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Friday, April 3, 2015

2015 EB G16 SINGLES seeds

Girls' 16 Singles
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1. Joyce, Grace
2. Martinelli, Samantha
3. Bolton, Elysia
4. Flores, Victoria
5. Gizdova, Nadia
6. Corse, Cameron
7. Bojczuk, Ally
8. Zhao, Hannah
9. Shin, Janice
10. Lorenzini, Isabella
11. Lim, Rachel
12. Emma, Victoria
13. Meredith, Madeline
14. Lairmore, Hannah
15. Kowalski, Meg
16. Chiu, Abigail

Class of 2017 should win this, eh, Maddie? Haha. Or Sam!  How about Cam Corse? Emma too for that matter.

Wonder if SJ(Taylor Johnson) is playing? She watched a G16 match yesterday(Noel vs Conard?), wearing a blue hood t!

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