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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2016 ITF RSF Day 2

Can't bother to drive the extra mile to Best buy. So poking on Fire it is. Call me 'The Poker'? Lol.

I wanted to spot that Sage Thrasher singing, so went to San Elijo Lagoon Stonebridge trail a bit later than 6am: yes, while you were sleeping

I was birding up and early!

No luck though. Foggy so visibility was rather poor, and no dawn chorus, just some trills here and there. Saw a Great Blue Heron flyover, and over the hill, at the field, Say's Phoebe and a whole flock of American Pipits. Song sparrow, Mourning Dove, White-crowned Sparrows and California Towhee..that's about it.

After eating breakfast, birded San Dieguito Lagoon trail a bit(behind McDonald's at Via de la valle).  It really seems to be Long-billed Curlew season: yesterday, and today as well. Whole flock of Lesser Scaup were spotted , along with some American Wigeons. Male Anna's Hummers, Northern Mockingbird, Northern Harrier, Red-shouldered Hawk rounded up the morning list(saw that Hawk again just a bit west to the Morgan Run entrance at Via de la valle when I went back to the hotel).

Quit early(got a bit tired of watching tennis) and birded that Stonebridge trail again, but again no luck. Black Phoebes, Western Scrub-Jays were prominent.

I see that Matt Sadowski spotted it again: I'm gonna try again lol. Will just stick to San Elijo area for the remainder of the tournament, can't bother romping all over the area lol.

Lucked in choosing the hotel: didn't know it had an outdoor spa!

Second Qualifying Round

MVP came, and Joseph? from TF came! Greeted each other and he as usual took pics.

 Brynn Boren (USA) d. (1)Ayaka Okuno (JPN) 16 75 63

(15)Claire Liu (USA) d. Emma Christine Higuchi (USA) 61 64

Emma serves faster now? Her bhs did sail wide when I watched.

 Aleksandra Wozniak (CAN) d. Chiara Scholl (USA) 63 62

(14)Alexandra Stevenson (USA) d. Ashley Kratzer (USA) 63 46 62

Ashley surprised me yet again. She's really a good hitter(lefty). Not good body language(too negative), but even showed good variety and once applauded Alex's fine play. Defence wasn't bad either. Could be a sleeper pick for the class of 2017

 (3)Lou Brouleau (FRA) d. Sophia Bursulaya (USA) 63 61

(16)Michaela Gordon (USA) d. (wc)Taylor Johnson (USA) 61 62

SJ is quite tall(taller than Gordon?). Made many errors, but don't think it was ball bashing. Definitely the bigger hitter, but G was just more solid. SJ was hugging the baseline, and G was usually perched behind the baseline. The match was actually quite intense, notwithstanding the lopsided score.

 (4)Francoise Abanda (CAN) d. (wc)Hurricane Tyra Black (USA) 64 61

Quit after watching the 1st. Black is a good hitter. Defence, offense, both good. A was just a bit more powerful. The match wasn't that HQ though, what with both spewing errors.

(13)Alexa Graham (USA) d. Kat Facey (USA) 60 62

 Carson Branstine (USA) d. Alexandra Sanford (USA) 46 62 64

Car is a diligent score changer :)  And, talent AND will is a powerful combination: just look at Gibbs. Maybe Car too? Lol. Both show pure angst during the match, maybe an expression of wanting to win so much(tennis singles is such a psychotic and crazy sport anyway lol).

Alex played much better yesterday. Maybe she likes pace(but she also lost to pace-loving Alaina Miller at EB..haha)? The day before Mossmer didn't give much pace, maybe it was a deliberate choice from M(since she can generate pace and punish weak returns).

Anyhow pretty high level, what with both moving and hitting so well. Alex also showed some nice variety.

 There was a point of the tournament mid-match(or was it during the 3rd): Alex's shot hit a net cord, and Car incredibly sprinted all the way behind the baseline and reached it: the court was wide open, so Alex put back sharply: and Car showed incredible reflex, reaching it and making a volley winner. Such speed and reflex. Most players would've flubbed the volley attempt. Incredible poise at the net. Didn't I say again and again that she'll be a star lol. She's going to play an Exhibition match at NY early next month I'm told.

Alex's firepower was a match for Car's. Again, as in the Zhao match, Car's serve probably was the decider.

Oh Alex had a MTO, just like Burgic the day before.

Ena Shibahara (USA) d. Jada Myii Hart (USA) 62 63

Hart could produce impressive pace. I knew she was a good hitter but methinks she's even hitting bigger now?  Emma did well to weather those monstrous attacks. Think both served solidly. Heart's drive errors was her bane.

 (6)Quirine Lemoine (NED) d. Keri Wong (USA) 46 62 60

Luisa Stefani (BRA) d. Alexandra Facey (USA) 60 60

I don't watch blowout matches. Luisa lucked on the draw, or not, if you want to play good opponents for preparation to the East coast trip lol. What if she wins again tomorrow(probable too), will she join the team trip east. She disappeared into the night yesterday, there was just a barren field in that direction? Or is there a lodging across the field lol.

 Megan McCray (USA) d. Katherine Sebov (CAN) 64 64

Shocker, but Megan is one of the very few players who defeated Bellis(Lakewood). Imagine if she stayed at Ok. St. lol. A legitimate win today, too. Played really well, hit well to beat Kat.

(9)Taylor Townsend (USA) d. Caroline Dolehide (USA) 62 16 63

TT's good form continued. In the 2nd her serve got right, and Caro served and hit well, almost painting the baseline and corners.

 Maria Mateas (USA) d. Sabastiani Leon (MEX) 62 62

Leon was not bad actually. Could hit with pace and also had variety. Yesterday Maria's offense stood out to me(compared to her defense the day earlier): was mercilessly moving Leon around with aggression.

Lorraine M. Guillermo (USA) d. (12)Ashley Weinhold (USA) 63 46 64

Didn't know dbls matches were on the card. Future Bruins(Caro could become a Beuin? Lol) vs Chang/Higuchi played late at crt3(hence difficult to watch). There was another dbls match after I left, didn't even know about it either. As I said, got rather tired of watching too much tennis, and didn't want to waste the remaining light so headed back to San Elijo to bird.

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