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Saturday, February 27, 2016

2/27 birding at Playa del Rey area and Woodlawn Cemetery / BU at UCLA

So despite fatigue birded Playa del Rey area in the morning(since it's near UCLA) to spot Rose-ringed Parakeet, but failed. No Wandering Tattler either(maybe I should've birded La Jolla to spot it lol).

It was really foggy, so couldn't even spot those Cormorants and Pelicans at the opposite jetty from the end of the southernmost jetty.  Still saw lots of birds(and did spot those Cormorants and Pelicans flying over), including 7 Surfbirds at the jetty.

Least Sandpipers were also at the jetty.  Most shorebirds in fact were at the Del Rey Lagoon. Oh a couple of Red-breasted Mergansers were spotted around the river mouth, along with lots of Surf Scoters and a few Buffleheads and Egrets(Mostly Eared, but a couple of Horned).
About 20 or so Royal Terns were resting with the gulls at the beach, and 25 Western Grebes and 20 Surf Scoters were braving the raging sea(seemed like high tide, the waves crashed around the end of the southernmost jetty). When I left belatedly around 11:30, the hide tide was then affecting the Del Rey Lagoon Park.


Was that Kaitlyn Ray again?  'Chief' Clay Thompson appeared and watched the match as well. Another surprise guest was Alex Sanford, on the opposite side watching court 1 singles match; but not sure lol.

Scores from UCLA

#29 UCLA 6, #45 Baylor 1
Feb 27, 2016 at Los Angeles, CA (Los Angeles Tennis Center)

Doubles competition
1. #5 Harrison/McPhillips (UCLA) def. #15 Generette/Shankle (BU) 6-1

It's a travesty that one could watch an elite doubles player like Shankle for a mere 30 minutes. This 6 games doubles is so wrong on so many levels.
Mostly concentrated on this match, and Kiah's condition didn't seem too good, committed some errors.

2. Fleming/Shaffer (UCLA) def. Newborn/Ferreira (BU) 6-3

Ferreira once returned Shaffer's repeated overheads well. Newborn wasn't too impressive in this match. That's a very nice win indeed by the Bruins.

3. Miller/Wiley (UCLA) vs. Van Zyl/Profit (BU) 4-4, unfinished

Bruins actually led but BU managed to tie the match. Liz served well when I watched.

Singles competition
1. #19 Catherine Harrison (UCLA) def. Rhiann Newborn (BU) 6-2, 7-6 (7-4)

N actually could hit pretty sharply, with pace. Mainly watched the 1st set, thereafter had to concentrate on watching Traxler.

2. Kyle McPhillips (UCLA) def. Blair Shankle (BU) 7-6 (7-3), 3-3, unfinished

Both have excellent variety, so it was a pleasure to watch.

3. Alaina Miller (UCLA) def. Kiah Generette (BU) 6-3, 6-4

It's like the Trial of Hercules; Alaina facing tough opponents. She surprises yet again, winning relatively easily. Couldn't really watch much, but again as in doubles, Kiah's condition didn't seem too good. Alaina can be erratic, but so can Kiah(because both are aggressive hitters). But no doubt Alaina's aggression contributed to the outcome. Coach Sampras-Webster should be pleased; she seems to be 'grooming' Alaina to prepare for next season, when both Cat and Kyle graduates. 
Alaina by the way is a prancing pony, always prances to the court after changeover haha.  She once applauded Kiah's ace.

4. Kristin Wiley (UCLA) def. Karina Traxler (BU) 6-2, 4-6, 4-1, unfinished

1st match to finish the 1st set. So just watched the score by then, concentrating on watching top 3 matches. Then went over to concentrate on this match; because target species today of course, was a hummingbird-like Karina lol. Hummers are small but quite aggressive; Karina as well lol, especially her summer version last year. I just thought she was a good grinder before(She got my attention when she battled hard against Mayci Jones at Fed Cup at Claremont. But didn't she beat Cass Vazquez easily at EB?), but she really impressed me with her flat-out aggression, even taking the ball early.
So maybe she was aggressive and was spewing errors all over in the 1st lol. Same pattern earlier in the 2nd, but she managed to settle down later and play solid tennis.

The more surprising was actually Kristin; my my, she was hitting very well!!! Hitting authoritatively, confidently, with pace. Moved well, too. No wonder she defeated Failla lol. What happened to her that she's playing well now lol, she's even confidently twirling the racquet..haha.

Anyway Karina was still quite aggressive hugging the baseline, and Kristin was usually perched behind the baseline returning those. And Karina's aggression began to bore fruit, even volleying well, so she finally managed to win the 2nd set, along with Kristin's usual fiery responses haha. But again Karina's error crept up in the 3rd, what with Kristin still being solid, when the match was suspended.  Karina does take time to receive serve haha.  Quite enjoyed this match!

5. Terri Fleming (UCLA) def. Theresa Van Zyl (BU) 7-5, 6-1

Quite a resistance by TVZ in the 1st, too bad I couldn't watch this much. Both played decently when I glimpsed now and then.

6. Gabriela Ferreira (BU) def. Kelly Shaffer (UCLA) 6-2, 6-1

Kelly was the aggressor, F was usually just returning, but returned well, ending in Kelly's errors.

Match Notes
Baylor 4-7; National ranking #45
UCLA 7-3; National ranking #29
Order of finish: Doubles (1,2); Singles (6,3,5,1)

From Toledo News Now;

•Baylor falls to 1-4 in road matches this season.
Baylor now trails in the all-time series against UCLA, 6-5.
•BU has lost seven of its last eight matches.

Wow, BU must've been pretty good, I mean BU was very good a few years ago(well they did beat UVA at NCAA last year), but didn't know they were that competitive against UCLA. I wonder how USC stacks against UCLA?

Anyway, I didn't hurry home after the match; stayed at the school to finish my ebird report of the morning and also to plot the route to Woodlawn Cemetery, a bit south of the school.  Because I was determined to spot that Scissor-tailed Flycatcher lol, despite the 'spectre' of traffic jam!

 In fact did spot that east of San Elijo lagoon at Manchester Ave. last year(during SW regional?), but I wanted to add it on my precious LA County list.

Most ebird spottings reported the bird coming from the north around 5pm, so went there just before that time.  Supposedly the bird was around the Mausoleum, but no dice. Time went by and I was getting despaired lol. The Spy came from the Cold

but not this bird!  So went about searching for it;

and voila!

It was actually quite far from the Mausoleum; NE of the junction of Palm & Delaware, just north of the maintenance area(red cone), at the tree near the fence, perched all alone(ebird sightings recorded it associating with Cassin's Kingbirds. In fact spotted those birds atop the evergreens around the mausoleum).  Naughty bird! :)

Tomorrow morning maybe should bird Mile Square Regional Park again, to spot that Orchard Oriole once and for all. In fact after reading a ebird report at Encinitas that mentions it as similar in size to House Sparrow, I rather suspect I saw it last time; I distinctly remember a greenish small bird with an Oriole-like long and sharp bill. But just to make sure again...and do want to spot the fancier male one.

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