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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Comic sketch on 4 sgls 2 dbls

A kid after returning home from a tennis academy;


Her mom;  'What is the matter, my dear daughter?'

'I wanted to play dbls with my friend but my coach said not to!'


'He said I was too good to play dbls, and I can go to whatever college I want, but that I need to concentrate on sgls. Because at Div. I college one can't play both'


'And he seems to treat some girls like my friend(less talented girls) as 2nd-class citizens; he said they should just concentrate on dbls if they want to get a scholarship at Div. I college, and that they don't need to play sgls any more'

'What nonsense. My dear daughter, you don't have to go to Div. I college. You can play both in Div. III !'

'Oh really mother?  I can play both there? Hooray!'


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