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Friday, April 3, 2015

2015 ISC Fri. G16

TCU coach came, and later Jill (former Pro. Forgot the last name).


All I recognized was Alexa's unmistakable talent. Jumpg bh was verra nice too(Her fh form seems similar to Gabi DeSimone's).  Hence? lacked intensity, trying to show off too much lol, played defense and was attacked by Victoria, especially her slice bh.  Once reached a short ball, and made a perfect bh passing shot, Victoria fell trying to return it. MVP showed up, and was seen recording(which is prohibited!!), and bathing in the nude at crt 5 Sebov vs Gordon match! Lol.
Didn't see that much of this match, pretty much concentrated on S vs G, this match was held at crt 6. Later Alexa was seen making tantrums haha, pretty much self destructed. Hope to see her at EB! :)


Didn't watch the final moment of the TB but B/L were watching the other match, so maybe they won? They were lucky maybe, committed DFs at TB lol.  Elysia naturally stood out with her drives and volleys, but Emma was comparable in net ability.  Ann and Alex were no slouch either, so the match was tight all the way. I think B/L's net approaches(was reminded of Bolton/Joyce at the Winter Nat) paid off methink, both making volley winners. Didn't watch the 2nd so dunno how it went lol.


Alexa again showed off her talent and Marcella was especially prominent with her fine plays, so they won the 1st. But Jess was passing at will at times. Likewise didn't watch the 2nd, and in the TB, C/N pretty much self destructed, tried to hard volleying and it didn't work, made errors. The winners didn't even have to do much haha.

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