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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hauger 2013 National

Yup, here it is:

64 Olivia Hauger d. Tamijean Fumagalli 6-2; 6-1

Was pretty impressed with those two. Tamijean was good, a nice hitter. And Olivia was winning points against her..maybe a good match player, should take note.

16 (6) Francesca Dilorenzo d. Olivia Hauger 7-5; 6-3

Court 1 match. Watched a bit at the end of 1st set, Francesca had major trouble closing out the set, so left exasperated lol. It was Olivia after long rally who tried to hit aggressively, but Francesca was just too solid. But she made some uncharacteristic errors as well, so the game was neverending lol. Coach Augustus watched this.


Di Lorenzo is always #6 seed lol, same in 2015.

Here's some interesting ones


Q (17) Raveena Kingsley d. Alaina Miller 3-6; 6-3; 6-4

Court 10 match.  Alaina stroke again lol, her drive is SO effortless yet devastating.  Saw Raveena for the 1st time and she's also a good player, a very nice striker.  Nice effort, Alaina :hug:  I'm sure many coaches have noticed, for example coach Augustus.  Couldn't watch much of the 3rd set, had to watch other matches.

QQ Helen Altick d. Olivia Hauger 6-4; 6-2

Tried to glimpse this as much as possible, court 12 match. Olivia committed some errors, can't really say though.

R5 Olivia Hauger d. Mia Horvit 6-4; 2-6; 1-0(3)

So is Horvit playing college or what, no news yet.

 Anyway after 2013 I haven't seen Hauger play that much, but in truth I didn't terribly 'miss' her haha. Because another Tulsa native Morgan Coppoc began to grab my attention lol(Is the winner Trent Tucker academy! Morgan's face is a bit funny here !).

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