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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2016 ITF RSF day 4 - tennis

Jill Craybas spotted: who is she coaching.

Surprise guest was Van Alphen! Watched some matches.
Oh before that, Amanda Fink! Didn't stay long though.

Ahn is Lacoste girl now? Jaksic like Kingsley wore Fila.

First Round
(1)Shuai Zhang (CHN) d. (SE)Jamie Loeb (USA) 75 16 76(2)

Tight all the way. Apparently Loeb is good enough to be a top 100 player? Her dtl shots were very good, especially on the run. Approached the net at times, not bad either.
Zhang was maybe just a bit better. Upped the level in pinch. Didn't know she was that tall.

 (Q)Claire Liu (USA) d. Basak Eraydin (TUR) 76(3) 63

Basak wasn't too powerful, but had variety and used it to frustrate Liu methinks. Served well too.
Liu even drop spotted well. Her approach shots were long when I watched. As usual lots of errors but her power game again paid off. She was all smiles later at the verandah haha.

Indy de Vroome (NED) d. (6)Jovana Jaksic (SRB) 64 63

Every game was super long when I watched. Both hit very well, but Indy was in best condition. Serve was at first unstable but later, no problemo. Think the match was pretty HQ.

(3)Mandy Minella (LUX) d. (Q)Michaela Gordon (USA) 62 63

Mandy concentrated on control methinks, and Michaela's wasn't working today. Too many errors for her standard. Usually returned Mandy's attacks very well, but she's a very good defender so no surprise there.

Chloe Paquet (FRA) d. (Q)Megan McCray (USA) 64 62

Chloe was solid but not that powerful, so thought Megan had chance. Now can't quite remember how it went lol.

(5)Julia Boserup (USA) d. Danielle Lao (USA) 64 61

Points were rather long, Lao did well to hang on but eventually Julia was too powerful I guess.

Vania King (USA) d. (Q)Alexa Graham (USA) 60 63

Only watched a few games at the start of 2nd, and it was pretty tight.

Catherine Bellis (USA) d. (wc)Jacqueline Cako (USA) 64 64

Didn't really watch, that's quite an effort by Cako I guess.

(Q)Aleksandra Wozniak (CAN) d. (4)Mayo Hibi (JPN) 64 36 62

Too bad I couldn't watch this more. Mayo's drives were good enough, and her net sallies were pretty effective especially in the 2nd.

 Asia Muhammad (USA) d. (Q)Carson Branstine (USA) 63 62

Well I guess it had to stop somewhere lol, maybe Car was too spent by now. Altogether quite a debut at Morgan Run: she'll be a fixture here for years to come! Asia's serve and net approaches were pretty effective methinks, and she managed to gain the upper hand after some tense rallies.

(wc)Raveena Kingsley (USA) d. (Q)Maria Mateas (USA) 63 61

Ravenna too good. Quite efficient, with pin point precision. Even a good defender like Maria couldn't touch quite a lot of balls.

(LL)Francoise Abanda (CAN) d. (2)Jessica Pegula (USA) 63 63

Shocker? Couldn't see much but Abanda almost seemed to overwhelm with her power. Thought Jess is quite powerful herself, but..

First Round

 Christian/Lao (USA/USA) d. Evtimova/Stevenson (BUL/USA) 60 61

Trojans too good. KK again struggled to serve lol, but once she made it, dominated the net. They cruised so didn't bother to watch more.

Burgic Bucko/Wong (BIH/USA) d. (Q)Guillermo/Scandalis (USA/USA) 64 60

Star wars of sorts. The most decorated player is of course Wong(3-time college slam finalist with Bek, all in one season haha). But the least decorated player impressed me most: Ema lol. Very good defence, whether solid back court driving and lobbing, and also at net. Seemed Keri didn't have to do much lol. Even served well.
Ema was hampered by injuries during college methinks, but she seems fully operational now? Good news. :)

Anyway this duo seems to be a good combo: Keri at net, and Ema backing up at the backcourt. Zoe/Lorraine should be a good combo as well what with their athleticism, but the winner's defense was too good.

 Hibi/Min (JPN/USA) d. Boren/Leon (USA/MEX) 64 60

Thought it was pretty high level actually. Min served well when I watched.

(2)Kuwata/Okuno (JPN/JPN) d. Eraydin/Scholl (TUR/USA) 67(4) 64 10-6

Tight all the way, mostly watched the 1st set. E/S played very well to win the 1st. Okuno served well when I watched.

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