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Thursday, February 11, 2016

2016 NTI all star announced

Compare to Jonathan Kelley's list: He put Di Lorenzo, Fabikova and Chi.
And Dai/COP for dbls #3.

Which means, that Cal. is a strong title contender for NCAA. Hauger/Popovic could be like Smith/Xepoleas last season at 5 and 6.

Astra still shines lol, at #3.

And UNC's dbls is one of the best. Dai and Vialle are still contributing to the team: hats off to them. Kay I've already mentioned. Truly, the winningest class in UNC history lol.

Aney and COP contributing hugely for the team. With Pepperdine and Michigan, UNC proves to be the best recruiting class of 2015.

I would put Ok st. Team as #2, at least for honorable mention. They won all 3 matches.

Score from ITA

2/7/2016Dual MatchPos. #2#30 Carla Tur Mari
Viktoriya Lushkova
Sinead Lohan
Clara Tanielian
#12 University of Miami (Florida)Win7-5
2/6/2016Dual MatchPos. #2#30 Carla Tur Mari
Viktoriya Lushkova
Joanna Nena Savva
Danielle Spielmann
#18 University of AlabamaWin6-4
2/5/2016Dual MatchPos. #2#30 Carla Tur Mari
Viktoriya Lushkova
Skylar Kuykendall
Abigail Owens
#13 LSUWin6-1

I said DiLorenzo/Sneed could be formidable and indeed they were picked by ITA.

I personally think, as Colette mentioned in her Twitter, that playing NTI should be awarded: ranking-wise.

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