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Monday, October 26, 2015

2015 regional results

Biggest shocker is Caro Brinson winning the SE one, beating Shaffer and Wagner en route to NIIC lol. Congrats, who knew. Didn't she play like 5 or 6 last season?  Just like Maegan Manasse!

Here's ITA website;

Northwest StanfordOct. 23-27S:Draws
Southwest San Diego/San Diego StateOct. 15-19S: Luisa Stefani (Pepperdine)Draws
D: Luisa Stefani/Apichaya Runglerdkriangkrai (Pepperdine)
MountainUNLVOct. 14-18S: Nuria Ormeno Ruiz (Colorado)Draws
D: Blaga Delic/Sheila Morales (Nevada)
Texas Texas A&MOct. 22-26S: Breaunna Addison (Texas)Draws
CentralOklahoma StateOct. 15-19S: Katarina Adamovic (Oklahoma State)Draws
D: Kelsey Laurente/Maria Alvarez (Oklahoma State)
MidwestMichiganOct. 22-27S: Anna Sanford/Miho Kowase (Ohio State)Draws
NortheastDartmouthOct. 22-26S:Draws
Ohio ValleyPurdueOct. 15-19S: Frances Altick (Vanderbilt)Draws
D: Mami Adachi/Aldila Sutjiadi (Kentucky)
AtlanticLibertyOct. 15-19S: Julia Elbaba (Virginia)Draws
D: Danielle Collins/Meghan Kelley (Virginia)
Carolina North CarolinaOct. 22-26S: Hayley Carter (North Carolina)Draws
D: Jessie Aney/Kate Vialle (North Carolina)
Southern AuburnOct. 15-19S: Andie Dikosavljevic (Auburn)Draws
D: Andie Daniell/Erin Routliffe (Alabama)
SoutheastGeorgiaOct. 22-26S: Caroline Brinson (Georgia)Draws
D: Josie Kuhlman/Belinda Woolcock (Florida)

SW, Texas, Ohio Valley(I was pretty impressed with Altick at WAATC, no surprise really), Atlantic, Carolina ones were more or less expected I guess, especially singles.

Some surprising? ones:

Nuria Ormeno Ruiz winning Mountain(O'Loughlin did very well, but that wasn't totally unexpected. She really has found her junior form)
Adamovic winning Central(Lushkova lost to Rychagova of KU, a shocker? who is this girl. A FRESHMAN from Russia. Anyway foreigners rule this region lol)
Dikosavljevic winning Southern(JVC lost to teammate Golovin, didn't I 'hype' her lol. Anyway the winner had a tough road, beating Routliffe, Patrasc, and in the final Golovin. Dunno Rentouli of MSU, MSU should be pretty good this season, what with Jasmine Lee doing well at WAATC. Rentouli is actually a FRESHMAN, and Madison Harrison transferred from KU..this team is really good, with Patrasc as well)

Some freshmen debuts at NIIC;

Stefani of course, won both, but this was more or less expected.
Others are;

Meghan Kelley, teamed up with Collins; she's actually from the class of 2016 lol. But she was a pretty good volleyer in jrs, so..

Jessie Aney, teamed up with Vialle. Even though Jess is an heck of a dbls player, Vialle also must've been playing extremely well. Well, I do see that the draw was rather weak; runner-up Eidukonyte/Pointek cleared up stiff competition from the top, defeating Capra/Hamlin and Berg/Folland. Tough luck to Joana, also sgls runner-up. And freshmen I've mentioned did pretty well, Emma Davis defeating Scholl, Rebol defeating Guerin, Ulyashchenko advancing to SF, Cline also advancing to SF, COP defeating Ho and harassing Eidukonyte in the 1st set..Ingrid Martins of USC upset Aney, she's sophomore from Brazil, 5-11 tall)

Andie Daniell, teamed up with Routliffe, Andie was lucky to team up with the Dbls Queen :)
Andie is quite tall, so this team could be formidable..

Alex Valenstein, teamed up with Kiro, won defeating Deheza/Hristov, Addison/Wagland, and Bhosale/Mamalat in the final. A truly deserving win. She did pretty well in sgls too, winning 5 gms against Addison is quite a feat. Teammate Maltby had a tough loss against Zinko and Deheza/Hristov; Tech, as I've said, could be real good this season, although they'll miss Kilgo for sure.

Brienne Minor could be a singles winner, meets Maddie Lipp in the final. Some intriguing results here, too. Gleason l. to Niehaus, Shupenia a surprise? semifinalist beating Chong/Ruder-Hook/Larner, Paz defeating Casati(Broda lost to Paz in two, but I guess Paz was in good condition)..Chyphya advancing to SF isn't a surprise, since she really hit well at WAATC. Lipp won a 3rd set match against her. Another MICH freshman Fahey defeated Sanford 36, 76, 61, and also lost to Lipp in 3rd.

And it was an OSU dbls final just like PEPP lol. I did say that OSU dbls could be formidable. Winner Kowase/Sanford def. #1 seed Shupenia/Mitrea. Paz/Niehaus had a tougher road, beating Closs/Miller, Ruder-Hook/Minor, and Rooney/Larner, truly a hellish road lol. And Di Lorenzo didn't even play! Didn't I say, fear OSU dbls!

NW and NE left,

NW; Davidson vs Maya Ahmed!! Ahmed defeated Fabikova and Doyle lol, a very surprising finalist for sure.  Davidson/Doyle vs Fabikova/Hauger in the final, F/H defeated Hardebeck/Lampl in 3rd set tiebreaker in the semi. Tami Grende had a successful debut, advancing to semi in sgls, defeating Lord and Starr. Some intersting sgls results here;

SF (9) Mayar Ahmed d. (3) Caroline Doyle 7-5; 6-3
SF (1) Taylor Davidson d. Tami Grende 6-3; 6-3
Q (9) Mayar Ahmed d. (2) Klara Fabikova 6-2; 6-7(7)
Q (3) Caroline Doyle d. (8) Andrea Ka 3-6; 7-5; 6-2
Q Tami Grende d. (4) Denise Starr 7-6(7); 6-2
Q (1) Taylor Davidson d. (6) Karla Popovic 6-4; 6-4
16 (6) Karla Popovic d. (9) Sophia Whittle 6-3; 4-6; 6-1
32 (9) Donika Bashota d. Kimberly Yee 6-0; 6-1
32 Madison Clarke d. Stephane Lin 6-3; 7-5
32 (9) Mayar Ahmed d. Stacey Fung 6-4; 7-6(9)
32 (8) Andrea Ka d. Caroline Lampl 6-3; 4-6; 6-3
32 Trang Huynh d. (9) Jamie Pawid 7-5; 3-6; 6-0
32 Tami Grende d. (9) Melissa Lord 6-3; 6-2
32 Lyann Hoang d. Maria Biryukova 4-6; 6-3; 6-4
32 (1) Taylor Davidson d. Jana McCord 6-4; 6-3
64 (9) Donika Bashota d. grace sari ysidora 6-0; 7-6(5)
64 Kimberly Yee d. Michelle Lui 6-4; 4-6; 7-5
64 Madison Clarke d. (7) Krista Hardebeck 7-5; 4-6; 6-3
64 Marie Klocker d. (9) Olivia Hauger 6-3; 6-4
64 Lyann Hoang d. Yuki Asami 7-5; 6-0
64 Maria Biryukova d. (5) Sophie Watts 6-0; 6-2
64 Alexandra Bourguignon d. (9) Maja Mladenovic 1-6; 7-6(4); 7-6(2)
64 Chelby Cooke d. Emma Critser 7-6(3); 6-2
128 Trang Huynh d. Nevada Apollo 4-6; 6-1; 6-4 Lol I really thought Nevada would win, tough luck for her.

SF (9) Daniel/Latycheva d. (5) Benotto/Lord 0-6; 7-6(4); 10-3
SF (1) Mathis/Ng d. (9) Salazar/Shkudun 6-3; 7-6(6)

SF (3) Anna Shkudun d. (17) Marika Cusick 6-1; 6-3
SF (9) Valeria Salazar d. (17) Gabriela Knutson 7-6(4); 6-4

Why didn't Shkudun play WAATC lol. Another promising freshman. Surprising finalists, except Mathis/Ng.
Some interesting results in sgls

Q (17) Marika Cusick d. (17) Katherine Yau 6-0; 6-7(7); 6-4
Q (3) Anna Shkudun d. (5) Dayna Lord 6-7(4); 6-4; 7-5
Q (9) Valeria Salazar d. (17) Dena Tanenbaum 3-6; 6-3; 6-2
Q (17) Gabriela Knutson d. (17) Alyza Benotto 6-4; 6-2
16 (17) Marika Cusick d. (17) Elizabeth Tsvetkov 1-6; 6-3; 6-1
16 (9) Valeria Salazar d. (5) Asiya Dair 6-1; 6-1
16 (17) Dena Tanenbaum d. (4) Nikki Kallenberg 1-6; 6-3; 6-2
16 (17) Alyza Benotto d. (5) Tina Jiang 6-3; 3-6; 6-3  I don't think this is an upset, considering Alyza's jr. results. She was a very good player.

32 (17) Marika Cusick d. (2) Lexi Borr 6-3; 6-4  What a shocker. Did Cusick play dbls at WAATC?
32 (17) Elizabeth Tsvetkov d. (9) Anika Ringblom 6-2; 7-5
32 (17) Katherine Yau d. (9) Rima Asatrian 6-3; 6-4
32 Ana Yrazusta d. (9) Madeleine Hamilton 3-6; 6-0; 6-3
32 (4) Nikki Kallenberg d. (17) Star Makarome 6-7(6); 6-3; 7-6(9)  Makarome is a good player, so no surprise really.
32 (17) Alyza Benotto d. (9) Katya Vasilyev 6-3; 7-5
32 (5) Tina Jiang d. (17) Alex Solovyev 6-3; 7-5
32 (17) Gabriela Knutson d. (9) Johanna Hyoty 6-3; 6-1
32 (17) Kana Daniel d. (1) Taylor Ng 6-3; 6-2 Huh? WHO??!!
64 (17) Marika Cusick d. Allison Chuang 6-4; 6-2
64 Honami Yazawa d. (5) Ria Vaidya 7-5; 6-4
64 (17) Katherine Yau d. Katie Ta 6-1; 6-3
64 (3) Anna Shkudun d. Andrea Kevakian 6-0; 6-3  You KNOW Shkudun is DAMN good if she could rout Kevakian...
64 Shreya Pasricha d. (9) Erica Oosterhout 1-6; 6-3; 6-3
64 (17) Hannah Camhi d. Julia Schroeder 5-7; 6-3; 6-2
64 (9) Natallia Vavulina d. Amy Yang 6-4; 6-7(6); 7-5

Actually NE is pretty interesting. Lots of good players.

Milestone] Passed 250 lifebirds count!!

After spotting Blue-winged Teals at Silver Lake Reservoir today(had to return my rental car today due to flat tire yesterday morning on the way to birding Upper Newport Bay, ugh. Tragedy continues. So couldn't even go there. After getting a much needed help to replace the tire, just birded Peck Pit, made the most of it; finally spotted that damn Pine Warbler!), it's safe to say I passed 250 bird count.

Started from Feb. 7th at Frank Bonelli Park with Pasadena Audubon members, so it's been about 9 months. Have come a long way!

According to ebird, 1131 birds have been spotted in the U.S. 
Me, at 255 birds(it's actually lower than that, as I say, about 250 or 1), is 9916th in the U.S. lol. Still, saw about 22% of the total birds, that's not bad at all. Blessed to live in So. Cal!

Still my 'skill' is rudimentary at best. Could I've spotted those prized birds such as Canada, Palm and Pine Warblers recently, alone? Nope.  Canada one I was fortunate to encounter a local birder at West San Gabriel River Parkway; followed him and he pointed out the exact tree where the bird was lol.
Palm? Darren Dowell pointed the bird out right in front of me at Peck Pit lol.  Pine, the same, was lucky to hurry and see through Frank Gilliland's awesome Swarovski scope!

I'm not sure how many Fall warblers are left for me to discover; too bad I couldn't spot that Yellow-throated. Magnolia has disappeared at CSU Dominguez Hill(actually at Stubhub Center)as well(only went there once though, unlike Vance St., YTW stackeout).
Summer birds, missed that Yellow-Breasted Chat, Blue Grosbeak, etc.
Really should take care of those glaring ommissions; Wrentit, California Gnatcatcher(that's why I visited Palo Verdes area not too long ago), Wandering Tattler, American Dipper, etc..

New birds are appearing every day thanks to that terrific ebird, such as Chestnut-collared Longspur at Santa Fe Dam, Pacific Golden Plover at Playa del Rey(gone now though?), Spotted Dove at Colonel Leo H Washington Park, Plumbeous and Cassin Vireos, etc..
Oh there's the whole repertoire of Sparrows too, for that matter, those Little Brown Jobs lol. Gulls too, should study more on those birds as well.

So fun! I'm really becoming more of a birder than a tennis watcher now lol.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Where's Pippa Horn?

Disappeared from UT she injured?

Texas schools are more academically challenging than IVY???!!

Judging from the Regional tennis format, it seems so lol.

From Dartmouth:

doubles team was made up of senior Katherine Yau and sophomore Julia Schroeder. In their first match, they had an 8-4 defeat of NJIT’s Amanda Helminsky and Rafaella Sampaio. In the Round of 32, Yau and Schroeder took on Isidora Pejovic and Alba Sala and defeated the Albany duo, 8-4. 
In singles the only member of the Big Green that played was Schroeder, who defeated Sherry Li of Yale, 6-7, 6-2, 6-3. 
Texas teams surely play less!! Is it because of student's well being??! So that they might have more time studying???!! Is Texas now the new academic mecca of U.S.?!!!! A mystery...!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Jade Lewis to LSU!

OMG LSU could be so good next season:

JVC Owens Holloway
Weissmann Lewis

1 won't even start!! Recruiting too well??! Lol.

2015 MW Regional MD dbls

No MD sgls posted at MICH website yet?

Dbls seeds are

1 Shupenia/Mitrea
2 Rooney/Larner (is Barnett injured?)
3 Kwong/Vias(surprising)
4 Ruder-Hook/Minor(could win this)

Rather disappointing; Yurovsky and DiLorenzo aren't playing.

Broda/Chong vs Fahey/Hall should be good. Closs/Miller vs Paz/Niehaus as well.

2015 Carolinas Regional

This regional is tough as well. UNC and Duke, plus CU, USC, NCST, WF.


1st half,
Carter, Asch, Modovan, Davis, Scholl, Guerin, Vazquez, Akkerman, Capra...should be interesting how those freshmen from USC, WF, NCST fare.

2nd half,
Aney, Wiktorin, Cline vs Hamlin, Kay, Smith, Berg, Nalborska, Ho, COP, Eidukonyte..


Capra/Hamlin 1st seed.
Eidukonyte teamed up with Pointek(dunno her), Dai with Vazquez. Ho with Scholl(Scholl was G18 National dbls  finalist. She has been even more disappointing than Hardebeck. Krista was at least crucial in Stanford's NCAA win..maybe due to injury. Really hope she returns to form; should be one of the best #2s in the nation, vying with Kuhlman and such). Aney teamed up with Vialle and are seeded 2nd(Carter/Kay as AA finalist already are guaranteed a berth at NIIC).

2015 SE Regional

One of the toughest, unlike say UVA and Vandy regionals lol.

You have UF, UGA, MIAMI, GT, FSU competing..

For example in the sgls upper half, you have Austin, Borthwick, Woolcock, Renaud, Wagner, Garcia,
Liang, Hourigan, Danilina, Zhang, Gould.

Lower half, King, Morgan, Keegan, Patterson, McAdoo, Lohan, Porter, Riobueno, Shaffer, Brinson, Woodard, get the gist.

Dbls should be very exciting as well. Miami split Lohan/Wagner; Wagner teamed up with Tanielian, Lohan with Madcur, dunno T and M.  Perez isn't playing, so Gould teamed up with Patterson.

2015 Texas regional

They are not playing 3rd set lol.

Pierson is not playing. Shankle either. Saska should win this? Or Addison. But Norris should pose a challenge.

Already some upsets occured;

64 Hortense Boscher d. Savannah Durkin 2-6; 6-3; 10-8
64 Katelyn Jackson d. Caroline Wegner 6-4; 6-3
64 Seda Arantekin d. Eva Paalma 6-2; 5-7; 11-9
64 Vaszilisza Bulgakova d. (11) Kelley Anderson 5-7; 6-4; 10-5
128 angeles de los Rios d. Ines Deheza 6-4; 5-7; 10-8
128 Vivienne Kulicke d. Neda Koprcina 6-1; 6-4

Valenstein and Maltby advanced.

Dbls, watch out for Norris/Pereira. They could win it all lol, since Shankle and Pierson aren't playing dbls either. But of course there's Deheza/Hristova and Addison/Wagland. Saska teamed up with Gonzalez, dunno her. Also watch out for TT dbls.

Dbls is playing 6 game dbls as well. Texas teams are having it easy lol.

2015 NW R draw

So checked ebird for the SF area, and pretty much the same as here, disappointed. Not that I'm going there, due to the car accident. Chestnut-backed Chickadee, that's all? I'd rather bird nearer plateau area for the game birds and Yellow-billed Magpie.  I mean, just at Peck Pit, Grassshopper Sparrow, Palm & Pine Warbler, Clay-Colored Sparrow are reported. Eastern Phoebe was reported today at Vina Vieja too lol.

Anyway, sgls draw first;

1st Q

McCord could trouble Davidson. Gauvain did pretty well at Cal. Invite?
Critser vs Hance 1st rd, brutal. This lower half also has Whittle and Popovic. Likely Davidson will still advance, but we'll see.

2nd Q

Starr will advance methinks.  Lord vs Grende potential rd 32 could be interesting.
Interesting 1st rd, EDM vs Nommensen.

3rd Q

Apollo vs Huynh 1st rd. I heard H was pretty good, but now? I think Nevada will win.
If she advances she'll meet Pawid, a tough competitor.  Lampl could do some damage in the upper half. But hard to see anybody beating Doyle here, except for Doyle's serve haha.

4th Q

Krista didn't play that bad against Perez at AA; should advance from the upper half.  Yee received a bagel against..was it Crister? at Cal. Invite; not in prime form I guess.  Fabikova should advance here, but we'll see how it goes.

I see that Zhao is taking the Gibbs' route; not playing Fall tournaments, at all lol, playing Challengers.


Davidson and Doyle teamed up, #1 seed. Hard to see anybody beating them, especially in the 1st half.
SMC, SJSU, FSU, GONZAGA teams could trouble them though.

Lower half, SMC vs STAN 2nd rd match should be good.  Cal. team should be tough to beat(haven't really seen Hauger play dbls much in jrs though).
Stanford dbls is totally different from AA; Hardebeck teamed up with Lampl.
2nd rd UW vs FSU should be a marquee match. UW can definitely win this one.

Failla's results thus far

Best results from SC freshmen thus far

USC didn't update dbls? Didn't they lose twice at AA, against NU for example

10/7/2015Riviera/ITA Women's All-American ChampionshipsQuarterfinalsGabby Smith
Jessica Failla
#46 Krisztina Kapitany
Tess Bernard-Feigenbaum
#43 Purdue UniversityWin8-6
10/6/2015Riviera/ITA Women's All-American ChampionshipsRound of 32Gabby Smith
Jessica Failla
#31 Alison Ho
Lindsey Hodge
#28 Rice UniversityWin8-5
10/4/2015Riviera/ITA Women's All-American ChampionshipsRound of 16Gabby Smith
Jessica Failla
Alexis Casati
Jerricka Boone
#55 University of IllinoisWin8-5
10/18/20152015 USTA/ITA Division I Women’s Southwest Regional ChampionshipSemifinalsLuisa Stefani #22 PepperdineLoss7-5, 6-3
10/17/20152015 USTA/ITA Division I Women’s Southwest Regional ChampionshipQuarterfinalsDzina Milovanovic #22 PepperdineWin7-5, 6-2
10/16/20152015 USTA/ITA Division I Women’s Southwest Regional ChampionshipRound of 16#43 Lauren Marker #66 University of ArizonaWin6-1, 4-6, 7-6
10/4/2015Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships#103 Gabriela Talaba #16 Texas Tech UniversityLoss6-4, 3-6, 6-2
10/3/2015Riviera/ITA Women's All-American ChampionshipsRound of 64Anna Mamalat #10 Texas A&M UniversityWin7-5, 6-2
10/3/2015Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships#108 Lily Miyazaki #35 University of OklahomaWin1-6, 6-3, 6-4

Minor already doing damage

Her first tournament results

From ITA

10/17/2015Atlanta Fall Classic TournamentBrienne Minor
Ronit Yurovsky
Daniela Ruiz
Fernanda Navarro
#18 Clemson UniversityWin6-3
10/16/2015Atlanta Fall Classic TournamentBrienne Minor
Ronit Yurovsky
#51 Caroline Brinson
Hannah King
#5 University of GeorgiaWin7-5
10/16/2015Atlanta Fall Classic TournamentBrienne Minor
Ronit Yurovsky
Nicole Kalhorn
Amanda Muliawan
#42 Princeton UniversityWin6-2
10/18/2015Atlanta Fall Classic TournamentKatrine Steffensen #42 Princeton UniversityWin5-7, 6-4, 6-1
10/17/2015Atlanta Fall Classic Tournament#55 Hannah King #5 University of GeorgiaWin6-4, 7-5
10/16/2015Atlanta Fall Classic TournamentFernanda Navarro #18 Clemson University

Monday, October 19, 2015

NCAA] The season has just started

So no need to 'despair' on performing poor thus far lol. Many play the Regional this week, and will play various local invites till early next year(for example Freeman is played in mid-January).

Then NTI in February.
Then, Dual season.

Many teams revise their lineups till the very end lol, that is, late Apr. or early May!

It's truly a long and winding road. 'The game' has just begun.

Kick off at TCU

Think I've mentioned it before, but again:

TCU vs. UH

I won't be surprised if any of these teams advance.

TCU quite impressed me at WAATC. PEPP as well, and again at SW R. DiLorenzo justified her #1 ranking by doing well at WAATC. And OSU pays Cal. a visit, so we might gauge their level more accurately(and of course, they play the Regional soon, like TCU).

TCU made the trip to Virginia last year. Can they repeat, or is this Pepperdine's or OSU's time.

2015 Nov. Irvine USTA tournament link

Not sure I can attend this either, but at least a link.

Hope for a Martinelli vs Favero match lol. Another surprise guest is Weissmann. Cooley, Pick, etc., are also incoming

Pick, Calkins, Smith, Gizdova chose

Pick goes to UW, that's a very nice haul by UW.

Caitlin Calkins chooses Purdue.  She'll be particularly helpful in dbls, but if I remember correctly she wasn't bad in singles either, will have to refresh my memory by rereading my recaps lol.

Maria Smith chooses Cal.

Same here, did watch her a bit, I know she's quite powerful but need to reread my recaps.

Gizdova to GT;

Have I posted this? Just found out while browsing TRN lol. G is a very solid player, definitely will help GT.

OC county some results

Won't be able to attend(would like to see Peus vs Maxfield), but some interesting results;

4) Kalani Soli d. Cali Jankowski   7-6; 6-7; 4-0Ret (inj)

That's QUITE an effort by Cali! Against a powerful player like Soli, who's like 2 years older. Hope the injury isn't serious.

Julia Haynes d. Jennifer Gadalov 6-2; 6-7; 6-2

I wonder how long this would've taken, considering their play style..haha.

Birding and Tennis watching on hold

So today went to the repair shop, got the rental car and had talk with my agent.

Not good.

Since I did bump into the car, I'll have to pay 1/3 of the cost personally. That's quite a blow to me; therefore will have to cancel lots of leisure activities; which means of course, birding and tennis watching. Can't handle the gas expense, at the least.
Thought of birding the area, on the way downtown, such as Playa del Rey and Wilmington Drain(close to Harbor Lake), but cancelled it.

Will have to bird only the neighborhood area, such as Vina Vieja, Peck Pit, Hahamongna, Eaton Canyon, and next month Santa Fe Dam and Frank Bonelli Parks(ok, that's still a lot lol, but those are local areas)

Donation will be helpful, but not sure how much it'll offset it. Estimates will have to wait.

So Orange County is definitely a no show, probably. JKC, not sure either, I might go there to watch 'guests' such as OSU players, but probably won't attend the full day. Might attend 1 or 2 days.

Would love to bird SD more, and there is WTA 125K Carlsbad, but we'll see.

I would very much like to visit Mesa again for Winter National, especially to bird SE Arizona lol, not sure about that, either.

Well, here's to hope.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

10/18 pics

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery






2015 SW R Sun.

Every morning was a veritable Mein Kampf for us birders; had to fight against the inclement weather.
Today, no exception. At Fort Rosecrans Cemetery, we birders(about 15?) fought the rain in vain to spot that Gray Catbird, ugh. Northern Mockingbirds were mocking us with the usual bewildering array of song repertoire lol.
Stayed there about an hour and an half. But it wasn't without some prize; HERMIT THRUSH!!!! Again, my first :)

Then headed back, and stopped briefly at Famosa to find that Eurasian Widgeon; scanned the water, there were many American ones, not sure, too bad.

I shouldn't have stopped there, because when I arrived, dbls matches were already under way - and I found out that it was the 2ND set, too late!!!  Why didn't I notice that the score cards were not on the same level...I was rather keen on watching PEPP vs PEPP one, so was kinda devastated when they finished soon lol.

Yesterday Mr. Law 'chided' me for not taking pics any more, but I don't carry cameras at Barnes anyway, since I was expressly forbidden a few years ago; how did he IW?  Anyway smartly replied that I now 'stalk' birds, not tennis players! :p

Makarova's mom was doing lessons! :)

Women's Open Doubles

SF (4) RUNGLERDKRIANGKRAI/STEFANI d. (7) Gulbe/Milovanovic 6-4; 6-3

So, can't really say, ugh, too bad.

SF (1) CUTURA/Maddox d. ADLER/Atanasson 6-2; 6-3

PEPP passed sharply; their drives are really National level now!


I said, PEPP's goal shouldn't just stop at defending the Conference Championship....!
And UCSB won't have problem winning Big West, it seems..
Missed this, of course. I'll probably see those players at JKC again, so :p

CS LOU ADLER d. Stephanie Hazell 8-6

Very impressed with Steph, and glad I made this my first priority, over Smith vs Cat match :p (started simultaneously).
Steph played well!  Served pretty well, especially t serve, and moved quite well too, drives were QUITE disciplined, so could prolong some rallies, and of course, could attack. Already made quite a progress during the tournament, methinks! ;)  Lou was a bit more powerful, so it was a very nice match, indeed :)  Loved it.

CS MICHAELA CAPANNOLO d. Tatum Prudhomme 8-3

This must've started first, Michaela was already watching Stadium dbls match. Feneridis wasn't wearing a burka today :(

Women's Open Singles

Suddenly got tired, so left mid-matches. Had to bird Fiesta Isl. again, and also wanted to avoid traffic(I did get caught in it though).

SF (10) LUISA STEFANI d. (16) Jessica Failla 7-5; 6-3

Pretty tight in the 1st, what with Luisa making some WTF errors lol. I thought it would be a blowout, but what an effort by Jess. I wouldn't mind Jess playing over Rianna.. :p

SF (1) Catherine Harrison d. (4) Gabrielle Smith 7-5; 6-4

Today's special guest, Amanda Fink!!! Naturally said hello, she was wearing that USC men tennis t shirt.  And, she was pretty friendly with PEPP Asst. coach????!!!!  That was a revelation to me! Should check out his PEPP profile later.
Pretty high level, Cat was blasting the balls of course but Gabby could attack very sharply, painting corners. And her defense is really something to behold lol. Returned all those Cat's cannon balls, quite sharply.
Cat was in love with her towel, as usual, haha.

So went to Dog Run, and finally, confirmed Western Meadowlark!!!!  At first spotted the back of the head, it was striped so thought it was an American Pipit; then it turned, and that yellow breast and the black breastline!!! Exclaimed in delight.   While studying a 3rd one, suddenly realized that I left my battery charger at my hotel room -_-   So headed back, and thankfully it was still there stuck on the socket, so retrieved it, phew.  Really, going senile..

Stopped briefly at San Elijo Center Loop trail, 3:30pm High Tide, no birds -_-  Finally found some, Song Sparrow, Great Egret, Snowy Egrets, Marbled Godwit(saw those a lot at SD), 5 Double Crested Cormorants, Mallard flying..

That's it.  I actually want to explore No. Cal now, of course for birding, and if I can watch NW R, all the better. But since I would be using a rental car from tomorrow(my damaged car will be repaired)...not a good timing...we'll see....

2015 SW R Doubles Sat.

I really doubt why I'm doing this. There's really no remunerative benefits, but of course that's to be expected when I made the blog private(but donation wasn't coming much when I opened it public either lol).  Anyway it's such a chore.

Today's surprise guests were the Mossmers! Nicole said Ashley Lahey was her dbls partner! They diligently watched many matches. And Kelly Shaffer came to root for Cat!

Hailey wore a smart white jacket! But it wasn't that cold..haha. So she was later seen wrapping it around her waist lol.

There are some contenders, such as a girl player who 'wore' a black 'turban'!  but the fashion of the day should be awarded to Feneridis! Made a makeshift burka with white towels..ingenious ;)

Chatted with Mr. Law, tried to convince him of the merit of birding, no luck lol. Still nice chatting with him.  He 'complained' that Jasmine Lee went to MSU, not SDSU! Valid criticism, considering SD's perfect weather!  He also knew Luisa Stefani was very highly ranked in juniors; he does do his research!

16 (2) Katz/Westby d. HSU/Poei 8-3

16 (7) Gulbe/Milovanovic d. BAKLINI/Prudhomme 8-5

I was VERY impressed with this GCU team. Approached the net, and WHAT volleys! Moved very well too, so could pressure PEPP a lot. Their net reflex was superb! Aced, even. That was NOT an easy win by PEPP; they were actually trailing at first.

16 DUBAVETS/Stojic d. Nguyen/Resma 8-4

16 (5) Austin/Marker d. Deleon/Valenzuela 8-2

Watched a bit.

16 ADLER/Atanasson d. (3) Failla/Valdes Wd (inj)

16 (8) BUTH/Nguyen d. LeFridge/Watrous 8-4

Watched a bit, UCI team didn't play bad..

16 (1) CUTURA/Maddox d. Smith/Letzt 8-5

Hmm, I still think Letzt could be formidable in dbls, but not yet. That's rather an easy win by PEPP, I don't think USC played that well though.

Q (7) Gulbe/Milovanovic d. (2) Katz/Westby 8-5

G/M were too good, USC wasn't practically every department, seemed a bit overpowered too. But later rallied, especially Zoe's aggressive net approaches and attacks were effective.


This was a very good match, naturally. D/S were more than a match for the PEPP team. Really enjoyed this. Serve return passing shot winners, aces, overheads..nice plays galore lol.

Q ADLER/Atanasson d. (5) Austin/Marker 8-6

UCSB team was very aggressive, approached the net a lot to pressure UA; and I'd say it was effective. Rather an upset, since A/M are good dbls players.

Q (1) CUTURA/Maddox d. (8) BUTH/Nguyen 8-1

C/M too good, dunno why but even Tami wasn't rallying very well, committed drive errors.