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Thursday, February 25, 2016

On 'wear and tear' from TF

superstition 11:25 PM Yesterday

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Why are people always finding excuse for girls when it's obvious that this era is really bad?

 Go look at the injury rates in the WTA and ATP from 1977 and then compare them with today's.

hard courts
hard racquets
hard strings

 All of those things mean more western grips, which are more stressful on the body than the Eastern. More topspin, which is more stressful to return because of the torque. More shock from the ball to the body due to stiffer strings, racquets, and courts (more energy transmitted and reflected rather than dissipated), etc. Racquets are lighter and stiffer which increases torque and ball shock. Their large sweet spots make it easier to hit hard, especially with poly string.

Soft wood racquets with soft gut strings on soft grass courts...

 The bottom line is that the courts and equipment are a big problem and the excuse mill never seems to have an end to its supply of red herrings like "players are training too much". 

 Back in the day top singles players like Navratilova and Court would play the singles, doubles, and mixed at the majors and even win all of them. Players are playing fewer matches and getting injured much more often.

Naturally this applies to singles. I mean, Hingis has no problem winning doubles slams at her age(well she is the Queen, but still)

So, if ITA really wanted to look after the player's welfare, they should've cut grinding and long singles games, not doubles. But what did they do lol: can you call that logical? Nope.

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