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Saturday, May 30, 2015

2015 Clay and Hard National applicant list

2015 ITF Plantation some results

From ITF

3rd Round
Morgan COPPOC (USA) [1] 6-3 6-2 Emma DECOSTE (USA) [13]
Carson BRANSTINE (USA) [9] 4-6 6-0 6-3 Brienne MINOR (USA)
Hannah LAIRMORE (USA) 6-4 6-1 Madeline MEREDITH (USA) [10]
Whitney OSUIGWE (USA) 6-2 7-6(4) Victoria EMMA (USA) [2]

Carson BRANSTINE (USA) [9] 6-4 7-6(3) Morgan COPPOC (USA) [1]
Whitney OSUIGWE (USA) 3-6 6-4 7-6(2) Stephanie NEMTSOVA (USA)

Carson BRANSTINE (USA) [9] 3-6 6-3 6-4 Taylor JOHNSON (USA)
Whitney OSUIGWE (USA) 6-3 6-3 Hannah LAIRMORE (USA)

Whitney OSUIGWE (USA) 6-2 3-6 6-4 Carson BRANSTINE (USA) [9]

Lol Osuigwe winning it; how old is she, she's even younger than Carson..!

Ranking from TRN;

7th Graders
1. C. McNally
2. E. Scotty
3. W. Osuigwe
4. A. Noel
5. K. Volynets
6. A. Ryngler

This is a very promising class as well; all very good, haven't seen Scotty play though.

More on Loeb's NCAA singles win

Cohen(UMF) 04 WAATC, 06 INDOORS, 07 NCAA
Bradley(UMF) 04 INDOORS
Zemenova(BU) 05 NCAA
Leimbach(TCU) 05 WAATC
Srebrovic(UF) 05 INDOORS

Loeb(UNC) 14 WAATC 14 NIIC 15 NCAA

So Loeb wins all 3 singles slams, that rarest feat; she's not the only one though, Audra Cohen having achieved it earlier.
But it took 3 years for Cohen to win all three, while Loeb won in 2 years. The pace of it is comparable to Babos, who like Loeb won consecutive slams, then defended her WAATC win a year later.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Multiple slam champions Loeb and Jansen/Routliffe

Couldn't watch due to birding lol, heard it was moved to Indoors anyway.

From my blog post

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

champs and season end no.1s

McCain (Duke); 02 WAATC
Cioroch(UGA) 02, 03 INDOORS
LIU 03, 04 NCAA
Kops-Jones(CAL) 03 WAATC
Cohen(UMF) 04 WAATC, 06 INDOORS, 07 NCAA
Bradley(UMF) 04 INDOORS
Zemenova(BU) 05 NCAA
Leimbach(TCU) 05 WAATC
Srebrovic(UF) 05 INDOORS
Miseviciute(ARK) 07, 08 INDOORS
McDowell(GT) 08 NCAA
McKenna(ASU) 08 WAATC
Cecil(Duke) 09 NCAA
Falconi(GT) 09 WAATC
Juricova 09 INDOORS, 11 NCAA
Gullickson 10 NCAA
Barte 10 WAATC
Sanchez 11 INDOORS
Will 11 WAATC

17 players won at least 1 tourney from 2002.

Grier(NU), Miller(GT), Coin(CU) never won.

year-end no. 1

03 Castellvi (TENN) Sr NCAA Liu
04 Liu (STAN) So NCAA Liu
05 Bradley (UMF) Sr NCAA Zemenova
06 Cohen (UMF) So NCAA Babos
07 Cohen (UMF) Jr NCAA Cohen
08 Miseviciute (ARK) Jr NCAA McDowell
09 Cecil (Duke) Fr (before NCAA Mosolova) NCAA Cecil
10 Falconi (GT) So NCAA Gullickson


So Loeb is in that rarest of company; surpassed Cioroch, Miseviciute, Juricova and Gibbs, thus ties with Audra Cohen and Susie Babos, in winning 3 singles slams. She hasn't won doubles though, unlike Juricova and Gibbs.

Jansen/Routliffe are multi slam winners after KK/Sabs, and like them, defends their win(NCAA. KK/Sabs defended NIIC). Since Jansen is senior next year, they could theoretically surpass KK/Sabs, if they sweep all 3 next year lol. It'll be of course hard, but since Anderson/Brady and CU combo are no more...! We'll see.

UCLA runner up pics

UCLA did advance to the finals LOTS of times(USC should envy them lol); records at the Final isn't too stellar though.

From ITA facebook page;

2013 NTI finals, lost to UNC

2014 NTI finals, lost to Duke Can't quite locate NCAA 2015 pic one, NCAA twitter pic is slightly different(diff. angle).
Oh found it but can't copy it, from UCLA facebook page

Conclusion is that Kaitlin Ray is the winner, even on the 2015 one; she's one of the very few players smiling!

Elite 8s and Final 4s (Singles)


Bolded are ongoing;

9; Juricova
6; Anderson
5; Loeb
4; Mijacika, McDowell, Vallverdu, Mosolova, Cossou, Barte, Gullickson, Dy, Will, Gibbs, Capra, Herring
3; Chifchieva, Falconi, Sanchez, Secerbegovic, Lesniak, Embree, Santamaria, Van Nguyen Elbaba, Carter
2; Broosova, Chan, Muresan, Niedermayerova, Boren, Susanyi, Ahn, Chi, Manasse, Wagner, Collins, Zhao, Austin
1; Burdette, Ormond, Nze, Johansson, Munch-Soegaard, Marand, Boonstra, Cohen, Cecil, McKenna, Petukhova, Burdette(L), Whoriskey, Eichkorn, Andersson, Zsilinszka, Frilling, Mather, Bartenstein,  Burdette(M),  Ellis, Tan , Cako,  Lao, Suarez-Malaguti, Weatherholt, Guarachi, Sanchez-Quintanar, Mar, Macfarlane, Kowase, Schutting, Jullien, Oyen, Tere-Apisah, Beazant, Scandalis,  Koroleva, Stancu, Bektas, Goldfeld, Hardebeck, Addison, McPhillips, Garcia, Nauta, Brady, Doyle, Lushkova, Kuhlman, Lohan

You know, 'record is meant to be broken' is a cliche, but I'm not sure Juricova's record could be broken; that's accomplished when Jana enrolled in California in January; she missed WAATC and NIIC in her freshman year. AND advanced to slam Quarterfinals 9 times.

Brady made only once, that's interesting.


6; Juricova
5; Anderson
4; Gibbs
3; Mijacika, Dy, Gullickson, Will, Loeb
2; McDowell, Chifchieva, Vallverdu, Mosolova, Barte, Falconi, Embree, Susanyi, Elbaba, Wagner, Carter, Austin
1; Munch-Soegaard, Cohen, Ormond, Cossou, Nze, Johansson, Chan, Sanchez, Cecil, McKenna, Muresan, Broosova, Lesniak, Mather, Tan, Burdette(M), Ellis, Lao, Weatherholt, Guarachi, Cako, Niedermayerova, Oyen, Schutting, Stancu, Tere-Apisah, Scandalis, Santamaria, Herring, Addison,  Collins, Goldfeld, Van Nguyen, Chi, Manasse, Zhao, Kuhlman

Again, Juricova stands tall. Robin could've tied with her, but Wagner stopped that from happening.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

What Dbls Quarterfinals results mean

UA def. BU
STAN def. CU
UF def. STAN

It means that Stanford doubles could be formidableble next season with #1 recruiting class joining them, beware lol. Let's see how its Pac 12 rivals prepare for the stern test.

2014-5 Slams singles semifinalists

2014 WAATC Van Nguyen Austin Anderson Carter

2014 NIIC Elbaba Austin Manasse Wagner

2015 NCAA Wagner Loeb Kuhlman Zhao

Players that made it multiple times:

Freshman pre-season ranking #1 Austin, and
ITA player to watch, Wagner.

Of 10 players,
Pac 12 - 4.  1 Card, 2 Bruins, 1 Bear
ACC - 4.       2 UNC, 1 UVA, 1 UM
SEC - 2.        2 UF

Mid Atlantic USONP link

Fields are pretty weak this year, KS one Sophie Chang will surely win it.

Anyway, this has Scotty and Morton as top seeds.

Some 2013 National doubles results

From my blog post

32 Brady/McAdoo d. (9) Hodge/Miller 7-6(3); 7-5

Last match to finish. I bet coach Louderback is grinning ears to ears lol(Both ND and GT coaches were watching). A huge effort by H/M, both had no trouble handling Jen's massive drives and Miller's drop shot was quite something lol.  It really could have gone either way, H/M were that good.  Jen had to up an extra gear to finish the match. Townsend and Kiick has the best back hand net volleys, but Jen is getting there lol.  Rasheeda isn't as talented at Kendal Woodard, but imagine if they team up together..they could be a veritable wall and will surpass ASU's former Abdala sisters(Well, Kurey is also an excellent dbls player so who knows how coach Harmon will pair them).  I think NBA legend Bob McAdoo was watching lol, can't mistake that tall frame lol. He was sporting a NBA cap for good measure haha.  But of course respected his 'privacy'.  Too bad Shawn Kemp didn't show up at Ojai for his daughter lol.  Maybe they can name McAdoo as an honorary ambassador for WNCAA college tennis!
By the way Spencer showed up after the win and was doing a stretching masterclass lol, I tried to imitate her since I also needed a stretch.

32 Aksu/Critser d. (9) Chang/Lampl 6-2; 6-3

Not surprising, A/C are a good team, could watch a bit.

32 (6) McCarthy/Patterson d. Jones/Spearman 6-2; 7-5

Watched a bit, I thought it was the first set.

32 (1) Andrews/Townsend d. Davidson/Gould 6-1; 2-6; 1-0(6)

Didn't watch, just the 3rd tiebreaker. A tragic day indeed, TWO golden opportunities missed(earlier was Lampl).
Mariana netted a perfect poaching chance and later made a WTF drive error sailing long, that set the tone, Townsend didn't miss the opportunity.  You can't afford a single bit of mistake against this formidable A/T combo.  A/T had allowed super tiebreaks before, like against McPhillips/Van Nguyen at EB, but they always won.  But still, a heartening result for Stanford and Georgia.  Both teams will maintain their strong doubles tradition.

Friday, May 22, 2015

NCAA individual championship; Spring or not

Some twitters including Colette exchanged views about it, unfavorably on the current schedule.
They say it's too tiring, too long..

But how about those players NOT in elite teams?

For women,

20/64 girls didn't play Team event at Waco.

13/32 Teams didn't play Team event at Waco.

They're not tired, and they shouldn't be bored lol.

How about players of the teams which only played one or two matches? They had plenty of time to rest.

And parents, and Colette too, don't have to hop to the plane twice; economical!

Even if it should change, Fall is not the answer.  Fall is already chock full of individual events, continuing into January, and now even Oracle/ITA Masters as the 1st major event in September.

USC could be good

Southern Carolina lol, as I've already mentioned. They're recruiting pretty well recently, so watch out. SEC really should be interesting next year.

BU's hard & winding road to Doubles championship/ NCAA Doubles so far

BU's road to the championship is hell after hell lol.


Pac 12 regained their excellence after the disaster in last year's NCAA lol.  3 of 8 teams are from the Conference, Two Cards and one Bear. No UCLA, which is definitely a surprise.

SEC continues their doubles brilliance with UA, Vandy, UF advancing.

ACC is represented by CU.

No team from the Midwest, which is a pity.

Anderson vs Wagner should be a marquee match


From ITA

10/5/2014Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships (Main Draw)Final#21 Chanelle Van Nguyen #6 UCLAWin6-0, 6-2
10/4/2014Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships (Main Draw)Semifinals#16 Hayley Carter #2 North CarolinaWin6-3, 7-6(3)
10/3/2014Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships (Main Draw)Quarterfinals#25 Caroline Doyle #14 Stanford Win7-6, 3-6, 6-3
10/2/2014Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships (Main Draw)Round of 32#31 Ronit Yurovsky #11 University of MichiganWin6-0, 4-6, 6-3
9/28/2014Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships (Main Draw)Round of 16#11 Stephanie Wagner #15 University of Miami (Florida)Win7-6(9), 2-6, 6-4

Wagner has plenty of firepower to trouble Anderson, and she managed to pass very well against Shankle as well. NOT an easy opponent for Robin, unlike some at TF who're assuming Robin will breeze

Of course Robin is undoubtedly the best college player at the moment, but the match should be fun.

More on 2015-6 Doubles Queen

First post was incomplete.

Ranking from TRN

1(1)Kaitlyn McCarthyNC7
2(2)Francesca DilorenzoOH14
3(3)Ellyse HamlinCT7
4(8)Kennedy ShafferOH7
5(5)Katharine FaheyNJ10
6(4)Mia HorvitFL17
7(7)Caroline LamplVA9
8(6)Melissa LordCT9
9(9)Kimberly YeeNV4
10(10)Andie DaniellGA9
11(11)Jessica HoPA15
12(12)Jessie AneyMN11
13(14)Gabrielle AndrewsCA7
14(13)Brienne MinorIL13
15(15)Star MakaromeFL12
16(17)Jessica FaillaCA10

Forgot to mention McCarthy, which is surely a sin lol. EB winner with Haffey, National finalist with Kuhlman. She's the master of poaching; Imagine if she teams up with Capra..Trice can finally win an individual slam!

And of course, DiLorenzo. Lefty, heavy topspin, and a terrific defender. Can of course attack as well. She might as well become the Midwest Queen, in both categories, after Bektas(but for now, Yurovski should be the top dog).  Fahey and Minor are excellent doubles players as well, and with Yurovski, Najarian and Ruder-Hook..Michigan doubles will continue their excellence..

Dunno where Horvit is going, but look at those 3 after her...all goes to Stanford lol.  Cards #1 recruit in the nation in 2013, and now 2015 lol.  So easy!  Yee is G16 National champ with Gould(UGA), Lord I've already mentioned. Lampl's drives definitely can contribute.

UNC shouldn't be left out of the conversation. Carter/Kay surely can win it all. And Aney; excellent doubles specialist. She's pretty hyperactive at net, and very athletic as well; reminds us of KK(USC).

Georgia. Herring graduating without a slam is a shame. But the Dawgs can definitely win it, their doubles squad is so good. For example Gould will definitely start, and watch out for her. She with her partner Davidson almost defeated that unstoppable Andrews/Townsend at the National lol.

Pepperdine's Luisa Stefani should be pretty good as well.

2014-5 Elite 8s this season(singles)

2014 WAATC (Anderson)


2014 NIIC (Elbaba)


2015 NCAA (



Two bad for Manasse, could've made all three had Kuhlman not blocked her path today lol. Surely a banner year for her. Austin as well, tough luck meeting Brady in the 1st round. 

Anderson, Van Ngueyn, Wagner, Loeb, Zhao also made two appearances.

Austin, Lohan, Kuhlman are the only freshmen who made it; and two of them are..Gators lol.

Schools that has produced at least 2 players;

UVA(Collins, Elbaba, Nauta)

Stanford(Zhao, Doyle)
Florida(Austin, Kuhlman)
California(Manasse, Chi)
UNC(Loeb, Carter)
UCLA(Anderson, Van Nguyen)

Miami(Wagner, Lohan)

Winning a slam; It's all about timing - KK/Sabs

Blatant example is KK/Sabs.  Since KK was not a very good server lol(well Errani too for that matter haha).

Maybe they were lucky in that they didn't have to face the likes of Brady, Routliffe and Woodard in 2012-3.  All tall and excellent doubles players. Remember their nemesis was Bektas team of Michigan, who's also very tall; their famous lobbing didn't work maybe lol.

They were also routed by Brady/Harrison at 2013 SW R.

Let's see their results in slams;

From ITA

10/7/2011Riviera/ITA Women's All-American ChampionshipsRound of 16Kaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Sofie Oyen
Allie Will
#5 University of FloridaLoss8-5
10/6/2011Riviera/ITA Women's All-American ChampionshipsRound of 32Kaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Jana Juricova
Anett Schutting
#3 CaliforniaWin8-6
10/6/2011Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships (Qualifying)QuarterfinalsKaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Madeleine Geibert
Lisa Andersson
University of NebraskaWin8-5
10/4/2011Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships (Qualifying)QuarterfinalsKaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Mary Clayton
Hanna Mar
#20 Duke UniversityWin8-6
10/4/2011Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships (Qualifying)Round of 16Kaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Maria Fuccillo
Li Xi
#8 University of VirginiaWin8-6
11/6/2011USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiates ChampionshipsFinalKaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Kristy Frilling
Shannon Mathews
#34 University of Notre DameWin4-6, 6-4, 6-3
11/5/2011USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiates ChampionshipsSemifinalsKaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Linda Abu Mushrefova
Nida Hamilton
#26 Northwestern UniversityWin6-2, 6-3
11/4/2011USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiates ChampionshipsQuarterfinalsKaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Keri Wong
Josipa Bek
#21 Clemson UniversityWin8-6
11/3/2011USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiates ChampionshipsRound of 16Kaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Robin Anderson
Skylar Morton
#6 UCLAWin8-5
11/3/2011USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiates ChampionshipsRound of 32Kaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Audrey Leitz
Karrie Cartwright
#2 Tyler JCWin8-4
5/24/2012NCAA Division I Singles & Doubles ChampionshipsRound of 32Kaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Brooke Bolender
Emina Bektas
#11 University of MichiganLoss5-7, 6-2, 6-2
11/11/2012USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiate ChampionshipsFinalKaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Li Xi
Stephanie Nauta
#8 University of VirginiaWin6-0, 6-0
11/10/2012USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiate ChampionshipsConsolationKaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Alexa Guarachi
Mary Anne Daines
#13 University of AlabamaWin6-2, 6-3
11/9/2012USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiate ChampionshipsQuarterfinalsKaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Ashley Dai
Whitney Kay
#2 North CarolinaWin8-3
11/8/2012USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiate ChampionshipsRound of 16Kaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Ellen Tsay
Stacey Tan
#14 Stanford Win8-4
10/7/2012Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships (Main Draw)FinalKaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Beatrice Capra
Hanna Mar
#20 Duke UniversityWin6-2, 6-7(6), 6-3
10/6/2012Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships (Main Draw)SemifinalsKaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Robin Anderson
Skylar Morton
#6 UCLAWin6-2, 6-2
10/5/2012Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships (Main Draw)QuarterfinalsKaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Melissa Kopinski
Rachael White
#54 University of IllinoisWin8-4
10/4/2012Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships (Main Draw)Round of 16Kaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Kanyapat Narattana
Malika Rose
#12 Oklahoma State UniversityWin8-3
4/26/2013Pac-12 Individual ChampionshipsRound of 16Kaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Kyle McPhillips
Chanelle Van Nguyen
#6 UCLAWin9-8 (6)
No wonder Kyle later won a slam lol. Kyle/Cat were actually National G18 4th place winners. They lost in the 3-4 PL match to...Austin/Carter.
5/27/2013NCAA Division I Singles & Doubles ChampionshipsFinalKaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Robin Anderson
Skylar Morton
#6 UCLAWin6-4, 6-3
5/26/2013NCAA Division I Singles & Doubles ChampionshipsSemifinalsKaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Kata Szekely
Brynn Boren
#61 University of TennesseeWin7-5, 7-5
5/25/2013NCAA Division I Singles & Doubles ChampionshipsQuarterfinalsKaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Melissa Kopinski
Rachael White
#54 University of IllinoisWin6-2, 6-0
5/24/2013NCAA Division I Singles & Doubles ChampionshipsRound of 16Kaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Kanyapat Narattana
Malika Rose
#12 Oklahoma State UniversityWin6-3, 6-2
5/23/2013NCAA Division I Singles & Doubles ChampionshipsRound of 32Kaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Linda Abu Mushrefova
Nida Hamilton
#26 Northwestern UniversityWin6-1, 6-1
5/17/2013Dual MatchPos. #1Kaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Kristie Ahn
Nicole Gibbs
#14 Stanford Loss9-8(2)
Their last season, significant ones
2/9/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Belinda Woolcock
Sofie Oyen
#5 University of FloridaWin7-5
2/8/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
#9 Jennifer Brady
Robin Anderson
#6 UCLALoss6-2
2/7/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
#1 Erin Routliffe
Maya Jansen
#13 University of AlabamaLoss6-3
1/25/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Jenny Jullien
Parminder Kaur
#40 Saint Mary's College of CaliforniaWin6-3
1/24/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Anastasiya Shestakova
Kamilla Galieva
University of North TexasWin6-1
11/8/2013USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiate ChampionshipsQuarterfinalsKaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Lauren Herring
Maho Kowase
#7 University of GeorgiaLoss8-3
11/7/2013USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiate ChampionshipsRound of 16Kaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
#8 Emily Flickinger
Pleun Burgmans
#43 Auburn UniversityWin8-4
10/20/20132013 USTA/ITA Division I Women's Southwest Regional ChampionshipSemifinalsKaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Jennifer Brady
Catherine Harrison
#6 UCLALoss8-1