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Friday, February 19, 2016

Birding report and schedule from tomorrow

February is not only Sandhill Crane month; it's Le Conte's Thrasher month as well.

Which is more crucial, since the latter is pretty hard to see; quite secretive. Why then February? Because it sings lol, perched on bushes and such. Mating season!

If I wasn't so stupid last time I might've spotted those but have to go again :sigh:  Tomorrow early, hope I can spot both species, Le Conte's and Sage.  Should I try to photograph that Long-eared Owl again at Apollo. I've never seen a bird so skittish. Way bigger than the Western Screech-Owl yet so shy lol.  Plenty of time to arrive at UCLA later.

Then, from Sunday, San Diego birding again!  Should I confine myself to just the Encinitas and San Elijo lagoon area..or venture again south, including La Jolla.  Hepatic Tanager is again spotted, so maybe I should venture downtown.  At least hope to spot that Orchard Oriole once and for all.

Finally spotted California Quails at Eaton Canyon Nature Center. My first of the year. Eaton is...less than 5 min. drive lol.  Heard their 'Zhikago' call for the first time, and also watched Bushtits making hanging-sock like nest as well.

Male on the left, female on the right. As usual, male species is more..attractive lol.

Today morning birded Santa Fe Dam and Frank G. Bonelli park again.

Couldn't spot the Pine Warbler at the former, but still not a bad birding.

Cedar Waxwing. Sleek birds, and they always fly in packs, squadron-like. They were very active, so it was a bit difficult to take pics
 All birds drink like that, except Doves. Doves can drink like human; don't have to move your neck backwards

At the latter, spotted reported Neotropic Cormorant by scoping. When I drove 6 hrs to Arizona to spot that  Noticeably smaller and slimmer than Double-crested.

 Great-tailed Grackle at FGBP. Their calls or song is really peculiar
 Neotropic Cormorant. Poor scope pic. Compare with the following Double-crested which I took pic today at Santa Fe Dam

Okay you can't tell much from my hellish pic of NECO lol, but NECO unlike DCCO doesn not have yellow lores. Breast is also darker than DCCO. Beak is gray, unlike DCCO's yellow(as you can see from my pic). Also the rear of yellow gular pouch is pointed, rather than round-shaped DCCO's.

Of course I wasn't the only one to trek there and watch NECO!  The Richardsons on the left, and another birder(Julia Ray? Not sure).  I was watching from the SE shore, them from the N shore. Ignore the person on the extreme left lol.

Female Bushtit. How do I know? Yellow eyes. Males' are dark

 Red-winged Blackbird

Clark's Grebe. The more common Western Grebe has the black portion over the eyes.

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