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Monday, February 29, 2016

Birding schedule during IW

Plenty of time to bird during PQ;
Starting time(women of course) is
3/2 11, then 3
3/3 12
3/4 10
3/5 12

'Designed' to accomodate my birding needs!
Wednesday maybe should participate in Big Morongo weekly field trip? At least can bird 2 hours(starts at 8 methinks).
Anyway if you also count the 1st week of Q and MD(those also start at 10 and 11 or something.  Probably 11th will be the last, since I'm going to watch NCSU at PEPP on the 12th), too much time to bird lol.

Big Morongo and Covington Park is a must, but other than that, not that many hotspots to choose from. Thousand Palms(Was that field trip on Sunday, 8am), Coachella Wild Bird Center..of course there's Salton Sea, but already birded Unit 1 during PVCC National, so...still should go to Salt Creek at NE shore to spot that Yellow-footed Gull. Much nearer than Unit 1, which is at SE shore. Probably on 3/6, when there's no match.

Should I also bird Joshua Tree NP?  But it's so vast...should consult ebird reportings..

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