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Thursday, February 11, 2016


I was determined to finally nab this bird once and for all after again failing to spot this yesterday at Charlton Flat and Chilao Visitor Center.  I was so sure I could spot it when I noticed that John Garrett spotted 4 of them at CF.  Nope.  Sure I found Mountain Chickadees, but again, failed to spot even one! I dunno how he does it. He even outperforms Darren Dowell, and I thought nobody could beat DD lol.

So, tarried mostly at the Northern part, scouring the Oaks and the Pines. Especially had some hopes for the Pine area just south of the tennis court.



It FINALLY appeared at the trunk of a pine tree which lay almost horizontally somewhat higher up. Methodically foraged upwards so had time to take blurry pics and watch. Rather light in color and the underpart, more so, almost whitish.

Even had some bonuses, such as this one;

Golden-crowned Kinglet, which is rather hard to find(the most reliable spot is in Orange County; that famous Huntington Central Park, at the Gothard parking lot; eastern border of the park). This one is also recorded by John Garrett, and I'm proud to say that I'm the second one who observed it!!  See the yellow and black crown?

Soon yet another bird appeared; Townsend's Warbler!  My first of the year; I failed to spot this so far that I was even contemplating revisiting that accursed spot, Yellow-throated Warbler stakeout at Pacific Palisades lol(It always occurred there, to drink water at the small fountain).

I actually think I saw a Red-breasted Nuthatch as well. First this appeared above the tree right beside the tree where BRCR was foraging, then GCKI quite near the Nuthatch, and a bit later, TOWA.

Really, this place is better to spot montane species than San Gabriel Mt. Except for Steller's Jay, Townsend's Solitaire, Clark's Nutcracker and Quails; every bird is here. Mountain Chickadee I found it earlier in the day at the Redwood on the the inner Northern path. White-breasted Nuthatch I found it before at the Redwood on the Western part. John Garrett reported a Red-breasted Nuthatch.
It's really surprising, how good this place is.

Anyway after finally spotting that Brown Creeper, lost focus lol, just birded leisurely. So spotted 'a mere' 20 species or so.

Now of local montane species, only Townsend's Solitaire and Pinyon Jay left! Does American Dipper count? Hope to spot these 3 species this year!

Next; of course Salton Sea, during National Tournament at PVCC. Target species?

Sandhill Crane!
Stilt Sandpiper!
American Bittern!

All will be my first.  Stay tuned! ;)

P.S. But before that should try to spot Pine Warbler and Plumbeous Vireo at Santa Fe Dam. Eh, maybe next week. It's not free on holidays lol.

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