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Monday, February 1, 2016

Birds that drives me crazy(can't find it)

Following birds are driving me crazy; attempted to find it multiple times, yet still eludes me;

American Redstart: You know where -_-

Yellow-throated Warbler; Eastern migrant, so really tragic that I missed this. Should've spent at least one whole morning durining Oracle or WAATC PQ to find this.

Brown Creeper; still possible, so here's to hope.

Summer Tanager

Orchard Oriole

Plumbeous and Cassin's Vireo

Chestnut-collared Longspur: spotted(not by me) at Santa Fe Dam Rec. Area, now gone. Also at Fiesta Island Dog Run, but again, failed to spot it. Prairie species.

Japanese White-eye

Blue Grosbeak

Yellow-breasted Chat

BG and YBC are Summer species.

Swamp, Nelson's and Grasshopper Sparrw

Probably more.

Greater Roadrunner I've seen only once by chance at the driveway from the Starbucks to Washington St. lol during IW.  Couldn't find it at Henderson Preserve, and here at Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park.

Magnolia Warbler and Black-legged Kittiwake I only tried once and failed. Also migrants, pretty rare ones.

And of course at Mesa, Arizona, failed to found those Common Ground Doves and Harris' Hawk, Rosy-faced Lovebirds too.

CGD is reported at Bellflower area, so should try there this weekend or something.

Gray Catbird and Northern Waterthrush gave me so much heartache lol but finally managed to find those at West San Gabriel River Parkway Nature Trail & San Elijo Lagoon Nature Center, respectively.

Wrentit is so hard to see(you usually just hear them since it hides pretty effectively in dense bushes), but finally managed it at Santa Fe Dam Recreational Area :) 

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