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Friday, April 3, 2015

2015 ISC Fri. G18

Harbor Lake was verra nice, could spot lots of shorebirds at the lake. But, through the fence, because it was being remodeled lol. Major construction is going on, dunno when it'll reopen.

Oh Steve Pratt 'begged' me to cover Ojai!  Papa Bear and now him! Haha.


Thought Michaela being too passive could be her demise, but she eventually won because;

she could attack. Not only attacking serve, whenever she spotted an opening, unleashed her lethal drives, pace or no pace.

And she's probably even a better defender than Kayla Day as well.

Kat really impressed me with her beautiful drive form(devastating, too) and excellent variety(volley approaches were good, finishes too), but dunno, just couldn't pierce Michaela's wall like defense in the end, committed errors after intense rallies, or allowed Michaela's sharp counterattacks.

I think Michaela served reasonably well, another factor in her win.


Didn't really watch, but the tempo was very fast, the last moment in the 3rd was when Michaela won the 2nd lol.  Intense rallies, what with both moving and hitting extremely well, but in the end, Sofia was just a bit better.


Dunno who won, but Ingrid bageled in the 2nd methink.  Tight all the way, Ingrid proving she's the #2 of her class, drove real well especially fh c/c, and her volley approaches and finishes were fantastic. Probably is better than Trice Capra in this regard, the best volleyer in recent years(yes, better than Hibi or Shibahara, methink). So troubled Usue much with her relentless net approaches. Both DFed a lot. In the 1st Ingrid was losing the rallies, and from the 2nd, I think Usue's form went down.


Finished pretty fast, but dunno how it went later. At first Kelly couldn't handle Fanni's huge game, but later adapted methink, attacked, and moreover, her serve really troubled Fanni. Probably one of the best servers out there, vying with Caro Dolehide for the best server of her class?  Fanni was rather lazy or didn't move that much against Kelly's attack, but her huge offensive ability was enough to overwhelm Kelly.


D/S's net poaches were decisive  but D/K returned extremely well. Kayla just returns SO well lol, has a very nice touch in that regard. Sofia made some errors, but her volley attacks were pretty good.

If you approach the net too early, you get passed; so, approach timing is so important; the fun of doubles!


Couldn't watch at first, in fact probably 3rd TB was when I could totally concentrate lol(last doubles match standing of the 4 matches).  Raquel is just so smart, and has weapons to back it up. Served decently, and drove well too, even looping balls. And, just defended EXTREMELY well, at net included. Emma was seen earlier making volley errors. MP was Kat's ROS of Michaela's 1st failing.

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