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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mystery] Anderson/Brady doubles their last season

I've praised them as the best dbls team in recent times(Imo KK/Sabs got lucky during their 4 wins period. Didn't meet Woodard, Carter, Routliffe, Brady..), but their last season's result make me hesitate to put them over the Trojan duo.

Sure the Trojans maybe faced weaker competition, but still a win is a win, and winning 4 slams in volatile doubles definitely is not easy: have to give them due credit.

The Bruins really didn't play that much with each other, which is a pity. 2014-5 season was no exception: they only began to play from late January, then later in the dual season.

DateEventRnd/PosTeamOpponentOpponent SchoolResultScore
5/22/2015NCAA Division I Singles & Doubles ChampionshipsRound of 16Jennifer Brady
Robin Anderson
Erin Routliffe
Maya Jansen
#17 University of AlabamaLoss2-6, 6-1, 6-4
5/21/2015NCAA Division I Singles & Doubles ChampionshipsRound of 32Jennifer Brady
Robin Anderson
Elizaveta Nemchinov
Jeltje Loomans
#39 College of William and MaryWin3-6, 7-5, 7-5
5/19/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Jennifer Brady
Robin Anderson
#6 Courtney Colton
Sydney Campbell
#6 Vanderbilt UniversityLoss8-3
5/18/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Jennifer Brady
Robin Anderson
Ellen Perez
Lauren Herring
#4 University of GeorgiaLoss8-7
5/17/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Jennifer Brady
Robin Anderson
#1 Whitney Kay
Hayley Carter
#2 North CarolinaWin8-5
5/15/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Jennifer Brady
Robin Anderson
Eva Paalma
Rachel Pierson
#15 Texas A&M UniversityLoss8-5
5/10/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Jennifer Brady
Robin Anderson
#35 Alicia Barnett
Erin Larner
#26 Northwestern UniversityWin8-1
5/9/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Jennifer Brady
Robin Anderson
Emmie Marx
Galina Bykova
University of IdahoWin8-2
4/16/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Jennifer Brady
Robin Anderson
Zoë Katz
Sabrina Santamaria
#11 University of Southern CaliforniaWin3-6, 6-0, 7-5
4/11/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Jennifer Brady
Robin Anderson
Tereza Bekerova
Margo Pletcher
#51 University of UtahWin8-5
4/10/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Jennifer Brady
Robin Anderson
Tina Bokhua
Julyette Steur
University of ColoradoWin8-1
4/4/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Jennifer Brady
Robin Anderson
Briar Preston
Shayne Austin
#54 University of ArizonaLoss8-5
4/3/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Jennifer Brady
Robin Anderson
Desirae Krawczyk
Stephanie Vlad
#27 Arizona State UniversityWin8-2
3/28/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Jennifer Brady
Robin Anderson
Alyssa Tobita
Nia Rose
#46 University of OregonWin8-4
3/27/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Jennifer Brady
Robin Anderson
Miki Kobayashi
Riko Shimizu
#33 University of WashingtonWin8-3
3/21/2015Dual MatchPos. #2Jennifer Brady
Robin Anderson
Caroline Doyle
Ellen Tsay
#13 StanfordWin8-0
3/20/2015Dual MatchPos. #2Jennifer Brady
Robin Anderson
Zsofi Susanyi
Klara Fabikova
#1 CaliforniaWin8-6
3/13/2015Dual MatchPos. #2Robin Anderson
Chanelle Van Nguyen
Victoria Matejevic
Lize Leenknecht
#66 Washington State UniversityWin8-3
3/7/2015Dual MatchPos. #2Robin Anderson
Chanelle Van Nguyen
Kelley Anderson
Rachael James-Baker
#30 Baylor UniversityU
3/5/2015Dual MatchPos. #2Robin Anderson
Chanelle Van Nguyen
Zoë Katz
Sabrina Santamaria
#11 University of Southern CaliforniaWin8-7(2)
2/27/2015Dual MatchPos. #2Robin Anderson
Chanelle Van Nguyen
#3 Matea Cutura
Christine Maddox
#15 PepperdineLoss6-3
2/21/2015Dual MatchPos. #2Robin Anderson
Chanelle Van Nguyen
Zsofi Susanyi
Klara Fabikova
#1 CaliforniaWin8-6
2/8/2015Dual MatchPos. #2Robin Anderson
Terri Fleming
Monique Albuquerque
Clementina Riobueno
#12 University of Miami (Florida)Loss6-2
2/7/2015Dual MatchPos. #2Robin Anderson
Terri Fleming
Silvia Garcia
Kennedy Shaffer
#4 University of GeorgiaLoss6-3
2/6/2015Dual MatchPos. #2Robin Anderson
Terri Fleming
Nadia Ravita
Taylor Lederman
#20 University of KentuckyWin7-5
1/29/2015Dual MatchPos. #2Robin Anderson
Terri Fleming
Andrea Crespo
Elanor Grossman
Loyola Marymount UniversityWin6-3
1/25/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Jennifer Brady
Robin Anderson
Sara Castellano
Palma Juhasz
Kansas StateWin6-2
1/24/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Jennifer Brady
Robin Anderson
Anna Pomyatinskaya
Derya Turhan
#74 Marshall UniversityWin6-0

Then the catastrophe during team NCAA. Went 1-3, losing also the Final: reminiscent of KK/Sabs losing like this in 2012 NTI lol

2/12/2012Dual MatchPos. #1Kaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Robin Anderson
Skylar Morton
#22 UCLALoss8-6
2/11/2012Dual MatchPos. #1Kaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Natalie Pluskota
Caitlyn Williams
#64 University of TennesseeLoss9-7
2/10/2012Dual MatchPos. #1Kaitlyn Christian
Sabrina Santamaria
Shinann Featherston
Lauren McHale
#2 North CarolinaLoss8-5

Also struggled to beat WM team in doubles tournament, and were eventually toppled by the eventual winner UA team.

Quite surprising since their combined firepower was hard to top. Serve too, probably the best serving team(compare to the Trojans serving haha). Net play, defence, hard to find any significant weakness, yet they lost.

Didn't really watch much then(via computer screen) so can't say exactly what went wrong, but maybe facing stiff competition was one of the reasons.

You really have to give credit to Vandy for finding the way to win doubles. When the Trojans couldn't win the point even when they had KK/Sabs, they won without outstanding doubles players. Sure they always lost to Austin/Keegan who excelled in doubles play, but managed to win the lower positions. And even #1 team managed a huge upset in the final, beating this formidable Bruins duo.


tennisfan said...

I agree -- Brady and Anderson were an amazing team. Such a shame that they had to default out of the 2014 individual NCAA tourney in doubles (because Anderson had a bloody nose that wouldn't stop). I think they were the clear favorites to win that year.

I was also wondering what happened to them in the NCAA team tourney in 2015 and why they didn't have the same "magic" as the previous year. I watched the finals of UCLA vs. Vandy on streaming, and in 2014 they were super aggressive, poaching a lot and moving a lot at net. In 2015 loss to Vandy, they looked very timid and tight -- no poaching, no moving around, no making the other team think...and the other team was all over the net. Dubs is all about confidence and aggression, which I guess some days just isn't there...

fan said...

I thought their firepower including serve itself would be too much for other teams, like the Williams' sisters lol. Maybe they didn't serve very well in the first place? Well still don't matter, they did win a slam, WAATC, and were a crucial part of 2014 NCAA winning team, so....others can envy them!