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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Further rant about this 4 sgls / 2 dbls format

Think about it. What will the actual implementation be?

Likely, that 4 best players play singles and lesser 4 players play doubles.

Yay, everybody can play.  Is this a recreational sport?

Just imagine this improbable scenario;

We CAN'T see Shibahara vs Neel doubles duel in Dual play; just THINK how PREPOSTEROUS that sounds!!!!!

How can one NOT go ballistic against this 'perfidy'???!!

This is just one more, the latest, blatant attempt to emasculate doubles. Nothing more, nothing less.

So, Bryant's men team implemented that, huh. Why, I don't care. Men can try whatever they want. If the men can't handle the grind, thus 'have to' play shorter matches, who am I to argue lol. Be a wuss or whatever.

But why women should follow men, I have absolutely no idea. Let Men play any kind of fancy formats. Let women play 'real' tennis lol.  Scrap all those absurd rule changes.

And, separate NCAA team tournament. Other slams do; WAATC, NIIC.  Men and Women play at separate venues. Why not NCAA as well?  They complain about logistics and such, so separating will surely help, no?

I ranted all along that it was a CONSPIRACY to kill doubles; seems that I was unfortunately, right again.

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