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Monday, February 8, 2016

1 LIFEBIRD today!!! / Branstine, Ryngler wins semis at Fullerton

I said I would 'tackle' those Common-ground Doves.

But the traffic!!!! By god..there must've been an accident. Took SO much time even to get to Bellflower; I was naturally fuming lol. So really didn't have much time, but still persevered; and glad I did!

As the Gillilands wrote on the ebird report, walked like 300 meters south of the nursery; arrived at the small skateboard park. And on the small walkbridge to the residential area, a bird was perching on the rail.

An 'uncanny' instinct told me to take a pic quickly, never mind zooming first(because it takes 1 to 3 seconds for my cheap Canon to fully zoom lol; that's in birding terms, eternity!).

Took it;


Haha. It wasn't even reported there so it took me completely by surprise; pleasant surprise of course, because that species also eluded me before. Recently spotted at San Gabriel Costal Basin Spreading Ground by John Garrett, but only one more entry and nobody else found it methinks(I'll delete this portion:it's  real embarrassing)

So imagine my delirium!! Haha. Instantly tried to zoom and take a better picture, but a passerby ignored my posture and barged ahead, thereby spooking the bird away.  FU$^&&(^^*&%&))*%#$%^&&*    What a barbarian!!! Lol.  Many passerbys considerately waited for me or scooted over when I was taking pics of birds at Lacy Park. So uncivilized! :p

Still couldn't spot my initial target species, but was already feeling so good lol. But it was already too late, so headed back quickly; and found it!!!!

 Just at the fence to the river(which means those were on the right side from the path going north). Some lawn were on both side of the path. Naturally took a quick pic, and strolled quickly to my car. Similar sized birds were a bit further north, but judging by the dingy colors methinks those were juvenile Mourning Doves.

So I was content as a fat cat watching the semis at FTC haha, although I was late by like 20 min(by the way, if you consider yourself civilized; if you own a cat, DO NOT LET IT WANDER BY ITSELF OUTDOORS.  Because a cat is a notoriously efficient bird-killing machine. It kills MILLIONS of birds every year; I'm not joking).

Could watch it simultaneously, in the shade no less! Blessed lol.

SF Alexa Ryngler d. (5) Devon Jack 3-6; 7-6; 10-5

So Jack goes to Brown, congrats. She has been playing very well recently. One thing I noticed, is her forehand; at times she made a very concise swing; not a full swing at all. But the ball went like a bullet; very impressed with that repertoire.

Both are rather petite, and Alexa is the class of 2020(TRN #8 behind McNally, Osuigwe, Scotty, Noel, Volynets, Cheong, Beck. Haven't seen Beck play). Devon is the class of 2016. Naturally Alexa was struggling to match Devon's pace at first.
But later she began to adapt. Could return properly, deep, and could also attack. Had variety as well, such as drop shot. The rallies were rather prolonged now, and Devon couldn't quite hit through Alexa; committed some errors as well
At the TB, Devon led 4-2.
Oh it was quite windy out there, but I don't think the 4 players unduly struggled on their ball toss; well done, girls. :)  Alexa once had to grab the blown visor and keep playing!

SF (3) Carson Branstine d. (1) Sydney Van Alphen 6-3; 7-5

In my haste I forgot to bring my smaller bino lol, so couldn't quite catch the score(the court was a bit further away).
But anyway Car seemed extra motivated today; like 'protesting' that she would rather be a Card lol. Tantrums were suitably quite epic as well haha.

And as usual, beautiful game.  MASSIVE talent; not only can she hit flat and big, she can put spin on her fh as well. Variety, no problem, actually one of the best out there. Could use angles as well. And approached the net effectively, using her size: Smaller Sydney had difficulty passing.

So seemed to dominate Sydney, but later on Sydney began to resist well(as I said, she's quite aggressive herself, including serving, etc. Also used variety to good effect), and Car did begin to make some errors, netting some balls. Missed the mp lol, didn't even know it haha.  Car signalled sorry after benefiting from the net cord a couple of times.

So I skipped the final, and since I was at OC anyway, decided to tackle that rarity Tufted Duck as well!

Fortunately found the right path(I'm notoriously unprepared for charting an absolutely exact course lol. Many times I failed to spot target species because of 'barking at the wrong tree', etc.), though having to walk quite a bit. And it was WINDY as hell lol. And I had to face the wind. Naturally the scope was pretty much useless.

But after persevering a bit(very nice habitat though. Lots of marsh-like area, cattails or something. Could be Marsh Wren or even a Nelson's Sparrow. But the birding condition was NOT ideal lol); finally located it methinks!

It was struggling along with fellow ducks(Mallards, Buffleheads, Coots) to escape the small waterfall(bladder dam?) right behind it lol. Past the 21 mile sign on the road.

After scrutinizing my pics, methinks I actually spotted a Male Ring-necked Duck lol. Once again, 'barked at the wrong tree'; birded EAST of Imperial Hwy, when I should've checked WEST. Oh well.

And congrats to this girl;


You mean she denied Chloe Bendetti's dominance???!!! What an achievement!

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fan said...

Corrected European Goldfinch to Lawrence's Goldfinch. They are somewhat similar, but still should've been more careful, ugh.