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Saturday, February 20, 2016

2016 ITF RSF PQ draw

So many last minute withdrawals...did Kylie withdraw too? Too bad. Wonder where she's going? College of course.

The most important thing is, the 1st match starts at 9:30!!! Yay, PLENTY of time to bird beforehand lol. Should bird Marston House tomorrow morning(because I don't like to get stuck in traffic at downtown in the weekdays lol) to spot that Hepatic Tanager. Apparently according to ebird I'm the only one to spot AND take a pic of LOEW at Apollo Park today(yeah I'm getting better I guess!), so here's to hope!

So many interesting matches, and so many junior players lol.

ITF and USTA sites have different OOP, but I'll trust USTA on this one;

Car vs Carol of course. Suitably played at 1.  Another interesting matches there are Day vs TT and Xu vs Wozniak. Haven't seen Xu before methinks, so looking forward to that match.

crt 2
Sanford vs Mossmer; Alex was relentlessly moving Robin left and right at Midland. Will Nicole again choose to moonball as she did against Mad Meredith at EB. And will her net approaches work.

Hart vs Lahey should be interesting. Should've asked the Millers about Hart, ugh, forgot. When is she playing for UCLA.

Friedel got WC, in fact fellow No. Californian Darya as well! But tough luck; Jen plays Claire lol.
Black vs Xie. Haven't seen Black before, and haven't seen Xie in a while. Did Xie turn pro or what. Thought she might go to college, so it was a surprise for me.

Bourguignon plays. Did she fly all the way from Florida? And, which college is she going to choose, or is she forgoing that.
Anzo also got WC, but tough luck; meets Caro

Haven't seen Urbina for a while, worth a look.
Kratzer too for that matter. She hasn't played So. Cal events at all recently methinks. Also class of 2017.
Did Graham turn pro? Tough luck for UNC. Did she get inspired by fellow? New Yorker Louisa Chirico lol.

Slaysman got WC, good.  Did the Faceys graduate?
Marquee match; SJ vs Cali! A must see, haha. Luckily not too many interesting 2nd matches elsewhere! This match will have to compete with Burgic vs Gordon at Crt 8 for my attention lol.

Stefani is playing, the only active college player here(Zhao doesn't count, since she hasn't played any college match at all this season lol).
As I said, Ema vs Michaela

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