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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2015 ISC Mar. 30 G16

Scores from: Can't copy the scores easily, not good.

First, watched a game of Noel vs Almeida?  A wore yellow visor? Darker haired girl seemed pretty good. She was aggressive as well but A returned well.

Next, EASON def. CLARK


C's from seemed good, especially bh, so rallies were long.


H hit well, but failed the patience test imposed by Jen, lots of volley misses. Jen has time to scratch her arm after hitting, witnessed at Claremont, proud successor to Makarova and COP! RETIED HER Shoes after getting broken lol.

Taco life t shirt spotted.

Overcast in the morning, as usual per Carson.

Ewing def. CAMPANA

Impressed by C's composure, hit patiently, so attacked well. Good matchup against Salma's power, too bad couldn't watch more. Once made strong bh then lob winner combo.
USC coaches watched this. Crt8. Both took their time though, so left lol.

Oh the scores, still no remote control function? How cumbersome for the umpires.


SO impressed with the losers at crt 5 @ 2!!! Both hit SO well! I thought Elena was taller lol. Anyway her fhs were so sharp! Even lobbed well. And very comfortable at net. Both were aggressive so it was a fun match. Jenna's face and build reminds me of Lauren Davis lol. Elena looks a bit like...Natalie Portman? Haha.


Cali: strong fh, can hit early defensively, even sending those balls to the corner, movement could be better(re: Cici, her defence), bh is good too. Drives were low with pace so could induce errors from Li. Li had variety as well, making a brilliant soft drop volley winner against J's high paced drive. J said sorry after benefiting from net cord. Bh slice was good too.
Lobbed patiently against Li's slice attack. Her th drive from looks a bit like Cici's?
Most college coaches watched this. ROGERS' dad was around. No Quit, who? And was that Grant Chen? Decked in a Bruins attire!

Coach Nilsson just entered SB. And is waiting for his coffee. 7:20 am! Actually he is eating too.

Anyway. The Millers came so had a nice chat, too bad Alaina couldn't get in as LL in singles or in doubles!


Shocked. H was tall, and played first strike tennis. Pace too good. Loved Jessi's stoicism though. Her mom was pale witnessing this slaughter, but it's ok. It's not always about winning.
Anyway, was so impressed with H's game. Note that Jessi actually played well against Aney at ITF RSF. Not good for Elysia, who plays her next lol!

All coaches came to watch, even Iowa? except USC. And, was that Taylor Davis? And who was that girl with whom she chatted? Didn't look like Hauger?

Anyway so later intensely quizzed Nicole about H's background, interrupting her Subway lunch! Haha. Even assured her that they might go far:

But Hewitt/Mossmer lost lol, because H committed gazillion of errors haha. M poached well, and a Blondie: Willson? played well, drove well. But stop staring at me at every time ! :p

Van Linge team won, but Van team poached real well, tight to the end.

Cali/Duong team lost, D committed many errors but made some nice plays, was fierce. Campania passed well.

Glad Conard dbls moved to crt2 so I could watch! I think she volleys better than Christina Makarova lol, same FILA girl!
That said, was surprised at Clark's variety, almost dominated the later stage with her excellent bh slices and such.

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