol, now watch out.

2015 Recruiting update

All items from TRN;

Blue Chips;
1(1)Kaitlyn McCarthyNC12
2(2)Francesca DilorenzoOH11
3(3)Jessica HoPA24
4(4)Andie DaniellGA19
5(5)Katharine FaheyNJ15
6(6)Jessie AneyMN13
7(7)Kennedy ShafferOH12
8(9)Ellyse HamlinCT13
9(8)Caroline LamplVA11
10(10)Mia HorvitFL17
11(11)Melissa LordCT9
12(12)Chloe Ouellet-PizerNC15
13(13)Gabrielle AndrewsCA12
14(14)Kimberly YeeNV4
15(15)Brienne MinorIL17
16(16)Andrea KevakianCA20
17(17)Bianca MoldovanMI17
18(18)Amy YangGA11
19(19)Jessica GolovinNY18
20(21)Gabriela KnutsonCA7
21(20)Joanna ZalewskiNJ11
22(22)Jessica FaillaCA16
23(23)Star MakaromeFL18
24(24)Sophie ChangMD13
25(25)Erica OosterhoutFL10
26(26)Alexandra ValensteinCA17
27(27)Sabrina XiongNY18
28(28)Anna UlyashchenkoNY15
29(29)Rachel ChongCA20
30(30)Madison ClarkeAZ15
31(33)Samantha HamptonWA12
32(32)Rachel RohrabacherFL18
33(31)Emma DavisMA10
34(34)Elizabeth ProfitCA12
35(35)Nicole KalhornCO13
36(36)Alexandra LetztAZ10


G. Andrews (CA)NCAA - Pac-12UCLA
J. Aney (MN)NCAA - ACCNorth Carolina
S. Chang (MD)NCAA - ACCVirginia
A. Daniell (GA)NCAA - SECAlabama
K. Fahey (NJ)NCAA - Big TenMichigan
J. Failla (CA)NCAA - Pac-12USC
E. Hamlin (CT)NCAA - ACCDuke
J. Ho (PA)NCAA - ACCDuke
A. Letzt (AZ)NCAA - Pac-12USC
S. Makarome (FL)NCAA - Ivy LeagueColumbia
K. McCarthy (NC)NCAA - ACCDuke
B. Minor (IL)NCAA - Big TenMichigan
C. Ouellet-Pizer (NC)NCAA - ACCNorth Carolina
K. Shaffer (OH)NCAA - SECGeorgia

From Blue chips, Yee, Ivanova, Lord, Horvit, Moldovan, Golovin, Zalewski, Knutson, and Ooosterhout are still undecided.

Yee's school of interst, haven't changed;

SchoolInterest LevelOffer?Visit DateSigned NLI?


SchoolInterest LevelOffer?Visit DateSigned NLI?

Knutson's school of interest;

SchoolInterest LevelOffer?Visit DateSigned NLI?
Florida State
Miami (FL)


SchoolInterest LevelOffer?Visit DateSigned NLI?

Pac 12

Gabrielle AndrewsPomonaCAUCLA
Jessica FaillaRamonaCAUSC
Alexandra LetztScottsdaleAZUSC
Samantha HamptonVancouverWAArizona State
Rianna ValdesBoca RatonFLUSC
Camila WesbrooksMcKinneyTXArizona

It's safe to assume that Stanford is aiming for Yee. I mean who wouldn't lol. Duke already recruited 3 accomplished players, and UCLA lineup is chock full now. No seniors for Florida this season. That leaves Stanford and the Ivies.

Looks like Cal. will get another foreign player to replace Susanyi? Kevakian & Oosterhout are interested by the way, both good players.