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Friday, February 19, 2016

Cal. at USC

KK/Sabs, Zoe and their fathers were present. Hugged with Maegan's mom as usual lol.

Oh yeah, and Zsofi haha.

So of course the target species had blond crown, was middle-length, and was an Oklahoma native; Olivia Hauger lol. Another had black crown, quite tall, and was from Florida; Lynn Chi, now quite operational lol.


1.  Can't remember lol. Gabby poached well in the middle of the match. Bears served well.

2. SC led 4-1 or something, but then lost 3 games. Then to 5-5.  Hauger wasn't particularly impressive at first. Failla was DFing. And there were passing shots galore in this match lol, including outright service return winners(Hauger's serve got attacked a lot).. Klara's dtls were especially lethal.  Zoe sent some balls long. Later Failla vs Hauger's net duel was interesting.  Faila at the crucial moments opted to lob; didn't work, Klara attacked those well, including overheads.

3. Lin substituted for Smith, and she impressed me. Not that powerful, but could hang with Mad, and was very active at net. Netted some, but I liked the aggression at net. Sliced pretty well, too. Chi too, her condition seemed too good lol, overtried and netted some bh poaches. Was just whacking the ball, whether in dbls or sgls lol(should we term this BBB haha), she seems healthy now.  Cal. led 5-2 only to see their lead disappear lol, the match got tied 5-5.


So. Cal aces setting an example, Cat and Gugu, applauding opponent's fine plays, nice to see. Cat applauded a tad too frequently lol, does that mean Luisa was playing well haha.

The Bears seemed to be generally conscious of their power; hit hard.  Some botched the final shots including volleys, such as Maegan haha. Lynn as well, but I see that she won the TB(left after the match was decided).

So I tried to watch the lower positions; because the Bears surely will win those tomorrow against the Bruins. Trojans promised to be a lil' more competitive, so naturally concentrated on those positions.

4. Denise didn't move much; didn't have to, since she was dictating play. Jess was the one busy retrieving, left and right.  Did well, and her aggression was effective at times, but generally the match was on Denise's racquet. Jess' serves were again unstable.

5. So Olivia. Not that powerful, but could handle Valdes' pace; also moved very well. And could attack quite sharply. Valdes seems somewhat out of shape, or is it just a lack of match practice? Moved rather sluggishly so invited Olivia's attacks.

6. Popovic was too good. I'm curious about her matchup against Dzina of Pepperdine. Different positions, but could be a good match.

Scores from USC

#1 Cal 6, #11 USC 1 Feb 19, 2016 - Marks Stadium (Los Angeles, Calif.)

(1) #11 Olmos/Smith (USC) def. #2 Manasse/Starr (Cal) - 6-4
(2) Fabikova/Hauger (Cal) def. Failla/Katz (USC) - 7-6 (3)
(3) Chi/Lin (Cal) def. Valdes/Westby (USC) - 7-5
California wins doubles point.
Order of finish: 1, 3, 2

(1) #38 Giuliana Olmos (USC) def. #13 Maegan Manasse (Cal) - 6-3, 6-3
(2) #5 Klara Fabikova (Cal) def. #62 Madison Westby (USC) - 6-2, 6-2
(3) Lynn Chi (Cal) def. #87 Gabby Smith (USC) - 3-6, 7-5, 1-0 (10-3)
(4) #121 Denise Starr (Cal) def. #95 Jessica Failla (USC) - 7-6 (3), 6-4
(5) #102 Olivia Hauger (Cal) def. #90 Rianna Valdes (USC) - 6-4, 6-3*
(6) Karla Popovic (Cal) def. ZoĆ« Katz (USC) - 6-1, 6-3
Order of finish: 6, 2, 1, 5*, 3, 4

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