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Friday, October 31, 2014

112th Annual So. Cal. Junior Sectional Doubles Championships

Interesting pairings: Liu/Shibahara, Andrews/Jack, Peus/Hazell, Hance/Nakagawa..

2014 JKC day 2 sgls

First I want to apologize; to Lenka Broosova, who indeed was present lol as Tulsa coach. Looks good, maybe that's why I couldn't recognize at first lol.

UCI wore a skull themed yellow ribbon on their hair, happy Halloween lol. And the asst. coach is a new one?

Maddox's shoulder is all right; and Yuki Chiang is not coming back(at least to Pepperdine), too bad.

Scatliffe came(UCSB).

And a Peninsula girl was spotted with her mom?

R1 Kelly Shaffer d. Jessica Perez Wd (inj)
R1 Shani Blecher d. Gabriella DeSimone Wo (ill)

R1 Renata Kuricova d. (4) Kiah Generette 6-1; 5-7; 10-2

So it was BU vs Tulsa; 3 consolation matches held at the same time, at 9am; pretty competitive, enjoyed it. So Tulsa is a quality team as well. Glad both LSU and Tulsa teams came.

Score from BU website:

Singles competition
CR1 Kelley Anderson (Baylor) def. Rongrong Leenabancho (Tulsa) 6-3, 4-6, 10-8
CR1 Renata Kuricova (Tulsa) def. #37 Kiah Generette (Baylor) 6-1, 5-7, 1-0
CR1 #117 Rachael James-Baker (Baylor) def. Ksenia Laskutova (Tulsa) 6-4, 6-3

Main crt match.
K's served well, and her weight transfer seemed good too. Didn't seem to hit that big but produced considerable pace. Kiah was spewing errors so the 1st set was quick.
Then Kiah got her form back, so the 2nd set was tight; last gm was really good, Kiah easily won with her power play.
TB was a bit of a letdown, Kiah again committing errors; still a great win by K.

Crt 8 Anderson def. Tulsa player wearing a visor.

HQ match, really enjoyed it. I can totally see A beating Xepoleas lol, both showed variety and nice hitting as well.

RJB def. Tulsa

Another nice match. Tulsa player even made some great gets. After mp she slammed the ball..and it fell into the pool lol.

R1 Danielle Pham d. Saana Saarteinen 2-6; 6-3; 10-3

That's quite a win by P.

R1 Natalia Janowicz d. Laura Mueller 7-6; 6-2

Eh, where was this played..

R1 Zoe Katz d. Luisa Ortiz 6-3; 6-0

Crt 4?  Couldn't watch much so can't say.

R1 Christine Maddox d. Marta Stojanovic 7-6; 6-0

Crt 5, too crowded so couldn't watch, that's a nice win by Christine.

 R1 Stacy Yam d. Megan Sanford 2-6; 7-6; 10-1

Crt 2, couldn't watch, but wow, that's quite a win by Yam.

R1 Natalie Da Silveira d. Mason Strickland 6-1; 6-3

Crt 5, so couldn't really watch.


16 Joanna Nalborska d. EllaTaylor 6-2; 6-2

Crt 8? N was just too good. Ella's drop shots were good though.

16 (5) Kaitlin Ray d. RutujaBhosale 6-1; 6-1

Crt 7, Ray in best condition; moved and returned so well, so after rallies it was B who was committing errors. R even once made a very difficult lob on the defensive. first match to finish.
Bhosale was later seen sporting a book about Jazz.

16 Joana Vale Costa d. Gabby Smith 7-6; 6-2

Main crt match. Gabby's return is so good..can return flat, with pace. Nice weight transfer too. So the match was quite competitive, and it was strewn with fast paced rallies. Both served rather well methinks. But Gabby's 2nd serves were attacked by C.
Is Costa playing #1? Gabby troubling FSU (Borthwick) and LSU's #1 so much..verra good.

16 (6) Maria Ines Deheza d. Alexis Rae Valenzuela 6-4; 6-2

Crt 3, couldn't really watch, too bad. Thought it was tight when I glimpsed. I think Alexis was leading in the 1st? Or not.

16 Abby Owens d. Sarah Gong 3-6; 7-6; 6-3

Very impressed with Abby; didn't know she was this good. Gong is an aggressive flat hitter yet she was frequently on the defensive, moonballing, Abby was that good. But I see that Gong actually was leading lol.  That means Gong could play #1 for UCI..?  Gong looks a bit like Emma Higuchi, especially her bh..nice form. I was pretty impressed with Anderson today; that means Gong, who defeated Anderson, could be real good..

16 Jean Runglerdkriangkrai d. (3) Kyle McPhillips 6-1; 7-6

Crt 6, so couldn't really watch, watched Kyle a lot yesterday anyway. Jean was leading 5-0 in the 2nd methinks lol, but Kyle made a helluva comeback, when I glimpsed her fh seemed good. Yet again, netted some balls. Had to wach other matches so can't really say what happened in the end.

16 Marcelina Cichon d. Terry Fleming 6-3; 6-7; 6-4

Crt 5, Terri was pretty impressive, I think she got loads better? Served well, and used drop shots to good effect. Cichon really struggled today. In the 3rd, she was quite aggressive, controlling points, and I think it paid off. Couldn't really watch much though. Anyway methinks Terri could be real good.

16 (1) Giuliana Olmos d. Skylar HOLLOWAY 7-6; 6-3

Crt 4, couldn't really watch much, so can't say. UCI girls especially the Facey sisters rooted for Gugu lol.

Q (5) Kaitlin Ray d. Joanna Nalborska 4-6; 6-4; 7-5

N's bh is really good; can do everything well and was sharp as hell.  Serve was a bit weak but her groundies were so sharp and solid; Ray really did well to make it tight. I think Ray's serve got better? Had quite a pace, so could hold her own. Still thought N was the favorite and if Ray can't attack N's serve, thought it was hopeless.
Yet from the 2nd N's form seemed to get a bit down, and Ray managed to win the grueling rallies in the end. Last gm was fantastic, Ray aced to get to mp, and mp itself was a fh dtl winner. R as usual sported good manners, applauding N's fine plays.

Q Joana Vale Costad. (6) Maria Ines Deheza 6-1; 6-1

Crt 8. D's serve was good, at least aced twice when I watched. C was just too good.

Q (1) Giuliana Olmos d. Marcelina Cichon 6-1; 6-2

Crt 7. C struggled again, and got a MTO on her shoulder? Couldn't watch much.

Q Abby Owens d. Jean Runglerdkriangkrai 6-3; 7-5

 Last match, and a great one. Jean has nice touch, and seems good in not giving opponents rhythm, mixing it up, high and flat balls, etc. And I'm liking Owens more and more lol. Again great hitting, but if it were not for her supreme defense, she might've lost. Great on the run shots, made some nice passing shots: great power and concentration. Fh slice, 2 hand bh slice, showed some great defensive shots as well.
Jean later came up to the net, understandable tactic, but O generally passed well. Mp was that one too, Jean sinking the volley, execution was the problem, not the aggressive intent. She actually led 5-2 in the 2nd, but I don't think it's a choke: great match.

2014 JKC day 2 doubles

I was robbed :tears: Where were those dbls matches by USC held, at a secret location or what lol.

Women's Open Doubles

16 Katz/Westby d. (8) Generette/James-Baker 8-5

16 (3) DeSimone/Scandalis d. Kuricova/Saarteinen 8-4

16 Capannolo/Feneridis d. Perny/Strickland 8-3

Can't really say about this match either, since I was concentrating on the singles matches. This match at least was held at crt 8. F's defense seemed pretty good.

16 (5) Gavrilovska/Paalma d. Mueller/Perez

Crt 7, finished too fast, TAMU led 7-0, so can't say.

USD also played dbls, but what with rain delay, was held simultaneously with the sgls matches; at crt 1 and 2, so couldn't watch, too bad.

Kyle McPhillips against the Trojans

Results from ITA:

10/19/20122012 USTA/ITA Division I Southwest Regional ChampionshipRound of 16Kaitlyn Christian #16 University of Southern CaliforniaWin6-3, 6-0
3/8/2013Dual MatchPos. #3#15 Zoë Scandalis #16 University of Southern CaliforniaLoss6-3, 6-1

4/18/2013Dual MatchPos. #2Danielle Lao #16 University of Southern CaliforniaWin6-2, 6-4

2/8/2014Dual MatchPos. #4#38 Giuliana Olmos #16 University of Southern CaliforniaWin6-2, 6-0

3/7/2014Dual MatchPos. #4#59 Zoë Katz #16 University of Southern CaliforniaWin6-3, 6-3

4/18/2014Dual MatchPos. #3Kaitlyn Christian #16 University of Southern CaliforniaWin6-1, 6-2

10/17/20142014 USTA/ITA Division I Women's Southwest Regional ChampionshipRound of 16Meredith Xepoleas #16 University of Southern CaliforniaLoss6-3, 6-1

2014 JKC 1st day singles

Matias, GSM, Abdala..former stars starting as coaches lol. Wasn't Broosova also an assistant coach? I don't think she's here though?

Later on it became a bit windy.

JKC is notorious for the cold weather lol but later the heater at the viewing area adjacent to crt 8 came on so it helped.

64 Joanna Nalborska d. Priscila Garcia 6-3; 6-1

Missed this.

64 Ella Taylor d. Jessica Perez 7-5; 6-1

Jessica was the bigger hitter but Ella was tenacious, her bh was especially good, sliced and drove well. Quite a win, I'd say. Jess's serve return didn't seem too good.

64 Drew Spinosa d. Kelly Shaffer 6-3; 6-1


64 Dana Oppinger d. Mazy Watrous 6-3; 6-1

Ditto, couldn't really watch both matches.  It seems that USD could be quite competitive this season?

64 Rutuja Bhosale d. Shani Blecher 7-6; 6-3

I think serve was the major difference, otherwise, not much. Maybe Rutuja hit a bit better, but Shani could attack also so the match was quite competitive.

64 Dobby Leenabanchong d. Gabriella DeSimone 6-4; 7-5

Couldn't really watch, Gabi was leading 5-2 in the 1st. Later came to watch and Dobby was controlling the match with her big groundies, didn't expect it because the dbls was of rather low quality lol. Gabi in fact returned pretty well.

64 Gabby Smith d. Renata Kuricova 6-1; 7-6

Impossible to watch.

64 Michaela Capannolo d. Saana Saarteinen 3-6; 6-3; 6-1

Main court match. I was surprised at the spelling of her 1st name on her t shirt, it was spelled Michaella lol. This was a quality match, what with both hitting quite well. Michaela's drives lacked a bit of a pace so thought it won't be easy, but she did well to win it.

64 Joana Vale Costa d. Danielle Pham 6-0; 6-1

Missed this.

 64 Jaimee Gilbertson d. Daniele Feneridis 6-1; 4-6; 6-1

The match seemed quite competitive.

64 Madara Straume d. Laura Mueller 6-3; 3-6; 7-5

Same here, both hit well.

 64 Alexis Rae Valenzuela d. Natalia Janowicz 3-6; 6-4; 6-2

Both hit and moved well so the points were long.

64 Abby Owens d. Luisa Ortiz 6-0; 6-3 64

Missed this?

Eva Paalma d. Zoe Katz 6-1; 6-7; 6-2

Eva yesterday impressed me in sgls more than dbls lol, thought she was a dbls speciallist. Huge serve and fh, so was in control of the match. Zoe targetted Eva's bh side, probably the weaker side, to good effect.

64 Sarah Gong d. Sophie Nelson 6-1; 6-0

Gong was too good.

64 Jean Runglerdkriangkrai d. Ksenia Laskutova 6-7; 6-4; 6-4

Missed this.

64 Kristine Kouyoumjian d. Melissa Baker 6-3; 6-2

Nice manners by both, KK was fired up.

64 Skylar Kuykendall d. Alba Perny 6-0; 6-3

Skylar seemed good, hit well.

64 Kat Facey d. Christine Maddox 6-2; 6-2

Quite a win by Kat, Christine's serve and drives seemed to lack a bit of a bite, maybe her shoulder hasn't fully healed yet? Takeback seemd a bit long but can't remember her form now lol.

64 Terry Fleming d. Marta Stojanovic 6-4; 6-2

Thought this match might be interesting. Marta actually hit well, but Terri returned well, smooth hitting and all, sorta reminded me of Alicia Black.

64 Marcelina Cichon d. Megan Sanford 6-3; 6-1

Main court match? Cichon was too good. Very nice form, hit verra well. Thought she could be quite a competitor if she could up her drive pace a bit.

64 (8) Rachael James-Baker d. Stacy Yam 6-2; 6-3

Missed this.

64 Lisa Fieldsend d. Mason Strickland 6-2; 6-1

64 Skylar HOLLOWAY d. Natalie Da Silveira 6-2; 5-7; 6-2

Quite a score by NDS.

64 Mahitha Dadireddy d. Camille Deleon 6-3; 6-4

Mahitha seemed pretty good, but she was good in dbls.

32 Joanna Nalborska d. (2) Saska Gavrilovska 7-5; 6-1

Eh? Couldn't watch much but was interested in this match, thought it might be competitive; yet when I watched G seemed to be winning points?

32 Ella Taylor d. Drew Spinosa 4-6; 7-6; 6-2

Pretty tight, rallies were generally long. Drew seems to have gotten better(haven't seen her too much during her junior years though). Just that Ella was a bit better hitter in the end. At mp(deuce, no-ad pt) Drew came up to the net, nice aggressive intent but missed the volley. Handshake was a bit of a fail lol.

32 (5) Kaitlin Ray d. Dana Oppinger 6-1; 6-2

Just could glimpse a bit but thought Dana actually played well, hit quite aggressively?

32 Rutuja Bhosale d. Dobby Leenabanchong 6-1; 6-2

32 Gabby Smith d. (4) Kiah Generette 6-1; 6-3

Too crowded so couldn't watch, but wow. Gabby seemed to have no problem against Kiah's drives, stood her ground when I had a glimpse.

32 Joana Vale Costa d. Michaela Capannolo 6-1; 6-1

Joana was too good. Did watch her at WAATC so knew what to expect. Still Michaela made the match competitive, hit reasonably well.

32 (6) Maria Ines Deheza d. Jaimee Gilbertson 7-6; 2-1Ret (inj)

32 Madara Straume d. Alexis Rae Valenzuela 6-2; 4-6; 6-2

Last match to finish. I thought Alexis won? Alexis seems to be a competent hitter.

32 Abby Owens d. Eva Paalma 3-6; 6-3; 7-5

Could watch from time to time, Eva wasn't winning the rallies; surprised by Abby's resistence, but she did well at WAATC PQ against Kiro?

32 Sarah Gong d. (7) Kelley Anderson 6-3; 6-7; 6-1

Where was this match played lol, I think at a secret location. That's quite a win by Gong.

32 Jean Runglerdkriangkrai d. Kristine Kouyoumjian 6-2; 6-2

32 (3) Kyle McPhillips d. Skylar Kuykendall 6-7; 7-5; 6-3

Nice 'warning' up for Kyle lol.  Skylar was aggressive and in fact scored more winners. Kyle's normally good serve wasn't working that well, and her drives were generally short, netted tons. ,But I guess she eventually got her game back. Skylar committed errors at the 2nd set tiebreak
In the 3rd Kyle showcased her variety to good effect.

32 Terry Fleming d. Kat Facey 6-1; 6-3

Just could watch a bit, thought this match could be interesting. Terry seemed more solid, returned well.  Nice showing by Kat I guess, too bad Ali didn't play sgls.

32 Marcelina Cichon d. (8) Rachael James-Baker 7-6; 6-3

RJB was good; hit nicely, almost guided on her forehand, and had variety as well. And returned very well against C's aggression. C did very well to win the 1st, she's definitely my new find in this tournament; very nice form.

32 Skylar HOLLOWAY d. Lisa Fieldsend 6-1; 6-3

Both hit well, so enjoyed this match, watched some of the 1st.  All in all I was impressed with the Tigers, they seemed pretty good.

32 (1) Giuliana Olmos d. Mahitha Dadireddy 3-6; 6-0; 6-0

When I glimpsed D was playing well, made a drop shot winner, etc. Dunno what happened later lol.

2014 JKC day 1 doubles

What is one supposed to do if you put up a roadblock on the only road I know -_-  So had to negotiate through and around the refinery, with no GPS, fortunately I had a sense of direction to eventually make it back to Anaheim St.

So it's already late, so will keep it brief.

All college banners, former and current ones were already hanging on the main court.
Was is Schweyer? wearing a nice dress. Later Xepoleas came, also Ringblom's father.

Dbls took about on hour methinks.

Who's UCSB's assistant coach? Not on the roster yet on the website?

32 Laskutova/Leenabanchong d. Pham/Valenzuela 8-7

Started late, error prone from both sides, just watched a bit of the first.

32 Katz/Westby d. Blecher/Oppinger

Didn't even know this match was being played later, thought it was already finished. Just could watch the final game, Mad's service game, didn't make 1sts but still served reasonably well, mp was her bh passing shot. Nice fight by USD to make the match competitive I guess.
Later praised Mad of her fellow citizen Morgan lol.

32 (8) Generette/James-Baker d. Costa/Straume 8-5

Missed this, didn't know where this was played, too bad.

32 Kuricova/Saarteinen d. Spinosa/Stojanovic 8-3


32 Perny/Strickland d. (6) Janowicz/Nalborska 8-6

Main court match. Perny subbed for Anderson;and what a win, when I watched NCS team were leading, especially N was impressive with her precision tennis.

32 Capannolo/Feneridis d. Deleon/Sanford 8-6

Watched a bit, CSF did well to make the match competitive. F's defense seemed pretty good.

32 Mueller/Perez d. Garcia/Yam 8-3

Just could watch a bit.

32 (5) Gavrilovska/Paalma d. Gong/Watrous 8-4

This match actually was long, I thought UCI played really well, especially Gong's offense was good. I wasn't too much impressed with P in this match. She seemed to drive deep enough though. Saska's drives were very low. Once Mazy returned Saska's spin serve with a dtl winner.
Later Bhosale/Deheza came to watch this match, the viewing area became too crowded so relinquished my seat lol.

32 Kuykendall/Owens d. Baker/Da Silveira 8-3

LSU rather cruised to the win. They were pretty agressive, came up to the net a lot, returned serves aggressively and lobbed well, too.

32 Facey/Facey d. Cichon/Dadireddy 8-7

Tight match, and what a win by UCI.  They haven't paired with each other recently, methinks. Was pretty impressed by D's volleys.

32 (7) Maddox/Runglerdkriangkrai d. HOLLOWAY/Taylor 8-4

Missed this, but considerng LSU players' sgls results, nice win by PEPP.

32 Candido/Gilbertson d. Fieldsend/Nelson

Watched a bit, UCSB's player with a visor was pretty good at net, nice defense.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

2014 ITF Juniors Atlanta result

Rebecca Weissmann was particularly impressive;

And who is Emma Decoste, class of 2018 TRN ranked #8, defeated Kevakian & Chong, wow. Shame on you two haha(joke).
Meible Chi is also doing well, but she was impressive against Goulak at ITF Claremont; just like her bigger sister Lynn, a flat aggressive hitter. She's sophomore and lists Cal, Stanford, Harvard, Duke as high interest at TRN.
Dunno Jade Lewis but she defeated my favorite players 3 in a row lol.
And Sanford defeating Meredith quite easily by the score..would've liked to watch that match.

1st Round

2nd Round

3rd Round

2014 JKC link (draw is out)

Should've known. No info whatsoever on the participants on the homepages of the participating schools(except NCS) so was exasperated, but brilliant thinking on my part to check out tennislink lol.

Tulsa is also playing, sending practically the whole squad. I do miss Sam Vickers.

Too bad Michaela's sis isn't coming.

Surprisingly? Kyle and Saska are playing, verra good. Normally both will be sgls title contenders, but with Kyle's form..we'll see lol. And Eva is playing, moreover teamed up with Saska, excellent. Probably the title contender along with the Trojans.

Westby is at last operational, and she teams up with Katz. Surprisingly? Gabi teamed up with Scandal, scandalous. The quest for the right combo continues (who will Xepoleas team up with then lol).

Draw is out.
Xepoleas withdrew, too bad. Westby is only playing doubles.

As usual will concentrate on the visitors from out-of-state.

Singles, lower half seems tough. Kyle vs Saska final is likely, maybe.

Doubles, lots of insteresting matchups;

Bad luck for Gong/Watrous, meeting the dreaded TAMU team in the 1st round.

UCSB(Da Silveira was good in juniors, nice pick by UCSB) vs LSU,
PEPP vs CSF(Sanford is playing)

Damn UCLA and TAMU are grouped in the 2nd quarter. The winner might meet Olmos/Smith.

Janowicz/Nalborska's dbls result this season

NCS is first to post an article on JKC.

From ITA as usual:

10/18/20142014 USTA/ITA Division I Women's Carolina Regional ChampionshipQuarterfinalsJoanna Nalborska
Natalia Janowicz
Meghan Blevins
Brigit Folland
#26 University of South CarolinaLoss8-4
10/17/20142014 USTA/ITA Division I Women's Carolina Regional ChampionshipRound of 16Joanna Nalborska
Natalia Janowicz
Marika Akkerman
Cassandra Vazquez
#3 North CarolinaWin8-4
10/16/20142014 USTA/ITA Division I Women's Carolina Regional ChampionshipRound of 32Joanna Nalborska
Natalia Janowicz
Tyla Goodridge
Saundra Smith
North Carolina A&T StateWin8-3
10/16/20142014 USTA/ITA Division I Women's Carolina Regional ChampionshipRound of 64Joanna Nalborska
Natalia Janowicz
Christina Makarova
Annie Mulholland
#2 Duke UniversityWin8-5
9/21/2014Yellow Jacket InvitationalJoanna Nalborska
Natalia Janowicz
Linn Timmermann
Marcia Tere-Apisah
#55 Georgia State UniversityLoss6-3

Could be pretty good, judging from these results.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mira is playing USTA Irvine?

How is this possible.

Ruder-Hook, MiraSan Diego, CA78'Court/Yellow Ball - G18s

2014 NIIC singles selection(extra participants)

At large:

Most of them are Regional finalists:

Manasse R Q, but harassed winner Zhao most, and upset Loeb at WAATC, Quarterfinalist there.
Olmos Regional Semifinalist
Shankle R Q, but defeated top seed Addison.
Wagner Regional Quarterfinalist but did harass Anderson most at WAATC, A won by 76(9), 26, 64


Gavrilovska great choice methinks



Host WC:



Sending 3 sgls players: UF, UNC, UVA, CAL
2: Vandy, MICH, USC

All in all, a 4 way tie among Cal., UNC, UVA and UF, sending 5 players to NY:

Susanyi, Chi, Fabikova, Starr, Manasse
Price, Dai, Vialle, Loeb, Carter
Morton, Collins, Elbaba, Nauta, Mercer
Morgan, Keegan, Austin, Kuhlman, Porter

UCLA follows with 4, all decided after WAATC lol, and that's without Brady:
Anderson, Van Nguyen, McPhillips, Harrison
Edit: Anderson is not playing, so 3. CU is sending 4 players.

Playing both disciplines:
Vaidya, Susanyi, Manasse, Olmos, Kuhlman, Austin, Lushkova, Bektas, Wagner

2014 NIIC selection announced (doubles)

From ITA

Gonzales Austin/Rhys JohnsonRima Asatrian/Kanika Vaidya
  Vanderbilt University  Columbia University
  USTA/ITA Ohio Valley Regional Champion  USTA/ITA Northeast Regional Champion
Julian Cash/Florian LakatBrooke Austin/Kourtney Keegan
  Mississippi State University  University of Florida
  USTA/ITA Southern Regional Champion  USTA/ITA Southeast Regional Champion
Nick Chappell/Will SteinEmina Bektas/Alex Najarian
  Texas Christian University  University of Michigan
  Saint Francis ITA All-American Consolation Winner  USTA/ITA Midwest Regional Champion
Roberto Cid/Sasha GozunPleun Burgmans/Emily Flickinger
  University of South Florida  Auburn University
  USTA/ITA Southeast Regional Champion  USTA/ITA Southern Regional Champion
Luca Corinteli/Ryan ShaneAshley Dai/Kate Vialle
  University of Virginia  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  USTA/ITA Atlantic Regional Champion  USTA/ITA Carolina Regional Champion
Eddy Covalschi/Josh HagarInes Deheza/Rachel Pierson
  University of Notre Dame  University of Texas A&M
  USTA/ITA Midwest Regional Champion  USTA/ITA Texas Regional Champion
Henry Craig/Alex GassonKlara Fabikova/Zsofi Susanyi
  University of Denver  University of California, Berkeley
  USTA/ITA Mountain Regional Champion  USTA/ITA Northwest Regional Champion
Ian Dempster/Robbie MudgeLinda Fritschken/Emma Onila
  North Carolina State University  Barry University
  USTA/ITA Carolina Regional Champion  USTA/ITA Super Bowl Champion
Tomislav Gregurovic/Tin OstojicQuinn Gleason/Monica Robinson
  Wichita State University  University of Notre Dame
  USTA/ITA Central Regional Champion  At-Large Selection 
Ross Guignon/Tim KopinskiBeatrice Gumulya/Jessy Rompies
  University of Illinois  Clemson University
  USTA Wildcard  Riviera/ITA All-American Champion
Yannick Hanfmann/Roberto QuirozCatherine Harrison/Kyle McPhillips
  University of Southern California  University of California, Los Angeles
  Saint Francis ITA All-American Runner-up  Riviera/ITA All-American Consolation Winner
Trevor Johnson/Cameron NorrieTina Jiang/Crystal Leung
  Texas Christian University  Columbia University
  USTA/ITA Texas Regional Champion  Host Wildcard
Alex Lawson/Billy PecorJosie Kuhlman/Peggy Porter
  University of Notre Dame  University of Florida
  At-Large Selection  At-Large Selection
Mackenzie McDonald/Martin RedlickiKelsey Laurente/Viktoriya Lushkova
  University of California, Los Angeles  Oklahoma State University
  USTA/ITA Southwest Regional Champion  USTA/ITA Central Regional Champion
Kevin Metka/Ralf SteinbachLina Lileikite/Stephanie Wagner
  Ohio State University  University of Miami (FL)
  At-Large Selection  At-Large Selection 
Ashok Narayana/Max SchnurMaegan Manasse/Denise Starr
  Columbia University  University of California, Berkeley
  At-Large Selection  USTA Wildcard
Denis Nguyen/Brian YeungCassie Mercer/Skylar Morton
  Harvard University  University of Virginia
  USTA/ITA Northeast Regional Champion  USTA/ITA Atlantic Regional Champion
Richard Pham/Mike VermeerGiuliana Olmos/Gabby Smith
  Columbia University  University of Southern California
  Host Wildcard  USTA/ITA Southwest Regional Champion
Jaime Sanchez-Canamares Rios/Deni ZmakNadia Ravita/Aldila Sutjiadi
  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University  University of Kentucky
  USTA/ITA Super Bowl Champion  USTA/ITA Ohio Valley Regional Champion
Bernardo Saraiva/Nils SkajaaJulyette Steur/Kyra Wojcik
  University of San Francisco  University of Colorado
  USTA/ITA Northwest Regional Champion  USTA/ITA Mountain Regional Champion

Only 1 of top 5 is playing: UCLA as WAATC consolation winner.
That meams former slam champs UA and GT teams aren't participating.
So RIP to the ITA poll:

Which 2013 USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiate Champion has the best chance of defending their title in 2014?
UGA team is not playing either.
Stanford opted out again.
This field might be even weaker than WAATC...
Consequently, another perfect chance to win a slam.

Sending two teams: Columbia, California, Florida.
All extra teams except Host WC were Regional finalists: except UM, but they were WAATC consolation finalist, and did beat the UGA team at the Regional.