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Friday, February 5, 2016

MVPs today

Avian species;

KELP GUUUUUUU~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LLLLLLL(like Latin sportscasters yelling when soccer players score a goal!); San Gabriel Coastal Basin Spreading Ground

Just became my favorite bird!  'Deigned' to stay the night, thus showing its glorious form to us humble humans!  1st bird recorded in LA County~~~~~~~

A~~~~~~~ah... (the sigh of contentment).  I'll post pics later.

Honorable mention; Gray Flycatcher AND RED CROSSBILL(just found out looking at my pics lol) at Santa Fe Dam Rec. Area,  Wilson's Warber at San Gabriel Coastal Basin Spreading Ground-north pond


Human species(make that tennis players);

Colton/Campbell def. Capra/Hamlin 6-1
Sharma/Yates def. Harris/McCarthy 7-6

Ellie Yates!!! Need we say how crucial that doubles win was.

FSU doubles; won the doubles point against OSU!! Heroic. Even #3 team had a very competitive score against Sneed/Di Lorenzo


Caro Brinson!  Double-bageled Lynn Kiro???!!!!!  Really what has got into her, eh?  I don't remember her being as powerful as Maegan Manasse(MM was always powerful; just that her drives were unstable) this pace, MIP is hers to take!

Ryann Foster! Defeated that wiley Laurente 1,3.  Ella Taylor too, for that matter; defeated Tur Mari 5,5.
I wasn't that surprised Costa and Owens won to be honest.

Brienne Minor; defeated Wagner 2,4.
MICH dbls winning the point is not surprising, of course. Yurovsky defeating Lohan either.

Sydney Campbell; defeated Capra 3,1

Watts def. De Santis; but not that surprising imo. She gave McPhillips all sorts of trouble.

Honorable mention;
Alex Valenstein; led Gould 64, 41
Chalena Scholl; led Altick 63, 53, is she back?
Olivia Sneed def. Anneka Watts 2,2
And of course, Chypyha winning the first set against Manasse. I did say to watch her out!

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