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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Men's NTI & ma ultimatum

Only one comment will suffice

From Zootennis:

"Virginia took the doubles point in less than half an hour"

Yup, that's how they want it: barely breaking a sweat lol, a perfect warm up for 'the main menu', singles!

I'll make it simple. It's already a catastrophe, dunno why I'm still watching Div. I lol. Maybe it's the gams...!

Anyhow, in these two scenarios, or whatever happens to further detriment of dbls, I won't watch Div. I, period. Can't waste my time in inferior product.

1. They return to ad in sgls but keep no ad in dbls, citing the example of pros lol.

2. That infamous 4 sgls 2 dbls format.

I'm already curtailing as it is. In schedule conflict I prefer birding: been doing that since last year.

Well, losing one mere fan, what's the deal lol. Who cares. 'Apparently' TV will save Div.I tennis, attracting untold legions of casual fans..!

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