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Monday, February 8, 2016

Doubles as 'appetizer'

Didn't I say that they regard doubles as a mere 'warm up' for the 'main event', singles lol.

David Fish proved my point.

"The shorter doubles sets are the "appetizer," leaving spectators still hungry for the main singles course."

Such a 'Fishy' comment!

"Down the road, if we're serious about bringing in non-tennis fans and younger kids, we should adopt 0-1-2-3-4 scoring, too. Either way, this new format is an all-around win, for players and spectators alike."

Cheeky, very cheeky!
All around win for spectators? Please count me out. Even guys at Talk Tennis messageboard are complaining about too short doubles in Men's.

And dunno what's 'logical' about anything lol, but whatever.

Appetizer. Don't we sometimes 'skip' those; it's not 'necessary'.  You know what this kind of 'logic' leads to, right?

Utter marginalization and destruction of doubles.

Bravo, well done.

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