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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Birds on a Prarie; example

Finished Pete Dunne's Prarie Spring yesterday!

On page 233, he explains which birds prefers which habitat;

From sparse vegetation to lush;

Horned Lark(concur; those were abundant at Fiesta Island Dog Run, which was practically a dirt field)

McCown's Longspur

Chestnut-collared Longspur, Upland Sandpipers;  these favor a bit more taller grass, hence more difficult to find. Lonspurs generally stick pretty much flat to the ground. Many observations of Chestnut-collared at Santa Fe Dam Rec. Area last October mentioned this trait(I 'naturally' failed to find it).

Bobolink, Baird's & Grasshopper Sparrow favor the tallest gransslands.

Except for Horned Lark, which I also spotted a couple of them at Santa Fe Dam, haven't seen any.

Grasshopper Sparrow is still intermittently reported at Madrona Marsh, but the rest, no guarantee if they will occur soon here, or if at all.

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