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Saturday, April 11, 2015

2015 EB Sat.

Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center was fabulous! Lots of shorebirds; Mallards, Coots, No. Shovelers, Cinnamon Teals, Ring-Necked Ducks, Ruddy Ducks, Eared Grebes, and even Black-Necked Stilts! Especially was gratified to spot RND and RD, which I've rarely seen.  Eurasian Collared Doves, House Finches, European Starlings, and lots of Swallows! The checklist says 3 species are spotted, Tree, Cliff and Barn, dunno for sure, they never stop lol.  And hummingbirds were hovering right in front of me at the viewing deck!

But the Center specials are wounded birds in care; especially, OWLS!!!  Barn, Great Horned, Burrowing, Western Screech.  Also Quails which weren't that shy lol, and even a Red-tailed Hawk! 

Earlier at Mulligan Park spotted No. Mockingbird, Finches, Doves,  Hummingbird, even a Parrot in a cage on a truck, so quite a productive birding I guess!

And learned a valuable info from Ken Thomas, he attended Michigan(so naturally told him about cARO LOL, IN FACT, cARO'S FATHER IS WEARING A Michigan COLOR, YELLOW SHIRT AND BLUE JEANS..!), and said Blue Jays are MEAN!! Lol. Envied him, since Blue Jays and No. Cardinals don't really live in So. Cal(especially Blue Jays, since some Cardinals do live in select spots).

Now onto actual matches! You know my furious scribbling on site is for show lol, too tired to consult those after watching all day!

I said world class hitter, Kylie was definitely the bigger hitter! Even her bh was devastating(actually one of the best out there for sheer pace of it! Forced UEs and made winners from that wing). Even attempted variety, like drop shots, not bad either(of course can't be Kenin level, but still).

But overall she played crap lol, lost the serve contest(which I thought was crucial before the match, since both are good servers), and just made too many drive errors. In fact her first serves were generally good, but Swan returned those well, and made DFs at crucial moments. Swan's were more reliable, her drives too.  'Reliable' is the key word here. Swan withstood Kylie's aggression, and had her share of drive winners too especially on her fh side. Overall, I'd say Swan defended better. Kylie's bh slice wasn't bad, but Swan's serves and drives were more steady, didn't break down easily. Yet, I do think that Kylie's offense more than defense was the problem; made too many rather silly drive errors, kinda self destructed.

Similar pattern with the other semi; Raveena eventually succumbed to UEs, after fierce battle in the 1st; it seemed like a breakfest, but she just couldn't return Liu's serve at crucial moments, and made tons of drive UEs. Some nice variety was displayed, what with both approaching the net, and Liu making some good drop shots.

Doubles, similar pattern as the semi: Kenin up and down, and Swan being decisive. Thought Ena was winning the net duel at first, but in the end, lots of poaches by Swan decided the match. Drive duels were kinda even, Ena and Caro driving deep with spin. But Ena's ROS weren't too good, and later committed many drive errors. Caro's fantastic plays sustained the match to some extent, but it wasn't enough. But overall a very tight match, very high-quality. Winners I think served a bit better. Again, the decisive factor was Swan's poaching.

There was some drama on Blumberg vs Riffice, B dropped the racquet during a rally and dunno the exact decision by the umpire but he was very upset.

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