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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Goulak chooses UGA, Swan turns pro

According to TRN.

Quite surprising. She's not top 10, but did have some significant wins against good players. Did especially well last year methinks. Moreover, she's quite a good doubles player; no doubt will strengthen their dbls.

So UGA's recruit per class

King Gould Perez Patterson Shaffer
Coppoc Goulak

So UGA completed their recruiting of class of 2017 methinks. That's 9 players from Brinson, will somebody be counted as a walk-on? Dunno Encinas but they're all good players..

The core of UGA is the class of 2014 anyway; and look at the awesome firepower of this class. Quite an attractive lineup imo, including the class of 2017.


Swan turned pro(signed with IMG), 1st player of TRN top 10 to express her choice. Will other top players follow suit and turn pro.

And as usual, who'll choose Stanford lol.

Considering that this is Zhao's last year(simple arithmetic; because Stanford recruited  3 players for the class of 2016);

Davidson Doyle
Yee Lord Lampl
Higuchi Arbuthnott Milunovich

Stanford can recruit 2 players, theoretically.

Stanford is also very deep; if they recruit two Blue Chip players, 2 very good players will have to sit out in singles play during Dual match..

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