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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

4 Singles 2 Doubles format; another attempt to denigrate doubles

Stumbled upon this twitter exchange

Colette Lewis@zootennis Feb 8

Okay, KK was a doubles specialist. But what about other stellar doubles players; Capra, Brady, Di Lorenzo, Aney, Neel, Shibahara, Caro Dolehide, etc., etc...


In this 'TV era', don't they have to bring the best tennis available to the public?  Many top singles players are also terrific doubles players; so imagine if they are deprived of the opportunity to show off their doubles game!!!!

Is it also any fair to the general public which demands the best product available?

Americans LOVE 'rights'; gun rights, big corporations to do whatever they like(less regulation, the better; hence the CRASH), etc..

So, what about the players' rights to play both?  Is it another 'considerate' attempt to look after the players' 'welfare' ? Boy are those players pampered lol.

I mean, will the players themselves be consulted or what. Or are they mere guinea pigs, or slaves lol.

If ITA or other organizations attempt this to further denigrate doubles, can the players sue them? I mean, they want to play doubles, but can't? They have to choose only one??!!!!
Can they at least induce a court injunction or something lol.

Apparently the current rule change wasn't enough for them. They want to squeeze doubles more lol. Even 3 hour limit isn't enough for them. They apparently are pushing for 2 hours! The malevolent effect of the 'TV era' !

Exactly as I thought; didn't I rant 'Munich'?  Nobody cared a FIG about CZH in 1938 either. FDR wanted to intervene but gave up after encountering Chamberlain's hostile reaction; because Chamberlain was ACTIVELY pushing for the agreement in the delusion that it'll save World Peace and that he himself will become a hero lol. And MANY believed; hence the delirious welcome he encountered upon his return. Peace at ANY price; that was the crux of the 1938 Munich Agreement.

Same thing is happening.  Inch by inch, doubles is being massacred!!!  Nobody cares either. Coaches, SAs, nobody stood up against this rule change. SAs apparently should welcome it because they are getting free education anyway; AND they play LESS. Boy are they blessed lol. 

The recent astonishing developments overshadows EVERYTHING, any kind of individual or team achievement. The rule of the game is being drastically changed to suit somebody, or 'TV'. 

Getting even more disillusioned. It is a Mad Mad World.

If this shenanigan goes on, I'll have to seriously reconsider my 'commitment' to watching tennis, especially Div. I.   As I said before, boycott is sometimes the only effective measure that the public can impose against a 'defective product'. Never mind about effectiveness actually. It's just a way to 'speak up' and dissent against 'unfair impositions'.

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