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Thursday, February 11, 2016

2016 PVCC National Selection Tournament draw out



Possokhova/Tabachnik vs Booth/Chang marquee match of the 1st day. Wonder how good O'Malley is in doubles; if she is good, Choy/O'Malley vs Wan/Zhao could be fun as well.
Think Hand/Lahey got this, since they both are tall and complement each other nicely; Lahey's aggression and net play, with Hand's solid backing at the baseline. But we'll see.


Tough draw for Hand. Actually that quarter is semi-stacked.
Because Darya can actually win against Hand lol. Somewhat polar-opposite, what with Hand being the Moonball queen and Darya ultra aggressive, netting tons lol.
You add Mossmer/Van Linge/Gevargiz, and this is a very competitive section.

Favero/Zhao/Muljat/Ferrari in the 2nd quarter. Favero should advance, but we'll see.

3rd Quarter has the marquee match of the 1st day, Peus vs Choy. Smith vs Chang, both are good dbls players. Wonder how Booth fares against VA.

Willson just defeated Maxfield at Fullerton. Oh Tabachnik vs Wan is another marquee match. Wan is more powerful, but Katya has a nice variety and grit, should be interesting.

Lahey vs Car 2nd rd match, not fair to both lol. Marquee match of the tournament, probably. Lahey won Henry Talbert.



Dunno really much here, but Huang/Volynets and Cheng/Pursell seems formidable.

Wait they play at different venues, G16 at RLP, G18 at PVCC, not good lol. Couldn't they separate by gender lol.

Anyway, Boch-Collins/Frazier vs Gallagher/Stein could be interesting.


Jankowski/Taggart/Huang in the 1st quarter; Taggart vs Huang is a must-see 1st rd match.

Lin vs Frazier in the 3rd quarter should be good as well. Did I see Frazier at SC with Vlad? Was is her lol.

Volynets vs Gallagher 3rd rd at 4th quarter probably; and the height difference between them..haha. Or has Katie grown :)

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