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Sunday, February 28, 2016

More on back step / Cici's racquet throw

To elaborate on my crack-pot theory;

That observation is especially pertinent on aggressive players, who like to hug the baseline. For example Cici stepped back 'from the baseline' against King. And Cici is nothing if not aggressive. For players who like to perch way behind the baseline, for example Hayley Carter, they'll have to more worry about drop shots I guess.

If the ball lands on your feet, you have already failed. Failed to anticipate the depth of shot, and couldn't step back accordingly, in time. Aggressive players commit UEs this way, or are put on the defensive. Not Cici, as I said. Who maintains a happy balance between offense and defense.

She once threw a racquet 'violently' after losing a point.
Awkward. Vera Zvonareva awkward haha. Apparently she hasn't mastered the 'art' of gracefully bouncing the racquet a la the Pliskova sisters!

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