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Saturday, February 6, 2016

71th Fullerton Tournament Sat.

Christ Fullerton is so far; took a weird route and spent a long time just getting to the hwy lol. So regretfully, not going there again tomorrow; because I have to attend NU at UCLA match, which is at the opposite end.

So I'll miss the marquee match of the day(yes that includes NTI lol), Branstine vs Jankowski. Should be good what with their firepower. I'll see both of them anyway next week at PVCC National or something(and hoping to finally spot that SANDHILL CRANE!! Fingers crossed). Too bad Joyce withdrew.

So, at first thought of birding San Gabriel River--Trabuco St. (Bellflower) to spot that elusive Common Ground-Dove, but the dbls start time was too early at 8am, and I was just too lazy to bird at 7am lol. So just headed to FTC;

16 (4) Goldsmith/Kuo d. Kiss/Lee 8-3

Naturally to watch Kiss. Actually thought the match was pretty high level; both teams defended quite well.  Enjoyed Kiss' fh drive bombs of course, but probably the best hitter of the match was Goldsmith; spewed less errors than Kiss lol, and her serve return, especially dtls, were lethal. Kiss lobbed really well, another good point for her.

This match was actually finished earlier than the Bendetti match;

16 Chan/Hayer d. Bendetti/Cayetano 8-3

Of course I had to watch the 'Sportsmanship Princess' Chloe haha. But dunno her face lol(in fact I dunno her sister's face either; Sophie). So if Chloe lost, does that mean she was the player who looked like fellow 'Sportsmanship Queen' Sam Martinelli?! Her attire looked a bit like Sam's lol. And if that was her, she wore a USC cap...! Did her parents attend there(the 'legacy effect'; prime example is of course the Burdettes; and they happened to be very good lol, thereby contributing immensely to Stanford's legacy). Anyway she looked a bit like Kenadi Hance..haha(yeah I brought my smaller bino to bird..!)

She wasn't a bad volleyer at all.  But probably the best player and also the best volleyer in the match was the opponent, Giulia Hayer?  She was tall, in a black dress; and volleyed very well. Timing, execution, pretty much flawless.

Oh it was HER!! THAT Hayer! Who was 'around' at Irvine tournament! I said I missed her dbls match to my chagrin(she won methinks?), now I've seen her lol.  Unexpected boon :)

This area had a kind of a dam nearby; lots or rocks were there, so hoped for a Rock Wren; scanned a bit, but dunno.  House Finches were abundant, and across the street Goldfinches were at the bird feeder.  There were some birds also around the venue, maybe Western-Scrub Jays or something, but too far to make it out.

By the way does one have to PAY to go in???!!!  Unheard of!!! I naturally opted to walk a little bit, parked across the street at the residential area lol.

So after those matches were concluded, hurried to the main site;

to watch the marquee match of the day, of course :)

(Was that a Asics cap? Some parents and a sister of a player were wearing those!)

 32 Cali Jankowski d. (11) Ryan Peus 4-6; 6-2; 10-6

Birded around a bit, not that good(didn't have much time anyway). Strolled to nearby Guadalupe Park, but there weren't any...just some hummers and Yellow-rumped Warblers. Along the rail track, there were that badass Say's Phoebe lol and Cassin's Kingbird.

Anyway, when I belatedly arrived Ryan was already leading..3-0?  Cali was kinda spewing errors lol. But still her massive fhs were troubling Ryan a lot; and she began to later rein in those errors and play pretty patiently, attacking lines and such. In and out shots, very good.  Her serve did get attacked by Ryan a bit, and DFed a bit as well, but overall, I'd say she held well. In fact she won some easy points off serve: Ryan didn't return some well.  Bhs were quite solid too, even attacked well on that wing.

So that's her 2nd win against a Blue Chip opponent, after Friedel...wait a minute Ryan is down to 5 star now I see. She did get overpowered by SJ last summer, and her recent results aren't stellar; but still she once had a mp against Emma Higuchi(and I strongly suspect she won that point, but Emma pointed it out..whatever lol), so that's a huge win by Cali.  She said sorry after benefitting from a net cord a couple of times(which means of course, that she hits low with pace).

Oh why and what did Sydney Van Alphen approach and say to Ryan's father haha.

 32 Danielle Willson d. (7) Emily Maxfield 6-4; 6-4 

This match was getting interesting, and I was curious about this match as well(Willson, I think I was impressed with her play recently), so watched this match simultaneously with the above match(comfortably in the shade! I always 'run for' the shade lol).

A bit rather similar to the above match; Dani's firepower was also troubling Emily a lot. For a tall girl moved quite decently as well, managed to fend off some of Emily's sharp attacks. Oh by the way Cali moved well too against Ryan's offense; eventually Ryan made volley winners, but those were made after Cali's good hustle.
MP was Emily's...DF haha, good match.


So, went to Gilman Park, because Red-naped Sapsucker was reported there recently(remember, I missed that at Sylmar).  In fact the Scheels missed that too at Sylmar. I see that they visited there again today afternoon, and again missed that species...! Does it mean I'm on par with the Scheels now??!! Lol, of course not.

Top 100 eBirders in Los Angeles County : 527 Species

ObserverComplete ChecklistsSpecies (% of total)Most Recent Addition
1Kimball Garrett5987505 (95.83%)Kelp Gull (Feb 4, 2016)
2Jean Brandt299473 (89.75%)Yellow-throated Warbler (Oct 3, 2015)
3Jonathan Feenstra2876470 (89.18%)Le Conte's Sparrow (Nov 25, 2015)
4Mike San Miguel2387464 (88.05%)American Oystercatcher (May 18, 2010)
5Wanda Dameron141459 (87.1%)Yellow-throated Warbler (Oct 3, 2015)
6David Bell1631448 (85.01%)Kelp Gull (Feb 4, 2016)
7Mark Scheel2426440 (83.49%)Kelp Gull (Feb 4, 2016)
8John Garrett2905433 (82.16%)Kelp Gull (Feb 4, 2016)
9Frank Gilliland1457431 (81.78%)Le Conte's Sparrow (Dec 27, 2015)
10Susan Gilliland1396427 (81.02%)Le Conte's Sparrow (Dec 27, 2015)
11Janet Scheel2043422 (80.08%)Gray Catbird (Jan 16, 2016)
12Nancy Strang1544420 (79.7%)Kelp Gull (Feb 4, 2016)
13Darren Dowell2331415 (78.75%)Le Conte's Sparrow (Dec 9, 2015)
14Kris Ohlenkamp708408 (77.42%)Kelp Gull (Feb 5, 2016)
15Michael Long1739406 (77.04%)Kelp Gull (Feb 4, 2016)
16Jim Moore1763405 (76.85%)American Redstart (Jan 11, 2016)
16Tom Benson241405 (76.85%)Kelp Gull (Feb 5, 2016)
18Becky Turley1046402 (76.28%)Gray Catbird (Dec 27, 2015)
19Amy Williamson830397 (75.33%)Kelp Gull (Feb 5, 2016)
20Curtis Marantz234392 (74.38%)Kelp Gull (Feb 4, 2016)
21Pat Heirs187390 (74.0%)Trumpeter Swan (Mar 4, 2008)
22Richard Norton684389 (73.81%)Kelp Gull (Feb 4, 2016)
23john fitch986387 (73.43%)Kelp Gull (Feb 4, 2016)
24Ron Cyger739385 (73.06%)Calliope Hummingbird (May 1, 2015)
24dessi sieburth602385 (73.06%)Grasshopper Sparrow (Jan 24, 2016)
26Daniel Tinoco2285376 (71.35%)Cassin's Sparrow (May 30, 2015)
26Mei Kwan1215376 (71.35%)Kelp Gull (Feb 5, 2016)
26Scott Logan864376 (71.35%)Le Conte's Sparrow (Dec 3, 2015)
26Andrew Lazere70376 (71.35%)Kelp Gull (Feb 5, 2016)
30Lance Benner3824374 (70.97%)Chestnut-collared Longspur (Oct 25, 2015)

In fact, lots of top birders are elite scientists; physicists, astro-physicists at Cal. Tech, JPL, etc.. Also a doctor at USC..The Scheels, Darren Dowell, Lance Benner, Frank Gilliland...keen and rigorous scientific minds.  David Bell is an engineer methinks. And I'm kinda 'consorting' with them! May their brainpower brush off to me...haha. Probably their scientific training and power of observation benefit birding as well. Birding really, is not easy :p

Anyway, Gilman. Nope. There were neat rows of holes on the Euc trunks and branches made by it, as you can see;

But failed to locate it. Don't think I heard its peculiar drumming either. Just spotted the usual YERW, and Mourning Dove, Bushtits, Purple Finch, Goldfinches, Ruby-crowned Kinglet..actually before that, I stepped out into the clearing at the top of the SW encounter a Red-shouldered Hawk lol. It was practically right in front of me!  Just had time to take a pic before it flew away.

Raptors are really shy. Way more shy than other birds like Doves, Pigeons, even tinier Ruby-crowned Kinglets and Hummers lol.

To think of it, maybe that Sapsucker was eaten by this Hawk..!

Stopped a bit at nearby Rolling Hills Park(there was also a Loma Vista Memorial Park; I was tempted to go there, because cemeteries are very good birding spots! Yeah sadly I don't go there to commune with the dead, I prefer to commune with the living...birds!), and spotted Hummers again, a Black Phoebe, and Red-tailed Hawks circling high above. In fact I have a suspicion that one if it was another species...Rough-legged or Swainson's..but it's a fool's hope lol.

Vivian Cheng def. Camille Kiss in 2(2nd set 6-4?); they didn't update the score yet.

Cheng was good, good racquet head speed, and I assume she moved Kiss around well(view was not ideal, we had to watch way beyond the court, from the sidelines). #40 in the nation, 5 star from the class of 2019.  So against always-aggressive Kiss lol, it was a good match. Kiss naturally spewed errors tons lol, but her aggression and technique will bore fruit, in my humble opinion :)  Her fh is just a thing of a beauty.

Oh Pursell stopped by methinks? With

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