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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I'm so embarrassed

So I was feeling good about myself after that 'European Goldfinch' discovery.

Then last night, the dean of So. Cal Ornithology Kimball Garrett sent me an email;

to ask that he volunteers for ebird and found my entry inexplicable; because my pic was of Lawrence's Goldfinch-

(scream of despair)

OMG...what have I done lol.  It was actually a Lawrence's Goldfinch!!

All the more unforgivable that I saw that bird not long ago at Tijuana Valley ball field..

Of course it was still my first discovery of the bird in LA County, and also it wasn't recorded at the spot(although it does occur along the river upstream or downstream)..

I was just so embarrassed!!! Replied to him and thanked for the correction and promised to revise my input; and did.

All famous birders have this kind of embarrassing stories lol, misidentifying the birds. Still it shouldn't have happened..birding really is not easy!

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