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Sunday, February 21, 2016

2016 ITF RSF Day 1

Lol I forgot to bring the charging cord to my laptop. Battery is already almost depleted, so useless. So unless I find a nearby BestBuy store to use laptops there lol, I'm not quite ready to poke recaps on my Kindle Fire; too time consuming, so won't bother, probably.

So my laptop died lol, but there is a store near? by: so I'll just poke on my Fire today

Arrived safely and did not head to Marston House: think Hepatic Tanager is best spotted very early, and I was already a bit late, so just headed to San Elijo Nature Center.

And frankly birdied that loop too many times, so this time chose a different route: walked the Manchester Ave. eastwards to the bridge. If you spotted a weird guy wearing a hoodie walking along the road in the morning, toting a scope and even using it lol, that was me!

Many shorebirds were spotted at the river(again, at this distance scope is very helpful): Whimbrel, Long-billed Curlew, Willet, Dowitcher, even a Spotted Sandpiper..Osprey and Ring-billed Gull perched on a pole, and a Cormorant flew north toward the Center. The more I went east, more ducks were spotted: Wigeon, Bufflehead, Mallard, Coot..

And Swallows, lots of them. Mostly Tree methinks, but I think I spotted Northern Rough-Winged and Violet-green as well.

Song sparrows were conspicuous.

Highlight was finding a female Hummer, nesting!!!! Probably Anna's. Improbably right at the road edge, accompanied by noise and pollution(junction with I -5 entrance). Apparently it doesn't care lol. So took pics, but will have to upload it after I return home.

That's it, birded about an hour before heading to the venue.

Coach Nilsson and Augustus came, so said hello. 3 Waves are competing, so coach Nilsson was busy: happily busy I guess haha. I dunno why Lorraine's father is wearing Zags(Gonzaga) t shirt lol.
Congratulated coach A on the NTI win of course.

Apparently I'm never going to hear the end of my mistake: Kayla's 'father' is constantly reminding me..haha.

Was that Constance again? She's everywhere lol. She naturally chatted with CSQ, former TAMU no. 1. CSQ watched Urbina play earlier as well.

They opened the lower courts baseline tarpaulins: so could watch action in the shade.

Ashley W as usual wore a UVA cap.

I did say that Carol vs Car would be interesting; the better player won probably. Carol had major trouble handling Car's firepower. Allowed winners many times. Carol is a very good doubles player boasting excellent variety, but as I said, Car herself has no problem in that department as well. And again, her serve bailed her out in many occasions: Carol just couldn't return those big serves well.
And crucially committed many errors.

Ema vs Michaela was pretty tight, all the way. Both drove well, and Ema drop shotted at times. Methinks Michaela had a lil' bit extra gear: after long intense rallies, managed to finish points, aggressively. Don't think serve was a big problem, didn't particularly notice it.

Ashley vs Jada took AGES to finish: how long? Luisa watched the match for a long time after finishing the match and getting showered lol. View wasn't ideal though, so didn't bother.

Mad B seemed to have nice anticipation: so could return well. Pretty competitive, actually.

Urbina was aggressive, but Keri's variety was working as well.

Too bad couldn't watch Savannah vs Facey match much. Thought S was the better player when I watched.

Rather disappointing performance by Alex lol. Was netting tons. Nicole could return those bullets deep, and showed variety as well, approaching the net and moonballing. Attacked weak returns by Alex too. But I guess ultimately Alex's power prevailed.

Jenna was pretty impressive: played vastly better than against Cali at Irvine lol. So could have a competitive match against Liu. Hit and moved well.

Cali vs SJ match was pretty high level methinks, what with both hitting aggressively. SJ seems to have 'graduated' from the BBB phase haha. Played with more poise, making vastly lesser errors than before lol. That was an impressive performance. Thought Mossmer was better by now, but after watching SJ play today: they need to play each other soon lol.

Too bad couldn't watch Darya play much. As usual had no problem producing pace. Variety wasn't bad either.

Kratzer hit well, quite impressed. LLW was aggressive as usual.

TT was too good today. Did everything well. Hit with pace and angles, served well, and her net plays were also very sharp. Day served well to hang on.

Black vs Xie match was never-ending. Xie was blasting B's serves.

Graham was aggressive.

Mateas had no problem handling E's pace: returned well.

Xu vs Wozniak, is this really 1st rd Q match at 25k lol. Where were they during WTA Calrsbad 125k lol. Easily the best match today. Both hit and moved so well. W's level was actually pretty high at times, thought she might win this all actually.
And Xu was very competitive against her, so you can guess the level of this match. Sank many bhs, but was overall very impressed with her game.

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