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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2016 2/23 team ranking

From ITA

RankAvgSchoolPrevious Rank
281.27Ohio State University5
371.43University of Michigan8
470.62Vanderbilt University6
569.22University of Georgia4
667.21North Carolina2
759.65University of Florida3
858.78Texas Tech University10
957.05Duke University7
1147.23Oklahoma State University14
1341.52University of Miami (Florida)12
1440.85University of Tulsa34
1533.86University of Kentucky20
1733.32University of South Carolina37
1833University of Virginia9
1930.74University of Washington33
2029.91Texas A&M UniversityT15
2128.72Wichita State University31
2228.6University of Mississippi18
2326University of KansasT54
2425.92Arizona State University27
2525.33Mississippi State University25
2623.83Fresno State28
2722.49Wake Forest University43
2822.17University of Alabama17
3019.9University of Notre Dame32
3119Dartmouth College41
3218.92Rice University29
3317.81Syracuse University62
3417.08Clemson University21
3516.56University of Oregon46
3616.02Georgia Tech24
3714.8University of ArizonaT54
3814.44University of Southern California11

Crap of course lol. OSU overranked, and UF too low, but they didn't play NTI so can't complain either.
And Tulsa? What did they do.

You see that USC at UCLA is of major importance now lol. The loser might not host NCAA regional.

Maybe that's why no coaches from both team had a peek here at Morgan Run...haha.

Want to delve further but no time, have to review the recent bird sightings in this area and chart the itinerary accordingly lol, so. Probably should bird La Jolla, Wandering Tattler is spotted. Wonder if that Brown Booby is still there as well.

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