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Saturday, April 4, 2015

2015 ISC Sat.

Congratulated Usue on her vast improvement!


Michaela couldn't keep up?  Sofia eventually gained the upper hand in fast paced rallies. Sofia's relentless probing the sidelines is really Cici level. Michaela was busy running left and right.
But of course she's an excellent defender so managed to put many balls back.

The problem is, Sofia had ANOTHER weapon; Drop shot.

Against a baseline grinder like Michaela, a perfect one, and her condition seemed pretty good lol. Unleashed it early in the match, and it really helped her gain points. Michaela did reach those a lot but netted, trying to hit flat.

Sofia did commit errors from time to time, but Michaela's attacks were also hit and miss.


Ingrid really harassed Fanni with her aggression, not only coming up to the net, her drives were quite potent, pressured Fanni a lot. But overall, Fanni had just too big a game.
They hugged at net! Heard they're good friends.


In the 1st, Caro committed lots of UEs, and Raquel's net play again shined. Michaela's serve was pretty reliable too.
But as usual, D/S's net attacks were fearsome, and they showed some incredible defence at important points against Raquel's volley attacks and such. They ran away at the match tiebreak, too big a lead for G/P to fight back.
Again, impressed with Raquel's doubles game, her net volleys are not that low, rather middle height, dunno if the course was sharp; the opponents including Caro couldn't handle lots of those, and those weak responses resulted in Raquel's volley finishes at net. Pretty impressive.
Not only that, she could actually attack the opponents' serve, unleashing her huge drives to gain outright winners!!  Some fhs went long lol, but again, mucho impressive stuff.

G16, never doubted the winners, surprised Flores harassed Subhash so much, when I watched in the 2nd Natasha's form was dire lol. Doubles, haven't checked the result, but I think #1 seed would've won.

That's it for ISC. Hope it isn't my last one!

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