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Saturday, February 28, 2015

"The String Theory" by Wallace

ITA rule] Journalists didn't do their job

Since journalists are the Watchdogs.

Since they neglected the issue, those conspirators had the impunity to try those schemes again and again.

Colette is not enough. We need mainstream reportage, like ESPN, SI, WSJ, NYT...

So, they didn't do their job. Intriguing, since this issue is as 'saucy' as it gets. Much better than the endless speculations about ATP big 4(what's new? and news? Seriously). Aren't they tired of covering them incessantly? Lol.

They should cover this issue; and the overall Div. I community should be publicly shamed. So supine..

Some interesting parts from Joyce interview by Colette


"A lot of coaches say you don't need to worry about your opponent, just play your game. To me that's stupid. Of course you want to play your game, but you have to be smart about what you're doing, when there are certain things that you can control."

Exception; Serena Williams lol, as she professed that she didn't study the opponents when she was younger, when she was reaping all those slams!


" I've learned for players to become really good, they have to like the process. They have to enjoy the process of getting better, trying to improve, not make the wins and losses the end of the world.
You see Federer, Nadal, Djokovic these guys are so successful and they keep wanting it. And Maria's the same way. She's accomplished so much, and especially with her injuries, she could have easily just retired. But I find the best players, they love the process more than the actual results. Obviously Federer's like that. What keeps him going? Nadal. Obviously not everyone's like that, that's why they're special. "


"There are parents who take kids out of tournaments because they're going to lose points. I had one mother tell me she was going to pull her son out of a tournament because she said he doesn't gain anything by winning this tournament. That hurts you. Go play.

I remember I used to lose to Jon Leach in the 10s and 12s. He was like 6-foot-2, he was my biggest nemesis, I'd lose to him all the time. And my dad would literally call up the Southern Cal section's office to see what tournaments he was in, so he could sign me up for them.

Nowadays, it's like, oh, you don't like to play that player? You don't have to. It was totally opposite. If I didn't like playing a left-hander, my dad would find every left-hander. I think maybe we've lost that a little bit. That's how you're going to learn. That's the process of getting better, not worrying where you are in the rankings next week. "

Tennis parents, take note!

And David Foster Wallace wrote an article about him? Haven't read his works, should check it out from the library..what's the title?

3015 ITF RSF day 6

Dog tired after returning; all those fantastic birding adventures from Bolsa Chica down to San Diego! So cancelled today's Quail Lake birding trip, as well as the 1st day of PQ.

Will attend PQ on the 3rd to the 5th, because I have to attend Birding Presentation from the Claremont students on the evening of the 5th.

Scores from Meelis of TF

(6)Catherine Bellis (USA) d. (1)Johanna Konta (GBR) 53 Ret.

Breakfest till 2 all, then Cici held. Konta had an extensive MTO after 3-2 or something.  So can't really comment. Konta tended to make errors after rallies.

Cici was seen eating a Lay potato chip the day before lol(the perk of the balcony seat! Few came up, except some kids and a guy-coach? yesterday, Harman as I said, and Emma's mom).

 Ipek Soylu (TUR) d. (3)Indy de Vroome (NED) 75 46 62

Both are big servers, so tight all the way. I felt Ipek returned serve a bit better; she's in fact a very good serve returner, just that Indy's serve pace is masive lol, bailed her out numerous times.

Indy botched a drop shot after high paced rally exchange(difficult to execute in that circumstance) at 2-2 in the 3rd?, then her usually reliable fh broke down, netted a lot. Before this her bh was holding up pretty well, so a pity.

(4)Maria Sanchez (USA) d. Mayo Hibi (JPN) 75 67(6) 60

Similar to above.  Unlike the above match a breakfest lol, but Mayo's fh broke down in the 3rd, like Indy.  Mayo's fh vs Maria's bh rally was fierce, and Maria seemed to send looping fh to Mayo's bh.

  Maria from the middle of the 1st began to approach the net, did very well, but Mayo did the same later on also to good effect.  Mayo is a good slicer but Maria can do it well too.

 Sanaz Marand (USA) d. Bernarda Pera (USA) 67(4) 64 76(5)

Tight all the way, left after Lao/Wong lost so can't say about the final outcome. I guess Sanaz serving well was crucial as usual. Weathered Pera's relentless agression.
Pera does have variety, just that she makes errors now and then. 

(1)Crawford/Muhammad (USA/USA) d. Harman/Pegula (USA/USA) 61 26 10-7

Couldn't watch, too tired and had to go home(curse the 405, avoid that highway at all cost! Why did I choose that circuitious route..stupid of me), so left after the conclusion of the below match. This was the last match.

(3)Soylu/Stojanovic (TUR/SRB) d. (2)Lao/Wong (USA/USA) 62 63

S/S too powerful. Wong is a good server, but..power prevails.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

2015 IW PQ draw out

Wow, not only youngsters who played at ITF RSF such as Miller, Maltby and Valentstein; younger players such as Shimizu, Jankowski, Gevargiz, Branstine, Lahey..

Ena vs Kelly on Tues, 10:30 lol, must watch.

Wait; Alaina vs Sam lol, this could be real quick, considering the style of both players! But..same 10:30? Can this match play right next to Ena vs Kelly match lol, want to watch both..

Cali meets Risa, Risa is of course the favorite but could be interesting. 2pm Mon.

Gevargiz vs Constance could be interesting too, C of course is the favorite.

Van Alphen has a bye.

Hazell plays too. She might meet...former Miami player, Danielle Mills....! She flew all the way from FL?!

Parravi is also playing. Hance as well.

Rika Tanaka, Ojai winner defeating Cali, meets a tough opponent; Lorraine! Lol.  The winner meets Alexa Glatch on 1:30 Tues.

Peus is playing and meets Yuki Chiang lol, same time on Tues.

Sebov is playing, good, but why is Summer playing her...tough luck for Summer! Winner meets Albanese.

Taylor Johnson meets Urbina.

Gulbe, will her brother watch her play?

'Catching up on' Bellis

Kenin, Dolehide, now Arconada..

catching up on Bellis!

Now THIS is catching up; you don't say 'catching up' when college players beat Krista lol!

2015 ITF RSF Day 5

Totally forgot that play starts at 10am today, hurried needlessly.

And lost how many Starbucks waterbottles from Stanford NCAA...anybody seen one? Green cap, long transparent plastic bottle :sobbing:

Really, watching tennis after birding is like 'post coitus' lol. Was in bliss at Kit Carson Park and Lake Hodge in the morning!  Consequently by the Cici vs Usue match, was tired as hell lol.

So, call me Birdman!! Isn't that a movie title staring Keaton..haha.

Very 'productive' day today! Chatted with Scholl(says Chalena is now operational, started to play. And is she coaching Chang/Daniell? Practiced with them a lot), Janowicz(I thought so! Since she wore a UF sportswear, confirmed and said hi! Coaching Usue! So in front of her complimented on Olivia's Winner status lol, and also bragged about the de rigeur topic, fantastic Cal. weather! Haha.  Olivia recommended Celik vs Solyu, so followed the expert's advice; was watching that anyway!), Sanchez(We both are not fans of that clown Sherman! Lol), 'facebook friend' Whoriskey, Day's 'father'(I deeply apologize. Please 're-enlist as your friend haha), De Vroome, Chang, Daniell...of course with W mainly talked about the Super Bowl lol.

New sponsors including Ohana Café, etc.

Dumping overheads was the order of the day! Haha.

Kramperova is wearing 'Armani Exchange'!

I guess no more buffet? Tomorrow's my last day there and still no 'volunteer offer' of buffet coupon like Koz lol.

And..was Nicole Mossmer there??!!!  Watching Cici vs Usue, definitely looked like her!  And a tall boy intensely scrutinized me standing, wondered if it was Sam Riffice or someone haha.

Sophie and Natalia V(I won't try to spell her last name, since I can't lol) practiced at court 3 later in the day.

Again scores from Meelis of TF;

Second Round

(1)Johanna Konta (GBR) d. Edina Gallovits-Hall (ROU) 76(2) 63

Hmm, Edina was leading in the 1st, the match was pretty tight. Johanna can create impressive width from her drives(like Hardebeck), but Edina played well, too. She received MTOs after the 1st set?

 (6)Catherine Bellis (USA) d. (wc)Usue Maitane Arconada (USA) 64 64

Even.  Usue lost by committing errors after LONG intense rallies. MP was DF. Massive improvement against Bellis from that National rout lol, maybe an 'Olivia effect'? Haha. Catching up!

Cici seems to have learnt grunting at Bolletieri! Haha, yesterday it was especially pronounced, today, not so much!  She didn't really lose net play battle against Usue, in itself an impressive feat. Both tried drop shotting time to time.

Whoriskey and Marand chatted with 'coach' Janowicz.  And MVP recorded some clips of Cici!

 (3)Indy de Vroome (NED) d. (Q)Kayla Day (USA) 62 60

No shame for Kayla, Indy was just too powerful. Kayla actually could return Indy's massive serves, impressive stuff. Kayla's father told me she's a hot item right now! Lots of colleges are interested, it seems :)   Said hi to her earlier at the clubhouse!

 Ipek Soylu (TUR) d. (5)Susanne Celik (SWE) 63 76(5)

Ipek trumped Susanne in raw power? Impressive.  It wasn't an easy win, of course. Susanne definitely has better variety, Ipek's volleys were....not very good haha. Pretty emotional as well, abused the racket a lot!
Susanne yesterday initiated hugging her compatriot after the win...not today, haha.

 Mayo Hibi (JPN) d. Asia Muhammad (USA) 62 36 76(4)

Asia was aggressive, and approached the net pretty effectively; so harassed Mayo to no end. Took forever to finish lol.

 (4)Maria Sanchez (USA) d. Caitlin Whoriskey (USA) 75 64

Both were rather similar, serving and volleying well. So the match was tight all the way. Joked to Maria that she needs to coach Meredith Xepoleas how to hit bh lol, since she had the best bh in college!

 Sanaz Marand (USA) d. (8)Francoise Abanda (CAN) 76(1) 61

Sanaz as usual served and defended well. Could actually flatten out a bit too, attacking.
A really is a nice smooth hitter(she's not a ballbasher), seems to read serve well too.

 Bernarda Pera (USA) d. Lauren Embree (USA) 26 64 76(4)

Lauren committed DFs at crucial moments, unlike her. If she could attack, she might've won, because Pera was spewing gazillions of WTF errors lol.  Need to be more aggressive, but it's easier said than done? Dunno.  Anyhow as usual defended well, her gets were as usual very good.  Wore a headband and later switched to white cap.  Rarely yelled compared to Pera lol, but once yelled after making 3 overheads in a row, finally winning the point! Lol.
Pera was more powerful so scored plenty of winners.


(1)Crawford/Muhammad (USA/USA) d. Gallovits-Hall/Halbauer (ROU/USA) 61 63

Hmmm, I guess C/M were just too good.

 Harman/Pegula (USA/USA) d. (4)Pera/Slater (USA/GBR) 76(5) 64

Is Michael Joyce P's coach? Did I see him at WTT Manhattan Beach, when Masha played there. I guess not may can afford his 'price'; the Pegulas certainly can!

Pegula vs Pera power game was pretty even methink.  Slater served and volleyed well, Harman too, so the match was tight all the way.

By the way Harman was right next to me last night watching doubles, but what can I say; Syracuse; cold lol; Carmelo Anthony; how 'dare' you beat KK/Scholl haha.  She wore Syracuse visor at practice!

 (3)Soylu/Stojanovic (TUR/SRB) d. Chen/Liu (USA/USA) 75 75

Although C/L committed lots of errors(Liu's volleys were a bit dire haha), both served well so could make the match tight.

 (2)Lao/Wong (USA/USA) d. Albanese/Korashvili (USA/UKR) 63 64

Hmm, can't really say. K did commit some errors, but overall pretty even methink. Lao did well to serve out the match. Her mom wasn't present today?

According to Coach Jenny Hilt-Costello

It's at Zootennis.

(I bolded the parts)


"4) Following the fall 2014 NCAA tabling of their proposal, the ITA created the ‘Women’s Scoring Format Committee’ with a representative from each conference. Three conference calls were held. During those calls, no consensus was reached in support of any specific proposed change. However, there was overwhelming consensus in opposition to any change to the doubles format. The ITA never shared those results.

5) At the lightly attended ITA Convention this past December, the ITA announced that a 12-person ‘Athletic Director’s Committee’ had been created by the ITA during fall 2014. This committee of handpicked AD’s, retired AD’s and some other athletic administrators presented a report mirroring all previous ITA recommendations and justifications put forth in support of their dramatic format proposals. (It should be noted that this was an USTA/ITA created committee rather than a NCAA committee. When D1 coaches surveyed their own AD’s, the existence of this ITA AD’s committee was largely unknown to them)."


Wow. WOW.

Can we cut off those heads? Pretty please? Lol.

So let's say that those WERE the Bolsheviks, determined FEW.


DIDN'T DO A THING, TAMELY FOLLOWED THE 'DECREED' FORMAT THROUGHOUT AND 'WAITED' FOR THE NCAA CABINET DECISION!!!  Dunno if there was a behind the door lobby to influence the Cabinet members, or whatever.

THAT's the reason why I am depressed and have no hope for Div. I.

2015 IW] Booked / PQ seeds?

Mar. 2-5
Mar. 9-12

Here we go..broke again lol.


According to TF(can't access the list on my computer now, should try Fire)


Seed list:
1. Melanie Oudin (164)
2. Julia Boserup (183)
3. Anastasia Rodionova (185)
4. Arina Rodionova (246)
5. Catherine Bellis (247)
6. Bernharda Pera (248)
7. Samantha Crawford (250)
8. Francoise Abanda (253)
9. Mayo Hibi (260)
10. Lauren Embree (338)
11. Alexia Glatch (340)
12. Elle Halbauer (603)
13. Jacqueline Cako (609)
14. Jessica Pegula (728)
15. Kelly Chen (817)
16. Laura Gulbe (903)
17. Krisitina Smith (985)
18. Danielle Mills (1020)
19. Jessica Failla (1117)
20. Alexandra Valenstein (1160)
21. Sandra Dynka (1212)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Why it is a conspiracy to kill doubles

If they restricted to Dual match format, maybe it might've made a modicum of sense. For Team tournaments such as NTI and NCAA.


The new ITA rule also say that NCAA doubles tournament format should be changed;

3rd set match tiebreaker, in lieu of a proper set.

Do I need to explain more?  What does THIS have to do with TV?  TV can't handle normal best of 3 sets doubles match? I laugh.

So, axing A QUARTER of dual doubles is not enough, you HAVE to ax  A PONTENTIAL THIRD of NCAA Individual Doubles match.

Of Course it's a conspiracy to kill doubles.  Don't try to obscure this blatant fact by spouting #growthegame nonsense, please.

2015 ITF RSF Day 4

Carol said Krista chose not to come.

And my mistake, that girl I almost hit yesterday was Nina Stojanovic lol.

McCarthy and Gordon were still at the venue, practiced, etc.

Again scores from Meelis of TF;

Singles Main Draw (1)Johanna Konta (GBR) d. (wc)Claire Liu (USA) 62 63

Johanna was just too good. Serve, drives..Claire was aggressive as usual but sank tons. And had to be constantly on the defensive against Johanna's massive attacks. That was a rare sight, Claire constantly on the defensive haha(Normally she's the aggressor in the match).

Watching this, thought of Krista almost beating Mathilde Johansson at IW Q. Was it 2012? Won the 1st set and could've won the 2nd as well. What was Johansson's ranking then?

 Edina Gallovits-Hall (ROU) d. Nina Stojanovic (SRB) 46 75 64

Really liked Nina's play. Very aggressive, seems to hit early, very fast tempo. Edina was aggressive as well so it was quite a match.

 (wc)Usue Maitane Arconada (USA) d. (Q)Lauren Albanese (USA) 61 63

Absolute slugfest lol, both were hitting the crap out of the ball, so committed errors as well.  Hence the points were short, and the match, as well, the first to finish.

Oh MVP arrived, watched Cici vs Sebov match.

 (6)Catherine Bellis (USA) d. (Q)Katherine Sebov (CAN) 26 63 63

Kat is really good...well anybody who beats Caro Dolehide is real good lol. Such a terrific hitter; attacked Cici's serve effectively, and won a lot of long rallies in the 1st. Coupled with Cici's errors, the 1st set was quick, didn't watch much though. 

Then, I dunno, Cici is just such a balanced player; as I repeatedly say, her defense is also very good; could return lots of Kat's lethal drives, and of course attacked when she had an opening. So began to win those long rallies, and also attacked Kat's serve well.  And seemed to use variety a lot, approached the net, drop shotted, etc. 
Kat's form may have gone down, but Cici definitely had a say in it. Nice match.
Oh MVP arrived, and watched this match.

 (Q)Kayla Day (USA) d. (Q)Mari Osaka (JPN) 46 62 62

Couldn't really watch much, but Kayla having a good match against Mari itself tells volumes; So Kayla wants to go to Stanford; I bet she can lol.  Just returned SO well, as I said her rally shots are very good; so Mari after rallies committed errors.

 Ipek Soylu (TUR) d. (Q)Alexandra Stevenson (USA) 62 Ret.

Ipek's serve return and bh seemed very good; returning Alex's serve is not easy, yet she could return with pace.  Alex had a MTO at 0-3, maybe her back.

 (5)Susanne Celik (SWE) d. Sofia Arvidsson (SWE) 76(3) 64

Sofia was leading 4-0 methink. Till then Sofia was playing aggressively and Susanne was just committing tons of errors. Then left to watch other matches, so dunno what happened, but Susanne won the next  3 games.
She's very good. Serve, drive, variety, total package. Fun drop shot exchanges from time to time lol. I thought Sofia began to play a bit passively, but anyhow, Susanne was hitting pretty freely later on.  Later Sofia's errors crept up, but as the score suggests, the match was tight all the way.

 Asia Muhammad (USA) d. (7)Samantha Crawford (USA) 61 46 60

Didn't watch that much, so can't really say. When I glimpsed Asia was returning Sam's massive drives with slicing, etc. So Sam was committing errors after the rallies.

 Caitlin Whoriskey (USA) d. (wc)Jacqueline Cako (USA) 61 76(4)

Caitlin was maybe the better player. As in college, master slicing, and generally was the better attacker. Didn't really watch this much so can't say, Cako fought well it seems.

 (4)Maria Sanchez (USA) d. (Q)Jessica Pegula (USA) 36 63 64

Same here, watched from time to time that's all. Maria's serve was good, and was later approaching the net a lot.  Made drive winners at crucial points later in the match.

 (8)Francoise Abanda (CAN) d. (Q)Natalia Vikhlyantseva (RUS) 61 61

Abanda's serve seemed pretty weak, but Natalia just couldn't return those. A seemed to hit her fh a bit late, but had generally no problem rallying, and could move V around pretty effectively, her bh was good.  Later even served sharply, and attacked V's serve aggressively to good effect. V was the bigger hitter, yet just couldn't make much 1st serves, and DFed at times. Dumped tons after rallies as well.

 Sanaz Marand (USA) d. Tori Kinard (USA) 62 63

Tori was good, quite aggressive. Just watched a bit of the 1st. Sanaz as usual served well.

 Lauren Embree (USA) d. (Q)Emma Christine Higuchi (USA) 06 62 63

Youngsters are doing too well lol.  Winning a set against Embree..not bad. Was the aggressor, attacked very well in the 1st. Then dunno, maybe Embree's typical game; returned everything lol, so began to win those long points, ending in Emma's errors. Emma's net approach volleys weren't bad.

Doubles Main Draw

 (1)Crawford/Muhammad (USA/USA) d. Cako/Zhao (USA/CAN) 64 76(5)

C/M did make some errors but Cako was pretty impressive; volleys, drives, executed well, so could have a tight match. Carol made some volley errors.  Her defensive volleys were good, but offensively; hit and miss haha.

(4)Pera/Slater (USA/GBR) d. Chang/Daniell (USA/USA) 76(4) 36 10-7

Youngsters did very well, so the match was long.  Sophie volleyed and passed well, and Andie drove and served well, too.  Slater's volleys were good, and Pera generally won the drive contests, also served well.

 Chen/Liu (USA/USA) d. (wc)Man-Son-Hing/Shibahara (USA/USA) 62 64

This was supposed to start later but was played simultaneously with other doubles matches at crt 3, ugh. So couldn't really watch much. Liu at last wins a doubles match against Ena, haha.

Albanese/Korashvili (USA/UKR) d. Hibi/Kramperova (JPN/CZE) 64 26 10-7

Just watched a few games in the 1st, so can't say. Blame the court location, crt 6 lol.
H/K played well actually, but A/K did catch up..dunno who won.

Oh as I avowed, told Mayo that she did well to turn pro, considering what a mess Div. I became!

ITA rule] Is THAT all you got?

So, I vote No Confidence.

But who knows, if others, the alternatives, could be even worse like the above movie scenario lol.


Let's say that those coaches had the best interest of tennis in mind. Very altruistic, self sacrificing.  Absolute angels, warriors for the Cause, fought like a lion.
Maybe they haggled with the ADs to the end, using all the cards, eliciting the 'Great Compromise'.

If THAT's the BEST they could do.

If those coaches, are the best advocates of the sport, the best minds that Div. I can offer.

Then I'd say, that Div. I tennis is truly fucked.  At least, doubles is.

Extremely gloomy situation.

ITA rule] Coaches didn't do their JOB

Just read(imperative) coach Bayliss' post at Zootennis.

Dunno if they were persuaded, or threatened by the ADs.  Maybe they were too cowered to make an effective counterargument.

Or, that they actively conspired with them to kill doubles.

Either way.

The point is, that they FAILED to stand up to ADs, FAILED to save doubles!!

The coaches' job is to sell their sport to ADs, no? So that it won't get axed.

The rule didn't HAVE to get changed to make it to TV.  Yet, what happened here????

Their job is to 'educate' the ignorant ADs on the merit of their sports, no?  So why, in turn, did they get persuaded??

They weren't smart, they weren't tough, they were cowardly, or they were opportunistic; take your pick.

To sum it up;

First, the coaches didn't properly promote their sport, resulting in graveyard scenes in dual matches and tournaments, giving ADs an excuse to ax the sport.

Second, the coaches couldn't or didn't persuade the ADs effectively to save the sport, resulting in another 'Munich' for doubles.

Funny thing is, some colleges' tennis courts are getting RENOVATED; the colleges are actually pouring money on tennis facilities.

But they can't persuade ADs to save doubles? Maintain the 'integrity' of the sport?

What can we infer from this supreme IRONY??

That's why I have no hope in Div. I. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What the new ITA rule means for doubles fans


Even more galling because it's discriminated against singles, which only has no-ad restriction.

Doubles got 2 games axed-yes, that's a QUARTER-, AND clinch rule applies only to doubles as well(which is the definition of high stupidity).

One would even wish that the singles 3rd set match tiebreaker got passed last season.

So naturally, one could speculate; after they failed to ram through that match tiebreaker in singles, they changed tactic, this time axing 2 doubles games.

And it worked!! NOBODY CARED. No petitions from SAs this time.

Only NCAA Cabinet saved the doubles this time.

But hey, ITA still insists on the new rule; so, as you've seen, Michigan vs UNC match employed that 6-game rule AGAIN.

Now you know why I'm mad as an hatter!!!

This is a blatant conspiracy; to KILL doubles.  Sad thing is, nobody seems to care.

Coach Diaz is even tweeting a supremely ironic hashtag; #growthegame

When he approved AXING 2 doubles games!!  How does axing translate to growing? Total mystery to me!

Hasn't Doubles suffered enough??!!


Tough luck on Higuchi vs Embree

When I vowed after this Div. I disaster of killing doubles, that's I'll concentrate even more on doubles;

That's why I didn't watch Pera vs Aoyama that much today; because the doubles had started by then lol.

Same tomorrow. The only singles match that has to 'compete' for my attention with 3 doubles matches...!

And since I wasn't able to watch Andie at all in singles(what with execrable court locations lol), I must watch Chang/Daniell vs Pera/Slater lol.

Well, maybe those 3 doubles matches will finish quick, and Higuchi vs Embree will go to 3 LONG sets...! Since both players aren't exactly high risk players, long match scenario is certainly possible...even if it doesn't go to 3 sets...!  Here's to hope? Lol.

Well, one can watch crt 1, 3 and 5 at the same time, at my favorite 'location'..I must defend that 'seat' tomorrow at all cost...??!!!

Coach Peter Smith's 'gaffe'

Can't find it now, TW or Zootennis Comments, but a poster said that he was told by Peter Smith that his wife couldn't watch a full dual match at NCAA or something(was this conversation held at NTI?).

Is this true?

If it is;

How could he SAY THAT???

How should we interpret that remark; that he helped to change the rule because his wife couldn't watch the whole match?????

Let's 'sanitize' it and say that it's a fan; so, change the whole rule because of one fan's 'whim?'

I would understand if he said that the students begged for shorter match times.

But it's not?

Is his remark borne from sheer arrogance or what??

Am I overanalyzing it? Don't think so.

Whenever Private Interest trumps Public Interest, that society is gonna DIE. True tested measure, proved time and again from time immemorial.

Div. I tennis is DEAD.

Hellman just got renovated. Marks is scheduled for a major renovation.

So what? When the leaders' mindsets are like that. When they conspire to kill doubles.

John McEnroe's treacherous "I dunno why they're playing doubles" 'gaffe',
and now this, enough to make one lose 'faith' in tennis.

2015 ITF RSF Day 3 - I almost hit Stojanovic

I think I made a mistake identifying a player yesterday; a player who wore a white visor and practiced with Kramperova at crt 3 must be Ipek, maybe. Because Embree rarely wears visor lol. Hair color was also darker, so...

Joseph was again present so chatted a bit.

Usue's coach..looks familiar. Can't be Olivia Janowicz? Nah.

Finkie came by(coaches at Santa Luz), so congratulated on her engagement! Feel a strong comradeship with a fellow Gilmore Girls fan! Lol. 
Now, when Finkie wore a USC cap...KK as usual reverted to her 'collector mode', wearing a 49ers t

Couldn't recognize Michaela at first, sorry! Did say hello though, after belatedly recognizing her haha. Now why did Kaitlyn's father? watch her match  yesterday? Is she also going to Duke? That would mean that USC is the 5th best team in California, losing the recruiting battle even against out-of-state!

Said hello to fellow? umpires who came today!  'I want fig...' lol.

Jess, Jess, Cici, Caro, and Rianna were seen chatting gaily.

Again scores from Meelis of TF;

Qualifying Round Emma Christine Higuchi (USA) d. (10)Oleksandra Korashvili (UKR) 76(4) 61

Can't really 1st set pt Olek threw the racket violently in frustration. Olek looks a bit like..Taylor Davidson lol.

(2)Natalia Vikhlyantseva (RUS) d. Raveena Kingsley (USA) 64 63

V was just the better attacker. Raveena could of course attack, but V had a bit more firepower. V DFed tons, but in turn, her serve did bail her out in critical moments. Raveena did make some drive errors.

 Katherine Sebov (CAN) d. Caroline Dolehide (USA) 76(10) 61

S's follow through seemed good. Could handle Caro's pace, so the rallies were long, and Caro wasn't winning those a lot. And I think S moved Caro successfully. Once S benefitted from a net cord winner. That itself might not have been funny, but Caro dropped her racket in perfect sync..haha.

(9)Lauren Albanese (USA) d. Kaitlyn McCarthy (USA) 57 63 76(5)

Lauren was again aggressive, hit sharply on both wings; overhit some, but Kaitlyn did well to prolong those rallies.  Kaitlyn of course could aim the sidelines, so the match was tight all the way.  Bh duel was especially fierce.
 If Kaitlyn could serve, she could've won lol. DFed a lot methink.

 Mari Osaka (JPN) d. (5)Danielle Lao (USA) 75 46 76(6)

Dani's slice really helped to lessen the pace. Mari's slices weren't bad either. Tight all the way.

 (14)Jessica Pegula (USA) d. (6)Dea Herdzelas (BIH) 63 36 62

Can't really say, Dea was a good hitter, but Jess's serve return and bh seemed lethal.

(7)Alexandra Stevenson (USA) d. Jessie Aney (USA) 61 63

Couldn't really watch, just the mp, it was long. Now why did Sanaz not watch Baby Heel's match haha.  She watched a #5 which match was it..Pera vs Aoyama?
Jess was almost as tall as Alex...!

 Kayla Day (USA) d. Charlotte Petrick (CAN) 64 62

Just saw a bit, Charlotte's drives seemed pretty sharp. 

(3)Indy de Vroome (NED) d. Carol Zhao (CAN) 36 62 76(2)

Naturally? wore my Netherland soccer cap, no offense Carol haha. Whoever met Indy, I was going to wear that anyway :)

Tight all the way, because Carol could handle Indy's pace. Her variety was pretty effective as well. 
Indy hasn't changed a bit from last time here lol, ultra aggressive as usual, so it was hit and miss. Serve was unstable at times, but I think her serve ultimately bailed her out.  Carol had trouble returning those power serves. And at critical moments including TB, netted some drives.

Mayo Hibi (JPN) d. (wc)Kelly Chen (USA) 64 64

Rallies were generally long.  Kelly served well methink, but made tons of errors after long rallies. Mayo's sharp fh dtls were pretty effective.  I want to tell Mayo, just like I told Mitchell Krueger, that she did well to turn pro lol. Since Div. I is now fucked up..

Bernarda Pera (USA) d. (2)Shuko Aoyama (JPN) 62 60

Couldn't see much, can't really say. Pera is a lefty. Not bad..

(3)Soylu/Stojanovic (TUR/SRB) d. (Q)Leon/McCarthy (MEX/USA) 75 76(1)

I always try to watch Kaitlyn's doubles matches as much as possible. :)
So practically watched the whole match, Kait again did very well today, yet netted some drives at the last moment including TBs. Leon's defensive volleys were pretty good.
S/S drove well, served well, and Ipek volleyed pretty well too.

Once a ball got out of bound, so picked it up and threw back when the match was almost hit Stojanovic, she violently pirouetted to avoid it..why haha, it's just a tennis ball with no pace.. Sorry anyway.

Gallovits-Hall/Halbauer (ROU/USA) d. Konta/Sanchez (GBR/USA) 57 62 10-8

Watched the 1st set, K/S volleyed well, but H/G wasn't that bad either at net.

(2)Lao/Wong (USA/USA) d. (wc)Failla/Valdes (USA/USA) 61 60

Finished too quick lol. Jess really is a good volleyer. But L/W were just too good I guess.

Harman/Pegula (USA/USA) d. (Q)Christian/Scholl (USA/USA) 76(2) 63

Can't say, couldn't watch much. Chichi's condition seemed good, driving and serving well, and KK as usual lobbed well.

Taylor Fritz should consider non Pac 12 schools

I know he said he's considering between USC and UCLA, but since both school seems to support no-ad;

As Jared Donaldson said, if they play different format than the pros, why bother?  I'm sure he has pro aspirations.

Say Big West or WCC teams are just fine, near home, quality competition...if you become #1 in the Conference, can play NCAA as well(if he routs the opponents at the SouthWest Regional, beating highly ranked USC and UCLA opponents, his ranking will be high enough anyway). He'll play #1, as well.

Just a thought :P

2015 ITF RSF] Filming strictly prohibited

A sign at the clubhouse entrance states that;

"strictly prohibited..recording devices..continuously collectng disseminated, transmitted, published, released..on the grounds during match play..commercial...betting, gambling purposes"

Suits me just fine, since I no longer don't have the passion to do those anyway.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Div. I tennis is dying because of FOOTBALL

You know, the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer?

The widening income gap, the symptom of Capitalist society that received attention irrespective of the political spectrum(NYT, the Economist, Saturday Evening Post, etc..)?

Same logic here.

Look at USC's football roster.

99 players.

And is it true that 85 receive scholarships?

Is it any wonder that other sports are in trouble?  I mean, what kind of sport need THAT many players? Is it a platoon or something? Lol(Just checked and a typical platoon consists of only 30 soldiers!!!)

Can they fix that monster of a sport, football?  Those men and boys' tennis parents that complain about the lack of scholarships, and about title IX, how about complaining against FOOTBALL?  Isn't THAT sport the crux of the matter?

2015 ITF RSF Q day 2

JosephMatteo of TF came, so greeted him; he as usual took pics.

Forgot to mention Indy yesterday. Welcome back!  Aoyama too.
Today 'the Iron Maiden' showed up, practiced with Sam and Kramperova methink.  Zhao showed up later so said hello.
Now where was KK lol, didn't even know she came, why didn't she 'report' to me haha.
Did Edina show up yesterday? Anyhow was seen with Cako at Halbauer vs Day match.  Other tall players too, not sure who were who though.

A former WTA player...can't remember her name right now lol, she's currently coaching; who?

Someone was wearing a ND uniform or cap? Another, FSU?

Oh disaster struct because of the rain delay. First 8 matches were the lower courts, 8-11. Only crt 8 was watchable, but in fact court 11 was too, albeit quite limited, should've known though. So missed Favero match, too bad.

Again, scores from Meelis of TF;

Emma Christine Higuchi (USA) d. (1)Chloe Paquet (FRA) 36 63 63

Crt 9, so didn't bother lol.

(10)Oleksandra Korashvili (UKR) d. (wc)Camille Favero (USA) 61 75

Crt 11, that's quite a nice 2nd set score by Camille..

(2)Natalia Vikhlyantseva (RUS) d. Alexandra Valenstein (USA) 61 62

Alex wasn't bad...actually could return lots of Natalia's bombs, and as usual, could attack. But sank tons, on the fh side later on.
Natalia's serve was good, a decisive factor maybe.

 Raveena Kingsley (USA) d. Andie K. Daniell (USA) 16 61 61

This blockbuster was held at crt 10 :sobbing: Couldn't watch, naturally.

 Katherine Sebov (CAN) d. (3)Harmony Tan (FRA) 63 60

Crt 1.  Tan did harass Sebov a lot with her variety, and generally had no problem handling S's pace; still S's aggression paid off methink.

Caroline Dolehide (USA) d. (15)Rianna Valdes (USA) 63 75

Crt 10, tried to have a peek of..was it the 2nd set? Watched like 2 or 3 games, Caro was a bit tentative so invited Rianna's aggression.  Still, the better player.

Kaitlyn McCarthy (USA) d. Elizabeth Anita Alexandria Profit (USA) 64 75

Crt 9, what can you do :sobbing:

(9)Lauren Albanese (USA) d. Megan McCray (USA) 64 76(2)

Crt 10, that's quite a score by Megan actually.

 (5)Danielle Lao (USA) d. Sophie Chang (USA) 63 61

Crt 2, Sophie was spewing errors basically. Volleyed pretty well though.
After the match had a nice chat with her, since she's not playing EB; glad to see her here.

 (13)Osaka d. Michaela Gordon (USA)  64 61

Michaela was leading 4-1 in the 1st, but began to lose when I came to watch :sobbing:  I think her serve got better actually, served with pace, yet got broken almost every time lol. O was a very good hitter, yet Michaela as usual could return and counterattack well, so the match was pretty tight. Lots of points were ended by Michaela's errors, especially dtls. Tried approaching, hit and miss. O's fh slice was pretty good.

(6)Dea Herdzelas (BIH) d. Raquel Pedraza (USA) 60 63

Crt 9, ugh. Taylor materialized lol, trying to peep throught the tarpaulin at the baseline; the Struggle!

(14)Jessica Pegula (USA) d. Lindsay Lee-Waters (USA) 63 64

Eh I thought LLW was winning, was ultra aggressive as usual. Didn't watch much though, crt 1 match.

 (7)Alexandra Stevenson (USA) d. Alaina Miller (USA) 62 64

Crt 2. Alex's serve was decisive, served very well and could handle Alaina's pace. Still Alaina's aggression and pace was enough to harass Alex. 
After the match had a nice chat with Alaina, hope her college coach allows her wearing that black glitter cap; it's her lucky charm! ;)

 Jessie Aney (USA) d. Jessi Muljat (USA) 62 61

Crt 11, could watch a bit. Nelson, Failla and who? watched this along with Miller's mom, etc.
Actually the point was pretty long, that's a nice showing by Jessi in fact; seems quite tall, actually Jessie is quite tall too. Too bad couldn't watch this much.

Charlotte Petrick (CAN) d. Sophia Bursulaya (USA) 60 63

Crt 10 methink.

 Kayla Day (USA) d. (12)Ellie Halbauer (USA) 75 67(8) 61

Crt 8. Took AGES to finish, thought the 2nd set was the 3rd set lol.  Watched the first part of the 1st, then the last part of the 2nd.  Surprisingly Kayla was on the offensive; Ellie's balls had high margin, she usually was content to rally but could flatten out when needed. Kayla's rally balls are really good..can't really argue her being ranked higher than Kylie at TRN.


KK/Scholl def. Perper/Moldova? player

Crt 5. KK too good at this level? :p  Serve got better methink, overhead was good too. Nice to see Alex again.

McCarthy/Leon def. Chang/Nakagawa

Crt 1. Basically M vs C duel methink, couldn't watch much though, had to watch Gordon match.

Some players later played doubles matches with club members?

Players who has 'caught up on' Krista Hardebeck

Tie's post at TF is so staggeringly ignorant, decided to post this simple fact, often repeated by me.

So, who has 'actually' caught up on Krista?

Lauren Davis, Madison Keys, Taylor Townsend, Nicole Gibbs.

Those are all who Krista has defeated not that long ago(Krista should've won against Nicole, so counted that one too lol. Krista led 5-0 in the 3rd at the National semi).

Enough to refute that monumental stupidity, I'd think.

Remynse starting now

Rain delay at Morgan.

Sara is starting, good. She did beat Sabs at the National..she's a good player.
And Lommer chose Michigan: recruiting well.

But, why did MICH and UNC passively obey ITA and play 6 game doubles😈
ITA really seems hell bent to destroy doubles, don't they.


2015 ITF RSF Q Day 1

Just can't be enthusiastic like before, maybe because I spend too much energy on birding from the early morning!

They installed a stripped tent material over the main stand to provide shade, verra good.
Graveyard scene at the start though, thought it was Sunday..could promote better?

It really was like EB lol, so many elite junior players on the ground!

Shocked to discover coach Augustus on the venue, did she fly overnight? Natuarally watched Hauger match.  UCLA coaches watched the usual suspects Higuchi and not so usual? lol suspects Kingsley, Miller and Nelson.  If they get 2 of them USC is SO fucked :sobbing:

Thanked the Millers('s like the recent movie featuring Aniston haha), said hello to the usual players, told Alex and Fel that Tech is lucky to have them lol, chatted a bit with Keri, etc.

Kayla's grandpa? was wearing a knit beanie, Caro Dolehide seemed to dye her hair? It's more eh..golden lol.  Cici and Claire arrived later and practiced together methink, don't watch practices, as I said, I get bored watching Roger's ass after watching him practice at IW..was it last year lol.  Sam, and other MD player practiced at the same court.

Did Caro and Jessie practice throwing football..haha, it was atrocious! Taylor can't throw either lol, so they should ask Stefan Koz for the knowhow! 

I wonder who'll be the angels to provide me with lunch coupon if there's any...!  Like Stefan did at El Dorado!  They provided a buffet right behind the clubhouse.

Scores as usual by Meelis of TF;

The scorecards were confusing on crt 1 and 2, since they installed it on the same fence..

An intruiguing car license plate; BUSY GUY; TEMPUS FUGIT

As usual roamed around.

 (1)Chloe Paquet (FRA) d. Sandra Dynka (CAN) 63 63

Didn't know who was who, Sandra wore a darker one? More powerful but also thanked tons. Wore 'Je Suis Charlie' t shirt today(I have 2).

 Emma Christine Higuchi (USA) d. Keri Wong (USA) 64 61

Emma was aggressive but as usual made volley errors. Keri as usual harassed Emma with her variety.

 (wc)Camille Favero (USA) d. Sabastiani Leon (MEX) 26 75 76(7)

This took ages. College coaches should take note of Camille..

 (10)Oleksandra Korashvili (UKR) d. Savannah Kahle (USA) 61 60

Not an ideal court to watch.

 (2)Natalia Vikhlyantseva (RUS) d. (wc)Seriana Saltzen (USA) 62 62

Natalia hit deep with pace. Saltzen wasn't that bad though, could attack.

 Alexandra Valenstein (USA) d. Mary Lewis (USA) 63 26 64

Liz's mom was watching so said hello!  Alex was making errors and Mary volleyed pretty well and targeted Alex's bh to good effect. Alex later played patiently so was winning points when I left later in the 3rd.

 Andie K. Daniell (USA) d. Leslie Rose (USA) 60 60

Not an ideal location. Crt 6?

 Raveena Kingsley (USA) d. (11)Chiara Scholl (USA) 63 57 62

Raveena was powerful yet Chiara didn't play that bad, was even quite aggressive, making winners and such.

 (3)Harmony Tan (FRA) d. Alexis Nelson (USA) 61 61

Match was tighter than the score, Alexis hit well. Tan showed good variety.

 Katherine Sebov (CAN) d. Piia Suomalainen (FIN) 67(7) 64 63

Not an ideal court to watch, too bad. Just glimpsed a bit, that's all.

 Caroline Dolehide (USA) d. Sarah Stadfelt (USA) 63 62

Crt 3, so couldn't really watch. Sarah is taller than Caro? Not bad, either.

 (15)Rianna Valdes (USA) d. Brynn Boren (USA) 64 64

Rianna I think could make a capable #3. Returned Brynn's flat drives rather well, but couldn't really bother Brynn.  Of course said hello to Brynn before the match!

 Elizabeth Anita Alexandria Profit (USA) d. (4)Katerina Kramperova (CZE) 46 62 75

Liz was maybe even more powerful than Katerina lol, was aggressive, attacked serve, etc. Katerina was of course more experienced so the match was tight.

 Kaitlyn McCarthy (USA) d. Parris Todd (USA) 61 63

Parris wasn't that bad..court 5 so could watch from above, from my usual 'abode'.

 Megan McCray (USA) d. Jessica Failla (USA) 76(6) 64

Huh, score was tighter than my impression, not bad on Jess' part. Crt 3, so couldn't really watch.

 (9)Lauren Albanese (USA) d. Kristina N Smith (USA) 63 61

Lauren was very aggressive, bh was especially good. Kristina did well to prolong the rallies.

 (5)Danielle Lao (USA) d. Kylie McKenzie (USA) 61 64

Kylie made tons of errors lol, but of course made more winners. I wonder if coach Augustus watched her? Or did she leave earlier. My favorite player among the Golden Class of 2017 along with Morgan Coppoc..

 Sophie Chang (USA) d. Jessica Ho (USA) 63 63

Wore the UVA visor haha. Should joke to Sophie about the umbrella 'incident' at EB last year!
Sophie hit REALLY well..with such pace. Jess did well to return those.

 Mari Osaka (JPN) d. (wc)Janet Liu (USA) 61 61

 (13)Michaela Gordon (USA) d. Hanna Chang (USA) 64 62

Just watched a bit. Michaela was usually on the offensive?

 (6)Dea Herdzelas (BIH) d. Felicity Maltby (USA) 76(6) 62

Crt 6, so couldn't watch, too bad.

 Raquel Pedraza (USA) d. Karina Kristina Vyrlan (USA) 64 64

Same here..but they moved this court? Raquel practiced after the match...and look who's here, Taylor Fritz.  Raquel was pretty intimate with him..!

 Lindsay Lee-Waters (USA) d. Emily J. Harman (USA) 62 62

Can't say, Lindsay seemed more powerful though. She arrived early.

 (14)Jessica Pegula (USA) d. (wc)Jada Myii Hart (USA) 60 62

Wished luck to Jada :hug:  Crt 9, not a good view.

 (7)Alexandra Stevenson (USA) d. (wc)Olivia Hauger (USA) 75 62

Olivia wasn't bad..nice approaches and all.

 Alaina Miller (USA) d. Ashley Mackey (USA) 63 64

Alaina was winning so didn't watch much. As I said, UCLA coaches watched this.

 Jessi Muljat (USA) d. (wc)Brett Berger (USA) 60 61

Crt 5  but didn't realy watch...Jessi later or earlier came up and watched other main court matches.

 Jessie Aney (USA) d. (16)Daniela Ciobanu (MDA) 63 63

Crt 9. Did Jessie team up with Nelson in doubles? Practiced together later.

Charlotte Petrick (CAN) d. (8)Ashley Weinhold (USA) 36 61 53 Ret.

Pretty even.  Ashley was wearing a UVA cap!!!!! So asked her about it haha.

 Sophia Bursulaya (USA) d. Micheline Aubuchon (USA) 60 61

 Kayla Day (USA) d. Riley McQuaid (USA) 62 36 60

Crt 6, too bad, wanted to watch this. Riley did well to prolong the match.

 (12)Ellie Halbauer (USA) d. Ena Shibahara (USA) 64 63

Crt 9, same here. Naturally complained to coach Sampras-Webster about this lol, who was 'trying' to watch this.

Already late at 6:46, should go birding at San Elijo after breakfast!
On it's raining lol.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

To all ITF RSF participants; GO TO LA JOLLA COVE

This is an order; went today morning and was SO impressed; the reason I'll write on my Nature blog, just uploading pics. Videos on Youtube too.   Just GO.  Early, preferably before 8am.

Not that I'm visiting there again, since it's a bit far; I'll be just stalking around those lagoons nearby RSF, San Elijo, San Dieguito & Batiquitos anyway.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

USC doubles; the struggle

From its website;

(1) #8 Manasse/Starr (CAL) def. #15 Olmos/Scandalis (USC) - 8-4
(2) #16 Fabikova/Susanyi (CAL) def. Smith/Westby - 8-5
(3) Katz/Santamaria (USC) def. Chi/Popovic (CAL) - 8-1

Cal wins doubles point.
Order of finish: 3, 2, 1

 #11 USC 5, #41 Saint Mary's 2
Feb 21, 2015 - Moraga, Calif. (Korth Tennis Complex)

(1) McCord/Kaur (SMC) def. #15 Olmos/Scandalis (USC) - 8-2 
(2) Katz/Santamaria (USC) def. Flores/Jessup (SMC) - 8-2
(3) Pawid/Manji (SMC) def. Smith/Westby (USC) - 8-6

SMC wins doubles point.
Order of finish: 2, 1, 3

That elusive doubles point...
O/S getting routed...
S/W usually losing..

Oh Jana def. Mad, not a surprise of course.

2015 ITF RSF Q Draw

Thanks to Meelis of TF;

Starts at 9:30 SO LATE!! Plenty of time to explore the environs before heading to Morgan Run ; La Jolla, San Elijo, Batiquitos..birding of course.

Singles Qualifying Draw

(1)Chloe Paquet (FRA) v Sandra Dynka (CAN)
Emma Christine Higuchi (USA) v Keri Wong (USA)
Sabastiani Leon (MEX) v (wc)Camille Favero (USA)
 (10)Oleksandra Korashvili (UKR) v Savannah Kahle (USA)

(2)Natalia Vikhlyantseva (RUS) v (wc)Seriana Saltzen (USA)
Mary Lewis (USA) v Alexandra Valenstein (USA)
Leslie Rose (USA) v Andie K. Daniell (USA)
(11)Chiara Scholl (USA) v Raveena Kingsley (USA)

(3)Harmony Tan (FRA) v Alexis Nelson (USA)
Piia Suomalainen (FIN) v Katherine Sebov (CAN)
Sarah Stadfelt (USA) v Caroline Dolehide (USA)
(15)Rianna Valdes (USA) v Brynn Boren (USA)

(4)Katerina Kramperova (CZE) v Elizabeth Anita Alexandria Profit (USA)
Parris Todd (USA) v Kaitlyn McCarthy (USA)
Jessica Failla (USA) v Megan McCray (USA)
 (9)Lauren Albanese (USA) v Kristina N Smith (USA)

(5)Danielle Lao (USA) v Kylie Mckenzie (USA)
Jessica Ho (USA) v Sophie Chang (USA)
(wc)Janet Liu (USA) v Mari Osaka (JPN)
(13)Michaela Gordon (USA) v Hanna Chang (USA)

(6)Dea Herdzelas (BIH) v Felicity Maltby (USA)
Raquel Pedraza (USA) v Karina Kristina Vyrlan (USA)
Emily J. Harman (USA) v Lindsay Lee-Waters (USA)
(14)Jessica Pegula (USA) v (wc)Jada Myii Hart (USA)

(7)Alexandra Stevenson (USA) v (wc)Olivia Hauger (USA)
Alaina Miller (USA) v Ashley Mackey (USA)

(wc)Brett Berger (USA) v Jessi Muljat (USA)

Isn't Jessi...a bit too young haha(same class as Abi Desiatnikov and Cason Branstine).

(16)Daniela Ciobanu (MDA) v Jessie Aney (USA)

(8)Ashley Weinhold (USA) v Charlotte Petrick (CAN)
Micheline Aubuchon (USA) v Sophia Bursulaya (USA)
Riley Mcquaid (USA) v Kayla Day (USA)
(12)Ellie Halbauer (USA) v Ena Shibahara (USA)

So many top junior players, coming all over the nation; it's like EB 2 months earlier lol.
And someone seems to be staying at the same hotel as mine...!

Friday, February 20, 2015

ITF RSF WCQ awarded

Staff at Buena Vista Audubon 'ordered' me to visit Chula Vista lol, but after seeing the WCQ list;


I'm now severely tempted NOT to visit CV and stay on at Morgan Run..

It's practically a Junior tournament, what with so many juniors playing this event.

What to do, what to do...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

ITA rule] What about other sports; make a united front with them

Are we hearing this kind of ruckus in other non revenue sports.

Are ADs pressuring those sports to change the rule as well.

If not, just shows that the coaches are not good or smart enough.  Need a new leadership.

If there is a similar ruckus, then, should consider making a united front, devising a joint stragedy, to counter the tyranny of those ADs.

But I'm sure coaches have thought of it already. Right?

My thought on Bayliss' post

It's on Zootennis.

Nothing new here. Just shows that those coaches were not good enough. Appeasers.
As 'Brent' said, if the force is beyond one's scope, killing doubles won't stop it.
Maybe coach Bayliss is scared shitless. I'm not. Scare tactic shouldn't work, this is not 1950s McCarthy era.
Maybe because I don't have any skin in the game lol!

"Join me?"

 I was instantly reminded of Dark Vader trying to persuade Luke in Episode 5 lol.

So naturally my response is the same as Luke's:

"I'll never join you!"



This is the elderly couple I wished happy birding earlier! They were tech-savvy as well, the gentleman using e-bird app on his smartphone :)

Can you guess what bird it is??!!


You CUTIE pie!!

Is it a Plover? :) 

Anyway my first sighting of this species! (or did I spot it at Bette Davis Picnic Area / LA River the day before? Hmmm..)

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful

You beaut!!  :)

At Malibu Lagoon yesterday.

Eh, but what is it...Flycatcher? Doesn't look like a Warbler, even though it has a yellow patch..
Should check Sibley..!

More stunning? photos upcoming at my Nature blog, today or tomorrow! Since today will be another hectic day... :) 

Off to Hansen I go~!

Claire Liu, please turn pro!

She got awarded WC to ITF RSF by winning the PQ pretty easily.

Claire, WHY are you stll listing Stanford and UCLA as high interest at TRN haha.

Turning pro will surely help...USC as well!! ; they need all the 'help' they can get! :)

ITA rule] I need a 'life list' for the coaches who voted nay on the new rule

Easy, because the number is tragically, relatively small.

Of the 5 power conferences,

NONE from SEC and ACC(where did coach Boland 'hide' this time? Man, did I have to buy a new UVA visor?  Well, Frank, Elbaba and Collins did publicly protest...),

Only 1 each from PAC 12 and BIG 12,

6? from BIG TEN

That's it.

2 from WCC as well.

I need to know the names of those 'Angels', 'the Resistance Fighters' lol.

So that I can root for them..from afar! (since I won't be watching Div. I matches)

Help me here guys! Colette isn't helpful here haha.

ITA rule] Div. I coaching job will get even more easier???!!

Div. I coaching is the easiest job in the world. Especially elite schools.

You only have to concentrate on recruiting; and most elite schools; you just have to pick them lol.

Feed the balls..

And the most important part; JOB SECURITY!!! 10 years is nothing, in this cutthroat Capitalist society!!

And you know what, the job might get EVEN MORE EASIER!!

Because, 'thanks to TV', you don't have to promote the sport anymore!! (Assume that you did promote in the first place lol)

TV will do the job for you!! LOL!!!

Man, I get why coaches are so 'enamored' of the ITA scheme.

They probably will think,

"Man, I thank GOD for this job!!"


But, maybe I'm too 'optimistic' lol.

Since the sport gets televised, coaches and players should provide a 'good product'.  Dumping overheads and making routine errors won't do!

So, that'll be a new 'challenge' for the coaches!!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

2015 PVCC Final day results

Girls' 16 Doubles
F (1) Tabachnik/Van Linge d. (4) Bocchi/McKenzie 8-3
PL (3) Campana/Mossmer d. Ewing/Jankowski
SF (4) Bocchi/McKenzie d. Ewing/Jankowski
SF (1) Tabachnik/Van Linge d. (3) Campana/Mossmer 8-4

Girls' 16 Singles
F (2) Hannah Zhao d. Cali Jankowski 7-5; 6-2
SF (2) Hannah Zhao d. (5) Nicole Mossmer 6-4; 6-3
SF Cali Jankowski d. Salma Ewing 6-1; 4-6; 7-5

Wow, Cali!  Really doing well this year so far!

PL-S (3) Katya Tabachnik d. Madeline Almeida 6-1; 6-1
PL-S (6) Catherine Cable d. Elvena Gevargiz 7-6; 7-5
PL-F (3) Katya Tabachnik d. (6) Catherine Cable 6-3; 6-4
PL (5) Nicole Mossmer d. Salma Ewing
CF (8) Jennifer Gadalov d. (7) Rachel Eason 7-6; 6-2
CS (8) Jennifer Gadalov d. (4) Carolyn Campana 6-4; 6-1

Jennifer too, what a great result. Beating Rachel in 2...that's actually damn impressive...

CS (7) Rachel Eason d. Julia Lilien 6-3; 6-2

It's past 9pm and G18 dbls final result hasn't been posted..

Girls' 18 Singles
F (1) Alexis Nelson d. (3) Savannah Slaysman 2-6; 6-3; 6-1

Wow. Sammi Hampster can't relax now! Haha.

PL-S Katie Ta d. Kalani Soli Wd (inj)
PL-S Summer Dvorak d. Constance Branstine Wd (inj)

PL-F Katie Ta d. Summer Dvorak 6-2; 6-0

That's..a bit shocking?

PL (7) Camille Favero d. (4) Alaina Miller 6-4; 3-6; 6-3

Alaina :sobbing: Maybe Camille put everthing back lol, and she is good at it.

CF Riley McQuaid d. (5) Darya Possokhova 6-2; 6-2


CS Riley McQuaid d. Risa Nakagawa Wo (inj)
CS (5) Darya Possokhova d. (8) Annette Goulak 6-3; 6-1

Div. I players can't execute overheads as well as Ryan Peus??!!

Today, nobody really executed overheads well. Usually dumped.  What is this,'s Div. I, no? TCU and PEPP are pretty good, no?

Then how can they execute overheads worse than Ryan Peus, class of 2017 high school student?!

She made an overhead hitting from almost the baseline, at match point or something at Winter National doubles match.

And Ryan isn't even that tall, she's actually shorter than Annette Goulak, who isn't really tall at all!

And you dream of TV.....What will TV viewers think watching those errors...? 

ITA rule] How will you actually televise matches??

You need baseline view.

The problem is, MOST courts can't really afford that view lol. 

For example, let's look at WCC; 8-2 on the new rule, in contrast to 5-5 from the men, really weird..!

PEPP, USD both; sideline view only lol.  Well PEPP does have peep holes on the baseline, but that's used for fans; can the cameras actually be put there, blocking the aisle? Lol.
SMC, dunno, never been there.

Oh, WCC championship? Barnes. BTC.  Problem is, the same!  Only the main stadium court can afford a baseline view. Otherwise, ALL other courts; sideline views.

So, exactly HOW will you televise, pretty please??

SDSU, LMU, UCI, LBSU, UCSB, all sideline views. FSU does afford baseline...all courts? Not sure..

How about PAC 12.

Some structural problems here lol!

UCLA; How can you televise crt 3? Also lower crts?
USC; Crt 6?
CAL; Dunno how they renovated, but lower courts?

Lol, lol, lol, lol, lol!!!

THINK before you act, please...!!

OR; are you going to televise JUST THE STAR CRT 1????!!

If that is so, other players and their parents don't really have ANY reason to support this harebrained TV scheme, eh?

I mean, unless you televise at IW or something; that's Big West venue, but BW vetoed it; interesting, indeed! 

This whole sick scheme is just ABSOLUTELY hilarious; I can make hours and hours of comic sketches on this!!

Julia Jones' singles results so far

I take it back. Pretty impressive stuff! You have to hand it to her :)
Especially beating Viki Lushkova is DAMN impressive! Natalie as well.

Scores from ITA;

2/15/2015 Dual Match Pos. #1 Leeza Nemchinov  #62 College of William and Mary Loss 6-4, 7-6 (2)
2/13/2015 Dual Match Pos. #1 Nicky Stracar  Tulane University Win 6-0, 6-0
2/7/2015 Dual Match Pos. #1 #32 Natalie Beazant  #35 Rice University Win 6-2, 2-6, 7-5
2/6/2015 Dual Match Pos. #1 Kenna Kilgo  #26 Texas Tech University Win 6-3, 6-3
1/31/2015 Dual Match Pos. #1 #11 Viktoriya Lushkova  #13 Oklahoma State University Win 6-3, 7-5
1/24/2015 Dual Match Pos. #1 Anastasiia Zviahintesva  Jackson State University Win 6-4, 6-3
1/24/2015 Dual Match Pos. #1 Daria Butorina  Jackson State University Win 6-0, 6-1
1/17/2015 Dual Match Pos. #1 #80 Elianne Douglas-Miron  #51 University of Washington Win 6-1, 6-1
1/16/2015 Dual Match Pos. #1 Cindy Nguyen  #54 Univ. of Hawaii, Manoa Win 6-4, 6-1
11/8/2014 USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiate Championships Consolation #20 Zsofi Susanyi  #5 California Loss 6-4, 7-6(4)
11/7/2014 USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiate Championships Consolation #15 Sydney Campbell  #11 Vanderbilt University Win 6-3, 6-7, 6-4
11/7/2014 USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiate Championships Consolation #1 Valentine Confalonieri  #5 Lynn University Win 6-1, 7-5
11/6/2014 USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiate Championships Round of 32 #30 Stephanie Nauta  #7 University of Virginia Loss 6-1, 6-3
10/26/2014 Ole Miss Fall Invitational Astra Sharma  #11 Vanderbilt University Win 6-4, 6-3
10/25/2014 Ole Miss Fall Invitational #63 Lynn Kiro  #26 Texas Tech University Loss 6-3, 6-3
10/24/2014 Ole Miss Fall Invitational #12 Lauren Herring  #3 University of Georgia Win 7-6(5), 2-0, ret.
10/13/2014 2014 USTA/ITA Division I Women's Southern Regional Championship Final #46 Pleun Burgmans  #28 Auburn University Win 5-7, 6-4, 7-6 (7-4)
10/12/2014 2014 USTA/ITA Division I Women's Southern Regional Championship Quarterfinals #77 Georgiana Patrasc  #74 Mississippi State University Win 6-7(2), 6-3, 6-3
10/12/2014 2014 USTA/ITA Division I Women's Southern Regional Championship Final #29 Joana Vale Costa  #37 Louisiana State University Win 6-0, 6-3
10/11/2014 2014 USTA/ITA Division I Women's Southern Regional Championship Round of 16 Sanae Ohta  Troy University Win 6-1, 6-4
10/11/2014 2014 USTA/ITA Division I Women's Southern Regional Championship Round of 32 Natalia Maynetto  #8 University of Alabama Win 3-6, 7-6(4), 7-6(4)