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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Birding this week

Found this at the parking lot, so even used a scope to a curious glance from a passerby lol; but not really sure which species it is. The face does look like Red-masked, but there doesn't seem to be any red on the forewings.  Both species are reported at ebird in that area.


Gratified that I didn't upload this pic as Ross's goose at ebird. Because I had my suspicions. It was confirmed next day by the veterans John Garrett/David Bell/Luke Tiller; they reported on ebird as Ross's Goose * Snow Goose hybrid.  It's quite small, almost the size of Ross's Goose(compare it to Graylag and you see), but unlike it, it has a grin patch. That's why I hesitated and decided not to upload the pic at ebird. Now of course, corrected the entry and uploaded accordingly. :)


Bought some birding books! Of course second-hand, and much satisfied. :)

The more you delve into birds, you need to know trees as well. Because some birds are associated with specific trees. And it's of course cool to state exactly which tree the birds were perching on at ebird lol.

So, when I spotted this book at the bookstore, didn't hesitate; I liked the format(it includes the whole tree silhouette, unlike some other books), and it is appreciated highly at Amazon as well. Includes other wildlife such as birds and mammals, so all the better. Paid.... $3

Today found another book by Olin Sewall Pettingill. He was envious of Roger Torey Peterson's reputation lol, but anyway his book Guide to Bird Finding is invaluable(Already bought this also secondhand at an Audubon meeting).

A Guide to Bird Finding West of the Mississippi

Jun 4, 1981
by Olin Sewal Pettingill and George Miksch Sutton

And this one; since I don't have that 500 places book, wanted a similar theme; to explore the whole American bird map. Prominent birders introduce their favorite bird spots, so I'm sure to enjoy this. Paid... $1!

The Bird Watcher's America

by Olin Sewall Pettingill


Gratified to finally spot an Oak Titmouse today morning at Eaton! A pair were just at the pedestrian entrance pine area lol. Raised crest, and were hyperactive chasing each other. Not my new lifebird, but my first in the new year :)


So, target species this week;

Pine Warbler, Gray Flycatcher and Plumbeous Vireo at Santa Fe Dam Rec. Area(yeah I missed all those when I birded Monday morning. I never said I was good lol. Even if I spot an interesting species, I spot 1 when other veteran birders spot 4 or 5!).

Common Ground-Dove. Tantalizingly it was spotted late October at Peck Park, but since then no news of it there, ugh(Did I recount that sad saga at Scottsdale?). Just 'resurfaced' at Bellflower, so should have a look. Probably on Saturday morning.

Sapsuckers. As I've already posted, Pasadena Audubon Field Trip to Veteran Memorial Park at Sylmar this Sunday morning. I suck at finding those woodpeckers, so should bird 'easy' and follow the veterans lol(NU at UCLA at noon, so perfect. It's like 30. minute drive from there to UCLA). 
But, I want to have a whack at it alone. So, probably tomorrow morning or something. :)

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