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Friday, April 10, 2015

2015 EB G18 Fri.

Didn't even know Ken Thomas came, later met and said hello to each other, he's wearing that ASICS cap!

Forgot to thank the guy who helped me open up an umbrella at the table! Wasn't he a coach for Southern at the Team National? He was here today too, should ask him about this year's lineup! 3 peat? Haha.

And me as a bird: a Creeper, which was sighted by veteran birders but not me, at the San Gabriel Mts.! Lol.

Girls' 18 Singles
Q (2) Katie Swan d. (9) Kayla Day 7-5; 6-3

Kayla could hang with Katie, no problem lol. I tink Kayla could play #1 right now at USC! Even attacked on her fh side, and drop shots were pretty good, too. I wasn't too impressed with Katie, definitely beatable for Kylie.

Q Kylie McKenzie d. (3) Sofia Kenin 3-6; 6-3; 6-2

Colette on her tweet said 'easy power', exactly. That's what got my attention when I first saw her at Irvine G14 3-4PL match. Has come a long way; I feel like a mother hen, hyping her all those years! Haha.
Very high quality match, since Sofia has no problem handling pace. Naturally tried to avoid Kylie's fh side(like Xepoleas' opponents do), and unleashed her terrific bhs.
And Kylie generally had no problem hanging on that wing!  Nice small steps, she could actually move decently from side to side; if only her offense was good, she would not have beaten Sofia. That in itself is a major accomplishment, methink.  Actually made quite a lot of bh winners lol.
Do I have to mention her offense? Lol. Sofia at times even had to moonball.  And that's not all, even tried some variety like drop shots, not bad, and her serve was working till the end(Sofia is also a good server, but couldn't return those serves later on).

Q (4) Raveena Kingsley d. (8) Caroline Dolehide 6-4; 6-4

Ball bashing at its finest. Very high quality, both hitting so well. Raveena's bh is really good.

Q (12) Claire Liu d. Helen Altick 6-1; 6-2

Score doesn't do Helen justice, she attacked, and attacked very well too. But in the end, Claire's firepower was a tad too much, both drives and serves.

Girls' 18 Doubles
SF Dolehide/Shibahara d. (2) Arconada/Dilorenzo 6-7(9); 6-4; 10-8

I thought D/S were at first cruising what with Ena's usual crazy poaches lol(hints of desperation! Haha. That kind of urgency marks Ena's tennis). Quite an effort by the losers to win the 1st set, couldn't really watch by then, had to watch ma favorite playa Morgan! :)

SF (1) Kenin/Swan d. (8) Coppoc/Sanford 7-6; 6-3

C/S could've won, they led 5-2 in the 1st.  Because Alex was playing very well, passing and poaching. Rallies were generally long, C/S could definitely hang with K/S in that regard as well.  Yet, in the end, K/S were just a tad bit better drivers, C/S eventually committed errors, especially Alex from later in the 1st. Kenin was up and down, Swan was decisive, making crucial poaching, and generally as usual, serving well. Morgan's ROS wasn't too good, and made some drive errors after terrific defense lol. Did make some poaches later on, but it wasn't enough.  Great match, overall.

Tried Cahuilla Lake and it was crap, $7 fee so didn't enter and parked the car on the roadside and approached the fence lol. No shorebirds to be seen, it was sterile as hell! Maybe it was too late, went after the matches were concluded, 5pm or something. Did take some bird pics, 2 kinds. Hope Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center is more productive! 10am start tomorrow, so plenty of time to bird before the match start! :)

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