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Sunday, February 7, 2016

comments on NTI last matches today; final

You know, you really have to hand it to Ellie Yates. Because even a star like Astra lol(star=astra in latin) can't win it by herself. Didn't they win all matches so far?

Altick won a set from Elbaba. Vying with Caro Brinson for MIP of the year or what :)

Makarova was leading Mamalat to the win. She really seems to be back lol. Scholl too for that matter. Watch out for Duke later in the season when they are fully operational. Even Harris defeated Paalma in two and I wasn't especially impressed with Sam's game during Freeman..haha.
#3 dbls that is shockingly an easy score by Scholl/Smith. Pierson/Paalma winning #1 is no surprise, they can be really good imo, as I said before.

So now, exciting Final! Either way, it'll be memorable; Cal's '3 times a charm' lol(they lost consecutive NCAA finals; Oh I see that Cal. actually has been to NTI final, according to Colette) vs UNC aiming for an unprecedented 3 wins in 4 years!

I'll of course watch VA vs Car during that time lol, but anyhow, may the best team win; good luck, and good night :)

Yup, that's the Great Horned Owl, folks! ;)

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