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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

2015 ISC Wed. G16 Singles

Oh tennislink was updating results, so will use it.

Elysia was the better hitter, yet committed errors so allowed a tight match. Zhao could keep the ball in play, had strong bhs, could attack. But also made errors. Elysia was usually the aggressor, net approaches were good as usual.

Oh yesterday USD's Nadia Abdala came.

Flabbergasted at S's level. Basically outhit SJ, could aim corners at will, scored tons of winners. SJ didn't play defense, well her attack was good at times, but just couldn't keep up. Volleys worked at times.

Other matches, only watched patches so can't really say.

16(2) Alexandra Belaya d. Vivian Cheng6-2; 6-3
16(7) Elysia Bolton d. (12) Hannah Zhao6-3; -6(2; 6-4
16(15) Natasha Subhash d. (3) Taylor Johnson6-3; 6-2
16Salma Ewing d. (6) Marcella Cruz6-2; 6-1
16(11) Sydney Jones d. (8) Madison Hwang6-4; 6-7(6); 6-4
16(4) Victoria Flores d. (14) Nicole Mossmer6-2; 6-2
16(5) Nicole Conard d. Niluka Madurawe6-2; 6-1
16Alexa Noel d. (1) Emma Decoste2-6; 6-1; 6-3

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