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Thursday, April 2, 2015

2015 ISC Thu. G18 Doubles

Braved the hellish traffic to go to the General Meeting for Pomona Valley Audubon at buy that t shirt!!  Also bought a So Cal birding place guide for...$1! Fantastic.  I'll show off my t shirt at

As in singles, copied the score from ITF;

Emma Christine HIGUCHI (USA) / Katherine SEBOV (CAN) [5]     2-6 6-2 [10-7]     Alexis NELSON (USA) / Savannah SLAYSMAN (USA)

Watched the 1st set, Alexis just played so well at net lol. Savannah passed well, too.

Michaela GORDON (USA) / Raquel PEDRAZA (USA) [4]     7-5 6-2     Anna DOLLAR (USA) / Veronica MIROSHNICHENKO (RUS)

Couldn't see much, so can't really say.  I was practically dozing from exhaustion watching this and the below match at cry 6 and 7 lol.  D/M actually played pretty well methinks, especially M, so a nice win by the winners.  I think Michaela today poached quite well.

Kayla DAY (USA) / Sofia KENIN (USA) [3]     6-2 7-6(4)     Helen Abigail ALTICK (USA) / Caroline LAMPL (USA)

I thought the losers played quite well, actually. Haven't watch Helen that much, but tried to watch, but couldn't help dozing from time to time, sorry lol.
Kayla and Sofia are just excellent defenders; could be a formidable duo in this tournament.

Caroline DOLEHIDE (USA) / Ena SHIBAHARA (USA)     6-2 6-3     Meghan KELLEY (USA) / Gabriella POLLNER (USA) [7]

Not bad for the losers, they made some nice plays, Meghan passing well, and Gaby just very solid all-around. I was pretty impressed with Gaby's composure in doubles this tournament, singles only saw the mp or so, so can't really say on that lol.

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