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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

If Cici chooses college

So, improbable, but since she herself insists that college is still her option:

Stanford, Florida, UNC, are all not good. Because those 3 teams are already good lol. If she goes to one of those teams, the balance would be absolutely destroyed. Just give the NCAA trophy already lol(just like when I predicted that Stanford would win NCAA if Hardebeck chooses Stanford. They eventually won even without Burdette, so imagine what would've happened had Burdette stayed lol. Absolute massacre, is what would've happened!).

Now if she goes to USC, that's different. The team lacks star, and hence is weak, so much more preferable lol. Will be treated as a savior that resurrected USC's former glory lol, single-handedly.
Doesn't USC have good business program as well, isn't Marshall business school pretty good.

By now you'll have sensed that it's a joke post. Where else would she go except to Stanford lol. Terribly sad, but the harsh truth.
IF she chooses to attend college, that is.

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